Botley, Hampshire parish registers
BURIAL registers 1679 to 1837 (Surnames M to S)

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surname date who died alsoalsoalsoalso
MABEY15 Aug 1773Elizabeth Mabey
MAJOR15 Aug 1819Johnson of James & Hannah Majorage 15
MAJOR9 Nov 1796Thomasson of John & Mary Major
MANSBRIDGE12 Sep 1794Wiliiamson of William & Martha Mansbridge
MANSBRIDGE23 Jul 1776Marywife of William Mansbridge
MANSBRIDGE29 May 1792Marthawife of William Mansbridge
MANSBRIDGE3 Sep 1776Williazn Mansbridgeinfant
MANSBRIDGE31 Jan 1790Joseph Mansbridge
MARCHANT13 Apr 1834William Marchantmarried manSouth Stonehamage 76
MARCHANT27 Sep 1812Ann daughter of William & Sarah Marchant aged 5 she died of the croup
MARCHANT3 Dec 1835Elizabeth daughter of Isaac & Sarah Marchantage 12
MARCHANT31 Aug 1803Henry infant son of William & Sarah Marchant
MARCHANT9 Dec 1835Samuel son of Isaac & Sarah Marchantage 5
MARKES16 Feb 1696Marywife of James Markes
MARKES26 Aug 1680James Markes of Droxford
MARKS16 May 1719Mary Marks of Fairthorne in Waltham parish
MARKS19 Aug 1704Mr James Marks of Droxford
MARKS19 Sep 1733James Marks of Lee groundTitchfield
MARKS21 Dec 1729James son of James Marks of Lee groundTitchfield
MARKS4 Jun 1705Mrs Mary Marks of Droxfordwidow
MARTIN12 Apr 1795William Martin
MARTIN22 Nov 1766Elizabethdaughter of William & Elizabeth Martin
MARTIN26 Jun 1812Elizabeth Martina widowaged 83
MARTIN6 Aug 1783William Martinaged 13
MARTIN8 Oct 1760Mary Martininfant
MASON4 Apr 1771Joseph Mason
MASON6 May 1767Janedaughter of Joseph & Mary Mason
MATTHEWS31 Aug 1707Richardson of Richard & Ann Matthews of Heathouse
MEACHER22 Oct 1837Janewife of Thomas Meacherage 75
MEACHER27 Feb 1832Mary Meacherwidowage 88
MERRATT9 Apr 1798Keziadaughter of John & Amey Merratt
MERRETT21 May 1836Emmawife of John MerrittSouth Stonehamage 54
MERRITT29 Apr 1826Elizabeth daughter of John & Emma MerrittSouth Stonehamage 23
MERRITT4 Apr 1824Johnson of John & Emma MerrittSouth Stonehamage 28
MILLET15 Jan 1708Elizabethdaughter of John & Joanna Millet
MILLS14 Dec 1823Elizabeth daughter of William & Sarah Millsage 20
MILLS17 May 1836William Millsmarried manage 66
MILLS28 Dec 1828Edwardillegitimate son of Mary Millsage 9 months
MILLS31 Aug 1828Marydaughter of William & Sarah Millsage 20
MILLS8 Dec 1831Sarah Millswidowage 55
MISSLEBROOK16 Jan 1765Stephen Misslebrookean infant
MISSLEBROOKE9 Mar 1759Sarahwife of Thomas Misslebrooke
MOLRON15 Feb 1776Elizabeth Moltonaged 89
MOLTEN11 Jul 1707Johnson of William & Ann Molten
MOLTEN12 Feb 1707Richard Moltensenior of Holmeland in this parish a loaded waggon running over his legs and breaking one to pieces and bruising the other very muchdyed in a week after and was buryed.
