The songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

The Songs and the artists

AFTER TAXES Recorded by Billy Ed Wheeler, Cab Calloway, Johnny Cash.

ALL IS WELL Joel Kaye and Chuck Kaye* Recorded by Johnny Mathis

ALLEY MUSIC Recorded by The Sly Fox

ALLIGATOR WINE Recorded by Screamin Jay Hawkins, Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin

AN OPEN FIRE Recorded by Johnny Mathis

ALONG CAME JONES Recorded by The Coasters, Ray Stevens, Buck Owens, Les Jerolas, Henri Salvador, Righteous Brothers, The Monkees spin-off band Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart, The Overlanders, Key Brothers and the Quivers had a huge hit in the mid sixtees in Norway

BABY I DON'T CARE (You're so SQUARE) Recorded by Elvis Presley, Mike Berry, Brain Ferry, Buddy Holly, Don McLean, Joni Mitchell

BACK DOOR BLUES Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

BAD BLOOD Recorded by The Coasters, The Plebs, The Paramounts

BAHIA MANHATTAN Stoller Recorded by Nino Tempo

BAMBALAM Recorded by the Du-Droppers

BAZOOM (I NEED YOUR LOVIN') Recorded by The Cheers, The Fleetwoods, Leiber/Stoller Big Band, The Charms, Les Elgart, The Three Belles

BEEN DOWN SO LONG Recorded by Eddie James, T-Bone Walker

BERNIE'S TUNE Lieber/Stoller/Miller Recorded by The Cheers, Ernie Andrews

BEST THING, THE, written by Lieber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello, Billy Eckstein, Phllip & Vanessa

BLACK DENIM TROUSERS AND MOTORCYCLE BOOTS Recorded by The Cheers, Jack Boots, The Diamonds, The Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Eddie Mill, Ramblein' Jimmy Dolan, Vaughn Monroe, Joan Morris and William Bolcom, (Edith PiafFanny, Chris Spedding Nicoletta Mireille Mathieu as L'HOMME A LA MOTO)

BLOOD IS REDDER THAN WINE Recorded by Little Willie Littlefield

BLUEBERRIES Recorded by The Chreers, Georgia Gibbs

BLUES FOR ME Recorded by Eddie Fisher

BOSSA NOVA BABY Recorded by Tippie & the Clovers, Elvis Presley, Werner Muller and the London Festival Orchestra

BOSSA NOVA (MY HEART SAID),THE, written by Leiber/Stoller/Mann/Weill Recorded by Tipple & the Clovers, Irene Reid

BOYS IN THE BAND,THE Recorded by Boys in the Band, Glass Bottle, The Supernaturals

BROTHER BILL (THE LAST CLEAN SHIRT), written by Leiber/Stoller/Otis Recorded by The Honeymen, T-Bone Walker, The Animals, Cactus, The Rockin Berries, The James Harman Band

BULLDOG Recorded by The Shangri-Las

BULL TICK WALTZ Recorded by The Coasters

CAFE EXPRESSO Recorded by The Leiber/Stolller Orchestra

CANDLE'S BURNIN' LOW, THE Recorded by Johnny Otis

CAN'T WE BE MORE THAN FRIENDS Recorded by The Cheers

CASE OF M.J., THE (aka MARY JANE) Recorded by Peggy Lee

CHAI BULL! (THE CROWD} Recorded by David Hill and his men, Bert Kaemfert

CHARLIE BROWN Recorded by The Coasters, Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph, Lonnie Smith, Melvin Sparks, James Last, Compton Brothers, Chordettes, Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Teenage Flames, Les Jerolas, Stan Ruffin, Buck Owens, Longines Symphonette, Big Willie and the Hubcaps

CHICKEN, written by Leiber/Stoller/Rollins Recorded by The Cheers

CHICKEN AND THE HAWK, THE {up , UP AND AWAY) Recorded by Joe Turner, Joe Turner Milt Jackson and Roy Eldridge

CLIMB. THE Recorded by The Coasters, The Kingsmen, Duane Eddy, Forte Four

COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER Recorded by Willy & Ruth, Four Coins, Hank Penny & Sue Thompson, The Deltones

CORDELIA Recorded by Willy & Ruth

CORN WHISKEY Recorded by Jimmy Withersppon

D W WASHBURN Recorded by The Monkees, The Coasters, Frank Scott

DANCE Recorded by The Coasters

DANCE WITH ME Recorded by Elmo GLICK**/Leish/Treadwell/Nahan The Drifters, The Blondells, The Persuassions, Englebert Humpadink, The Bananas, The NY Rubber Rock Band, Rick James

