Botley, Hampshire parish registers
BURIAL registers 1679 to 1837 (Surnames A to F)

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surname date who died alsoalsoalsoalso
????13 Jan 1791A travellername unknowna pauper
????20 Jan 1687John of Botley
????26 Apr 1739A stranger at the Catern Whele(Catherine Wheel) who went by the name of unkle
????27 Jan 1689A soldier killed by his comrade
????28 Jan 1837Johna fidling? tramper?name unknownfound dead in the Dolphin Stableage 53
ABBOT17 Jan 1778Widow Abbot
ABBOT4 Mar 1760Charles Abbot
ABOT17 Jan 1748Charles Abotinfant
ABRAHAM10 Dec 1827John Abrahammarried manage 46
ABRAHAM11 May 1793Maryd of Henry & Mary Abraham - pauper
ABRAHAM16 Mar 1812John son of John Abraham aged 2
ABRAHAM17 May 1815Henry son of Thomas & Jane Abrahamage 4
ABRAHAM25 Dec 1808Henry Abrahama married managed 59
ABRAHAM25 Dec 1808Tamardaughter of Thomas & Jane Abraham aged 3yr.4m.
ABRAHAM25 Oct 1763Henry Abrahamaged 79
ABRAHAM25 Sep 1794Henryson of Henry & Mary Abraham
ABRAHAM29 Jun 1791Jonathan Abrahama pauper
ABRAHAM29 Nov 1752The widow Abrahaman ancient woman
ABRAHAM30 Oct 1683Williamson of John Abraham at South Stoneham
ABRAHAM30 Oct 1779Annwife of Henry Abraham
ABRAHAM4 Dec 1824Marywife of William Abrahamage 38
ABRAHAM4 Oct 1794Philipson of Henry & Mary Abraham
ABRAHAM4 Oct 1801Jamesson of Henry & Mary Abraham
ABRAHAM48 Dec 1827Cornelius son of Mary Abrahamwidowage 8 weeks
ABRAHAM9 Oct 1794Henry Abraham
ABRAHAMS17 Apr 1781Marydaughter of Henry & Mary Abrahamsinfant
ABRAM10 Jan 1811Rachelwife of John Abram aged 23nee Vaughn
ABRAM10 Mar 1695Marydaughter of William & Anne Abram
ABRAM10 May 1829Fanny Abramsingle womanage 18
ABRAM12 Apr 1747Marywife of Henry Abramsenior
ABRAM13 Apr 1827Johnson of Thomas & Elizabeth Abramage 2
ABRAM13 Jul 1693Mary Abram of South Stoneham
ABRAM17 Mar 1694Margaret Abramwidow of South Stoneham
ABRAM21 May 1749Ann Abraminfant
ABRAM23 Mar 1711Robert Abram
ABRAM24 Aug 1807Marywife of William Abramaged 23
ABRAM29 Aug 1826John Abrammarried manage 72
ABRAM29 Sep 1696Robert Abram of South Stoneham
ABRAM3 Feb 1832Mary Abramwidowage 74
ABRAM31 May 1704William Abram
ABROUSE14 Jan 1799Thomas Abrousea soldier
ADCOCK27 Dec 1819Jamesson of James & Elizabeth Adcockage 3 weeks
ADCOCK7 Dec 1823James Adcockmarried manhe caught a violent cold which terminated in deliriumage 38
ALLY24 Apr 1798John Allya soldier
AMORY7 Oct 1827John Amorybachelorage 30A surgeon who came as assistant to Mr Blundell but caught a violent cold from sitting in wet cloaths the night of his arrival and fell into a decline.
ANSELL14 Jan 1779Ann Ansellinfant
ARNELL10 Sep 1754Annawife of Robert Arnell
ARNOLD12 Jan 1762Henry Arnold ( son John baptised the same day)
ARNOLD16 Jun 1766Mary Arnold daughter of Hannah Talbot
ARNOLD17 Apr 1764Robertson of Hannah Arnoldwidow
ARNOLD4 Jan 1756Thomas Arnoldinfant
ARNOLD7 Nov 1762Robert son of Robert Arnold
ATTWOOD10 Dec 1738Francie Attwood
AUSTIN1 Jan 1724Frances Austina very old widowburied in the Chancel within the Communion Rayles.
