The main building of brick ran from Sevenoaks Road east towards Cosham, Senior boys at Sevenoaks Road end(the green rectangle),
followed by Junior boys, then the girls buildings. The four small squares were the pre fabrecated buildings including Mr Gatt's classroom,
and the wood and metal workshops of Mr Jones, Dixon and Harrison.

old school portsdownschoolx

portsdown boys school.1937.jpg

A photograph from 1937, three of the names are Charlie Horn on the extreme right of the front row,
plus Maurie Kean and Alan Mack but the rest are unknown, suggestions?

Portsdown senior boys school 1948


Teacher and violinist who was a goalkeeper at 60. Portsmouth NEWS 22nd July 2014

Brian Preston contacted Remember When from his home in Cuxhaven, Germany, with memories of growing up in Portsmouth and his time at Portsdown School, Wymering. In his picture of class 4A, class teacher Mr V Hull is in the centre of the front row. Brian is second from the left in the same line. He went there from early 1947 until Christmas 1949. Brian was born in Highbury Grove, Cosham, in 1933, and, being six when war broke out, has vivid memories of that period.
His father was in the navy so was away for long periods. He says: `My mother, younger brother, sister and I moved home several times in Portsmouth in the early years of the war because of bomb damage to our houses.
'Among my wartime memories was seeing the burnt-out shell of the Guildhall not long after it had been destroyed by incendiary bombs; the sentry box on Portsbridge where a solider stood guard with his rifle and the barrage balloon on the north side of the creek.'
The family moved to Suffolk in late 1941 but returned to Portsmouth in 1947 to a newly-built council house in Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove, near its junction with Credenhill Road. Brian adds: 'At that time the greater part of Paulsgrove was still under construction. The buses from Southsea via Cosham ran only as far as Walford Road.' He started at Portsdown School and remembers that Mr Hull played violin in the school orchestra. 'Although he was 60 he was the goalkeeper in the teachers' football team when they played the boys.'
Brian was made captain of Drake house (green), the others being Nelson (red), Beatty (blue) and Jellicoe (yellow). 'Albert Kingston was school orchestra leader and was also head prefect. `I got to know him well. His nickname was Stormy because he was earnest and sincere. His brother Eric, a cheerful boy, was known as Sunny' When Brian left Portsdown he went to the Southern College of Art, Portsmouth, learned German in his spare time and in 1968 moved with his wife and daughter to Germany.


The class of 1947 or 1948 at Portsdown Modern Secondary School, Portsmouth. John Scott is the lad fourth from the right in the middle row. John, of Station Road, Drayton, Portsmouth, identified the teacher as `Pop' Gould. He taught music and maths. John said: `I was in the same class as Derek Spero, and I can recall he was a member of the school choir that toured Scandinavia. The boy in the cap [in the back row] was my old friend Charlie Bury.' John added: `They were good days, with dedicated teachers who helped many boys achieve good careers later in life.'
Eric Bryant from Havant, is fourth from the right in the front row, and he's pretty certain the year was 1947. Eric said: 'I believe I recognise a few of my classmates. Sitting next to me on my right is John McCarthy. 'And second to my right is Leslie Riggs. We both played football for the school first eleven. Leslie went on to become a professional footballer and was a very good table tennis player, 'Other classmates who I am sure I recognise are Percy Williams, Johnnie Scott and Charlie Bury.'

pdown1 pdown2
pdown3 pdown4

Gymnastic display for the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth when the school re-opend after the war in 1946

This picture of masters at Portsdown School, Paulsgrove, from the 1950s.
Back row. (3) ? - ? - ?
Middle row (7) ? - ? - (Pop Gould) - ? - Ken williams - ? - ?
Front row (9) ? - ?- ? - ( Wally Palmer or Rigger ) - ( Lawrence ) - ( Hull ) - ? - Jones.- Jack Wells ?

