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The Crickets

dedicated to all, and to anyone, who was once a Cricket!

The Crickets and Buddy Holly were one of my original influences, and I have many times met the present Crickets, who thankfully, still tour in the UK. The Crickets have gone through many changes over the years, with Jerry Allison and Joe B Mauldin being the two original members from Buddy's days.
Having said that, Sonny Cirtis is now back with the Crickets for the third or fourth time. He was with Buddy in the Three Tunes back in the middle fifties! Way back in 1991, I spent a week in Nashville, Sonny lives near by. He, kindly spent the day with me, we drove around and he showed me the sights and the 'homes of the stars' in Nashville!
The greatest loss since Buddy's death was when Gordon Payne decided to leave the Crickets after 9 years. His voice and style was ideal and perfect for the Crickets.
In 1997 The Crickets again toured the UK. Jerry, Joe and Sonny and also another former Cricket Glen D Hardin had returned.
The Crickets were once more a four piece. Details of their current activities can be obtained from:-

The Crickets File, c/o John Firminger, 412, Main Road, Sheffield S9 4QL UK.

Please tell John you got this info from me.
Here's a snap of me with the Crickets, seated left to right Gordon Payne, Joe Mauldin, and Jerry Allison.

Gordon, Joe, Jerry and me standing!

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