Charles Darrell, aka??? Alfred McLeod Loader

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The Regitster Adelaide, South Austrlia 1-8-1921 ---- The Regitster Adelaide, South Austrlia 2-8-1921

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Auckland New Zealand, Herald 1918 ----- The Regitster Adelaide, South Austrlia, 1 august 1921

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The Register Adelaide South, Australia 2 August 1921 ----- Daily Telegraph 21-10-1901


Charles Darrell ------ The Regitster Adelaide South Austrlia, Monday 1 August 1921

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When London Sleeps

When London Sleeps on You Tube -

When London Sleeps (1932) is a British crime film directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and starring Harold French, Francis L. Sullivan, Diana Beaumont and René Ray. 78 mins | B&W

Plot Synopsis

When London Sleeps
Early British quota-quickie crime thriller from Julius Hagen’s Twickenham Studios starring based on the play by Charles Darrell. The fanciful plot revolves around the owner of a gambling den who kidnaps his cousin to usurp his title.
Upper-class gambler Tommy Blythe (Harold French) has ran up big gambling debts at the high-class gambling den of villainous Rodney Haines (Francis L. Sullivan). When Haines calls in the £2,000 debt, Blythe heads to the races and puts shirt on a hot tip – but the horse strolls in dead last. Penniless, he stops off at Lamberti’s Fair on his return home and enters a boxing booth. Afterwards he meets owner Lamberti (Ben Field) and his adopted daughter Mary Graham (René Ray), they tell him that the fair is nearly bankrupt and would require £500 to stay operating. Blythe is enamoured with Mary and promises to do his best to raise the money with twenty-four hours.
Blythe returns to Haines casino and asks for a £500 advance and wins £3,000 at the tables. He quickly returns to the fair to pass on news of his good luck when he spies Haines walking around, and discovers the crooked casino owner has kidnapped Mary and taken her to his Hampstead home. It transpires that unbeknown to Mary she’s a wealthy heiress and a cousin preventing Haines inheriting a fortune.
It was filmed at Twickenham Studios in west London. It was based on a play by Charles Darrell.
MISS AMY TEMPEST (Mrs. Chas. Darrell) Signorina Roberti Jonesio, When London Sleeps, Grand Theatre, Hebburn-ou-Tyne.

Charles Darrell authored plays,
From shopgirl to duchess
"The Defender of the Faith," by Charles Darrell, A melodrama, in four acts and nine tableaux, Grand Theatre, Birmingliam, September 20, 1897 ; Standard Theatre, London, May 9, 1898. "As We Forgive,"
The Power and the Glory, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC, 18 November 1899
The Power and the Glory, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 9 August 1902
A Woman of Two Lives Grand Theatre, Southampton 1910 – 1911.
The Girl Who Knew a Bit Grand Theatre, Southampton 1911 – 1912.
White as a Lily Grand Theatre, Southampton 1912 – 1913.
THE MILLIONAIRE & THE WOMAN " by Charles Darrell, Production Witsun.. 1917. "
The King and the actress 1916
No Man to defend her 1917
Crackers TOMMY'S FRENCH WIFE, Anglo-French play, by Gharles Darrell (August 5, Her Majesty's, Walsall). 19th August 1919
Love and the law 1918
WOMAN AND HER MATE, drama, in three acts, by Charles Darrell. August 27. 1918
AIRMAN'S WIFE, THE, spy play, by Charles Darrell October 28, Alexandra, Birmingham). December 2. 1919
From shopgirl to duchess
It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary
Her Luck in London
Should a wife refuse
WOMAN AND HER MATE, drama, in three acts, by Charles Darrell. August 27. 1918
Charles Darrell (author): “The Power and the Glory” ; “Defender of the Faith” with Samuel French & Co

When London Sleeps (1932) (play)

Her Luck in London (1914) play.
Her Luck in London is a 1914 British silent drama film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring A.V. Bramble, Fred Groves and M. Gray Murray. It was based on a play of the same name by Charles Darrell. The film follows a naive country girl as she heads to London, where she is corrupted.