MOLTEN16 Jan 1730Williamson of John & Elizabeth Molten of Pudbrook
MOLTEN16 Oct 1680Elizabeth Molten
MOLTEN17 Jun 1717Mary Moltena single person
MOLTEN18 Apr 1694Richard Moltena child
MOLTEN2 Dec 1720Richard Moltenjunior of Holmsland
MOLTEN20 Jul 1709William Molten of Botly House
MOLTEN23 Sep 1730Jamesson of William & Ann Molten at Mattoxford
MOLTEN25 Aug 1714Mary Moltenwidow of Holmsland
MOLTEN26 Aug 1725Richard Molten of Pudbrook near fourscore
MOLTEN31 Mar 1706Esther daughter of Richard & Mary Molten of Pudbrook
MOLTEN7 Dec 1725Ann Molten of Botly housea very aid widow
MOLTON16 Apr 1748John Moltonsenior of Litchfield's Hole
MOLTON20 Dec 1732Mary Moltenthe relict of Richard Molton at Pudbrook a very old widow
MONDAY25 Aug 1817Marianne daughter of Edward & Rebecca Monday4 days
MONDAY48 May 1828Anndaughter of Richard & Anne Mondayage 6 months
MOODEY16 Mar 1780Sarahdaughter of Thomas & Sarah Moodey
MOODEY27 Jul 1780Thomasson of Thomas & Sarah Moodey infant
MOODY12 Jul 1691Johnson of John Moody
MOODY13 Jan 1794Alicewife of Charles Moody
MOODY18 Dec 1716John Moody
MOODY23 Jul 1798Marydaughter of Thomas & Ann Moody
MOODY24 Jan 1821Charles son of John & Martha MoodySouth Stoneham age 2yr 4m.
MOODY3 Aug 1823Marthawife of John Moodyone coffin with son Henryage 27
MOODY3 Aug 1823Henryinfant son of John Moody of South Stonehamone coffin with mother Marth
MOODY4 Sep 1703Janedaughter of John & Mary Moody
MOODY5 May 1794Thomasson of Thomas Moody
MOODY6 Feb 1826Thomas Moodywidowerage 81
MOODY7 Aug 1816Sarahwife of Thomas Moodyage 56
MOODY9 Jan 1730Mary Moodyan old widownear fourscore
MORTON9 Oct 1787John Morton infant son of John & Catherine Pay
MOULTON30 Aug 1688John Moulton
MOULTON30 Jun 1759John Moultoninfant
MOULTON7 Apr 1697Mary Moultonwidow
MUNDAY13 Oct 1738Edward Mundayof Droxford
MUNDAY15 Jan 1763Sarah daughter of Sarah Munday
MUNDAY21 Feb 1708Jane Mundaywidow an old woman
MUNDAY23 Sep 1821Edwardson of Edward & Rebecca Mundayage 5 weeks
MUNDAY23 Sep 1821Hannahdaughter of Edward & Rebecca Mundayage 5 weeks
MUNDAY25 Aug 1706Janedaughter of Edward & Anne Munday
MUNDAY25 Jan 1722Marydaughter of Edward & Anne Mundy at Horsepool
MUNDAY28 Apr 1688Thomas Munday of Droxford
MUNDAY7 Aug 1729Thomasson of Edward & Martha Mundayjunior
MUNDAY9 Jan 1690Thomas Munday
MUNDEN8 Aug 1819William son of John & Mary Mundenage 6
MUNDEY31 Mar 1794Juliana Mundeyaged 89
MUNDEY4 Apr 1790Thomas Mundeyaged 84
MUNDY10 Feb 1725Annewife of Edward Mundy at Horsepool
MUSTON1 Sep 1836Loveywife of John MustonBishops Walthamage 48
