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This page is dedicated to all my boyhood footballing heros
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In 1984, with Mike Neasom, the chief sports reporter of the Portsmouth 'NEWS' and a friend, Doug Robinson, I co-authored the first complete full length history of Portsmouth Football Club. It covered the entire history from the start in 1898 to 1984.
The 1984 POMPEY book is now long out of print and has become a collectors item, selling in the spacialist soccer book shops for 20.00 plus. In 1996 an updated but slim version called The Definitive Pompey was issued. This was pure statistic. I should be pleased to hear from others with the same keen interest in Pompey, with an emphasis on the club statistics and history.
Copies of the DEFINITIVE POMPEY are still available!! you will need to contact Tony Brown by email;
email: soccer@innotts.co.uk
or by snail mail at, 4, Adrian Close, Beeston, Nottingham NG6 6FL,
telephone 0115 973 6086 between 9am and 8pm only.

Another chapter! From Saturday August 8th 1998, There was a weekly whole page feature about Pompey of the 'olden days' and was called "Centenary Memories". It was in the Portsmouth NEWS, newspaper, written by me!
and for the 1999/2000 season I updated the statistics in the Official Pompey Matchday Programme.

And my most recent claim to fame,...????
Pompey People

Published 1st September 2000 by Yore Publications, it details the careers of all first team players, and lists all playing staff who never made the first team, plus an update of the 2nd World War appearances, and finally, info on all the important off field personalities.
The book is currently available from the Pompey shop, W H Smith and James Thinn, and by mail order from

Yore Publications, 12, The Furrows, Harefield, Middlesex, UB9 6AT. tele;- 01895 823404
But to be honest, your best bet to get a copy is on Ebay!

Stephen Cribb??? Who is Stephen Cribb???

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