AUSTIN10 Nov 1679Mrs Mary Austin wife of Mr Peter AustinRector
AUSTIN14 Jun 1681Joane Austin of South stoneham
AUSTIN14 Nov 1679Mr Peter AustinRector at Botley
AVENELL4 Dec 1682Robert Avenell
BAILEY12 Mar 1837Annedaughter of Henry & Hannah Baileyscarlet feverage 4
BAILEY19 Mar 1837Henryson of Henry & Hannah Baileyscarlet fever age 8
BAILEY26 Mar 1837Ellen daughter of Henry & Hannah Baileyscarlet fever age 3
BAILEY29 Mar 1837Harriet daughter of Henry & Hannah Baileyscarlet fever age 8
BAKER18 Apr 1834James Scott son of Richard & Elizabeth Bakerage 30
BAKER27 Jan 1836Elizabeth wife of Richard Baker A.M.Rectorb 16 Aug 1773 d.20 Jan 1836 age 62
BAKER5 Jun 1837Elizabeth Frances daughter of Richard Baker A.M.Rector age 38
BALLARD29 Oct 1680Anne Ballardwidow
BAMPTON1 Feb 1789John Bamptoninfant
BAMPTON11 May 1799Joseph Bampton
BAMPTON13 Apr 1798Paul Bamptonaged 80
BAMPTON14 Nov 1779Eleanorwife of Paul Bampton
BAMPTON15 Jan 1737Anna Bamptonan infant
BAMPTON16 Jul 1793Johnson of Joseph & Ann Bampton
BAMPTON16 Oct 1744Anna Bamptoninfant
BAMPTON18 Jul 1781Paulson of Paul & Elizabeth Bamptoninfant
BAMPTON21 Jun 1780Angelica Bamptoninfant
BAMPTON23 Jun 1744Mr.Francis Bampton of the Mall
BAMPTON25 May 1734Anna daughter of Francis and Anna Bamptoninfant
BAMPTON25 Nov 1732Frenchson of Francis & Hannah Bampton
BAMPTON28 Jan 1821Williamson of Joseph & Mary BamptonSouthampton age 2
BAMPTON28 Jul 1797Johannadaughter of Francis & Sarah Bampton
BAMPTON28 Mar 1826Paul Bamptonage 88
BAMPTON3 Oct 1793Sarahwife of Francis Bampton
BAMPTON30 Jan 1817John son of Joseph & Mary BamptonPortseaage 12 months
BAMPTON7 Oct 1799Frances Bampton
BAREFOOT10 May 1734Edward Barefoot
BAREFOOT2 Jun 1751Sarah Barefootinfant
BAREFOOT2 Oct 1793Stephenson of Edward & Elizabeth Barefoot - pauper
BAREFOOT21 Feb 1782Richard Barefootaged 19
BAREFOOT26 Aug 1734Elizabeth Barefoot
BAREFOOT6 Oct 1793Edward Barefoot- pauper
BARFOOT1 Sep 1765Thomas Barfoot of Bishopstoke
BARFOOT13 Jun 1768Elizabethwife of Daniel Barfoot (daughter Mary baptised the same day)
BARFOOT18 Jul 1767Ursula Barfootinfant
BARFOOT27 Feb 1829George son of Henry & Sarah BarfootSouth Stonehamage 1 day
BARFOOT3 Aug 1782Daniel Barfootaged 21
BARFORD8 Feb 1809Daniel Barforda married man aged 71 of Bishops Waltham
BARKER25 Oct 1827Ezekiel Barkermarried manage 62
BARKER9 Aug 1837Ann Barkerwidowage 68
BARRIE16 Nov 1731Elizabethdaughter of Francis Barrie at Freeground
BARRIE30 Oct 1727Marywife of Francis Barrie of Freeground
BASTABLE14 Dec 1817George son of Samuel & Maria Bastableage 10 months
BASTABLE18 Aug 1831Maria daughter of Samuel & Maria Bastabletaken ill 15th died 16thscarlet fever in 29 hoursage 16
BASTABLE26 Aug 1831Robert son of Samuel & Maria Bastableage 4l
BASTARD10 Mar 1790Richard Bastardpauper
BASTARD21 Mar 1781Johnson of Richard & Ann Bastardinfant
BASTARD23 May 1786Alice Bastardinfant
BASTARD23 Sep 1794Mary Bastardwidow
BASTARD26 Oct 1789Richard Bastarda pauper
BATH14 Dec 1790Ann Bath
BAWRELL25 May 1798Thomas Bawrella soldier
BEAN20 Jul 1723Annedaughter of Ephraim & Anne Bean
BEAN5 May 1759Ephraim Bean of South Stoneham
BEAN9 Nov 1731Deborahdaughter of Ephraim & Anne Bean
BENDAL19 Mar 1689George Bendal
BENHAM19 Oct 1823Janewife of Ellis Benhamage 33
BENHAM8 Jun 1823Edward James son of Ellis & Jane Benhaminfant
BENJAMIN9 May 1820Annwife of Benjamin Byeage 35
BIGGS10 Feb 1828George Biggssingle manage 24
BIGGS16 Feb 1823Marywife of William Biggsage 54
BIGGS21 Apr 1749Ann Biggsinfant
BIGGS23 Nov 1824William Biggswidowerage 57
BIGGS29 Nov 1782Amy Biggsaged 73
BIGGS3 Dec 1782William Biggsson of the above Amy aged 41
BIGGS4 Dec 1782John Biggshusband of the above Amyaged 75
BIGGS4 Dec 1824John Biggsmarried manage 27
BIGGS7 Nov 1803Sarahwife of Henry Biggs of Portsea aged 37
BIGGS8 Feb 1783Hannah Biggsaged 34
BIGGS9 Feb 1748Amy Biggsinfant
BIGNELL19 Jan 1816Maryd of John & Keziah Bignellsmallpox after vaccinationage 3
BIGWOOD10 Apr 1748Widow Bigwood of Durley
BIGWOOD17 Jan 1754Annwife of Peter Bigwood
BIGWOOD27 Jan 1779Elizabethwife of Peter Bigwood
BIGWOOD28 Mar 1760Martha Bigwood (daughter Molly baptised the same day)
BIGWOOD5 Jan 1759George Bigwoodinfant
BINSTEAD13 Nov 1759Old widow Binsteadthe midwife
BINSTEAD20 Feb 1721Anne Binsteadwidow and midwife
BINSTEAD3 Nov 1751Peter Binstead
BINSTED23 Jul 1712Peter Binstedsenior
BISHOP15 Jul 1785Joseph Bishop
BLACKBURN1 Feb 1837W.B.C.Blackburn son of John & Caroline Charlotte Blackburn age 4 months
BLACKBURN23 Jul 1836Ebenezer son of John & Caroline Charlotte BlackburnIndependent Ministerage 6 mths.
BLACKMAN22 Jan 1811Thomas BlackmanBachelornative of Wiltshireabout 30
BLACKWELL4 Mar 1812J.R.Blackwell Esq: a Bachelor aged 32 of Curbridge CottageTitchfield.
