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Botley, Hampshire parish registers
Memoranda from the Parish Register of BOTLEY

Seating in the Church 1605
Terrier of Glebelands 1618
Seating in the Church 1680
Seating in the Church 1715
Rectors of Botley circa 1580-1918
Seating in the Church 1805
Church fencing 1681
Bequest for poor widows 1750
Gifts to the Church 1681
Copyhold land 1607
Fencing of the Church 1597

Index of surnames on pages one to twelve

Abbott: 8
Abraham: 9
Abram: 1, 4
Alcorn: 9
Arnoll: 11
Astiett: 8
Austin: 7
Baker: 1, 8
Barrie: 4
Basset: 9
Baubrick: 2
Binsted: 7
Birch: 6, 7
Bolton: 6
Banner: 1
?Braxell: 1, 4, 9
Bright: 6, 8
Chamberlaine: 5
Cleverley: 9
Coles: 4, 5
Colson: 9
Cosens, Coosen:
1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12
Crips: 9
Davis: 11
Dewell: 9
Douse, Douwse:
1, 2, 3, 4, 12
Emry, Emery:
1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11
Eyres: 8
Faithfull: 4, 5
Fasset: 4, 5
Fielder: 4, 9, 11
Fitchet: 3, 4, 5
Foster: 1, 2
Froude: 7
Gamp: 1
Gater: 10
Gilliam: 9
Glascok: 7
Glasspoole: 1, 2

Grant, Graunt: 5
Gulstone: 9, 12
Hacket: 5
Hanbury: 3(initials),
5, 7, 12
Hardware: 4, 7, 12
Barman, Harmon:
1, 2, 9, 11, 12
Hebberd: 1
Hendy: 1
Hickes: 12
Hickley: 9
?Holms, Homes:
3, 4, 9, 10, 12
Houghton: 9
Iremonger: 11
Jackson: 8
Kemp: 8
Kent: 10
Kingsman: 7, 8, 11
1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11
Lane: 4
Lee: 8
?Long: 9
Lun(n): 4, 9, 11
Lush: 2
Makepace: 11
1, 2,3, 4, 5, 9
Martin: 9
Mashart: 2, 3, 7, 12
Mattiow: 7
Missing: 6, 9, 10
Moody: 10
Moulton: Molton:
1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11
Munday ,Mundye: 1, 2,
4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12
Naile: 1
Nash: 8
?Nele: 11

Newman: 11
Noel: 11
Nutley: 10
Osborne: 8
Outon: 1, 4, 5
Palmer: 10
Parker: 1, 2, 4, 5
Parkinson: 2
Pawles: 2
Pawlet: 2, 5
Pay: 8, 9, 11
Penford: 4, 5
Pressey: 4, 9
Rashleigh: 10
Saline: 9
Searle, Serle:
1, 2, 9, 11, 12
Seryll: 11, 12
Smyth, Smith:
1, 2, 10, 11, 12
Sparkman: 1, 2, 5
Speg(g):3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12
Spershot: 5, 6, 9
Stares: 6, 9, 10
Stears: 6
Strong: 3
Tanner: 2, 4, 9, 11
Terr(e)y: 9, 11
Thresher: 10
Townsend: 8
Wallace, Wallis: 8
Walton: 7, 8, 11
Ward: 7
Warner: 8
Wassell: 2
Watering: 1, 12
Webb: 1
White: 2 ,4
Wilkins: 8
Wise: 1, 2, 9, 12
Wyat: 9

(? before an entry in this index means that the name may be part of a place-name. e.g. Holmsland Longland Braxall's)

Page one

1. This Register was the one produced by me at the last Summer Assises at Winton in the cause respecting the Tythes of Coppice Wood


A note of the seates (taken out of the old Regester) in the Parish Church of Botely & Chancell & to what houses every seat belongeth as well for men as women vewed the first of May Ammo 1605. Arth: Lambe & Geo: Naile being for that year Churchwardens according to the report of the most ancient men & women in the parish then liveing, whose names are here under written with the parson's & churchwardens' names & signes then being.

Church seates. North side
1. The seat next the Chancell upon the North side belongeth pperly to Mrs Serle for the farme.
2. The seat next to that to Mrs Serle for her maydens.