MUSTON28 Nov 1831Sarah MustonwidowBishops Walthamage 74
MUSTON7 Sep 1832Betsy daughter of John MustonwidowerBishops Walthamage 19
NEWMAN1 Dec 1680Annedaughter of Edward Newman
NEWMAN1 Sep 1777James Newmaninfant
NEWMAN10 Jan 1833George son of Hugh & Jane Newmanage 9
NEWMAN10 Oct 1780Hannah Newmanaged 38
NEWMAN11 Apr 1758Peter Newman
NEWMAN11 Jan 1731Sarahdaughter of John Newman at Bourly Green
NEWMAN12 Apr 1835Johnson of James & Betty Newmanage 6
NEWMAN12 Dec 1754James Newmaninfant
NEWMAN13 Jan 1754Marydaughter of Jacob Newman
NEWMAN13 Oct 1773 Frances Newma
NEWMAN13 Sep 1783Ann Newmanaged 16
NEWMAN14 Apr 1818Ann Newmanwidowage 55
NEWMAN14 Jun 1731Marywife of Jethro Newman
NEWMAN15 Mar 1709Anne Newman
NEWMAN16 Jul 1725Peter Newman (whose son was baptised the same day)
NEWMAN16 May 1751Annwife of Peter Newman
NEWMAN17 Jan 1725Sarahwife of John Newman at Bourly Green
NEWMAN17 Jan 1828Sarah Jane daughter of Hugh & Jane Newmanage 3 months
NEWMAN17 Jan 1836Henry William son of James & Betsy NewmanSouth Stoneham age 16 months
NEWMAN17 May 1736Edward Newmanan infant
NEWMAN18 Nov 1813John Newmanage 64
NEWMAN20 Feb 1748Jethro Newmaninfant
NEWMAN20 Jan 1775Marywife of Jacob Newman
NEWMAN20 Nov 1762Stephen Newmanof Heath house
NEWMAN21 Jan 1818James Newmanbachelorage 77
NEWMAN22 Jan 1767Ann Newman (daughter Ann baptised the same day)
NEWMAN24 Jan 1730William Newman
NEWMAN24 Mar 1748Jethro Newma
NEWMAN25 Apr 1768Ann Newmanan old widow
NEWMAN26 Apr 1768James Newman of Jackscroft
NEWMAN29 May 1747Jacob Newmanan infant
NEWMAN3 Feb 1689John Newman
NEWMAN3 Mar 1721Edward Newmansometime Parish Clark
NEWMAN5 May 1754Mary Newmaninfant
NEWMAN7 Dec 1800Jacob Newmanaged 82
NEWMAN7 Oct 1833Janewife of Hugh Newmanage 39
NEWMAN8 Apr 1766John Newmanan old man
NEWMAN8 May 1833Charlotte daughter of Hugh & Jane Newmanage 4and a half
NORRIS19 Mar 1837William Norrisbachelorage 31
NORRIS20 Jan 1801Elizabethwife of John Norris
NORRIS7 Dec 1810Anndaughter of Thomas & Mary Norrisaged 1
OAKLEY6 Aug 1794Samuel Oakley
OTHAN10 Oct 1821Josephson of John & Hannah OthanBurnt to death age 2 and three quarters
OTHAN11 May 1807Sarahwife of Thomas Othan aged 50
OTHAN11 Nov 1804Elizabethwife of William Othan senior
OTHAN16 Jul 1821Eleanor daughter of Joseph & Sarah Othanclerkage 5 months
OTHAN19 Dec 1831Francte Othanwidowerage 83
OTHAN20 May 1829William Othanwidowerage 93
OTHAN21 Dec 1823John Othanmarried manHe died suddenly when from home at the Isle of Wightage 60
OTHAN21 Sep 1810Ursulawife of William Othan aged 30