BLAKE26 Oct 1723Sarahdaughter of Richard & Mary Blake
BLAKE34 Nov 1738Richard Blake
BLAKE5 Dec 1680Isaac Blake
BLANCH9 Oct 1737Robert Blanchinfant
BLARK19 Sep 1834James son of James & Sarah BlarkBotley Millage 1 month
BLEAKE1 Dec 1755Marywife of James Bleake
BLEAKE2 Jul 1775James Bleake
BLEAKE5 Mar1763Mrs Bleakeaged 82
BLUNDELL12 Feb 1833Martha daughter of Joseph & Sarah Blundellage 2
BLUNDELL16 Sep 1835Joseph Blundellmarried manage 60
BLUNDELL4 Jul 1816Charles son of George & Jane Blundell2 yr 7 m.
BODLE2 Jan 1799Janedaughter of Thomas & Ann Bodle
BOLTON11 Sep 1747John Bolton
BOLTON14 Dec 1732Annedaughter of John & Mary Bolten in Botly Street
BOLTON15 Jan 1725Johna of John & Mary Boltonan infant
BOLTON15 May 1720Jamesson of John & Mary Bolton
BOLTON27 May 1748Mrs Bolton
BOLTON4 Sep 1719Johnson of John & Mary Bolton
BONE28 Jan 1832Jemima BoneSouth Stonehamage 18
BOOKER16 Sep 1765John bookerbastard son of Nanny Dubber daughter of Richard Dubbershoemaker
BOURN10 Aug 1704Mary wife of Robert Bourn of Steeplecourt
BOURNE28 Mar 1711Robert Bourne of Steeplecourt in Droxford
BRADLEY25 Dec 1834Marthawife of John Bradleyage 40
BRAMBRIDGE21 Dec 1831Jane Brambridgewidowage 54
BRINE17 Apr 1814Kezia Brineage 32
BROAD19 Sep 1779Edwardson of Edward Broad
BROAD22 May 1777Edwardson of Edward & Ann Broad
BROAD27 Dec 1781Edward Broadaged 37
BROMFIELD18 Jul 1833Peter Bromfield illegitimate son of the late Peter Terry & Maria BromfieldwidowLymingtonage 16
BROMFIELD7 Sep 1837Georgiana Bromfieldsingle womanSouthamptonage 25
BROWN13 Dec 1803Sally Brownillegitimate daughter of Ann Brown - infant
BROWN14 Sep 1809William Browna married managed 79
BUDD19 Feb 1799Elizabethwife of Henry Budd
BULL28 Mar 1743John Bulla servant at the Millwho was accidentally drown'd in the Trash Pool.
BURBAGE1 June 1792John son of Thomas & Elizabeth Burbage - pauper
BURBAGE2 Nov 1823Maryillegitimate daughter of Sarah Burbageage 3 months
BURBAGE8 Mar 1797Elizabethdaughter of Thomae & Elizabeth Burbage
BURBAGE9 Mar 1791William Burbagea pauper
BURBIDGE23 Aug 1786Thomas Burbidgeinfant
BURBRIDGE17 Nov 18191819John Burbridgea pauperage 14
BURBRIDGE2O Mar 1818Elizabeth Burbridgea pauperage 55
BURDEN13 Jun 1727Sarahone of the twin infant daughter of John & Mary Burden
BURDEN27 Apr 1742John Burden
BUTCHER22 Oct 1779Sarah Dodswell b.b. daughter of Hanah Butcherservant at the New Inn
BUTT19 Jul 1754Sarah Butt
BUTTON20 Apr 1745George Buttona stranger
BYE21 Mar 1819Mary Anne daughter of Benjamin & Anne Byeage 1 week
CALLEN10 Dec 1761Esther Calleninfant
CALLEN23 Aug 1753John Calleninfant
CAMPELO17 Apr 1782Frances Campeloaged 72
CANNINGS17 Jun 1692Widow Cannings
CARTER13 Jul 1800Marydaughter of Robert Carter
CARTER15 May 1713Marydaughter of Thomas & Anne Carter
CARTER19 Apr 1774James Carterinfant
CARTER24 Apr? 1734Elizabeth Carter
CARTER25 Jul 1754Thomas Carter
CARTER25 Nov 1719John Carter
CARTER27 Jul 1719Marywife of John Carter
CARTER4 Apr 1826Williamson of William & Mary Carterage 12
CARTER4 Jun 1687Joanewife of John Carter
CARTER5 Apr 1747Annwife of Thomas Carter
CARTER5 Feb 1705 son of John Carter falling over some timber lying in Botly Street with a pipe in his mouth beat a piece at the pipe down his throat with the fall and dyed in a few days after with the inward wound received thereby and was buryed
CARTER6 Apr 1733Annedaughter of Thomas & Ann Carter
CARTER7 Feb 1794Robertson of Robert & Sarah Carter
CASIER20 Dec 1724John Casier
CASS3 Dec 1823Elizabethillegitimate daughter of Mary Cassage 2 and a half
CAUTE19 Jan 1702Thomas Caute of the parish of Stoake
CAWDE14 Jun 1727Thomae Cawde
CAWDE2 Aug 1687Marywife of Thomas Cawde
CAWDE20 Apr 1722Ellinor Cawdewidow
CAWDE3 Apr 1683Amydaughter of Richard Cawde of Waltham
CAWTE13 Dec 1717Thomas Cawte
CAWTE14 Jan 1811Elizabethwife of Robert Cawte aged 53 nee Paye
CAWTE17 May 1766Mary Cawteinfant
CAWTE2 Sep 1834Thomas Cawtemarried manSouth Stonehamage 33
CAWTE21 Dec 1780Johnson of Robert & Elizabeth Cawteaged 3
CAWTE21 Oct 1750Eobert Cawteinfant
CAWTE26 Jan 1811Charles son & William & Elizabeth Cawteinfant
CAWTE26 Nov 1829Gracewife of Charlee Cawteage 64
CAWTE28 May 1784Robert Cawteaged 73