This seat Tho: Parker's wife claimes
3. The next seat to that belongeth to El: Harman for his copyhold at Mattoxford, to Tho: Abram, to John Moulton for the Brick-house upon the Hill & to the house of the Widd: Banner where dwelleth Rich :Outon.
4. The seat next to this belongeth to Good wife Moulton for the house upon the Hill called the Brick house & to El: Harmon for hie Bur- gage he bought of Tho :Cosens of Shamblehurst.
5. The seat next to this belongs to John Cosens of Upland for his wife, Good wife Moulton for the house next the Smythes, Phil: Foster's house & to the house of Rich: Cosens in Botley Street, 6. A man's seat the next to that newly erected by Anth: Lamb Blacksmyth for himself & for Geo :Naile his fellow churchwarden in whose time the seates in the church were newly repaired & to Rich: Cosens in the street & to John Cosens at Dousles.
7. A woman's seat next to that at the Door belonges to El: Harmon for Mattoxford & to Wm: .. ???
8. A man's seat next the wall upon the North side belongeth to John Gamp for Webbs house to John Hebberd for Rowles croft & to John Watering for his house in the streete.
The South side
1. A woman's seat belongeth to John Mou1ton for the house at townesend & to John Moulton for the house where Robert Baker now dwelleth at the townes end.
X A mans seat the 3rd in the North side of the church from the screen backward belongs to Tho :Munday & his family by the order of the Minister & churchwardens.
2. A woman's seat the next to that belongeth to Nich: Wise, to Heath-house to the Catherine Wheele & to Edw: Markes for his wife in consideration that the sayd Edw: Markes did give £?? towards the new building of the sayd seat. (Edw: Marks by the Church: in Droxford parish.)
The second seat in the church on the South side belongs to Tho: Munday for his wife.
3. A woman's seat next to that belongs to Wm: Smyth of Mattoxford, to Old Glaspoole to John: Watering. John: Cosens.
4. A woman's seat next to that belongs Steeplecourt to John Moulton for the Kitchin-house & to Anth: Lamb for the Smyth's Forge.
5. A woman's seat next to that belongs to good wife Bonner for Mattoxford farm to Tho: Abram & to Snakemore.
6. A woman's seat next to that belongs to the Swan house, to Geo: Sparkman, to Hendy his house to Outon in the street belongs to good wife Bonner.
7. A woman's seat next to that belongs to Broad-gates to Mr Serle his house upon the Hill in the street, to Old Emry hie house by Glaspoole to

Page two

Rebecca Douse & to old Mrs Searie.
Next the Wall in the Gallery First Tho: Wassell next to him sits Phil: n Foster, next to him sits John Wise in the new dwelling house of Thos: Wassell & in the new dwelling house of Phil: Foster, 8. A man's seat next to that belongs to Wm: Smyth of Mattoxiord, John Cosens of Upland to Nich :Wise, to John Wise.
9. A man's seat the next to that belongs to Mattoxford farm to El: Harmon for the Swan house & to El: Harmon for the Burgage he bought of Old Cosens & to Mr Serle for the house upon the Hill & to John Tanner for his wives Land.
10. A man's seat next to that belongs to Heath-house Bridgfoot house Cath :Wheele & to Broadgates.
11. A woman's seat next to that under the Pulpit belongs to the Minister's wife & to the Bridgfoot: The parson at his charges did newly erect it: at that time dwelling at the Bridgfoot house.
John Wyates seat in the Gallery next John Wise he gave vitj£
Witnesses testifying the same :- 1735/36
Wm. Baubrick
Mother Douse
Tho: Glasspool
John Cosens & others All these witnesses names are (as it is very like) the same hand as writ the note.
The seat that Tho. Parker claimes for his wife wholly belongs to the farm for their maydens to who interlined Tho: White of Botly Farm told the transcriber of this out of the old Regester Book that Tho: Parker's wife did sit in the seat he claimes but then they rented part of the farm.
Tho: Munday claimes a seat that belongs to others that is interlined like wise.
W. H. Rector
Chancell Seates
South side
Imprimis the Parson's Seate next to that Mr Pawlet sits in. Next to that is the Reading Pew Built by the Parish.
North Side
The seat over against the reading Pew belongeth to the Cleark both these seates the Parish claims by custom.
The seate nest to that belongeth to the scollars
The seat next to that Waiter Lush & George Sparkman sits in.
The seat next to that Edw :Markes sits in.
The seat next to that Mr Parkinson sits in.
The seat against the Canmunion table Mr Francis Serle sits in.
Mr Rob: Pawles of this Parish dyed the 2nd Febr. & was buried in Tri: Church in Winton the 6th of Febr. for whose mortuary Reed. x#
Old mother Smyth of Mattoxford widd. buried the 18th of Jan. 1622, for whose mortuary recd. at Botley fair following, of her son Harry Smyth x#
Mrs. Elinor Serie widd. of Mr Francts Serle, sometime of Fairthorn, she dwelling at Botley farm, buried the 20th of Dec: 1631 for burying in the chancell, sermon & mortuary 30#.
These mortuaryes were payd Mr Mashart as appears by the old Regester Booke.