DANCING Recorded by Perry Como

DANCIN' JONES, written by Lieber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello, Neville Brothers, Phillip and Vanesa, Nicolette Larsen

DESTINATION LOVE Recorded by Wynonie Harris, The Four Coins

DIRTY, DIRTY FEELING Recorded by Elvis Presley

DO YOUR OWN THING Recorded by Brook benton

DON JUAN Recorded by La Vern Baker

DON'T Recorded by Elvis Presley, The Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Sandy Posey, The Teenage Flames, Don McLean, Bernadette Peters, John Fahey, Bill Medley

DOWN HOME GIRL, written by Leiber/Butler Recorded by Alvin Robinson, The Coasters, The Rolling Stones, Joe Stampley, Nazareth, Felders Oricies, Astronauts, Ray Rogers, Taj Mahal

DOWN IN MEXICO Recorded by The Coasters, Bobby Short, Terry Melcher, Ella mae Morse, Killer Joe, Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks, Kaleidoscope

DRAW, THE Recorded by Sherman and the Teenagers

DRINKIN' FOOL Recorded by Big Joe Greer

DRIP DROP Recorded by The Drifters, Dion De Mucci, Dion and the Belmonts, The Percussions, Bob Margolin

DRUMS Recorded by Kenny Chandler, Jay and the Americans

EASYVILLE Leiber/Stoller/Barnal Recorded by Gil Barnal

EVERYBODY'S WOMAN Recorded by The Coaster

EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY Recorded by Frankie Marshall, The Diamonds, Frankie Rayburn

FALLING Recorded by Sammy Turner

FAMOUS LAST WORDS Recorded by Julius La Rosa

FANCY MEETING YOU HERE Recorded by The Cheers

FANNIE LOU Recorded by Frankie Marshall

FAREWELL Recorded by Willie and Ruth, Connie Russell

FAST WOMEN AND SLOE GIN Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

FEEL SO GOOD, written by Leiber/Stoller/ Dino/Sembella Recorded by Dino and Sembella

FINDERS KEEPERS Recorded by The Crescendos

FLESH, BLOOD AND BONES Recorded by Little Esther

FLIP OUR WIGS Recorded by Milt Trenier

FLYING Recorded by Carmen McRae, Leslie Uggams

FLYING HOME, written by Goodman/Hampton/Leiber/Stoller Recorded by Amos Milburn, Chris Connor

FOOLS FALL IN LOVE Recorded by The Drifter, Jackie Ward, Elvis Presley, Four of a kind, Sammy Turner, Manhattan Rhythm Kings, John Pizzarelli

FOOTSTEPS Recorded by Tony Travis, The Coasters, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Ritchie Valens, Burton Cummings, Jerry Reed, Cheek and Chong, Canned Heat, Bill Haley & the Comets, Phil Gulley, The Darts, Los Lobos

FRAMED Recorded by The Robins, Lowell George, Ritchie Valens, Bill Haley, Jerry Reed, Alex Harvey, Burton Cummings, the Coasters. Jerry Williams & Roadwork (swedish band)

GEE GOLLY Recorded by The Coasters

GET HIM, written by Russuell/Passman/Elmo Glick** Recorded by The Exciters

GET OFF MY WAGON Recorded by Linda Hopkins

GIRL WHO LOVED THE MAN WHO ROBBED THE BANK AT SANTE FE (& got AWAY), written by Leiber/Stoller/Wheeler Recorded by Hank Snow

THE GIRLS I NEVER KISSED Recorded by Frank Sinatra

GIRLS. GIRLS, GIRLS Recorded by The Coasters, Elvis Presley

GLOOM AND MISERY (aka THE SNOW IS FALLING) Recorded by Roy Hawkins

GO MOTHER GO, written by Leiber/Stoller/Henderson/Henderson Recorded by Sam 'Highpockets' Henderson

GUNFIGHTER, written by Leiber/Stoller/Wheeler Recorded by Tommy Roe, Jim Ed Brown

GYPSY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Berns/Nugetra Recorded by Ben E Kng

HARD TIMES Recorded by Charles Brown, T-Bone Walker

HATCHET MAN, THE Recorded by The Robins

HEAVENLY BLUES Recorded by King Curtis

HELLO MISS SIMMS, written by Leiber/Stoller/Emmanuel Recorded by Garland the Great

HELPLESS, written by Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello

HERE HE COMES, written by McCoy/Dixon/Elmo Glick** Recorded by Ruth Brown

HERE COMES HENRY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Motola Recorded by Young Jessie

HEY MISTER Recorded by Frances Faye

HEY SEXY Recorded by the Coasters(the same song but called 'Lovey' was recorded by the Clovers)

