Botley, Hampshire parish registers
BURIAL registers 1679 to 1837 (Surnames G to L)

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surname date who died alsoalsoalsoalso
GALE30 Nov 1834Thomas son of Aaron & Mary Galeage 9
GAMBEL4 Jul 1777Edwardson of Edward Gambel
GAMBLE3 May 1782Mary Gambleaged 40
GARDEN28 Jan 1757Alexander Gardensugeon of a Man of Warwho died at the Buglein his way to Plymouth
GATER15 Mar 1832Catharine daughter of Robert & Cetharine GaterUplandsage 10 months
GIBBS10 Jul 1740The widow Gibbs
GIBBS14 Oct 1696Rhodawife of Edward Gibbs
GIBBS14 Oct 1696Edwardson of Edward Gibbs
GIBBS23 Jan 1740Edward Gibbs
GIBBS29 Mar 1733John Gibbs
GINGATE14 Jan 1716Thomas Kingate
GLASPOLE10 Nov 1777Gracewife of Charles Glaspole
GLASPOLE19 Apr 1779Charles Glaspole aged 84 years
GLASPOOL13 Dec 1788Richard Glaspoolpauper
GLASPOOLE11 May 1730William Glaspoole at Freeground
GLASSPOOL11 Nov 1786Richard Glasspoolpauper
GLASSPOOL28 Jan 1790Catharine Glasspool pauper
GODWIN31 Mar 1833Harriettwife of James Godwinage 34
GOEREE19 Jul 1741Marywife of William Goeree
GOREE25 Jul 1709Edwardson of Roger & Sarah Goree
GOREE26 Jun 1744Marydaughter of William & Mary Goree
GOREE28 Jun 1750Sarah Goreeinfant
GOREE4 Jul 1744Marywife of William Goree
GOREY- - 1783James Goreyaged 32
GOREY11 Aug 1797Robertson of William & Priscilla Gorey
GOREY12 Jan 1793John Gorey son of Elizabeth Gorey
GOREY14 Jul 1782William Gorey of South Stonehamaged 81
GOREY15 Sep 1797Williamson of James & Elizabeth Gorey
GOREY8 Sep 1794Henryillegitimate son of Elizabeth Gorey
GRACE2 Sep 1835Mary Annwife of Thomas Graceage 56
GRANT24 Feb 1689Alice Grantwidow
GREENHILL12 Nov 1833Martha Greenwoodwidow(Greenhill on cofiin)St.Mary Extraage 50
GREENWOOD12 Nov 1833Martha Greenwoodwidow(Greenhill on cofiin)St.Mary Extraage 50
GRIFFITH22 Sep 1829Thomas Griffith Lane son of John Elandford Lane & Jane Lane of Bartley House Elingage 15
GRIFFITH6 Aug 1795 Thomas Griffith Esq. From the Island of Barbados
GRIMSTEED17 Jan 1768Ephraim Grimsteed
GRIMSTEED19 Apr 1766Ephraim Grimsteedinfant
GRIMSTEED2 Nov 1769Hannah Grimsteedinfant
GRIMSTONE4 Jan 1759Ephraimson of Ephraim & Ann Grimstone
GRIMSTONE8 Jan 1782Rebekahdaughter of Hannah Grimstoneinfant
GROUT26 Jul 1798Christopher Grouta soldier
GURMAN12 Nov 1833Anndaughter of Robert & Elizabeth? Gurmanage 47
GURMAN12 Nov 1833Emilywife of John GurmanSouth Stonehamage 23
GURMAN12 Oct 1834Elizabethwife of Robert Gurmanage 72
GURMAN14 Apr 1833William Gurmanmarried manage 52
GURMAN18 Mar 1836Emilydaughter of John & Eliza Gurman South Stoneham age 8 months
GURMAN23 Apr 1837Sarahwife of Thomas GurmanSouth Stoneham age 23
HACK25 Dec 1824Mary Anne daughter of James & Mary Anne Hackage 13
HACKETT6 Jan 1763Edward Hackett
HALL25 Apr 1834Annawife of William HallSouth Bersteadage 35
HAMMERTON2 Feb 1821Janetwin daughter of Thomas & Marianne HammertonBishops Walthamage 5 months
HAMMOND2 May 1801Elizabethillegitimate daughter of Mary Hammond
HANBURY10 Jan 1715Mr William HanburyRector of Botly dyed in London 3 Jan 1714and was buried at Belfound about 12 ml. out of London and was succeeded by meJoseph Walton in the Rectory of Botlywho had been his curate upwards of fourteen years.