Page three

Registering a christening - 4d
A Churching - 6d
Regestring a Buriall - 4d
Marriage by Banns - 5s 6d.
Publishing the Banns - 5s
Marriage by Licence - 5s
A Terrier or note of all such Glebelands as are at this day belonging to the Parsonage of Botly made the 5th day of Dec: 1618 By Lamuel Mashart then Parson here in presence of such of the Parish as have their names under written.
Impr. The churchyard with its bounds as it is rail'd in. Item. The parsonage house as it now standeth with one Barn & no other out houseing, but what Mr Mashart hath set up (viz) j stable joynes to the Barn & j skilling for a cow-house & j Cart-house.
*: The Gate & Orchard & Garden lying together & not severed ,hedged only.
*: One little purrock conteining about two Acres on the South east side of the house lying between the Orchard & Garden of the parsonage on the North west. The Lane leading to the Lord's heath on the South & certaine lands of Edw :Markes fencing agt. it on the East side. Item: Two Closes on the North side of the house & the sayd Purrocks reaching to Burgess Land conteining about nine Acres & fencing agt. Burgess land northward & agt. copyhold Westward & fenced all along the East side by Edw: Markes.
*: One Close lying over agt. the parsonage house compassed in round by the Farm Grounds & fencing it self round cent. about x Acres now divided in two.
*: One little Copice lying between Reeds & Kings Copies coat. near about two Acres. And these are all the lands that we ever knew or credibly heard did ever belong to the parsonage of Botley. Item: all manner of Tythes of the whole Parish. in Wood exce ted which the arishioners sa the never payd nor ought not to pay.
Thee two last lines markt concering the wood were not written at the same time with the rest of the Terrier as I judg by the writing of it in the Old Regester it being of different hands.
The Mill payes 6s 8d. for a corn position. The lands that belongs to the Mill payes Tythe in kinde.
An account of the settlement of the seates in the Parish Church of Botley then taken from the Old Regester & most antient inhabitants viz: Mr Cosens of Upland, Nic: Strong, Rich: Spegg, John Moulton & others by me W: H: M.A. Rector 1680. & where there was any room in any seat by reason the houses they belonged to have bin pull'd down, we have placed in those vacant places the inhabitants of the new built houses since the old settlement.
Tho: Munday
Rich. Moulton
South-side next the Chancell under the Pulpit.
A. woman's seat
1. For Freeground, Mattoxford farm next Barley parish, & William Lamb's wife for Bridfoot house.
Seats for Men
2. For Heath-house, Freeground Ketherine Wheele, Wm. Lamb Bridfoot house & B roadgates.
3. For Mattoxford farm next Burly parish, for the Bugle, for Pudbrook, for Holmeland & John Fitchit's house next to Dowses.

Page four

4. For Upland Jo'' Moulton for Mattoxiord for Tanners, For Braxalls & Hen: Lun for Brickhouse next Kitchin house.
5. For For Spegg's land Tho :Munday for his house next the Katherine Wheele, for Presseys land Andrew Emry for Abram's over agt.
Mattoxiord farm next to Burly parish & Wm. Fielder for his in Boarly Green.
6. For the Mill. John Moulton for Dowses for Hitches Steph: Coles & Jethro Coles.
Womens Seates
7. John Moulton's wife for Mattoxford for Horsepool for Copped Hall & for the Mill.
8. For the Bugle, Wm. Lamb's next the Bugle for Broadgates & Post's house belonging to the Lord's demeanes.
9. John Fitchet's wife for Kitchen house over against Lamb's shop. Jethro Cole's wife, Thomas Emrye's wife. Widd. Lane over agt. Dowses.
10. For Tanners, for Catherine Wheele Dan: Parker's wife for the house next Widd. Lane's & for Heath-house.
11. For Rich. Moulton's wife of Holmsland for the Cow-house at the end of the street. John Moulton for the house next the Cowhouse Tho: Parker for Brickiln & for Steph: Penford's wife for the house in the street.
Seats for men
12. Rich.Moulton Sen: for his house next the Cow-house Rich: Moulton jr. for his house in the street. Edw: Marks house in the street Andr: Emries house in the street.
13. William Barrie. The White Hart. Thomas Emrie's house in the street. James Fasset's house next Pudbrook.
In the old Register Book there was but 11 seats on the South side of the Church. Where the Arch is over the Tomb there was a square place with a table where young men sate round it. The pulpit did not stand where it is now wn. Mr. Hardware built a seate for his wife dwelling at Bridgfoot house. These seats as they are now were built in Dr. Lamb's time the Rector, many years after Mr. Hardware's death. So that the seat claim'd by Wm. Lamb Black-smyth cannot be the seat built by Mr. Hardware But the present Rector & Church wardens to avoyd all further disputes do order the wife of the sayd Wm. Lamb to sit in the seat under the pulpit where it now standeth.
North Side next the Chancell
1. Tho: White of Botley farm for himself & wife
2. For Botley farm for their women servants
Women' s seats.
3. For Pressey's land. Andr: Emrie's wife for Abram's over agt. Mattoxford farm. Hen: Lun's wife for Brickhouse next Kitchen house and for Hitches.
4. For Pudbrook, for Holmsland. Tho: Mundy's wife in church-lane next to the Catherine Wheele & John Fitchet's wife for his house next Dowses.
5. For Upland. Rich: Moulton of Holmsland for his house in the street & Steph: Coles's house & the White Hart.
6. For Snakemore. for Braxalls. Wm. Fielder & Wm. Barrie for their houses in Boarly green.
7. Andr. Emries for his house in the street. Geo: Sparkman & John Emrie for their houses in Church-lane & John Moulton for Dowses.
8. Rich: Spegge Anth: Faithfull for their houses in Church-lane, for Edw: Markes's house in the street & John Outon's near Freeground.
9. The seats round the Font for the Cottages.