CAWTE29 Jan 1826Robert Cawtewidowerage 76
CAWTE3 Dec 1782Richard Cawteinfant
CAWTE3 Nov 1720Marywife of Thomas Cawte
CAWTE30 Nov 1783Elizabeth Cawteaged 72
CAWTE31 Mar 1802Richard Morton Cawte
CAWTE31 Mar 1824Williamson of John & Elizabeth Cawte of HernsworthTitchfieldage 3 days
CAWTE6 Feb 1793Charlesson of William & Elizabeth Cawte - pauper
CAWTE7 Mar 1837Susanna daughter of John & Elizabeth Cawteage 17
CHACKRET13 Oct 1686Rachel Chackret
CHALK6 Sep 1835Charlotte daughter of Henry & Mary Ann Chalkage 2 months
CHALKRIGHT26 Nav 1679Rachel daughter of John Chalkright of Bishops Walthm
CHALKRITE12 Oct 1754Sarahwife of John Chalkrite
CHALKRITE14 Jan 1768Elizabeth Chalkriteinfant
CHALKRITE15 May 1737John Chalkrite
CHAWKRAT20 Mar 1682Marywife of John Chawkrat Junior
CHAWKRET8 Dec 1695John Chawkret
CHIDDEL25 Apr 1783Thomas Chiddelinfant
CHURCHER14 Jan 1793Sarahdaughter of Peter & Sarah Churcher - pauper
CHURCHER17 Feb 1788John Churcherinfantpauper
CHURCHER29 Mar 1789Mary Ann Churcherinfant
CLARK12 Jun 1833Annedaughter of William & Elizabeth Clarkage 8 days
CLARK27 May 1683Elizabethwife at Edward Newman Clark
CLARK5 Feb 1837John Clarkmarried man South Stonehamage 49
CLARK9 Feb 1837Herbert son of James & Sarah Clarkage 2
CLEAVER7 Sep 1766Williamson of James & Mary Cleaver
CLEVERLY25 Feb 1782Elizabeth Cleverly of Hamblericeaged 66
COFFIN14 Nov 1834George Coffinmarried manSouth Stonehamage 50
COLE11 Nov 1738Elizabeth Cole
COLE13 Aug 1735Johnson of John & Frances Coleinfant
COLE15 Nov 1717Sarahdaughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Cole
COLE17 Mar 1710Stephen Cole
COLE2 Nov 1738John Cole
COLE5 Feb 1711Stephen Cole
COLEBROKE4 Oct 1761Jane Colebroke
COLEBROOKE27 Jul 1771John Colebrooke
COLES10 Jan 1718Jane Coleswido
COLES13 Oct 1706Rosedaughter of Jane Coles
COLES14 Feb 1733Mary Coleswidowthe relict of John Colestaylordeceased sometime ago
COLES15 Apr 1682Rose Coleswidow
COLES16 Oct 1730John Colessenior - a taylor in Botly Street
COLES17 Jan 1737John Colesan infant
COLES20 Aug 1708Marydaughter & John & Mary Coles
COLES23 Apr 1715Argentine Coleswidow
COLES23 Dec 1679Sarah wife at Jethro Coles
COLES25 Jun 1689Stephenson of Jethro Coles
COLES28 Apr 1733Stephen Coles
COLES28 Jul 1722Argentined of Stephen & Elizabeth Coles
COLES29 Jul 1691Marydaughter of Jethro Coles
COLES4 Nov 1681Thomasson at Jethro Coles
COLES5 Aug 1711Jamesson of John & Mary Coles
COLES7 Jun 1704Jethro Coles
COLES8 Jan 1758Widow Coles
COLES8 Oct 1682Georgeson of Stephen Coles
COLES9 Mar 1725Elizabethwife of Stephen Colesliving at the Crown and White Hart in Botly Street
COLES9 Oct 1736James Colesa marriner
COLESON31 Dec 1701Sarah Coleson of the parish of Durly
COLLACE28 Jan 1788William Collaceinfant
COLLACE7 Sep 1794Johnillegitimate son of Ann Collace
COLLINS1 Apr 1741Nandaughter of Joseph & Ann Collins
COLLINS1 Jan 1740Anndaughter at Joseph & Ann Collins
COLLINS13 Mar 1796Isaac Collins
COLLINS13 May 1706Edward Collins
COLLINS16 Dec 1782Joseph Collinsaged 84
COLLINS17 May 1816Edward CollinsBotley Poor Houseage 84
COLLINS18 Apr 1711Elizabeth wife of Thomas Collins
COLLINS2 Jul 1734Anne Collins
COLLINS22 Aug 1737Johnson of Joseph & Ann Collinsinfant
COLLINS22 Jan 1745Annwife of Joseph Collins
COLLINS6 Dec 1742Josephson of Joseph Collins
COMPTON16 Dec 1776Matthewson of Matthew Compton
COMPTON16 Feb 1826Elizabeth Comptonwidowage 62
COMPTON17 Jun 1782Ann Comptoninfant
COMPTON2 Jul 1822W: George Comptonage 50
COMPTON21 Sep 1803Matthew Comptonwidoweraged 70
COMPTON4 Jul 1790Eleanor Comptonpauper
COOK1 Jun 1788William Cooka tannerpauper
COOPER14 Jul 1714Mary wife of Felix Cooper
COOPER14 Oct 1760Jamesson of James Cooper
COOPER15 Dec 1831Elizabeth Cooperwidowage 66
COOPER19 Nov 1717Felix Cooper
COOPER22 May 1824Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Cooperage 5 months
COOPER25 Dec 1829Samuel Aylett Coopermarried manshopkeeperage 31
COOPER26 Sep 1685Felix son of Felix Cooper
COOPER3 Feb 1831Edward Cooperseniormarried manage 68
COOPER6 May 1742The widow Cooper
COOPER6 Oct 1824Henryson of Edward & Elizabeth Cooperage 18
COOPER9 May 1742Thomas Cooperinfant
CORNEL19 Dec 1802Sarahwife of John Cornel