HEY SUPERSTAR, written by Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello

HISS KISS Stoller/Russell Recorded by Betty Harris

HOLLERIN' AND SCREAMIN' Recorded by Little Esther

HONEY, CAN I PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES, written by Ray/Leiber/Stoller Recorded by Elkie Brookes, Barbara Streisand

HONGRY Recorded by The Coasters

HOT DOG (vers.1) Recorded by Young Jessie

HOT DOG (ver. 2) Recorded by Elvis Presley

HOUND DOG Recorded by Willie Mae, Big Mama Thornton, Elvis Presley, Bloodstone, Chanter Sisters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Jesse Morrison, Odette, Sha Na Na, Spinners, Utopia, Jeanette Williams, The Leiber/Stoller Big Band, White Cloud, Billy Starr, Little Esther, Eddie Hazlewood, Betsy Gay, Tommy Duncan, Jack Turner Clive Jackson, Freddy Ball, Albert King, Sherbet, Homer & Jethro (Houn' Dawg), Mickey Katz (You're a Doity Dog), Billy 'Crash' Craddock, Eddie Brandon, Terry Tigre, Bucky Dee James, Odyssey Singers, John Experience, Longines Symphonette, The Osmonds, Rudie Whalling, Helmut Gunter Orchestra, Jim Breedlove, Conway Twitty, Rock'n'roll Graffiti, Nat Stuckley, Growl, Bryan Adams John Lemon, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck and Jed Leiber, Eric Clapton

HUMPHREY BOGART Recorded by Ian Whitcombe, Joan Morris and William Bolcom

I (WHO HAVE NOTHING), written by Mogol/Donida English, Lyrics Leiber/Stoller Recorded by Ben E King, Tony Allen & the Champs, Shirley Bassey, John Edwards, Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway, Lionel Hampton, Terry Knight & the Pack, David T Walket, Maxine Weldon, Liquid Smoke, Dee Dee Warwick, Chambers Brothers, Petula Clark, Rightous Brothers, Miriam Love, Little Milton, Lmda Jones, Mighty Sam, Patti Drew, Country Mile, Pidgeons, Beau Dollar, Street Noise, Pierre La Londe and Donald Lautrec, Vicky Sunday, Society of 7, Kaplin Kaye, Barbara Blake and the Uniques, Hodges Jones Smith, Vanilla Fudge, Rouvaun, Luther Vandros and Martha Wash, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, The Searchers, Jimmy Helms

I AIN'T GONNA MAMBO Recorded by Betty Jean Morris

I AIN'T HERE Recorded by Carmen McRae, Joan Morris and William Bolcom

I CAN'T HEAR A WORD YOU SAY Recorded by Ruth Brown

I CAN'T SAY NO Recorded by Myrna March, Fields and Madera Orchestra

I CRY Recorded by Linda Leigh, Fields and Madera Orchestra

I KEEP FORGETTIN' Recorded by Chuck Jackson, ProcolHarum, Myrna March, Long John Baldry, The Checkmates, The Hi Fi's, David Bowie, Michael McDonald, Warren G & Nate Dogg (as REGULATE), John Tesh, Ringo Starr

I MUST BE DREAMIN' Recorded by The Robins, The Cheers, The Coasters, The Hilltoppers

I ONLY WANT SOME Recorded by Chris Connor, John Pizzarelli

I REMEMBER Recorded by Peggy Lee, Joan Moms & William Bolcom

I SHALL NOT FAIL Recorded by The Honey Bears

I SMELL A RAT Recorded by Willie Mae 'Big Mama' Thornton, Young Jessie

I STILL LOVE YOU Recorded by Ruth Brown

I WANT TO BE FREE Recorded by Elvis Presley, Con Archer, Los Teen Tops, Robet Gordon, Mina

I WANT TO DO MORE Recorded by Ruth Brown

IDOL WITH THE GOLDEN HEAD Recorded by The Coasters, David Bromberg Band, Wolfman Jack, The Persuassions, Leon Russell

IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO Recorded by Frankie Marshall


IF YOU DON'T COME BACK Recorded by The Drifter, T-Bone Walker, Elvis Presley, The Takers

I'LL BE RIGHT DOWN Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

I'LL BE THERE King/Jones/Elmo Glick** Recorded by Damito Jo

I'LL REMEMBER YOU Recorded by Jay and theAmericans

I'M A HOG FOR YOU BABY Recorded by The Coasters, The Persuasions, Siegal Schwall Blues Band, Canned Heat, Youngbloods, Dr. Feelgood, Freddy and the Dreamers, The Nighthawks, Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages, The Dee Jays (a british 60's band who became big stars in Sweden!)