HARDING7 Mar 1802Mary Ann Harding infant
HARFIELD11 Jan 1764Widow Harfield
HARFIELD15 Apr 1808Francis Harfieldwidower of South Stoneham aged 85
HARFIELD29 Oct 1800Peterson of Francie & Elizabeth Harfield
HARFIELD4 Dec 1775Elizabeth Harfield
HARFIELD4 Jan 1801Elizabethwife of Francis Harfield
HARFIELD6 Sep 1822William HarfieldSouth Stonehamage 13he died in consequence of falling on a reap Hook which penetrated his palate and is supposed to have entered the brain. He was playing with the Hook and his foot slipped
HARMAN10 Dec 1679Catherine Harman
HARMON17 Apr 1708Grace Harmon
HARRINGTON1 Sep 1799Daniel Harringtona soldier
HARRIS29 Nov 1700John Harris
HARTFIELD2 Apr 1752Marywife of Peter Hartfield
HARTFIELD9 Feb 1752Betty Hartfieldinfant
HASLER22 Jan 1784Hannan Hasleraged 34
HASLER22 May 1782Mary Hasler of Shafford's Lakeaged 68
HASLOR11 Jul 1782Francis Haslor of Shafford's Lakeaged 80
HAYES2 Feb 1826Bettywife of ??? Hayesage 83
HAYES25 Mar 1832John Hayeswidowerage 92
HAYES28 Jun 1807John Hayes aged 24
HAYS18 Feb 1797Anndaughter of John & Elizabeth Hays
HECKLEY1 Apr 1821Charlotteillegitimate daughter of Charlotte Heckleyage 3 months
HECKLEY17 Dec 1774James Heckley of Droxford
HECKLEY18 Nov 1786Elizabeth Heckley of Titchfieldaged 29
HECKLEY23 Feb 1787Elizabeth Heckley of Titchfieldinfant
HELYER11 Dec 1800Elizabethdaughter of Thomas & Mary Helyer
HERSEY22 Oct 1717Johnson of John & Mary Hersey
HERSY28 May 1773John Hersy of WildernSouth Stoneham
HERSY29 Nov 1729Marywife of John Hersy of Wildern in South Stoneham
HEWIT17 Apr 1746Elizabethwife of John Hewit of Portsmouth
HICKLEY28 May 1767James son of James Hickley of FairthornBishops Waltham
HICKLEY30 May 1771Dorcasdaughter of James & Mary Hickley of Droxford
HICKMAN10 May 1767Mary Hickman
HICKMAN22 Jun 1705Stephen Hickman
HICKMAN24 Aug 1696Jane Hickman
HIGGENS24 Jun 1759William Higgen
HIGGENS27 May 1767Hannahwife of James Higgens
HIGGINS27 Aug 1837John Higginsmarried manage 35
HILLER12 May 1680Johna of Thomas Hiller
HILLER21 May 1683Thomasson of Thomas Hiller
HILLER4 Oct 1681Annewife of Thomas Hiller
HOBBS2 Oct 1728Annewife of John Hobbs miller
HOBBS7 Oct 1728Joannadaughter of John & Anne Hobbsinfant
HOCKLY20 Aug 1815Franceswife of William HocklylabourerSouth Stonehamage 76
HOLDAWAY13 Oct 1748Charles Holdaway
HOLMES18 Apr 1833Johnson of William & Sarah HolmesSouthamptonage 2
HOLMES19 Feb 1798Anndaughter of William & Ann Holmes
HOLMES4 Apr 1824Marydaughter of William & Anne Holmesage 22
HONEYMAN15 Jun 1802William Honeymaninfant
HONEYMAN25 Feb 1810James Honeyman of South Stonehama married managed 53
HONEYMAN29 Oct 1789Martha Honeymanan infant
HOOKER23 Jul 1736Sarah Hooker of Durley
HOOKER30 Jun 1714Mary Hooker of Durly Parish
HORN13 Oct 1754John Horn
HOUGHTON13 Mar 1834Williamson of Thomas & the late Judith Houghtonage 29
HOUGHTON14 Sep 1818Annd of Thomas & Anne Houghtonage 8 month
HOUGHTON17 Feb 1829Elizawife of James Houghton of Bishops Walthamage 24
HOUGHTON17 Jan 1828Mary Anneillegitimate daughter of Anne Houghtonage 3 months
HOUGHTON17 Nov 1828Judithwife of Thomas Houghtonfarmerage 57
HOUGHTON18 Jun 1824Johnson of Thomas & Judith Houghtonage 23
HOUGHTON21 Jun 1837Emmadaughter of widow Anne Houghtonage 6
HOUGHTON22 Apr 1829William Houghtonthe postmansingle manage 30
HOUGHTON25 Feb 1836Edward Houghtonmarried manage 27
HOUGHTON27 Jul 1832George s of Thomas & the late Judith Houghtonage 25
HOUGHTON9 Jun 1828Thomasson of Thomas Houghtonmarried manage 33
HOUSE1 Nov 1709George son of Thomas House of Curdrige
HOUSE28 Feb 1730Thomas Housesenior of Shidfieldpayment received of Thomas Househis son.