COSENS13 Dec 1766Hannahdaughter of George Cosens
COSENS13 Jul 1722Elizabethwife of Nicholas Cosens at Heathouse
COSENS13 May 1715Mary Cosens
COSENS19 Nov 1690Alicewife at Mr John Cosens of Upland
COSENS21 Mar 1692Marywife of Giles Cosens
COSENS22 Apr 1731Eleanorwife of Mr.John Cosens of Southampton - Attorney at Law
COSENS26 Nov 1683Mr John Cosens of Upland
COSENS29 May 1699Annedaughter of Peter & Anne Cosens
COSENS3 Jun 1696Argentine Cosenswidow from Chacrit
COSENS3 May 1749John William Cosens
COSENS30 Oct 1719John William son of John William & Elizabeth Cosens of Twyford
COSENS31 May 1744Mrs Abigail Cosenswidow ef Upland
COSENS5 May 1720Elizabethwife of John William Cosens of Twyfordpayment for the burial received of the said John William Cosens the same day by the hands of Benjamin Wise his Kinsmanliving in Botly Street.
COSINS31 Oct 1733Nicholas Cosins of South Stoneham
COUSENS15 Jan 1750Mr.John Cousens of Southampton
COUSENS15 Oct 1775Robert Cousens
COUSENS15 Sep 1736Mr. John Cousenssenior of Upland
COUSENS17 Apr 1763Hannahwife of George Cousens
COUSENS18 Mar 1759Thomas Cousens son of George & Hannah Cousens
COUSENS23 May 1750Bettydaughter of Widow Cousens
COUZENS14 Dec 1802Edward Couzensinfant
COX29 Sep 1824John Coxsingle manSouth Stonehamage 32
COZENS23 Jul 1683Dorothydaughter of Mr John Cozens
COZENS28 Mar 1683Richard Cozens child of Waltham Parish
CROUCHER12 Feb 1795Thomasson of John & Eleanor Croucher
CROUCHER15 Jan 1680William Croucher
CROUCHER15 Mar 1820John Crouchermarried manage 69
CROUCHER2 Jan 1734Sarah Croucher
CROUCHER23 Jun 1701William Croucher
CROUTCHER18 Oct 1737Hugh Croutcher
CROUTCHER8 May 1740Mary Croutcher
CURTICE29 Mar 1684Henry Curtice
CUSSINS8 Jun 1785Sarah Cussinspauperaged 55
DANIELL22 Feb 1687Richard Daniell
DASH21 Dec 1709Thomas Dashan old man
DASH27 Apr 1706Mary Dasha bastard child
DASH3 Jul 1740Mary Dash
DASH9 Sep 1688Joanewife of Thomas Dash
DAVIES13 Aug 1759Joseph Daviesinfant
DAVIES14 Mar 1791Elizabeth Davies
DAVIES15 Jul 1801Isaac Davies
DAVIES23 Nov 1775Annwife of Abraham Davies
DAVIES30 Apr 1796Anndaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Davies
DAVIES4 Jan 1778Marydaughter of Isaac & Mary Davies
DAVIS11 Feb 1728Hannahdaughter of Abraham & Hannah Davis
DAVIS14 May 1742Sarah Davisinfant
DAVIS18 Feb 1779Abraham Davis
DAVIS19 Dec 1743Thomas Davisinfant
DAVIS2 Dec 1812Marywife of Joseph Davis aged 8
DAVIS20 Nov 1729Benjaminson of Abraham & Hannah Davis
DAVIS23 Oct 1723Hannahdaughter at Abrahm & Hannah Davis
DAVIS24 Apr 1733Benjminson of Abrahm & Hannah Davis
DAVIS24 Jan 1808Mary Daviswidow of South Stoneham aged 64
DAVIS26 Oct 1815Joseph Daviswidowerfarmerage 92
DAVIS28 Dec 1743Hannahwife of Abraham Davis
DAVIS7 Mar 1738Hannah Davisinfant
DEAN19 Oct 1811Mary Ann Dean of Bishops Waltham
DENHAM14 Feb 1796Ameyillegitimate daughter of Amey Denham
DENHAM20 Dec 1766Hannah Denhaminfant
DENHAM21 Sep 1757Johnson of John & Mary Denham
DENHAM25 Aug 1765Hannahdaughter of John & Mary Denham
DENHAM26 Mar 1778Jamesson of John & Amy Denham
DENHAM6 Jul 1767Marywife of John Denham
DENHAM9 Oct 1794John Denham
DEW13 Feb 1818John Dewwidowage 74
DEW14 Aug 1824Josephson of Joseph & Priscilla DewSouth Stonehamage 16
DEW27 Apr 1814Marywife of John DewSouth Stonehamage 59
DEW28 Jun 1837William Dewmarried manSouth Stonehm age 30
DEWEY1 Mar 1829Priscillawife of Joseph DeweySouth Stoneham age 42
DEWEY23 Apr 1771Elizabeth Dewey
DIBLE29 May 1688Mary Dible
DIBLE7 May 1689Ellenerdaughter of Thomas Dible
DIBLEY10 Jul 1737Hester Dibley
DIBLEY13 Mar 1735Joseph Dibley
DIBLEY15 Jan 1727Elizabethdaughter of Thomae & Mary Dibley infant
DIBLEY17 Apr 1701Thomas Dibley
DIBLEY20 Nov 1683Marywife of Thomas Dibley
DIBLEY22 Dec 1695Thomas Dibley
DIBLEY23 Jan 1766Widow Dibley
DIBLEY24 Sep 1683Josephson at Thomas Dibley
DIBLEY26 May 1737James Dibley
DIBLEY28 Oct 1729Elizabethdaughter of Thomas & Mary Dibley
DIBLEY3 May 1735Marywife of Thomas Dibley
DIBLEY4 Oct 1720Dorothy Dibleywidow
DIBLEY7 Oct 1762Thomas Dibley
DICKESON19 Nov 1702Mary Dickesonwidow
DICKINSON16 Sap 1692Edward Dickinson
DLEN14 Nov 1764Ruth Dleninfant(this may have been a miss-type by the original copyist)could be Glen???