I'M A WOMAN Recorded by Peggy Lee, Christine Kittrell, Sadie Green, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Maria Muldaur, The Coasters (as SHE CAN), Sammy Davis and Count Basie( as SHE'S A WOMAN), Fontella Bass, Marilyn Maye, Debbie Wagon, Susan Hudson, Dynamite, Fancy, Atlanta Connectlon, Odyssey Production Singers, Reba McEntire, Rune Gustafsson (swedish jazz guitar player) as "She's a woman"

I'M STUCK ON YOU, written by Silvester/Simmons/ McPhearson/Leiber/Stoller Recorded by The Poets, The Insiders

IS THAT ALL THERE IS? Recorded by Leslie Uggams, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Guy Lombardo, Joan Morris and William Bolcom, Jim Bailey, Sidney Miller, Ron Frangipane, Omelia Vanoni, Hildegarde Neff (asWENN DA ALLES IST?), Sacha Distel {as CE NEST QUE CA?), Maxine Brown, Julie Andrews/Carol Burnett, Ferrante and Teicher, Midnight Voices, Norrie Paramour, The Bobs, Lil Lindfors(as E'DE 'SA DE' E?), P J Harvey

IS THIS GOODBYE? Recorded by Linda Hopkins

IT Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon


IT'S A MIRACLE Recorded by The Honey Bears

IT'S BEEN SO LONG Recorded by Jo Stafford

IT'S MY TURN TO CRY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Garfield Recorded by Jay and the Americans

IT'S SO EXCITING Recorded by The Exciters

I'VE GOT THEM FEELIN' TOO GOOD TODAY BLUES Recorded by Peggy Lee, Joan Morris & William Bolcom, Mandy Patinkin, Grace Kennedy

JACK-O-DlAMONDS Recorded by Jackie Fontaine, Ruth Brown

JAILHOUSE ROCK Recorded by Elvis Pres,ey, Jeff Beck abd Rod Stewart, John Cougar Mellencamp, Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sha Na Na, Albert Kmg, ZZ Top, Mind Garage, Motley Crue, Johnny & Edgar Winter, Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Nighthawks, 101 Strings, Gord Tracey and the Constallations, David Cassidy, Los Teen Tops, Bobby Hackey, Sam Singers Billy 'Crash' Craddock, Jim Breedlove, The Osmonds, Tony Osbourne and his Orchestra, Jony Ussery, Teenage Flames, Dickie Goodman, The Sound Effects, Rock'n'roll Graffiti, Manny Perez, Enriquez Guzman, Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps, Bucky Dee James, Merle Kilgore, Sandy Nelson, Odyssey Singers, Michael Bolton, Luis Miguel, Carl Perkins, The Blues Brothers, Tony Sheridan and the Animals (BBC session)

JUMP THE CANYON, written by Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello

JUST ANOTHER GIRL (SHE'S) Recorded by Mike Clifford

JUST LIKE A FOOL Recorded by The Robins

JUST SAY THE WORD Recorded by Frankie Marshall

JUST TELL HER JIM SAID HELLO Recorded by Elvis Presley, Gerri Granger (as 'JUST TELL HIM JANE SAID HELLO')

KANSAS CITY Recorded by Little Willie Littlefield (as KC LOVIN'), Ray Anthony, The Beatles, Bill Black Combo, David Bromberg, James Brown, Butts Band, Ace Cannon, Roy Clark, Dion, barbara Fairchild, Wilbert Harrison, Albert King, Little Milton, Little Richard, Papa Joe's Music Box, Cheryl Poole, Muddy Water, Jimmy Witherspoon, Memphis Slim, Rockin' Ronald, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Chris Connor, Steve Lawrence, Sammy Davis Jr., Lee Castle and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Peggy Lee, Bill Haley and the Comets, Jay and the Americans, Lowell Fulsom, Trini Lopez, Lou Rawls, Libby Titus, Joe Williams, Freddy King, T-Bone Walker, Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Fats Domino, Herman's Hermits, Al Calola, Meta Marvin Montgomery, Dick Dale, Sam Buters, Wanda Jackson, Mark Murphy, Bobby Paris, Freddie and the Dreamers, Georgia Gibbs, Cliffy Stone, Johnny Robinson, Lee Castle, Billy Strange, The Everly Brothers, Frances faye, Joey Dee, Rocky Olson, Pat Boone, Alexys, J F Murphy and Salt, Gene Bricken, Shirley Ellis, Booker Ervin, Julie London, The Crickets, Spike Jones, Sandy Nelson, Marvin Jenkens, Jan and Dean, Tom Jones, Jerry Jaye, Blly Lee Riley, Les Flames, Roy Drusky, The Applejacks, Norman Lee, Scatman Crothers, Les Reneldes, Del Rock, Jimmy Ricks, Bob Wills, David Lloyd, Nashville Gold, J.Lawrence Cook, Wayne Versage, Herb Alpert, Marty Wilson, Clyde McPhatter, Clyde McPhatter, Al Hirt, Stan Worth, Ann Margret, The Senate, Marilyn Maye, Nashville Allstars, Leon McAuliffe, Carl mann, Hal Singer, Nashville Country Singers, Sunset Blues Band, Brenda Lee, Johnny Rivers, Nancy Addams, Gordon Jenkins, Ron McFarlin, American Connection, Big Tiny Little, Blind John Davis, Claude Williams and Allison Krause, Feddy Fender, George Jones & Johnny Paycheck, Hothouse Flowers, Hound Dog Taylor, Helen Humes, Jason Weaver, Jay McShann, Paul McCartney.