Tony Fletcher was presented with this Gideons bible in 1957 when he left the school and, as was the tradition then, got many of the teachers to autograph it. port2

Portsdown School Coronation Gift Book

Portsdown School Boxing Team early 50s
Back Row Mr F. Bucket, J Land. G Wren. Tosher Cripps. J Wren Mr. Rigger
middle row F Broad. Googy Huntly. T Herd. Mr Dear.J Buckner. D Hoar. Ted Brown.
Front Row. Beynon,? Whelan. B. Read. Reading. J Bridger. D Buckner.M Kendrick

Portsdown School team against Isle of Wight schools
Back row. Mr.Bucket. Mr.Rigger. Mr.Dear. Front F.Broad. G Wren. T Herd. J Buckner. D. Hoar. T. Brown.

Portsdown School s league-winning side of 1954
Back Row L/R Billy Bartlett. Dennis Read. Keith Davidson. Ken Williams ( Teacher) Terry Linter. ?. Lloyd.
Front L/R John Slade. Kimber. Curtain. Benham. Salvage. Witcombe.

Portsdown School's football team 1955/56.
Back row: Tubb, Slade, Bartlett, Crawford, Bonney, Lloyd, ?, Ken Williams.
Front Row: Wallis, Palmer, Davison, Harbert, Richards, Kimber, Turvey.

portsdown Sec. 1st year 1955-1956.jpg
Portsdown Sec. 1st year 1955-1956.
Back row;- Derek King, Mike Jackson, Mr. Gatt, Mike Rixon, Jimmy Grey, Alan Day & Colin Greenham.
Front row: John Parham, Terry Moore, John Wanklin, Roger Hardingham and Ronnie Rumbold.

portsdown Sec 1956-1957 -1957- 1958.jpg
Portsdown Sec. Inter "B" Dispatch Trophy & Inter "A" League winners 1956-1957 & 1957- 1958.
back row:- Dave Cooper, John Parham, Ritchie Cocks, Jimmy Grey, Ken Williams, Mike Jackson, Don Golding, Alan Day & Micky Rixon.
front:- Colin Greenham, Roger Hardingham, Ronnie Rumbold, Terry Moore, Derek King & John Pennery.

1959 Evening News Cup winners @ Fratton Park.
Back row Jimmy Grey, John Parham, Mike Jackson, Alan Ferrett, Colin Greenham, Derek King.
front row Dave Cronk, Terry Moore, Roger Hardingham, Alan Day and Donald Golding.


Alan Tubb. John Slade. Billy Bartlett. Tommy Crawford. Phil Bonney. Ken Lloyd. Eddy Witcombe. Ken Williams. (Teacher)
Front row (left to right) Tommy Wallis. Brian Palmer. Brain Davison. Micky Harbert. Ronny Richards. Colin Kimber. Alan Turvey, and his dog "Rocky "

A Master versus Boys line-up in the late 1950's
Standing;- Mr.Hull. Mr. Dixon. Mr. Yule. Mr. Baker. Mr. Paine. Mr. Hartfree. Mr.Harrison. Mr.Coulthard. Mr. Williams.
and ( Goalie was Vicar of St Peters St Pauls Church )
Front ( left to right ) K.Lloyd. A Turvey. M.Harbet. E Witcombe. C.Kimber. P Bonney. B. Palmer. T. Crawford. Billy Bartlett, B.Davison. J. Slade.
Very front kneeling Ted Brown and A.Tubb. acting linesmen

Portsdown 1964-65

Portsdown Secondary Modern Boys School 1964-65 Michael Newton,Tony Wade, Ray Newman with others

portsdown junior boys, under-11year old football team 1955.jpg
Back row: Michael Jackson, Alan Day, Tony Crawford, Robert Earp, John Friend, Clive Reason.
Front row: Michael Rixon, Michael Wright, John Wanklin, Roger Hardingham, Jimmy Morrison.
The teacher and football coach was John Halford.