DODGIN20 Feb 1837Anne Dodginwidow of the late Lieut.Col.Dodgin age 76
DODSWELL22 Oct 1779Sarah Dodswell b.b. daughter of Hanah Butcherservant at the New Inn
DOLEN22 Apr 1778Thomas Doleninfant
DOLTON22 Jan 1713Phillipson of John & Mary Dolton
DOOREY7 May 1739James Dooreya stranger
DOWLAND18 Jan 1813Peter son of William & Elizabeth Dowlanda 6 month 2 wk and 1 day old child
DOWLAND21 May 1829Sarah Dowlandsingle womanage 50she fell down in a fit of apoplexy
DOWLAND23 Feb 1812James Dowlanda married man aged 75
DOWLAND25 May 1834Mary Dowlandwidowage 96
DOWLAND26 Mar 1829William Dowlandsingle manage 33
DOWLING26 Nov 1829Elizabethwife of William Dowlingage 56
DUBBER1 Jun 1754Anntwin daughter of Richard & Ann Dubber
DUBBER1 Jun 1754Elizabeth twin daughter of Richard & Ann Dubber
DUBBER10 Feb 1742The widow Dubber
DUBBER10 May 1820John Dubbermarried manBotleylate of London age 37
DUBBER10 Oct 1722Richard Dubberblacksmith
DUBBER11 Jan 1816Thomas DubberbachelorHis leg had been amputated (for a scrophulous humour in the knee which had reduced him to a skeleton)December 31st he survived only 5 days although his leg was doing wellinternal mortification causing his death.
DUBBER12 Nov 1833Thomas Dubbermarried manage 85
DUBBER16 Feb 1789John Dubberaged 82
DUBBER16 Sep 1765John bookerbastard son of Nanny Dubber daughter of Richard Dubbershoemaker
DUBBER17 Jan 1836Elizabeth Dubberwidowage 81
DUBBER18 Sep 1824Harrietwife of Joseph Dubberage 30
DUBBER19 Apr 1807Richard Dubbera married man aged 63 shoemaker
DUBBER21 May 1828Hannah Dubberwidowage 74
DUBBER22 Dec 1819Josephson of Joseph & Harriet Dubberage 4 months
DUBBER24 Feb 1805John Dubbera bachelor aged 66
DUBBER24 Oct 1761Andrew Dubber
DUBBER25 Aug 1757Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary Dubber of SwanwickTitchfield
DUBBER30 Mar 1712Thomasson of Richard & Jane Dubber
DUBBER31 Jan 1766Marywife of John Dubber
DUBBER5 Jun 1777Annwife of Richard Dubber
DUBBER7 Jul 1801Thomas Dubber
DUBBER8 Mar 1792Richard Dubber
DUFFEN20 Jan 1802Elizabethwife & Elisha Duffen
DUMMER2 Mar 1738The widow Dummer
DUMMER20 Apr 1725Stephen Dummer
DUMMER21 Sep 1687Stephenson of Stephen Dummer
DUMMER24 Apr 1683Robertson of Stephen Dummer
DUMMER26 Jan 1734Joan Dummer
DUMMER26 Nov 1714Jane wife of Stephen Dummer
DUMMER28 Sep 1742Ann Dummer
DUMMER29 Aug 1729Johnson of John & Ann Dummer
DUMMERJan 1684John Dummer
DUNDEE16 Mar 1760Elizabeth Dundee
DUNDEE4 Dec 1836Henry Dundeejuniormarried manage 28
DUNDEE7 Feb 1770Williamson of John Dundee
DUNDEE9 Sep 1835Jamesson of James & Jane Dundeeage 18
DUNDEY10 Feb 1784John Dundeyaged 22
DUNDY14 Sep 1815Elizabeth daughter of William & Hannah Dundylabourerage 16 months
DUNDY2 Jun 1820Martha daughter of William & Hannah Dundyage 11 weeks
DUNDY24 Nov 1831Sarahd of William & Hannah Dundyage 14
DUNDY28 Aug 1792Thomas Dundy
DUNDY28 Nov 1791Samuel Dundy
DUNDY29 May 1800John Dundy
DUNDY3 May 1837Henryson of George & Mary Dundyage 13 weeks
DUNDY4 Jan 1826Elizabeth Dundywidowa schoolmistressage 88
DUNDY8 Apr 1810Henryson of Henry & Elizabeth Dundy aged 2
DYBELL3 Nov 1700William Dybell
DYER18 Feb 1705Sarahdaughter of William & Ann Dyer
EDOM3 Jul 1824Maria Edomspinsterage 18
EDWARDS10 Oct 1822William EdwardsbachelorDroxfordage 25
EDWARDS11 Mar 1717Mary Edwards
EDWARDS7 Feb 1827William Edwardsmarried manage 63
EDWARDS7 Jan 1801Thomasson of William & Phoebe Edwards
ELLIS14 Jan 1745Mary Ellisinfant
ELLIS8 Feb 1755Sarah Ellisinfant
EMANS14 Nov 1679Catherine Emans
EMERY10 Feb 1759Old Mary Emerywidow
EMERY10 Jul 1791Lydia Emery
EMERY11 Aug 1759Sarah Emeryinfant
EMERY11 Mar 1798Mary Emerywidow
EMERY11 Mar 1808Georgeinfant son of Edward & Mary Emery of Droxford