KEEP IT UP Recorded by The Soul Brothers

KEEP ON ROLLIN' Recorded by The Coasters

KING CREOLE Recorded by Elvis Presley, Luis Miguel

KING SOLOMON'S BLUES Recorded by Gil Bernal

KISSING BOOGIE Recorded by Preston Love

LADY LIKE Recorded by The Coasters

LADY WANTS TO TWlST, THE Recorded by Steve Lawrence

LAST LAUGH BLUES Recorded by Little Esther and Little Willie

LAST MILE, THE Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

LET'S BRING BACK WORLD WAR 1 Recorded by Joan Morris and William Bolcom

LIPS Recorded by Roy Hamilton, Azle Motimor

LITTLE EGYPT Recorded by The Coasters, Kaleidascope, Elvis Presley, Ray Stevens, Downliners, The Cliches, The Downliner Sect and The British Invation All Stars.

LITTLE WHITE SHIP, A Recorded by Peggy Lee

LOLA Recorded by Bob London, The Coasters, Jean Houben, Tchama

LONGINGS FOR A SIMPLER TIME Recorded by Peggy Lee, Joan Morris & William Bolcom

LOOP-DE-LOOP MAMBO Recorded by The Robins, Gary Crosby, Jay Jerome & his Orchestra, The Four Escorts, Billy May

LORELEI Recorded by Lonnie Donegan

LOVE ME Recorded by Willy and Ruth, Billy Eckstein, Georgia Gibbs, Five DeMarco Sisters, Elvis Presley, Eddie Brandon, Terry Tigre, Fats Domino, The Searchers, Sam (The Man) Taylor, Dick Slocombe and the Rhyrhm Kings, Johnny Mann, Greg Allman and Cher, Homesteaders, Connie Russell, Kay Brown, Jimmy Rodgers Show, Barry Frank, dave Burgess, Vic Corwin, The Mavericks, Marvin Lochard, Loren Becker, Jackson Brothers, Eddy Arnold, Johnny Burnetts, Bruce Channel, The RPM's, Pat Boone, Sal Corrente, Woodside Sisters, Billy Williams Quartet, The American Pick Hit Artists, Ruth Ann Simpson, Davis Daniel, PDQ Bach, Nicholas Cage
LOVE POTION # 9 Recorded by The Clovers, The Coasters, Los Hoollgans, The Searchers, Enoch light, Dave Lewis, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Don Costa, Casey Jones and the Governors, Boss Guitars, Jewel Akens, The Ventures, Gary Lewis, The Surfaris, The Surfriders, The Curios, Elkie Brooks, Sha na na, Beau Nasty, Johnny 'Hammond' Smith, Neil Diamond

LOVEY Recorded by The Clovers

LOVING YOU Recorded by Elvis Presley, Leiber/Stoller Big Band, Sha Na Na, Beau Nasty, Guy & Raina, Jesse Morrison, Glen Campbell, American Pick Hit Singers, Nat Stuckey, Union Station Singers, Donna Fargo

LOVIN' JIM Recorded by Little Mickey Champion

LUCKY LIPS Recorded by Ruth Brown, Cliff Richard, Gale Storm

LUMP IN MY THROAT Recorded by Little Willie Littlefield

MAINLINER Recorded by Little Esther


MY BABY COMES TO ME (WHEN SHE WANTS GOOD LOVIN') Recorded by The Coasters, Delbert McClinton, Chicago Loop

MY BLIND DATE Recorded by Jaye P Morgan

MY BOY JOHN Recorded by Baby jane and the Rockabyes, Joey Dee

MY CLAIRE DE LUNE Recorded by Steve Lawrence, Jay and the Americans, Anthony Newley, Tony Cory, George Feyer, Steve Rossi