Portsdown 66-67, Gordon Ellis bottom row on the right

portsdown inter b 2 1966-67

Portsdown inter 'B' 2 1966-67


Published on Wednesday 25 August 2010 in the Portsmouth NEWS
Earlier this year we featured a picture of staff and pupils in the orchestra at Portsdown Modern Secondary School taken in 1947 or 1948. It was spotted by Derek Spero, who lives in Dortmund, Germany, who was not only a pupil at the Wymering school, but was also appointed the orchestra's leader. He's sent the class picture, above, also from 1947 or 1948 and he's the lad in the front row, fourth from the left, with a comic stuck down his sock. The orchestra's conductor, Mr Gould, was the class teacher.
Derek, who was also delighted to see a recent Remember When picture of his birthplace in School Lane, Buckland, said: 'Also in the original photo is Mr Hall, the deputy head, who taught me the violin and shaped my career. 'I eventually took over as leader of the orchestra and will never forget the momentous moment when we gave a concert for families and friends in front of a packed hall in the girls' school.
'As leader I had to walk from the back of the hall with my violin under my arm, down the central aisle, bow to the audience and take my seat.' The experience the lads gained from the orchestra obviously stood them in good stead. Derek added: 'The leader of the orchestra in the original picture was Sunny Kingston who joined the Band of the Royal Marines, Portsmouth.
'I and another member of the orchestra, Alan Dowd, from Wymering, signed on as boy musicians with the Royal Artillery Band, Portsmouth, stationed at Southsea Castle. From there we went off to RA Central Band, Woolwich, London, studied for two years, before returning to Portsmouth. 'In 1953 we were posted to Oldenburg in north Germany before moving to Dortmund where we got our own bus with Royal Artillery Portsmouth Band painted on the side in extra large gold letters.
'One day we pulled into a restaurant on the autobahn and parked next to a magnificent modern bus with the logo The James Last Band on both sides. 'A couple of the James Last band strolled over for a chat and one of them, an American, was really interested because he came from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.'

1964 school orchestra.jpg

The Portsdown Schoool Orchestra 1963/64 with Roy Hallin third from the left standing
L - R. Standing Richard Cooper, Colin White, Roy Hallin, ? , ? , John Hawkins, Powell (trombone)
Sitting L - R. Alan Weekes, Fitzgerald, ? , Graham Buckner, ? .


This group from Portsdown Secondary Modern School for boys with Micky Utton, Dave Shires, ?, John Syikes, McNight, Steven Morby, Tunggett, Vernon Hitchins, Andy Skeets, Donny Hart, Steven Scunthorp and Jonny Mould.


Portsdown Schools changed to Middle Schools in 1975....Alexandra Middle School was one


The Air Training Corps hut and some of the Corps of Drums band

Some of the teachers from the 1950's and 1960's


Rev Canon James Frederick Buckett

Rev Canon James Frederick Buckett MBE ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE 1997 Birthday Honours For services to the community on the Isle of Wight. THE Rev Canon James Frederick Buckett, a well-known chaplain who was involved with many churches and organisations, has died, aged 83. Mr Buckett, of Staplers Road, Newport, known affectionately as Jim, was born in Portsmouth and worked as an apprentice pattern maker at Portsmouth Dockyard in the late 1940s. He married his late wife, Kathleen, at Portsmouth Cathedral in 1947, and the couple had a daughter, Catherine, in 1950.

After completing a teacher s training course in Swindon, Mr Buckett became the head of social studies and careers master at Portsmouth s Portsdown Modern School for Boys.

He worked there for ten years, until 1960. In 1964, Mr Buckett was appointed the first full-time chaplain to Highbury College, Cosham. He moved to the Island in 1966, when he became vicar of St Helens, and he subsequently moved to Newport in 1972, where he was inducted as vicar of St Thomas s Church, now known as the Minster Church of Sts Thomas. During his ministry, he became chaplain to the IW Council a role he fulfilled for more than three decades until his death and he was installed as an honorary canon of Portsmouth Cathedral in 1980. He was deputy chaplain at the Island prisons between 1972 and 1984.