When Paris Sleeps, (B & C, T.S.February 12, 1917) from the play by Charles Darrell.

From Shopgirl to Duchess (1915) (play)

The Idol of Paris (1914) (play)

This could be Charles Darrell?
1881 census,
Was this him?
dwelling: 3 Shore, Census Place: Arbroath, Forfar, Scotland Source: FHL Film 0203473 GRO Ref Volume 272 EnumDist 6 Page 1

Marr AgeSexBirthplace
Helen STURROCKM40 FCarnoustie, Forfar, Scotland Rel:HeadOcc:Sailors Wife

Charles DARRELLU23 MEngland (born 1858???) Rel: LodgerOcc: Comedian Actor
Edwin SENNETTM41 MEngland Rel:LodgerOcc: Comedian Actor

1901 census

Charles Darrell, age 44, born Portsmouth, residing Lancaster, Bacup, occupation Author And Actor (born 1857?).

Death Mar 1932 Darrell Charles 75(born 1857?) Portsmouth 2b 806, died in Fratton Road buried 26th March 1932 Kingston Cemetery Piddells 11- five and a half

Having said that, I do recall reading that Charles Darrell's real name was Alfred McLeod Loader, so,... this also could be him?

1881 census

Dwelling: 50 Trafalgar Rd Census Place: Camberwell, Surrey, England Source: FHL Film 1341163 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0698 Folio 47 Page 9
MarrAgeSexBirthplace relationship occupation Christening date Christening place birth date
Alfred LODERM47 M St Pancras, Middlesex (born 1834?) Head Coin Trader (Salesman)
Sarah Ann LODERM47 FWorsley, Lancashire Wife
Letitia Rose LODERU13 FDeptford, Kent Daur Scholar 11 Aug 1867 SAINT PAUL,DEPTFORD,KENT 19 Jul 1867
Alfred McLeod LODERU 12 MDeptford, Kent (born 1869?) SonScholar 15 May 1870 SAINT PAUL,DEPTFORD,KENT 03 May 1869
Edwin Harry LODERU7 M Deptford, Kent SonScholar 09 Nov 1873 SAINT PAUL,DEPTFORD,KENT 07 May 1873
Frederick WALKERU46 MHolborn, Middlesex Boarder Collector To Advt Agents (Clerk)


Name: Alfred Mcleor Loader, Age: 22, Relationship to Head of Household: Boarder, Birthplace: New Cross, London,
Schedule Type: Household, Registration District: Yarmouth, Sub-District: Yarmouth Southern, Ecclesiastical Parish: Great Yarmouth, Parish: Great Yarmouth, County: Norfolk,

Birth Jun 1869 Loader Alfred McLeod Greenwich 1d 695

Marriage Sep 1902 Loader Alfred McLoed Oldham 8d 1273
Name: Alfred Mcleod Loader Birth Date: 1869 Birthplace: Deptford, Kent Age: 33,
Spouse's Name: Emma Louisa Wild Spouse's Birth Date: 1869 Spouse's Age: 33
Event Date: 16 Jul 1902 Event Place: Parish Of St. Peter Oldham, Oldham.
Father's Name: Alfred Loader Mother's Name: Sarah Ann
Spouse's Father's Name: Joseph Wild Spouse's Mother's Name: Mally B? Marital Status: Single Spouse's Marital Status: Single

Birth Mar 1869 Wild Emma Louisa Oldham 8d 1273 Miss Amy Tempest (Mrs Charles Darrell)

Death Mar 1943 Loader Alfred M 73(born 1870?) Lancaster 8e 1004 died 9/2/1943
Death Jun 1963 LOADER EMMA L 94(born 1869?) LANCASTER 10C 517 died 21/4/1963
29 St Margarets Road Morcambe, Lancs

loader2 loader1

Alfred Mcleod Loader 9th February 1932


Emma Louisa Loader 21st April 1963

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The grave is in Torrisholme Cemetery, on the outskirts of Morecambe, Lancs

These photographs by John Harman

And finally,....
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