NEIGHBOURHOOD, written by Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino and Sembello

NIGHT BIRD, written by Leiber/Stoller/Gage/York Recorded by Elkie Brooks

NIGHT MARE Recorded by Willie Mae 'Big Mama' Thornton

NOISY JOE Recorded by (Bull) Moose Jackson

NUMERO UNO, written by Stoller Recorded by Mike Stoller & The Stoller System

OH MOTHER, DEAR MOTHER Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

ON BROADWAY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Mann/Weil Recorded by The Drifters, Bobby Darin, Illinois Jacquet, Johnny Keatin, David T. Walker, George Benson, Gary le Mel, Barry Mann, Eric Carmen, Percy Faith, The Jazz Crusaders, Livingston Tayior, John Brown Jr's Gogo Music, Jerry Williams, Reuben Wilson, O'Donel Levy, Ray Anthony, Nancy Sinatra, The Coasters, Tony Christie, Neil Aspero, Clyde McPhatter, David Barretto, Jess Roden, Buddy Rich, Lou Rawls, Long John Baldry, Jim Gold, David Bowie, The Lettermen, Jeff Beck & Paul Rodgers, Clifford & The Rhythm Rats, Neil Young

ON THE HORIZON Recorded by Ben E King, Elkie Brooks

ON THE ROAD AGAIN, written by Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino & Sembello

ONE BAD STUD Recorded by The Honey Bears, The Blasters

ONE FINE GAL Recorded by Jimmy Wither spoon

ONE KISS Recorded by The Robins

ONE KISS LED TO ANOTHER Recorded by The Coasters, Delbert McClinton, Sunny Gale

ONLY IN AMERICA Leiber/Stoller/Mann/Weil Recorded by Jay & The Americans, The Drifters

OVER AND OVER Recorded by Frankie Marshall

PAPA DADDY Recorded by Ruth Brown

PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE, written by Leiber/Butler/Morgan Recorded by Shangri-Las

PEARL'S A SINGER Leiber/Stoller/Dino/Sembello Recorded by Dino & Sembello, Elkie Brooks, Bernadette Peters

PERFECT WAVE, THE Stoller Recorded by Mike Stoller & the Stoller System

POISON IVY Recorded by The Coasters, Redbone, The Rolling Stones, Odyssey, Leiber & Stoller Big Band, The Paramounts, Enriquez Guzman, Los Rebeides del Rock, Let the Good Times Roll, The Kingsmen, The Nylons, Young & Restless, Me'shell Ndegeocello, Manfred Mann and Rolling Stones (BBC session)

PROFESSOR HAUPTMAN'S PERFORMING DOGS (instr.), written by Stoller Recorded by Mike Stoller & The Stoller System

PROFESSOR HAUPTMAN'S PERFORMING DOGS Recorded by Peggy Lee, Joan Moms & William Bolcom

QUE PASA MUCHACHA Recorded by The Cheers with Les Baxter

RAT RACE, written by Leiber/Stoller/McCoy Recorded by The Drifters

READY TO BEGIN AGAIN (MANYA'S SONG) Recorded by Peggy Lee, Bette Midler, Joan Morris & William Bolcom

REAL UGLY WOMAN Recorded by Jimmy Witherspoon

RECKLESS Recorded by Bob London, Suzi Miller

RIOT IN CELL BLOCK #8 Recorded by The Robins, Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen, Johnny Winter, Vicki Young, Little John & The Rumblers, The Crew, Wanda Jackson, Major Rowley, The Beach Boys (as STUDENT DEMONSTRATION TIME), The Darts, Dr. Feelgood, Pagdaro, The Blues Brothers

RUBY BABY Recorded by The Drifters, Billy 'Crash' Craddock, Dion, Ronnie Hawkins, Wednesday, The Odyssey, Jack Johnson, Dion & The Belmonts, Sammy Mason, Frut, The Beatles, Donald Fagan, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Beach Boys, Pake McEntire, Bjork

RUN RED RUN Recorded by The Coasters, Phil Harris, Barrence Whitfield with Tom Russell

SANTA CLAUS IS BACK IN TOWN Recorded by Elvis Presley, Mae West, Dwight Yoakam, Trisha Yearwood

SATURDAY NIGHT DADDY Recorded by Little Esther & Bobby Nunn

SAVED Recorded by LaVern Baker, The Band, Elkie Brooks, Brenda Lee, Elvis Presiey, Marna Lion, Young Rascals, Judy Henske, Lulu, The Commitments, Billy Fury.