HOW22 May 1721Phillip How
HUGHES23 Dec 1692Joane Hughes
HUGHS12 Dec 1719Thomas Hughsa very old man
HUME26 Apr 1818Alexander Humeage 17
HUNT13 Jan 1723Marywife of James Hunt of Swanwick
HUNTON1 Aug 1758Old Widow Hunton
HUNTON1 Mar 1744Sarahdaughter of Abraham & Sarah Hunton
HUNTON10 Mar 1695Robert Hunton
HUNTON14 Feb 1743Robert Hunton
HUNTON14 Nov 1750Sarahwife of Abraham Hunton of Hamble
HUNTON20 Sep 1680Sarah Hunton
HUNTON27 Jan 1695Annewife of Robert Hunton
HUNTON28 Dec 1680Elizabethw of Andrew Hunton
HUNTON4 Jun 1736Abraham Hunton of Hambleinfant
HURST12 Jun 1743James Hurstwho was drown'd between Dock & Catland Hard
HURST15 Sep 1760Widow Hurst
HYDE14 Jan 1795Jamesson of William & Sarah Hyde
IREMONGER13 Mar 1751Joanna Iremongerinfant
IREMONGER16 Apr 1752David Iremongerinfant
IREMONGER23 Nov 1759Marywife of Farmer John Iremonger
IREMONGER6 Sep 1770John Iremonger of Upland
IRONMONGER29 Mar 1810Henryinfant son of John & Ann Ironmonger
IRONMONGER47 Sep 1812Thomas son of John & Ann Ironmonger aged 6 He was killed by a prong being thrown from a waggon while he was sleeping under some straw in a barn.
IRONMONGER5 Jan 1812Lydiainfant daughter of John & Ann Ironmonger
ISAAC1 Sep 1799Marthadaughter of James & Phoebe Isaac
ISAAC13 Mar 1803Jane Isaacsister of the aboveaged 16
ISAAC14 Oct 1803Charlotte Isaacaged 5
ISAAC16 May 1792Marywiie of William Isaac
ISAAC22 Feb 1803Elizabeth Isaacaged 12
ISAAC22 May 1779Jamesson of James & Phebe Isaac
ISAAC30 Jan 1803William Isaacaged 82
ISAAC6 Oct 1803Phoebe Isaacaged 48
ISAACS20 Jan 1818James Isaacsage 67
JENKINS19 Apr 1749Richard Jenkins
JENKINS22 May 1735widow Jenkins
JENKINS22 Sep 1727Marywife of John Jenkins in Botly Street
JENKINS23 Nov 1727Thomas Jenkins
JENKINS29 Mar 1744Catharinewife of William Jenkins
JENKINS4 Jan 1743Mary Jenkins
JENKINS6 Jan 1709Sarahdaughter of John & Mary Jenkins
JENKINS7 Dec 1756John Jenkins
JERD23 Oct 1827Harriett Jerdmarried womanage 48
JIGGENS31 May 1780James Higgensaged 84 years
JINKENS19 May 1747Sarah Jinkens
JONES22 Mar 1785Grace Jonesaged 30
JONES39 Jul 1792William Jones
JONES5 Jan 1763Thomas son of William Jones
JONES8 Mar 1796Thomas Jones
KASIAR15 Dec 1714Ellinor wife of Francis Kasiarsenior
KEISURE4 Apr 1723Elizabeth Keisure
KEMPELOW19 Dec 1809Richard Kempelowwidower aged 86
KINCH23 Apr 1776William Kinch
KINCH7 May 1782Sarah Kinchaged 88
KING1 Feb 1723Edward Kingshoemakerliving in Botly Street
KING11 Jun 1836Francis Kingwidowerage 41
KING13 Mar 1831Elizadaughter of William & Elizabeth Kingage 2
KING14 Oct 1782Thomas Kingaged 67
KING15 Apr 1698Edward King
KING15 Jun 1709Mary wife of Edward King
KING16 Apr 1821Marianne daughter of William & Elizabeth Kingage 10
KING16 Aug 1726Elizabethdaughter of Edward & Mary King
KING16 Jun 1836Janedaughter of William & Elizabeth King?age 13
KING16 May 1813Marydaughter of Joseph Kingwidowerage 22
KING18 Dec 1763Mary Kingan ancient wido
KING19 Dec 1719Marydaughter of Edward & Mary King of Hamble
KING19 Mar 1810Elizabeth daughter of William & Elizabeth Kinginfant
KING2 Oct 1776Sarah Kinginfant
KING20 Oct 1736Edward King
KING20 Sep 1821Annedaughter of Joseph Kingwidowerage 17
KING21 Jul 1718Hannahdaughter of Edward & Mary King