Page five

10. Widd, Grant for a house in the street belonging to the Lord's demeanes Wield. Sparkman over against John Fitchet's John Outon's house in the street Widd. Coles her house next Jethro Coles.
This last seat was where the Gallery staires now standeth.
In the Gallery
1 Geo: Sparkman for his house in Church-lane For Horsepool
John Emry for his house in Church lane
Anthony Faithfull for his house in Church lane
Richard Spegge for his house in Church lane
John Moulton for his house next the Cowhouse
Wield. Coles her house next Jethro Coles
Wm. Lamb for his house next the Bugle
For the White Hart
Edward Marks for his house in the street.
John Outon for his house near Freeground
For Copp'd Hall - Rich. Moulton for the Cow-house
2 Thomas Parker for Brickiln
Dan: Parker for his house over agt. John Fitchet's
Post's house, Widd Graunts. Their houses belonging to the Lord's demeans
Widd. Sparkman for her house over agt. John Fitchet's
The Kitchen house over agt. Bridgfoot house
Stephen Penford for his house in the street
James Fasset for his house at Pudbrook
Tho: Emry for his house in the street
John Outon for his house in the street.
The Residue of the seats in the Gallery for the young men.
The Chancell belongs all to the Rector (all the seats now newly erected by him) & he may place in the seats whom he will for his time being: - Except the first seat at the South side next the church, which is the Reading Pew, & built by the parish & so to be kept in repair; & also except the first seat on the North side next the Church which is the Clerk's seat & to be kept in repair by the parish which two seats they claime by Custom.
Seats in the Chancell South side
1. In the first seat agt. the Communion table (which I newly built 1680 & repair'd the rest) I appoint to sit for my time being. Anne Spershot of Steeplecourt & Edw: Hacket upon the Hill above the Mill reserving a place for tie parsonage house, here was never any seat before. 2. Next to that which was the Parsonage seat, I have repair'd & Appoint Lawrence Chamberlaine & his familie at Freeground to sit in. 3. Next seat to that (which Mr. Pawlet at Freeground sate in) I have made two little seats, the next the wall Tho: Munday & Geo: Sparkman to sit in. The other Rich. Spegge & Anthony Faithfull to sit in, which 4 persons houses are in Church lane.
4. The Passage to the Chancell Door for Curdridg young men to sit in.
5. The Reading Pew.
North side
1. In the first seat agt. the Communion table Mr. James Marks & wife to sit reserving a place for the Parsonage house.
2. Next to that the Long Seat Edw: Hacket's wife to sit Geo: Sparkman's wife, Anthony Faithfull's wife & parsonage Mayds.
3. Next to that for the Farm.
4. Next to that the Clerk's seat
The Benches round the middle of the Chancell for the children to sit on.
Wm. Hanbury M,A. Rector 1680