SAY IT Recorded by Peggy Lee

SEARCHlN' Recorded by The Coasters, Gloria Gaynor, Jack Eubanks, Ace Cannon, Buzzy Linhart, Jim Croce, Spencer Davis Greup, Johnny Rivers, Otis Blackwell, Alvin Rebinson, Wanda Jackson, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Hollies, The Kingsmen, The Beatles

SHACK DADDY Recorded by Betty Jean Morris

SHADOW KNOWS, THE Recorded by The Coasters, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

SHAKE 'EM UP AND LET 'EM ROLL Recorded by Earl Richard, Kenny Ball, Bruce Nelson, Jerry Leiber & The Coasters

SHE'S NOT YOU, written by Leiber/Stoller/Pomus Recorded by Elvis Presley

SILVER SEA HORSE Recorded by Mike Stoller & The Stoller System

SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE Recorded by The Robins, Leiber & Stoller Big Band, The McCoys, Loudon Wainwright 111

SNOW IS FALLING (aka GLOOM & MISERY) Recorded by Ray Charles

SOME CATS KNOW Recorded by Leslie Uggams, Peggy Lee, Amos Garrett, Liza Minnelli

SOME OTHER GUY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Barrett Recorded by Richie Barrett, The Searchers, Freddie & The Dreamers, The Beatles, the Stray Cats (really Dave Edmunds) on the soundtrack of Stardust, The Big 3, Swinging Blue Jeans

SORRY BUT I'M GONNA HAVE TO PASS Recorded by The Coasters, Elton Anderson

SOUL PAD Recorded by The Coasters

SPANISH HARLEM, written by Leiber/Spector Recorded by Ben E. King, The Crusaders, Leon Russell, Chet Atkins & the Boston Pops, King Curtis, Aretha Franklin, The Mamas & The Papas, Laura Nyro & La Belle, Sonny Stitt, Andy Wiiliams, Freddy Fender, Jay & the Americans, Lloyd Price, Santo & Johnny, Clyde McPhatter, The Challengers, Percy Faith, Tom Jones, Trini Lopez, Arthur Alexander, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Cliff Richard w/the Shadows & Norris Paramor & his Orchestra, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Neil Diamond, Billy Joe Royal

SQUEEZE ME Recorded by Milt Trenier

STAND BY ME, written by Leiber/Stoller/King Recorded by Ben E. King, Otis Redding, Johnny Adams, Ry Cooder, Narvel Felts, Earl Grant, John Lennon, Little Milton, Sonny & Cher, Ike & Tina Turner, The Impressions, Cassius Clay, David & Jimmy Ruffin, Wilbert Harrison, Jay & the Americans, Spyder Turner, Gene Chandler, The Searchers, Maurice White, Mickey Gilley, The California Raisins, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 4 The Cause

STAY A WHILE Recorded by The Clovers

STEADFAST, LOYAL & TRUE Recorded by Elvis Presley

STEWBALL Recorded by The Coasters

STRAWBERRY STOMP Recorded by Gill Bernal

STREET LIGHTS Recorded by Little Esther

STRIKING ON YOU, BABY Recorded by Little Willie Littlefield, T-Bone Walker

STYLE IS COMING BACK IN STYLE Recorded by John Pizzarelli

SUZANNE, YOU CAN Recorded by Nino Tempo

SWEET DREAMS Recorded by The Crescendos

TAKE IT LIKE A MAN Recorded by Gene Pitney, Walker Bros

TAKE MY LOVE Recorded by Mabel Scott

TALKIN' 'BOUT A WOMAN Recorded by The Coasters

TANGO Recorded by Peggy Lee, Diana Markovitz, Joan Morris & William Bolcom

TEACH ME HOW TO SHIMMY Recorded by The Isley Bras, The Coasters

TEARS OF JOY Recorded by Linda Hopkins, Etta James, Bertice Reading, Chuck Jackson

TELL ME MORE Recorded by Jaye P. Morgan

TEN DAYS IN JAIL Recorded by The Robins

THAT IS ROCK & ROLL Recorded by The Coasters, Sylvester & The Hot Band, Porky Chedwick, The Chesterfields

THAT'S WHAT THE GOOD BOOK SAYS Recorded by Bobby Nunn & 'The Robbins'

THEME FOR ANNA, A Stoller Recorded by Nino Tempo

THERE GOES MY BABY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Nelson/Patterson/Treadwell Recorded by The Drifters, Jay & the Americans, Donna Summer, Rick James

THE SHADOW KNOWS Recorded by the Charlatans on The Amazing Charlatans, The Riff Burglars (aka Roger Chapmann and band)

THIS AND ONLY THIS Recorded by Tommy Hunt, The Riff Burglars (aka Roger Chapmann and band)

