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Here's a weird and wonderful selection of Midifiles and they have ALL got melody lines!
Some are unusual, some are strange, and some are well known, but I hope you like them.
You may have to rename the file and ensure there is a .MID extention, once you have downloaded it. If you should have difficulty downloading any, please let me know with an email, thanks.

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'Three lions' England's unofficial world cup theme --- 3 lions

'The Archers' UK BBC Radio theme of the serial that started in the 1940's - --- Archers

'Back Home England theme' from a world cup way back when - --- Soccer

'Bilitis' by Francis Lai - --- Lai

'Bring me sunshine' the Morcambe and Wise theme tune - --- EricErn

'Bumble boogie' by B. Bumble and the Stingers based on the flight of the bumble bee - ---Bboogie

'Cat Duet' composed by Rossini - ---catduet

'Claudette' by the Everly Brothers - --- Everly's

'Come softly to me' by 'THE' Fleetwoods - --- Fleetwoods

'Congratulations' by Cliff Richard - --- Cliff

'Crossroads', and 'Emmerdale' Two UK TV themes - --- Crossroads --- --- Emmerdale

Dick Barton Special Agent UK BBC radio theme of the series that started in the 1940's - --- Barton

'Dicky Bird Hop', a pretty little tune - --- Bird

'Do I love you' from Cole Porter's 1939 musical Du Barry was a lady!, - --- Do I love you

'Do it again' and 'Disney Girls' by the Beach Boys - --- Do it again --- --- Disney Girls

'Don't ever change' by the Crickets - --- Donevcha

'Flight of the cuckoo', theme for Laurel and Hardy - --- Cuckoo

'The folks who live on the hill' the well known Peggy Lee song - --- Folks

'Forget him' sung by Bobby Rydell - --- Forgethim

'Genevieve' Theme from the 1950 British comedy film about the London to Brighton vintage car rally. - --- Genevieve

'Girl talk' the old standard as recorded by people like Tony Bennett. - --- Girl Talk

'Grasshopper dance' from the UK TV Milk commercial. - --- Hopper

'Harry' from Catherine Howe. - --- Harry

'Hot Toddy' From the Ted Heath Band and also the Swe-danes (1950's) - --- Hotto1

'In a party mood', theme from BBC Radio's 'Housewives choice' - --- Radoitheme

'In the hall of the mountain king ROCK VERSION!' 'Peer Gynt' Hard rock style! - --- HallKing

'I say a little prayer' from Dionne Warwick and others - --- Saypray2

'Kids' from the musical Bye Bye Birdie - --- Bybird

'Last of the summer wine'Theme from the BBC TV series - --- Lastsu

'Love is all' as recorded by Malcolm Roberts - --- Lovall

'Magic Roundabout' theme of the BBC TV kids program - --- MagicRound

'Match of the day' theme of the BBC TV soccer program - --- Match

'Me and the elephant' sung by Gene Cotton - --- Elephant

'My romance', standard love ballad - --- Myrom

'Nivram' from the Shadows is Marvin spelt backwards. - --- Shads

'Oh Diane', from Fleetwood Mac - --- diane1

'One night at a time' by George Strait - --- George

'Patriotic medley' Land of hope and glory, There'll always be an England, Keep right on to the end of the road - --- Patriotic

'Please sir'. theme from the UK TV series - --- PleasSir

'Prelude to earthrise' - --- Erise

'Portsmouth' by Mike Oldfield - --- Pompey

'Quando quando' - --- Quando

'Que Sera' what ever will be - --- Que

'Robin Hood' Theme from the UK TV series of the 60's - ---- Robin

'Say you love me', from Fleetwood Mac - --- sayyoulo

'See you in September' recorded by The happening - ---- Cuinsept --- --- SeeyouinSept.kar

'Sooty' Theme from the UK kids TV series - ---- Sooty

'Suddenly you love me' from the Tremeloes - ---- Suddenly you love me

'The Sullivans' Aussie TV series theme - --- Sullivans

'Swing low sweet chariot' England Rugby theme - --- Swinglow

'Three little fishes' novelty song and lyrics - --- Fish

'Volare'.1950's Italian song - --- Volare

'The Waltzing Cat' by Leroy Anderson - --- Waltzing-c

'We'll sing in the sunshine' from Gale Garnett - --- Sinsun

'We're all alone' by Boz Scaggs and Rita Coolidge - --- AllAlone

'Wishing and hoping' from Dusty Springfield and others - --- Wishhope

'Wonderful thing about tiggers' from the Jungle Book - --- Tiggers

'You never know', standard 1940's oldie - --- You'll

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