Page six

At the Death of the late Rector there was in the chancell a large square vacant place in the middle; and only long narrow seats against the walls on each side; and tose very ruinous; and a passage to the Chancel-door just behind the Reading Pew: By me the present Rector and by my friends at my request these old ruinous seats were taken down on each side, from the Reading Pew on the one side and tire Clark's seat on the other (which the parish claim by custom and are to be kept in repair by them) to the steps that lead up to the communion- Table; and new large square Pews erected in their room and in the vacant square; leaving only an Alley thro out of the same breadth with that thro the body of the Church; and a passage under the Wall on the Southside to the Chancel! Door. The seats on each side the communion Tble being Pews (and the only ones then in the chancel!) and in repair remain as they were. At this time also were put in two large new windows (on each side one) opposite to each other before which the Chancel was very dark as the body of the church is now. Therefore (the Persons being all dead that were placed in the Chancell by the late Rector) I the present Rector do make the following new settlement for my time being.
A new settlement of the seats in the Chancell.
South side
1. The first seat contigous to the Reading-Pew I reserve for the Parsonage house. This seat I built at mine own charge. I found all the Timber for the frame and halie the charge of the new great Window near it also.
2. The next seat to that I appoint Mr Robert Stears of Fairthorne to sit in for my time being. This seat the said Mr. Stears built at his own proper cost and charge; and was at the other halfs of the charge of the Great Window near it.
3. The next seat to that John Bolton built at his own proper cost and charge. And therefore I appoint him and his wife and family to sit therein for my time being. He lives in Botly Street and owns Coppy hold. (*Mr Missing's Tenant now sits in this seat by my error.)
(Capn. Missing gave me two Guineas for it.)**
4. The Old seat against the Communion Table I reserve for the Parsonage servants.
I have since appointed Mr. William Stares of Barn: Farm (in consideration of the Guinea paid me) to sit in this seat.
The Chancel new-seated And two Windows put in Anno 1715
North side
1. The first seat adjoining to the Clark's seat I appoint for my time being Mr. Robert Bright of Steeplecourt and his wife and family to sit in.
This seat and also the great window over it the said Mr. Bright built entirely at his own cost.
2. The next to that I appoint# Mr Richard Spershot shop-keeper in Botly Street and his wife and family to sit in for my time being. This seat was erected by the said Mr Spershot at his own proper cost & charge.
(# John Bolton is removed into this seat by my order.)
3. The next seat to that I appoint Richard Moulten at Pudbrooke and his wife and family to sit in. This seat was erected at the said Richard Moulton's own proper cost and charge.
4. The Old seat against the Communion-Table not yet dispos'd of, but left as a common seat for strangers and such as (the church being full) cannot get in elsewhere. (Mr Birch sits here)

Page seven

As it appears that I had the greatest reason to make this settlement, considering the great charge the severall Persons have bin at, Especially Having not displaced one person settled by the late Rector: So I doubt not but my successor will be pleased to continue such of them and their families as shall survive me as an encouragement to ethers to do the like good. This settlement was made as soon as the two windows were put in and all the seats finished. Ammo Domini. 1715 by me J .Walton A: M: Rectr.
Whereas Charles Froude Blacksmith living in Botly Street has sometime since erected a new seat in the Gallery by and with the consent of us the minister and Churchwardens of Botly aforew. (seats in the Church being much wanting) We the said Rector, Churchwardens, and other Principle Inhabitants of the said Parish in Vestry Assembled do confirm (as much as in us lyes) and settle the said Froude and his family in the said seat and such persons as shall from time to time inhabit the house the said Charles Froude now lives in, bounded by the Bugle Inne on the East. Witness our hands.
J .Walton, Rector. Richard Matttow . Peter Binsted (Churchwardens) Jacob Emery Thomas Emery (Overseers of the Poor.)
This signed as above Oct. 3: 1718
Jan: 15:1728: For and in consideration of one Guinea in hand paid me I do appoint Mr Samuel Birch living upon the Hill near Botly River & his wife to sit in the fourth seat against the Communion Table on the North side of the Chancel. And to have and to hold the said whole seat for his own proper use without let hinderance or molestation of or from any person or persons whatsoever.
Witness my hand - J .Walton. Rector of Botley
August: 6: 1753. For & in consideration of one Guinea paid me. I continue Mrs Birch in the above seat during her life if ..... her but not to dispose of it to any other person. Witness.
Thomas Kingsman, of Botley, Rector
A list of the Rectors of Botly as many as are recorded in the Parish Registers now in being to this present time, Apr:2: 1715
1. Mr Thomas Ward is the first I find; who was buryed Novemb. 7: 1583
2. Mr Thomas Hardware was his immediate successor, who was buryed Jan: 11:1615
3. Mr. Lamuel Mashart was his immediate successor who was removed to Beauly in the New forrest.
4. Dr. Lamb Chaplain to Thomas Earle of Southton was his immediate successor and turn'd out by the Parliament that beheaded K. Charles the first.
5. Mr Ethan Glascok (put in by that power) succeeded him and was buryed there March: 18: 1661
6. Mr Peter Austin was his immediate successor who dyed Nov: 12: 1679.
7. Mr. William Hanbury was his immediate successor who dyed Jan: 3: 1714. at My Lady Russel's at Southampton house in Bloomsbury Square, London and was buryed in Belfound Churchyard about twelve miles out of London in the direct Rode from thence to this place.
8. Joseph Walton (who had been curate of Botly to the said Mr. Hanbury for upwards of fourteen years next before) obtain'd a Presentation to the said Rectory of the Right Honorable the Earle of Portland (signed by the said Earle and Elizabeth his Lady) Jan: 22: 1714, and institution from the Bishop Feb. 18 and Induction March:2:following 1714 als. 1715:
Taken and entred by me J .Walton A:M: de Botly Rect.