OTHAN22 Apr 1832Isaac son of Isaac & Rebecca Othanage 4 months
OTHAN24 Mar 1822Sarah Othanspinsterage 68
OTHAN26 Mar 1837James son of Thomas & Barbara Othanscalded to death by drinking boiling water out of the tea kettleage 3
OTHAN28 Jan 1816Marywife of Thomas Othanage 61
OTHAN29 Jul 1817Maryof Thomas Othanage 59
OTHAN7 Nov 1833Josephson of Joseph & Sarah Othanage 16
OTHAN9 Apr 1810Joseph Masoninfant son of Joseph Mason & Sarah Othan
OTHEN1 Jun 1715Annewife of Thomas Othen
OTHEN11 Jun 1713Jean wife of Thomas Othen
OTHEN12 Sep 1771Sarahwife of Skelton Othen
OTHEN13 Apr 1730Anndaughter of Owen & Ann Othen
OTHEN15 Oct 1794Johnillegitimate son of Sarah Othen
OTHEN19 Apr 1764Owen Othen
OTHEN19 Oct 1799Elizabethwife of John Othen
OTHEN2 Oct 1773Susanna Othen
OTHEN21 Dec 1798Thomasson of John & Elizabeth Othen
OTHEN22 May 1710Williamson of Gowen & Susanna Othen
OTHEN23 Mar 1766Thomas Othen
OTHEN28 Aug 1687Elizabeth Othen
OTHEN28 Jan 1810Celiawiie of Francis Othen aged 75
OTHEN28 Jan 1837Caroline Anne daughter of Thomas & Barbara Othenage 6 months
OTHEN29 Jul 1713Elizabeth Othenwidow
OTHEN29 May 1763Widow Othen
OTHEN5 May 1773Jane Othen
OTHEN6 Jul 1730Susannadaughter of Owen & Anne Othen
OTHEN7 Mar 1724Susannawife of Gowen Othen
OTHING14 Dec 1743John Othing
OTHING15 Sep 1746Thomas Othingan old man
OTHING16 Oct 1752Annwife of Owen Othing
OTHING21 Dec 1743John Othing's widow (see above 14 Dec 1743)
OTHING26 Dec 1753Elizabeth Othinginfan
OTHING5 Dec 1762Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Othing
OUGHTON14 Jan 1798Mary Oughtonwidow
OUGHTON17 Sep 1782Elizabeth Oughtonaged 79
OUGHTON21 May 1797George Oughton
OUGHTON25 Mar 1832William Oughtonage 69
OUGHTON25 Nov 1783Daniel Oughtonpauper aged 72
OUGHTON27 Apr 1808Elizabeth Oughtonsingle womanaged 53
OUGHTON29 Dec 1824Daniel Oughtonmarried manage 70
OUGHTON29 May 1816Marywife of Adam OughtonSouthamptonage 44
OUGHTON30 Mar 1786Mary Oughtoninfant
OUTEN1 Mar 1738The widow Outen
OUTEN14 Mar 1682Robertson of Dantel Outon
OUTEN15 Jul 1683Johnson of Daniel Outon
OUTEN18 Mar 1682Hesterwife of Daniel Outon
OUTEN18 Mar 1682Ellendaughter of Daniel OUton
OUTEN20 Nov 1685George Outon
OUTEN27 Aug 1688Anne Outenwidow
OUTEN30 Jan 1682Annedaughter of George & Anne Outen
OUTEN31 Jul 1687Joane Outonwidow
OUTEN6 Aug 1687Daniel Outen
OUTON15 Apr 1701Anndaughter of Argentine Outon
OUTON20 Feb 1733Alice Outonan old widow
OUTON20 Mar 1709Argentine Outonwidow
OUTON22 Jun 1725Richard Outon
OUTON25 Aug 1697John Outon
OUTTON3 Jan 1772Daniel Outton
