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For many years I have been writing songs. I have sent some off to Music Publisher, Record Companies, and even singers I thought would like them,
but no, they have always been returned, and I am still waiting for my first sucsess.
Over about 40 years, I have written many songs, on my own, and in collaboration with others.
Then, about five years ago, my good friend Gerard Kenny had sucsess with a musical he wrote with Drey Shepperd.

So I decided to take a different direction. I joined a major local company, The South Downe Musical Society, to find out more about the subject,
and began thinking about writing a musical, myself. Now five years on, with age taking it's toll, I have left the Musical Society.

In the last year I have completed my first musical, with the story and lyrics supplied by Bryan Hodgkins.
It is the story of the life of a forgotten Portsmouth hero, John Pounds. Back in the early 1800's he had a bootmaker's shop in Olde Portsmouth,
and took in the street urchins, fed them, taught them and cared for them.
As for the musical, "Pounds of Love" we are looking for any company who will take a gamble on it. Is that you?
phone me 023 92 371018. or check out the "Pounds of Love web Page,

Pounds of Love - The Musical

Some of my songs that are on You Tube:-
- Star of a mega show - - He doesn't know -

Listen here to more of my songs
- Link to my songs page -

I am always pleased to hear from other songwriters who want to colaborate. Is that you?
Please email me: cooper_m6@sky.com

A different kind of writing,....???

Writers at Lovedean

I recently re-joined Writers at Lovedean.
We write stories of all kinds, very ably organised
by Charlotte Comley, and it's great fun.
I recommend it to all and anyone.
Take a look at the web page;-

www. Writers at Lovedean

Springwood Writers

But Writers @ Lovedean ended and was renamed Springwood Writers,
we meet every Friday Morning at 10am at the Springwood Comunnity Cenre near Waterloovile

- Springwood Writers -

Here's one of my shorter stories;-

Guaranteed for life

Then he set to work, stitch after stitch, hour after hour until the job was done. John stood back and looked at them, admired them, loved them. “They’re a fine pair of boots, it’s a shame I have to sell them.” He said as he placed them in his shop window.

Within half an hour, a man entered and asked their size. “They are 10’s sir,” said John.
The man smiled and asked to try them on. They fitted perfectly. He asked the price. “Sir, they are only half a guinea and guaranteed for life!”
“Guaranteed for life, really?” He asked.
“Yes sir!” said John convincingly.
The money was paid and he left wearing them.

There was a sudden loud crashing sound from outside. John looked out and saw his customer’s legs protruding from under a horseless carriage.
“Right!” thought John, “I’d best go out and retrieve those boots, he won’t be needing them anymore!”

copyright Mick Cooper 19/9/2014

In the recent years the Portsmouth NEWS have been kind enugh to print several of my stories. Here are three below

   The Six Minute Stories.PDF

   The lucky one.PDF

   more six mins.PDF

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