Page eight

9. Mr Joseph Walton died June 1733 and was succeeded by the Reverend Mr Gilbert Jackson who obtain'd a presentation on to the said Rectory of His Grace the most noble Henry Duke of Beaufort July 3rd 1733.
10. The Revd. Mr. John Morgan succeeded Dr Jackson Nov:1743 and the Revd. Mr. Thos. Kingsman was his immediate successor 1748.
11. Thomas Kingsman (who had been Curate of Botley for six years) obtain'd a Presentation to the said Rectory of the most Noble William Duke of Portland, signed by the said Duke, December 6th 1748, and Institution from the Bishop of Winton. Dec: 8th and Induction Jan: 20: 1748/9
12. The Revd. Thomas Kingsman was buried Dec. 30. 1779 and was succeeded by the Revd. Joseph Wallace, who was found dead in his bed on the morning of Jan. 28th 1803 after retiring to his rest in perfect health on the preceding evening.
13. The Rev. Richard Baker A.M. Pemb: Hall Cambridge, was presented by the Duke of Portland to the Rectory of Botley in July 1803 on the Recommendation of Frederick Lord Kervey (who became Earl of Bristol on the following month) & Henry Addington Prim: Minr: now Lord Sydmouth. The Revd. R. Baker was presented to the Rectory of Botley the 9th of July 1803, instituted the eleventh of July, inducted by the Revd. G .A. Thomas Rector of Wykeham on the sixteenth day of July & sin'd himself on the seventeenth of July 1803.
14. The Reverend John Morley Lee. A.M. St.John's Coil: Camb: was presented to the Rectory of Bailey in December 1854 on the decease of the above Reverend Richard Baker, by Henry Lee Esq. the Patron.
The Reverend J .M. Lee was instituted to the Rectory by the Bp. of Winchester at Farnham, on the 4th of January 1855; was inducted by the Rev. J. T. W. Baker, Curate of the Parish, on the 24th of January; and read himself in on Sunday the 25th of February 1855. He became Rural Dean in 1860. Hon. Canon of Winchester 1877. Died January 20th 1903. G.E.C.O.
15. The Reverend George Edward Caulfield Osborne M.A. Trinity Coll: Oxford (who had been Curate of Botley from 1890-1893, was presented to the Rectory of Botley in February 1903 on the decease of the above Reverend Johm Morley Lee by the executors of the same John Morley Lee. The Reverend G. E. C. Osborne was instituted in the Rectory by the Bishop of Winchester at Lambeth on June 24th 1903, was inducted by the Rev. Canon. Nash, Rural Dean on July 4th 1903 and read himself in on Sunday July 5th 1903. He Died Nov. 1918. A.S.
Whereas the second sate of the North Side of the Chancell end of Botley Church next to Mr. Bright's sate. Late Pay's sate & now Madm. Eyres it be. I do apoint it to the use of William Townsend Clark of this parish Family's Hole use only for my time being and no other on or persons have no right to sit therein it being of the Gift of the Revd Joseph Wallis, this 2d. Day of Octo: 1780.
The Names of the Occupiers of the seats which are in the Chancell & which are the property of the Rector. April 15th 1805 The 1st seat on the North side is occupied by Col: Kemp on paying 1 Guin.
2nd is occd. by Mr. Astlett on paying one Guinea
3rd is occd. by Mr, Wilkins on paying 1 Guinea
4th is occd. by Mr. Emery on paying one Guinea
5th is occupd. by ...............
6th as occupd by ............ children who sing
South Side
The seat thro' which I pass to the„„e Desk my servants sit in.
The first seat on the South Side is occupied by the Rector's family
2nd is occupied by Mr. Jas. Warner on paying one Guinea
3rd is occupied by Mr Abbot? on paying one Guinea
4th is occupied by Mr........ on paying one Guinea
5th I have placed an organ.