KING21 Oct 1782Edward Kingaged 34
KING23 Aug 1729Edwardson of Edward & Mary King shoemaker
KING25 Aug 1821Edward son of Thomas & Charity Kingage 4 months
KING25 Oct 1782Sarahwife of the above Edward King aged 31
KING29 Dec 1775Mary Kingan old widowaged 82
KING29 Dec 1808Janewife of Joseph Kingaged 49
KING29 May 1810Hannahdaughter of Joseph & Hannah Kingaged 25
KING3 Jan 1826Thomas Kingmarried manSouth Stonehamage 45
KING30 Jan 1833James Kingsingle manage 71
KING30 Mar 1706Janedaughter of Edward & Mary King
KING31 Oct 1813Janed of William & Elizabeth KingSouth Stonehamage 9 months
KING3O Mar 1787Mary Kingwidowpauper aged 66
KING4 Dec 1696John King a strangerfrom Thomas Wassell's
KING4 Sep 1832Anned of William & Elizabeth Kingage 9
KING5 Jul 1747Edward Kinginfant
KING7 Sep 1710Mary Kinga very old widow
KING9 Mar 1785John Kingaged 31
KINGATE14 Apr 1740Elizabethdaughter of Thomas Kingate
KINGATE25 Nov 1766Thomae Kingate
KINGE22 Dec 1679Richard KingeParish Clerke
KINGETT13 Aug 1795Janedaughter of John & Jane Kingett
KINGETT14 Aug 1769James Kingett
KINGETT15 Nov 1714Joannadaughter of Thomas & Joanna Kingett
KINGETT6 May 1798John Kingett
KINGGATE10 Sep 1819Marydaughter of widow Kinggateage 45
KINGGATE12 Apr 1824Jane Kinggateage 81
KINGGATE29 Jul 1819James Kinggatebutcherage 37
KINGGETT17 Dec 1794Elizabeth Kinggettwidowaged 83
KINGSMAN18 Jan Sarahdaughter of Thomas & Mary KingsmanRector
KINGSMAN25 Jun 1785Mary KingsmanRelict of the late Revd. Thomas Kingsman Rector & Botleyaged 59
KINGSMAN3 Dec 1747Elizabethwife of the Revd Mr Thomas Kingsmancurate of this place was buried in St.John's Churchyard at Soutamptonshe died here 30 Nov
KINGSMAN30 Dec 1779The Revd. Thomas KingsmanRector of this Parish
KNIGHT28 Jul 1709John Knightan old man
KNIGHT5 Oct 1782Thomas Knight
LACEY21 Nov 1744Widow Lacey
LACY29 Jan 1718Rebeccawife of William Lacy
LAMB8 Apr 1682Bridgetwife of William Lamb
LAMBE31 Aug 1698William Lambe
LANE11 Oct 1769Sarah Laneinfant
LANE12 Apr 1807John Lanea married man aged 66 labourer
LANE17 Feb 1680Richard Lane
LANE19 Nov 1788Sarah Lanepauper
LANE23 Nov 1828Sarahdaughter of Joseph & Mary Laneage 15
LANE23 Sep 1800Johnson of John & Sarah Lane
LANE25 Jan 1832Widow LaneSouth Stonehamage 86
LANE29 Aug 1731Richard Lane
LANE3 Feb 1710Jeremiah son of Richard & Elizabeth Lane
LANE30 Feb 1766Betty Laneinfant
LANGRAGE29 Jun 1766Francisson of Francie Langrage
LAURENCE26 Mar 1764Arthurtwin son of Joseph Laurenceinfant
LAURENCE26 Mar 1764Marytwin daughter of Joseph Laurenceinfant
LEABORN24 Oct 1782Mary Leabornaged 82
LEACH4 Sep 1832Marywife of William Leachage 65
LEBBORN1 Sep 1831Henry son of John & Anne LebbornSouth Stonehamage 5 and a half
LEBBURN14 Dec 1724Jamesson at James & Mary Lebburn at Hedge end
LEBBURN15 Apr 1810Sarahdaughter of Jacob & Sarah Lebburn aged 20
LEBBURN19 May 1737Marydaughter of James & Mary Lebburn
LEBBURN25 Nov 1768John Lebburninfant
LEBBURN27 Jan 1735Johnson of James Lebburninfant
LEBBURN31 Jul 1831Sarah Lebburnwidowage 84
LEBBURNE7 Feb 1821Jacob Lebburnemarried manage 73
LEBORNE30 Apr 1834Isaac Lebornesingle manage 42
LEBURN18 May 1751James Leburn (father of Jacob Leburn baptised the same day.)