OWTEN29 Sep 1745Sarah Owteninfant
PAGE28 Nov 1722Marydaughter of Robert & Elizabeth Page
PAGE6 Dec 1734Joseph Pag
PAGE6 Oct 1750Elizabethwife of Robert Page
PALMER15 Jan 1688Jane Palmerwidow
PALMER23 May 1723Stephen Palmer at Bourley green
PALMER23 Oct 1742Stephen Palmer
PALMER9 May 1687Jane Palmer
PARGENT18 Nov 1821Priscilla daughter of Daniel & Ursula Pargentage 2
PARGENT19 Oct 1833Alfredillegitimate son of Ursula Pargentage 8
PARGENT22 Apr 1822Williamson of Daniel & Priscilla Pargentage 4 months
PARKER1 Jan 1724Thomas Parkerseniormason
PARKER10 Jan 1725Edward Parker a taylora very old manfour score and eight
PARKER15 Nov 1693Thomas Parker
PARKER15 Oct 1726Anne Parkera very old widow the Relict of Thomas Parker
PARKER24 Mar 1720Williamson of Thomas Parkermason
PARKER26 Sep 1735Elizabeth Parker
PARKER29 Nov 1683Sarahwife of Thomas Parker senior
PARKER4 Jan Marywife of Edward Parkertaylor in Botly Street
PARRY23 Aug 1761Thomas Parry
PARRY24 Sep 1729Janedaughter of Thamas & Mary Parry at the Catherine Wheel
PARRY6 Jan 1728Hannahdaughter of Thomas & Mary Parry
PAY1 Mar 1764Henryson of George Pay of Hill-poundDroxford
PAY10 Feb 1754Thomasson of George & Jane Pay
PAY11 Feb 1770George Payinfant
PAY13 Feb 1778Pattydaughter of William & Eleanor Pay of Itching
PAY13 Nov 1715Aanewife of George Pay
PAY14 Apr 1770Jane Payinfant
PAY14 Jun 1783Thomas Payinfant
PAY15 Nov 1706Thomasson of George & Anne Pay
PAY16 Apr 1772Anndaughter of William & Eleanor Pay of Itchen in the parish of St.Mary Southampton
PAY18 Sep 1813William Paymarried manHolmslandnot cold when buriedage 27
PAY21 Aug 1705George son of George & Anne Pay
PAY21 Mar 1763George son of George & Lucey Pay of Hill pound Droxfordthe grandfather paid for breaking the ground
PAY23 Jan 1709Susannadaughter of George & Anne Pay
PAY27 Nov 1808George Paywidower of Upham aged 74
PAY29 Apr 1776Jamesson of William & Eleanor Pay
PAY3 Sep 1751Anndaughter of George & Jane Pay of Steeple Court
PAY30 May 1752George Paythe elder
PAY6 Sep 1773James son of William & Eleanor Pay of Itching
PAY9 Aug 1741James Payinfant
PAYE10 May 1792Janewidow of George Paye
PAYE11 Oct 1778William Paye of Itching
PAYE11 Sep 1779William s of John & Elizabeth Payeshot by a soldier in Dock coppice
PAYE14 Mar 1791Elizabeth Paye of Snakemoor
PAYE15 Jun 1802John Payeaged 13
PAYE17 Jan 1790Catharine Paye
PAYE17 Mar 1794Elizabeth Payewidow
PAYE21 Jun 1818John PayewidowerHe was found dead on the floor of his kitchen and supposed to have been dead nearly two days and to have fallen down in a fit.