EMERY12 Aug 1821Georgeillegitimate son of Elizabeth Emeryage 1 month
EMERY13 Aug 1741Thomas Emeryone of infant twins
EMERY14 Apr 1790Joshua Emeryaged 63
EMERY17 Feb 1836Sarahwife of Jacob Emeryage 32
EMERY17 Jan 1702Phillipson of John Emery
EMERY17 Jan 1767Jacob Emerya very old man
EMERY17 Jul 1745Betty Emeryinfant
EMERY17 May 1796John Emery
EMERY18 Jul 1734Sarah Emery
EMERY19 Apr 1837Jacob Emerymarried manBishops Waltham age 51
EMERY19 May 1828Joshua Emerymarried manage 75
EMERY2 Aug 1738Henery Emery
EMERY2 Aug 1836Anndaughter of Jacob EmerywidowerBishops Walham age 5
EMERY20 Aug 1801George son of James & Elizabeth Emery
EMERY22 Mar 1794Henry Emery
EMERY23 Aug 1705Mary daughter of Mary Emery - a bastard child
EMERY25 Jul 1745Annwife of John Emery
EMERY26 Jan 1837Elizabethwife of James Emeryage 68
EMERY26 Oct 1708Sarah daughter of Martha Emery a bastard child
EMERY27 Aug 1837William Emerymarried manage 77
EMERY28 Aug 1741Jacob Emeryone of infant twins
EMERY29 Oct 1811Martha daughter of William & Martha Emery aged 18
EMERY29 Sep 1762James Emery
EMERY3 Aug 1777John Emery
EMERY30 Nov 1749John Emeryan old man
EMERY31 Jan 1780Charity Emerya Young Woman
EMERY4 Feb 1760Sarah Emeryinfant
EMERY5 Apr 1824William Emerymarried manage 35
EMERY6 Mar 1797Barbara Emery
EMERY8 Jun 1758Joshua Emery
EMERY9 Nov 1761William son of John Emery
EMRY10 May 1722Annewife of John Emryjunior
EMRY15 Jun 1680Thomas Emry of Bishopstoke
EMRY16 May 1693Annewife of John Emry
EMRY18 Nov 1726Aanedaughter of John & Anne Emryjunior
EMRY18 Oct 1716Andrew Emry
EMRY19 Feb 1724Anne daughter of John & Mary Emrysenior
EMRY20 Feb 1711Abigail wife of Henry Emry
EMRY 28 Sep 1725 John son of John & Anne Emryjunior
EMRY20 Nov 1681Henryson of Henry Emry
EMRY20 Oct 1728Henry Emryan old man above four scoreliving in Botly Street
EMRY21 Oct 1729Jamesson of John & Anne Emryjunior
EMRY23 Jun 1722Annedaughter of John Emryjunior
EMRY3 Jan 1716Mablewife of John Emry
EMRY30 Jun 1756Elizabethwife of Jacob Emry
EMRY6 Feb 1713Anne wife of Andrew Emry at Mattoxford
EMRY6 Jun 1729Thamas Emry of ShamblehurstSouth Stoneham payment received of Joshua Emry
EVERETT12 May 1836Mary Anne daughter of Francie & Harriet Everettage 14
EVERETT20 Feb 1776Michael John Everettan infant
EVERITT11 Dec 1833Ellendaughter of Francis & Harriet Everittage 2
EVERITT20 Oct 1831Harriett daughter of Francis & Harriet Everittage 9
EVERITT30 Jun 1837Elizabeth daughter of Francie & Harriet Everittage 3
FAITHFUL15 Sep 1831Lucywife of Thomas Faithfulage 48
FAITHFUL16 Aug 1789Mary Faithfula pauper
FAITHFUL21 Jun 1803Lemuel Faithfulaged 51
FAITHFUL25 Dec 1789Hannah Faithfula pauper
FAITHFUL3 May 1747Argentinewife of Richard FaithfulClerk of the Parish
FAITHFUL31 Jul 1782Elizabeth Faithfulaged 1
FAITHFUL5 Jan 1750Ann Faithful
FAITHFUL6 Sep 1833John Faithfulmarried manage 72
FAITHFUL7 Mar 1781Johnson of John & Mary Faithfulinfant
FAITHFUL9 Nov 1817Ambrose Faithfulbachelorage 21
FAITHFULL1 May 1704Sarah daughter of Lemuel & Martha Faithfull
FAITHFULL11 Mar 1742Marthawife of Lemuel Faithfull
FAITHFULL12 Feb 1769Mary Faithfull
FAITHFULL12 Sep 1697Anthony Faithfull
FAITHFULL13 Feb 1743Old Lemuel Faithfull
FAITHFULL15 Oct 1778Edwardson of James & Ann Faithfull of Shitfiel
FAITHFULL17 Aug 1683Sarahdaughter of Anthony Faithfull
FAITHFULL17 Jul 1703Anthonyson of Lemuel & Martha Faithfull
FAITHFULL18 May 1736Lemuel FaithfullParish Clark
FAITHFULL2 Aug 1738Richardson of Richard Faithfullan infant
FAITHFULL2 Jan 1743Anthony Faithfull
FAITHFULL2 May 1770Elizabeth Faithfull
FAITHFULL21 May 1771Janewife of Richard FaithfulClerk of the Parish
FAITHFULL22 May 1715Jameeson of Lemuel & Martha Faithfull
FAITHFULL3 Dec 1752Elizabeth Faithfullinfant
FAITHFULL3 Feb 1751Peter Faithfullinfant