Mr Buckett was awarded the freedom of the borough by Medina Borough Council in 1995. After retiring from his parish duties, Mr Buckett gained a Bachelor of Divinity, which he completed through home study, and in 1997 he received an MBE for services to the community. Mr Buckett s involvement with churches and organisations, as chaplain to many of them, included the Royal Hampshire Old Comrades, Normandy Veterans Assoc-iation, Dunkirk Veterans, Far Eastern Prisoners of War, RNLI, Missions to Seamen, the IW Caledonian Society, the Newport branch of the Physically Disabled, plus many more. He was a former chaplain to the army and the IW Squadron Air Training Corps, and member of the IW branch of the RAF and the British Army Association.

He had been a member of the IW County Club since 1975 and a member of the Society of the Holy Cross. Mr Buckett was heavily involved with All Saints' Church, Ryde, where he conducted the Christmas Day service, and latterly he took regular Sunday services at St Michael s Church, Swan-more.
He received countless requests from families to conduct their services. One of his last official duties was as proud chaplain to the Royal British Legion at this year s Poppy Launch. A service of thanksgiving celebrating Canon Buckett s life will be held on Monday at All Saints Church, Ryde, at noon. A private funeral at the IW Crematorium will follow. Mr Buckett leaves behind his daughter, Catherine, grandchildren Joanna and Matthew and great grandchildren, Toby, Marcus and Susannah.

buckett3 buckett4 buckett2 buckett1

An 'old boy' has done well!


My loyal Customers and staff are the ones that keep me here!

Veteran barber ~ Ian clocks up his 50th year behind the chair.
by MILES O'LEARYPortsmouth NEWS 26th May 2012

HE'S performed tens of thousands of haircuts and seen scores of different trends in his career. Now veteran barber Ian Henry has clocked up an amazing 50 years behind the chair. But the 68-year-old, who runs Ian Henry barbershop, in Cosham, says he's not yet ready to hang up his scissors. `My loyal customers and the four ladies that work with me are the ones that keep me going,' he said. `I absolutely love my job - there's nothing else I would rather be doing.
`In what other place of ', work would I be able to meet so many different people? `I get top surgeons from Queen Alexandra Hospital and people of all nationalities. `I couldn't hazard a guess as to how many haircuts I've done - but it's got to be in the tens of thousands.' Mr Henry, of Portchester, learnt his craft as an apprentice at a former barbershop in Portsmouth in 1959. Three years later he became a junior hairdresser at the Cosham premises which he later took over in 1980. Mr Henry says trade was at its worst when men began sporting long, Kevin Keeganstyle haircuts during the 1970s. `It was quite a worrying time,' he says.
`Obviously people weren't having their hair cut and the ones that were wanted to have it done like a lady would. `By the end of the decade I was working in one of the only barbers left in Cosham. `Fortunately I learnt how to cut women's hair so we survived.' Mr Henry's favourite haircut is a flat-top which is short on the sides and straight on top.
`I've performed so many of those haircuts - it just looks cool,' he said. `It reminds me of a helicopter landing strip. `Long hair is the fashion again now but I'm finding that a lot of people are coming in now asking for an Elvis quiff.' And despite his age Mr Henry isn't planning to retire anytime soon. Even on his days off Mr Henry is thinking about what's going on in his barbershop.
`It gets to the middle of the day and my wife says to me; "you look bored". `I just love talking and being around people.' Bev Steele, 49, who has been a hairdresser at Ian Henry barbershop for the past 13 years, said she had the perfect boss. `He's the best boss ever - I couldn't ask for anyone better,' she said.
`Mr Henry is a great character and pretty much everyone in Cosham knows who he is. `It's still amazing to think that he has been around for 50 years though. `The shop is established in the area and our prices are very good. `The whole team gets on really well.' said the former Portsdown Secondery Modern schoolboy!