LEE13 Jan 1833Stephen Leemarried manage 35
LEE6 Jul 1832John son of Stephen & Elizabeth Leeage 1
LEYBOURN10 May 1792Dinahwife of Jacob Leybourn pauper
LEYBOURN8 Apr 1793Johnson of Jacob & Dinah Leybourn pauper
LINES24 May 1834Rachelwife of George Linesage 37
LITTLEFIELD29 May 1770Ann Littlefieldan infant
LOT28 Jan 1818John Lotbachelor age 44a post lad at the Dolphinfound dead in his bed
LOVELEDGE10 Dec 1720Mathew Loveledge
LUCAS5 Apr 1818Sarahwife of William Lucasage about 80
LUNN10 Mar 1744John Lunninfant
LUNN11 Jun 1701Janedaughter of Henry & Mary Lunn
LUNN11 Nov 1748Marywife of John Lunn senior
LUNN12 Jan 1757Janedaughter of William & Mary Lunn
LUNN13 Dec 1762Joseph son of William & Mary Lunn
LUNN15 Jan 1755Johnson of John Lunn Junior
LUNN15 Jun 1764Thomasson of Thomas & Sarah Lunn of Sazeberry in theparish of Titchfield
LUNN16 Mar 1738Thomasson of William Lunninfant
LUNN16 Nov 1833Anndaughter of John & Mary Lunnage 5
LUNN17 Jul 1772Rebeccah daughter of William & Mary Lunn of Upham
LUNN18 Feb 1763Marywife of William Lunn
LUNN18 Oct 1771Henry Lunnaged 99
LUNN2 Mar 1800Elizabethwife of William Lunn
LUNN2 May 1778Martha Lunn
LUNN2 Nov 1768Henry Lunnjunior
LUNN20 Jan 1769Francesbastard daughter of Elizabeth Lunn
LUNN21 Jun 1758William Lunnshoemaker
LUNN21 Jun 1770Betsey Lunnbastard daughter of Elizabeth Webb
LUNN23 Nov 1773John Lunn
LUNN25 Oct 1714Francis Lunn
LUNN26 Feb 1740Elizabethwife of Henery Lunn senior had the new burying cloth
LUNN27 Jun 1728Mary Lunn a very old widow
LUNN28 Jul 1774Margaret Lunn
LUNN29 Dec 1776Lydiadaughter of Sarah Lunn of Southampton
LUNN3 Nov 1748Jane Lunn
LUNN3 Oct 1832Thomas Lunnwidowerage 66
LUNN30 Nov 1714Anne Lunn
LUNN31 Jan 1763Annwife of John Lunn Junior
LUNN4 Apr 1745Marywife of John LunnJunior
LUNN4 Dec 1824Susan Anne daughter of John & Mary Lunnage 6 months burnt by her clothes being on fire
LUNN4 Nov 1714Henry Lunnsenior
LUNN5 May 1773Robertson of William Lunn of Presshier in the parish of Upham
LUNN6 Feb 1768John Lunn
LYNDSEY8 Jul 1708Edward Lyndsey a travellour

all registers transcribed by B. Chinchen June 1976