Page nine

16. Rev. Geoffrey Saline, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford was inducted to the Rectory of Botley in June 1919 on the presentation of Edward, Bp. of Winchester.
A Particular of the Fencing of the Church Yard as it was settled and Done in the year 1681
The South Side 122ft. 4 inches
The Lord's Demeans doth make from an old ash to the pannel next to the Stile that goes to the Farm house being 114 foot 4 inches.
The next to that formerly belong to Mr Serl for Reedland then to Mr Thomas Colson and now to Mrs. Eliz: Colson, being 8 foot.
The West side 104ft. 04 inches
Cole pitts formerly belonging to John Wateridge then to Edward Markes and now to Thos. Missing Esqr. - Pannels 01
Hitches formerly belonging to Richard Houghton then to the widdow Martin and now to Francis Martin. -Pannels 01
Gilliams Ground formerly to Geo: Cosens then to Sarah Colson and now to Mr Peter Colson - Pannels 0½
John Cosens for Upland - Pannels 01
Calland now belonging to the Lord - Pannels 01
Heath house formerly belonging to Mr Ralph Serl then to Mr. Thomas Colson and now to Mrs. Eliz. Colson. - Pannels 02½
Deyriards formerly to Nicholas Wise then to Mr Alcorn and now to Thomas Missing Esqr. - Pannels 01
Coppyhold formerly belonging to Richard Cosens then to Eliz, Sparshot and now to Thos. Missing Esqr. - Pannels 0½
The North side 186 foot 10 inches
Fogland then Richard Molton and now John Molton - Pannels 01
Homesland then Richard Moltons and now John Lunn - Pannels 01
Gulstones ground then William Stares and now Edwd. Cleverley - Pannels 02
Tanners formerly Nich: Wise then Mr Alcorn & now Jacob Emery (it goes by the Name of Blanchard) - Pannels 0½
Gulstones ground then Wm. Stares & now Edwd. Cleverly - Pannels 0½
Dowses then John Molton and now William Molton - Pannels 01
Formerly Thomas Abraham then Andrew Emery and now Jacob Emery - Pannels 0½
Spegs land then the wide: Basset and now Jacob Terry ˜ Pannels 01
Braxells formerly Mr Andrew Munday then Thomas Crips, and now George Pay - Pannels 01
Longlands then the widdow Wyat and now Tho. Missing Esqr. -Pannels 0½
Fordland formerly Mr. Andrew Munday then the Widd. Abraham and now Joseph Dewells - Pannels 0½
Neals land then John Hickley and now George Pay - Pannels 01
Harmans formerly Francis Harmans then Wm. Pressey and now John Terry - Pannels 01
Harmans formerly Fran: Harman then Wm. Fielder and now Wm. Molten & John Terry. - Pannels 0½
Carryed over
* * * * * * * * * *

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Brought over
The East side 95 foot
The lands formerly Henry Smiths then John Molton and now Wm. Molton. now Robt Stares - Pannells 02
Snakemore and North bombs Land formerly Mr Andrew Munday then Mr Kent
and now Jonathan Rashleigh Esqr. now Peter Thresher -
Pannells 02
Part of Mattoxford Farm then Mr Nutley, now John Cosens (N.B. it is called Noriceland)- Pannells 01
Part of Do. then Mr Nutley then Edward Collins and now Thomas Missing Esqr.- Pannells 01
Mattoxford Farm then the widdo. Stares and now Dr. Palmer. - Pannells 02
Mr Gater is willing to take the East side rails 47½ feet commencing at each corner.
Botleigh Church 6th of Novr. 1750
We the Rector, Churchwardens Overseers of the Poor and others the Principall Inhabitants of the Parishinors in publick Vestury assembled the day and year first above written Witnesseth that there was the summ of Ten Pounds of Lawfull Money of England given by some Charitable although unknown Person to Us to be putt out to use and the Intrest money ariseing from thence to be disposed of yearly To all such Poor widdows & c. that are Industrious and did to the utmost of their power to support themselves and their Familys & to keep off from Receveing any monthly Collection from the Parishiners.
Now Know all men by these Presents that we the said Rector Church wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish that have now taken up the said Ten Pounds being the Principall money and Four Pounds being Intrest for the same and so in the whole makes the same of Fourteen Pounds and have laid the same out in Repairing and makeing an addition to our Parish house as We now call it, it being the house and premisses the Parishiners purchased of Wm. Moody as by the Indenture of Release & c. made between the said William Moody of the one part and John Cosens, John Molton, William Molton and Wm. Cater as Trustees in behalf for the use of the Parishinors in generall on the other Part Dated the 2nd day of March 1730 Now We the said Rector Church wardens, overseers of the Poor of the said Parish and all others of us whose hands are hereunto subscribed and it is done by and with the whole consent of the Parishinors in general do hereby Promise and agree and our hearty desire is and we beg that it may continue so till time is no more To Pay at our said Parish Church the first Sunday in January emediately after Evening Prayer the full and just Summ of Fourteen Shillings of Lawfull money of England that is to say to all such poor widdows & c. as above mentioned without parshallity To those that are most in want. (Turn over)
* * * * *
To give most to and to be given and Disposed of. by the Rector and Churchwardens for the time being and then to be put and placed the said Fourteen Shillings To the Accompts of the Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish and to be allowed by the Parishinors in general! when they makes up their Accompts at the Easter following and our hearty desire is that this may be observed kept paid and Duly performed and looked upon to be as binding as if it had been Drawn up by the most eminent Attorney or Attorneys and upon stamps according as the Law of this Land Directs for what we have done we really believes is for the good of the Parishinors for ever.