The Portsdown Junior School

The Portsdown Junior School side from 1956-57, names that can be remembered: (I to r)
Back row Dyer, Fellowes, Acutter, Rafferty.
Penfold. Middle: Kimber, Jackson, Redman, Floyd.
Front: Dickson, Clarke, Hayes, Hill.
The Teachers Mr. Tilbury,(Head master). Mr. Hendy, Mr. Halford, Mr. Bazeley. Mr. Halford
Boys there included, Richard Hymers, Tony Toovey, Ken Boyes, Roy/Ray Macgroghan, Dave Pratt, Ray Gregory.Tony Payne, Ian Farminer.

3b 1955 Portsdown Junior Boysx.jpg

Class 3b, of Portsdown Junior School, the teacher was Mr Gould the year 1955, this is John Whites photo.

Football team early 70's They all must be 58-59 years old now
Top Left to Right....Timmy Scott, Robbie Fry, Graham Freestone, Malvin Gafney, Les Valentine, Jimmy Hayward, Richard Windebank, not sure.
Bottom Left to Right... Ricky Travis, Steve Smith, Dave Johnson, Steve Moore, Paul Corbin, Kenny England, the teacher is Mr Chuter

pjb3 pjb1 pjb2 pjb4

Portsdown Junior Boys

Portsdown Girls

Letter from headmistress Miss Turner Portsdown Secondary Modern School for Girls - caught smoking,
Teachers --- Mrs Wake, Miss Wright, Miss Alcock, Miss James, Mr White, Mrs Sparkes, Miss Jeffierys.
Miss Turner, Every, Vinall, Viner, Sparkes, Riddell, Sparshott, Gould, Miss Carr, Mrs Eileen Huggett, Parker (french and polly),
Mckintyre, Mrs Hair, Miss Turkington, Mrs Alexander and Mrs Greaves, Miss Redding Miss Bevan Miss Williams
The male teachers Thorpe, Howell, Timms, Metcalfe, Mendam, Farrell. Caretaker Mr Blizzard ( the Wizard), Mr Dunn for music.


1970 includes Sylvia Howard was Casey
Some Facebook comments,
Sylvia casey is bottom row right
Debbie Smith is in the middle front row
is that Mary Wick wick in the middle at the back
lst left front row looks like Susan Tolfey
2nd right front row looks like Margaret Smith or Susan Tolfrey
that's a hockey team cos sue tolfry got big pads on

Portsdown netball team 1970-1
Portsdown netball team 1970-2

The Girls Netball Team



The Dinner Ladies



Schools I went to

In my earlier years I attended Bramble Road, Francis Avenue and Albert Road schools in Portsmouth, but there were few if any memorable moments to recall from them.
Around 1953, aged about 9, my parents got me into a private school called Esplanade House School, also known locally as Chivers which was run from St Bartholomews Church hall along side the church in Outram Road Portsmouth. I did not enjoy it and learnt very little from my time there.
It was very Dickensian and the teacher was Mr Ashton Charlie Caine and he had little time for me and sometimes he caned me. I did learn a few things about Euclid and managed to copy his drawing of a clothes brush ! The other teacher Mr Morcambe was more likeable. Names I remember from here were Michael Dougherty, Rennie Law, Roger Butcher, Peter Fancy and John Wanklin. In January 1955 aged about 12, I moved to Portsdown Secondary Modern senior boys School at Cosham.
This was by far the best school I went to. I missed the first term of the year in September so straight into B1 in January, next year B2, next B3 and finally A4 in my last year.
Teachers I remember were Mr Ken Williams, Mr Coulthard, Mr Fred Buckett, Mr Laurence Smith, Mr Biscoe, Mr Jack Wells, Mr Dixon, Mr Harrison, Mr Jones, Mr Yule, Mr Buckoe, Mr Wally Palmer, Mr Alex Baker, Mr Pop Gould, Mr Gardner, Mr Swan. Here I did well academically and also managed to play some sport. However I left without any qualifications at Christmas 1958 and started work in January 1959.
M Cooper.

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