THREE COOL CATS Recorded by The Coasters, The Beatles

THREE CORN PATCHES Recorded by T-Bone Walker, Elvis Presley

THREE TIME LOSER Recorded by Linda Hopkins, Saffire

THUMBIN' A RIDE Recorded by The Coasters, Jackie Lomax

TONIGHT I'M UST SINGING FOR YOU, written by Leiber/Wheeler Recorded by Billy Edd Wheeler, Country Joe McDonald

TOO BAD SWEET MAMA, written by Leiber/Stoller/Henderson Recorded by Highpockets' Henderson (Shorty Rogers) Vocal, Billy Black (Jerry Leiber)

TOO MUCH JELLY ROLL Recorded by Little Brother Brown, Floyd Dixon

TOUCH OF HEAVEN, A Recorded by Mister Ruffin, Dick Lee

TREAT ME NICE Recorded by Elvis Presley, Tommy James, Golden Ring, Conway Twitty, Werner Muller & The London Festival Orchestra, Luis Miguel

TREE STUMP JUMP, written by Leiber/Stoller/Emanuel Recorded by Garland the Great

TRICKY DICKY Recorded by Richie Barrett, The Searchers , Pirates.

TRIP WITH ME Recorded by Nancy Wilson

TROUBLE Recorded by Elvis Presley, Suzi Quatro, The Darts, The Osmonds, Danzig

TURN THE LAMPS DOWN LOW Recorded by Little Esther & Little Willie

TURTLE DOVIN' Recorded by The Coasters

WAILIN' DADDY Recorded by Mabel Scott, Johnny Nocturne

WELL, I'M DANCIN' Recorded by O.C. Smith

WHADAYA WANT Recorded by The Robins, The Cheers, The Charms, Buster Poindexter

WHAT ABOUT ME Recorded by Larry Evans

WHAT ABOUT US Recorded by The Coasters


WHAT TO DO WITH LAURIE, written by Leiber/Stoller/Wheeler Recorded by Mike Clifford

WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME & YOU, written by Leiber/Stoller/Gluck/Goldstein Recorded by Babs Tino

WHERE'S THE GIRL Recorded by Jerry Butler, Ben E. King, Jay & the Americans, Buddy Greco, Dorsey Burnette

WHIP, THE, written by Leiber/Stoller/Burnel Recorded by Gil Bernal

WHIPPER SNAPPER Recorded by La Vern Baker


WHOA! Recorded by The Honey Bears

WHY OH WHY, written by Leiber/Stoller/Marshall Recorded by Frankie Marshall

WILL YOU LOVE ME STILL Recorded by June Valli, Dion & the Belmonts

WRAP IT UP Recorded by The Robins

WRITE TO ME, written by Leiber/Stoller/lsley Recorded by The Isley Bras.

YAKETY YAK Recorded by The Coasters, Boots Randolph, Sha Na Na, Bloodstone, Sandy Nelson, Eric Weisberg & Deliverance, Ray Stevens, Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs, Frankie Avalon, Joe Turner, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH Recorded by Joe Liggins

YES Recorded by Ben E. King, Jay & the Americans

YOU CAN'T LOVE 'EM ALL, written by Leiber/Stoller/Russell/Nugetre Recorded by Solomon Burke, The Drifters

YOU DID SOMETHING FOR ME Recorded by Elkie Brooks

YOU LAUGH Recorded by Jack Jones

YOU STILL LOVE HIM, written by Leiber/Stoller/McCoy Recorded by Roy Hamilton

YOU TOOK MY LOVE TOO FAST, written by Stoller/Darnell Recorded by Little Esther & Bobby Nunn

YOU'LL BE THERE, written by Leiber/Stoller/Relf Recorded by Clyde McPhatter

YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE HIM, written by Stoller/Russell Recorded by The Isley Bros-, Lulu

YOUNG AND IN LOVE Recorded by Tony Castle, Dick & Dee Dee

YOUNG BLOOD, written by Leiber/Stoller/Pomus Recorded by The Coasters, Bad Company, Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids, Concert for Bangladesh (Leon Russell), The Darts, The Righteous Bros, The Band, The Beatles, Bruce Willis, Carl Wilson, Jerry Lee Lewis

YOUR OLD LADY, written by Leiber/Stoller/lsley/Curtis Recorded by The Isley Bros., David Lindley on El Rayo-X

YOU'RE KILLING ME Recorded by Milt Trenier

YOU'RE THE BOSS Recorded by LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks, Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret, B.B King & Ruth Brown

*Joel Kaye and Chuck Kaye are psuedonymsfor Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller **The name ELMO GLICK is a psuedonym for Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller jointly

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