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John Lunn junior Thomas Kingsman Rector
Stephen Newman Robert Arnoll Churchwarden
Thomas Searle Jno Terry Churchwarden
Wm Molton Overseer of the Poor
George Pay Overseer of the Poor
R. Fielder
Thos. Monday
John Iremonger
Joshua Emery Senior
Jacob Emery
Abraham Davis
Joshua Emery junior
Jacob Terey

In re-pertorium
Ut primum inspcias gestantem nomina librum Hac tria per lotum pagina quaeq dabit; Conjugium, mortem, baptisma, reverte videbis Principio, medio, fine Cavenia tibi Infantum lachrimas, nuptorum gaudia, mortis Funera, et hac tumulis imperat hora brevis.
J. Walton A. M. Rect.

Jno. Makepace could not be found
The Honble. Mr. Wriothesley Baptist Noel & his Sisters Madam Jane & Madam Elizabeth gave a Damask Cloath & Napkin for the Communion Table. Good-Friday Apr. 1 1681
Mrs Jane Smyth sometime of Southampton house in Bloomsbury gave a Common Prayer Book for the Com. Table. Good-Friday Apr. 1 1681
W.H.A.M. Rectr. gave a pair of Flaggons & two plates Good-Friday Apr 1 1681 with two Boxes to keep the furniture of the Communion Table in.
Anno 1 607 May 3
A note taken by the Tithingman of Botley of all the copie holders do pay towards the composition Lambs for his Maker's Service. & use of his house.
1. Foord Land & Braxals ij Yardland.
2. Mattoxford farm iiij yardlands
3. Eliz: Harman j yardland & #Dimi
4. Neles land j yard land
5. Widd. Smyth ij yardlands
6. Jon. Cosen Sen: j yardland
7. Jon Cosen Jun: j yardland
8. Widd. Moulton. j yardland
9. Frogland j yardland
10. Jon Tanner for Blanchard & Dyriards j yardland & #Dimi
11. Speggsland j yardland
12. Hitches & Dyriards j yardland
13. Snakmore j yardland
This is not true for Frogland payeth to the Wheale - Teste Ralfe Seryll There is none due for Frogland
This note above written of Composition Lambs I transcrib'd out of the Old Register Book began Jan: 20 1573 & ended Apr 1. 1679
W.H.Apr.4 1681

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The Church Pannels & who ought to make the same as followeth. copied according to truth by me Tho: Hardware the xxvth of June Ano 1597
Copia Veria.
First from the Ash next the old Barn to the gate the Lord's demaynes might make.
Next Mr John Serill for Reedes - Dimi Pannell
John Watering for Colepits - A whole pannell
Hickes - Dimi Pannell
George Coosen - Dimi Pannell
John Coosen - A whole Pannell
Catland - A whole Pannell
Heathhouse ij - whole pannels Dimi
Duriards - Dimi Pannell
Copye hold - Dimi Pannell
Between these two there is a doore-place or stile lace which the say the Parson is to make & I Lamuell Mashart have made it first Anno Dm. 1617 then a new door 1618. that door always being th wen open I made a stile 1624. And a aim a new stile 1629.
(This account concerning the church stile or gate place was never found or mentioned to be made (or ought to be made as I believe) in any the settlements of the boundrig and fencing the church-yard nor ever was made by any Parson or Rector of Botley as appeares from any of the Parish Books before the above named Mr. Lamuell Mashart Rector Ibid.
Frogg-land - a whole Pannell
Holmsland - a whole Pannell
Guistons ground - if Pannells
Nicholas Wise - one Pannell
Gulstons ground - Dimi
Thomas Dowse - j Pannell
Speggs land - one Pannell
Andrew Mundye - j Pannell
William Harmon - j Pannell Dimi
Henry Smyth - ij Pannells
Snakemore - j Pannell
Andrew Mundye for his freehold called Homeslands - j Pannell
Mattokes ford farm - iiij Pannells
A true copie out of antient book delivered to the Parson by Mr. John Serie
Tho. Hardware
This Account of the church Pannells I transcribed out of the old Register Began Jan: 20 1573 & ended j Apr. 1679.
Wm. Hanbury M. A.
Anno 1609
MD that Botley faire tooke beginning the Second of November in the year aforesaid upon A1l-Soules day. And the tuesday before Whitesunday the faire & Market for the same year following

all registers transcribed by B. Chinchen June 1976