Favourite links

Here is a list of some of my favourite and interesting web pages why not spend a few moments and look at some, and make contact with them if you wish.

Portsmouth Camera Club.
This has been one of ther loves of my life for many years,.... why not take a look!
Gerard Kenny
An excellent singer and you can look at his web page in a matter of moments,... try it.
British Actors Equity
I am currently a member of equity and have been for about fifteen years, for 'luvvies' info click here.
Arvon Foundation
They run residential courses, occasionally on songwriting, but regularly on story and poetry writing,... worth a look.
Dean Freidman
The story songsmith! Dean's page is fascinating, spend some time here!
Rockbase and Rockfile
Both, Rockbase and Rockfile are great and full of information on UK releases of 45's LP's CD records etc over the last 50 years.
Portsmouth Football Club Links page

for the very latest info on a club that won't lie down!

Football statistics email: soccer@innotts.co.uk
email here for football (soccer) statistics of all kinds.

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