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There's a story in my family, and there's no way of saying whether it's true or false, but
I firmly believe that my great Uncle, FREDERICK GEORGE COOPER, born 3/2/1888, sailed with The Titanic as a member of the crew and died when it sank.
I have checked the crew list and one entry reads:- J. COOPER Trimmer AGE 25 SOUTHAMPTON 27 Pound St. Southampton.
The 1912/13 KELLY'S DIRECTORY for Southampton states that, 27 POUND St. was the residence of JAMES COOPER, and he was my Grandfather, so he couldn't have sailed.
According to the only surviving male member of his generation, my Great Uncle EDWARD THOMAS COOPER, known as "TED"' told me in 1977 that my grandfather JAMES COOPER had "signed on" as a crewmember, received a pay book, came off the ship, maybe for a last night drink. and eventually his brother FREDERICK GEORGE COOPER took the book and went on board.
JAMES, born 14/4/1886, was married in 1911 to Alice Wilkins, their first child Winifred was born on 24/1/1912 at 27 Pound Street according to the birth certificate. My Father FREDERICK WILLIAM GEORGE COOPER was born on 16/10/1915. There were a total of eleven children born to James and Alice between 1912 and 1931.
The Southampton Record Office have a number of books relating to the Titanic Relief Fund payments. One book is missing so information on the initial ruling is not available, but on 13/12/1918 the meeting permitted a 12 month continuation of payments to Emily the partially dependant sister and her mother, of 3 shillings per week. The meeting on 12/12/1919 permitted the payment to continue until 31/12/1920. There were no further applications as far as 1938,
Case number 67 was related to his father Henry. and case number 76 to his mother Maria.
Maria died 13/3/1927 in Southampton, Henry died 14/9/1942. Emily died age 42 on 14/8/1934
My Grandfather James Cooper born 14th April 1986 moved his family from Southampton to Portsmouth about 1929 and died there on 21st May 1950 and is buried in Kingston cemetery Portsmouth....but....
then again, I expect a lot of families tell the same or similar story.
And another thought,... If my grandfather had sailed in April 1912, I would not be here to tell you this story and you would not be reading this page.
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