FAITHFULL6 Nov 1775Richard FaithfullClerke of this parish 40 years
FAITHFULL7 Apr 1710Richardson of Lemuel & Martha Faithfull
FAITHFULL7 Jan 1691Sarahwife of Anthony Faithfull
FAITHFULL8 Jul Maria Faithfull
FAITHFULL9 Apr 1767Elizabeth Faithfullinfant
FAITHFULL9 Jan 1779Anndaughter of James & Ann Faithfull of ShitfieldDroxford
FASSET21 Jul 1691The widow Fasset
FASSET29 Dec 1689James Fasset
FIELDER12 Oct 1772Robert Fielder
FIELDER14 Mar 1712William Fielder a very old man of Bourly green
FIELDER17 Jul 1761Eleanorwife of Mr.Robert Fielder
FIELDER19 Apr 1829Valentine Edwin son of Charles & Sally Fielderage 2 months
FIELDER2 Apr 1685Thomas Fielder
FIELDER20 Feb 1824Johnson of Charles & Sally Fielderage 1 month
FIELDER21 Jun 1735Elinordaughter of Robert & Elinor Fielder
FIELDER23 Sep 1683Jeanwife of William Fielder
FIELDER25 Jul 1705Elizabeth wife of William Fielder - a very old woman
FIELDER25 Nov 1747Dorcas Fielder aged 86 was carried to Titchfield and buried
FIELDER28 Feb 1709Elizabeth Fielder
FIELDER3 Apr 1831Mariad of Charles & Sally Fielderage 1 day
FIELDER4 Apr 1829Marydaughter of Charles & Sally Fielderage 13The three Fielders all died in the space of 6 days of violent scarlet fever
FIELDER7 Mar 1813Hannahwife of Charles Fielderdied in child bedage 32
FIELDER8 Nov 1755Marthawife of James Fielder
FIELDER9 Apr 1829Charles son of Charlee & Hannah Fielderage 19The three Fielders all died in the space of 6 days of violent scarlet fever
FIELDER9 Apr 1829Henry son of Charles & Sally Fielderage 2The three Fielders all died in the space of 6 days of violent scarlet fever
FISH20 Aug 1710Mary daughter of John & Mary Fish of Droxford parishnear Botly Church
FISHER23 Mar 1785William Fisheraged 22
FISHER27 Mar 1787Ann Fisherof Wickhamaged 69
FISHER29 Sep 1787Isaac Fisherhusband to the above Annaged 62 of Wickham
FITCHET12 Mar 1694Mary Fitchetwidow
FITCHET19 Dec 1680Elizabethdaughter of William Fitchet
FITCHET20 Mar 1694Joane Fitchet
FITCHET24 Dec 1680ELizabethdaughter of Widow Fitchet
FORDER24 Dec 1781Mary Fordera widowaged 80
FOWLER22 Dec 1679William Fowler
FOWLER7 Dec 1679Temperance Fowler
FOX29 Jan 1826Mary Anne daughter of John & Sarah Foxage 6 months
FRAKE20 Jul 1826John Frakemarried manage 65
FREEMANTLE10 Apr 1821Georgeeldest son of Nicholas & Mary Freemantleage 25
FREEMANTLE15 Sep 1820Julianadaughter of Nicholas & Mary Freemantleage 23
FREEMANTLE23 Sep 1824Miriamdaughter of Nicholas & Mary Freemantleage 21
FREEMANTLE26 Aug 1836Nicholas Freemantlemarried manage 72
FRENCH1 Feb 1781Georgeson of George& Elizabeth Frenchinfant
FRENCH13 Aug 1832Charlotte daughter of Richard & Charlotte Frenchage 3
FRENCH18 Sep 1732John Frenchmiller at Botly Mill
FRENCH5 Aug 1776George Frenchinfant
FRENCH6 Mar 1738The widow Frenchbrought from Titchfield
FROCKBROOK22 Oct 1837Juliawife of Jonatha Phosbrook or Frockbrookage 23
FROST15 Sep 1757Johnson of John & Elizabeth Frost
FROST23 Dec 1783John Frostaged 63
FROUDE16 May 1719Lucydaughter of Charles & Elizabeth Froude
FROWD4 Feb 1780Charles Frowd aged 69
FULLER19 Feb 1746Old William Fullerwho died in Hound Parish
FULLER23 Feb 1760John Fuller
FULLER23 Nov 1794Ann Fullerwidow
FULLER26 Nov 1782William Fuller of South Stoneham aged 30
FULLER26 Nov 1782Ann Fullerdaughter of William - infant
FULLER26 Oct 1752Anndaughter of John Fuller
FULLER27 Jun 1703Ann wife of William Fuller at Catherine Wheel
FULLER28 Sep 1726Ellinorwife of William Fuller in Church Lane
FULLER31 Nov 1782Jane Fullerwife of the above Williamaged 24
FULLER4 May 1760John Fullerinfant
FUTCHER12 Sep 1725John Futchersenior
FUTCHER24 Mar 1751John Futchera blind man
FUTCHER29 Dec 1740the widow Futcher

all registers transcribed by B. Chinchen June 1976