PAYE26 Jan 1800Judawife of George Pay
PAYE2O Dec 1788John Payeaged 67
PAYE6 Oct 1783George Payeaged 74
PAYE8 Apr 1795James Paye
PEARCEY11 Feb 1742Johnathan Pearcyinfant
PEARCEY14 Mar 1742widow Pearcey
PEARCY22 Mar 1741William Pearcy
PEARMAIN16 Jul 1771John Pearmain
PEARMAIN18 Dec 1783John Pearmainaged 70
PEARMAIN19 Sep 1756Sarah Pearmaininfant
PEARMAIN6 Sep 1797Ann Pearmainaged 82
PEIRCE16 May 1742William Peirce
PEIRCEY26 Mar 1742Elizabeth Peirceyinfant
PENFORD1 Feb 1730Marydaughter of William & Dorothy Penford at Mattoxford
PENFORD12 Apr 1743Widow Penford
PENFORD19 Jul 1722Isaac son of Mary Penfordwidowat Mattoxford Farme
PENFORD22 Aug 1682A still-born child of Stephen & Elizabeth Penford
PENFORD7 Dec 1714Isaac Penford of Mattoxford
PENFORD8 Sep 1708Janedaughter of Isaac & Mary Penford
PEPPERING6 Jan 1694Mary Peppering
PHENIX5 Mar 1824John Phenix of 75th Regt.a deserter who was taken in on his wayage 21
PHILIPPS19 Nov 1837Elizabeth Philippswidowage 92
PHILIPS12 Feb 1760Jane Philips
PHILIPS12 Feb 1773Elizabethwife of John Philips
PHILIPS14 Sep 1783John Philipsaged 11
PHILIPS21 May 1778Sarahdaughter of John & Elizabeth Philips
PHILIPS27 Jan 1802John Philipsaged 63
PHILIPS6 Sep 1769John Philipsinfant
PHOSBROOK22 Oct 1837Juliawife of Jonatha Phosbrook or Frockbrookage 23
PIERCE24 Apr 1736John Piercean infant
PIERCE9 May 1733Janedaughter of William & Mary Pierce
PINK15 Dec 1814Charlotte daughter of Reuben & Elizabeth Pinkage 3 months
PINK31 May 1714Elizabeth wife of Robert Pink of Ridge in Titchfieid Parish
PINK4 Mar 1832Anna Maria daughter of William & Anna Maria Pinkage 8 weeks
PINKE10 Jun 1725Robert Pinke of Tichfield
PINKE16 Nov 1682Catherine Pinke
PITTERS5 Oct 1806Richard Pittersa Bachelor died at the Bugle Inn aged 54
POPE2 Apr 1682Peter Pope
POTTER1 Jan 1680John Potter
POWELL17 Jun 1797Thomasson of Thomas & Ann Powell
POWELL2 Aug 1796Maryinfant daughter of Thomas & Ann Powell
PRATT16 Dec 1827Nicholae Prattmarried manage 55
PRIMMER3 Aug 1786Ann Primmeraged 6
PRINCE1 Feb 1815Eliza daughter of Andrew & Mary Princeage 5 months
PRINCE13 Dec 1715William Prince
PRIOR14 Sep 1740Georgeson of Thomas & Mary Prior
PRIOR18 Feb 1771Mary Prior of Hureley
PRIOR23 Sep 1740Thomas Priorinfant
PURCHAS3 May 1683Elizabeth Purchas a child
PURCHASS30 Oct 1715William Purchass
PURCHASSE22 Apr 1716James Purchasse
PURKIS18 Jun 1722Mary Purkisan old widow
RATTY22 Sep 1798Williamson of Sarah Ratty
RAWLINS1 Dec 1711Edward Rawlins
RAWLINS16 Jan 1687Edwardson of Edward Rawlins
RAWLINS24 Jul 1687Edwardson of Thomas Rawlins
RAWLINS29 May 1683Williamson at Thomas Rawlins
RAWLINS29 Nov 1688Joane Rawlins
RAWLINS3 Aug 1687Thomas Rawlins
RAWLINS5 Jun 1699Edwardson of Edward Rawlins
RAWLINS5 Mar 1693Thomas Rawlins
RAWLINS9 Jul 1703Elizabeth Rawlinswidow
READ28 Apr 1706Sarahdaughter of Edward & Ann Read
RICHARDS12 Nov 1782Mary Richardsaged 58
RICHARDS14 Feb 1767Mrs Caroline Richardsan ancient Gentlewoman who boarded at Mr Robert Cawte'sBlacksmith in Botley Street
RICHARDS19 Dec 1769Sarahdaughter of William Richards
RICHARDS2 May 1773William Richards
RICHARDS4 Apr 1754William Richardsinfant
RICHARDS5 Nov 1782Jenny Richardsaged 22
RIGERS10 Nov 1679Robert Rogers
ROBINSON11 Jun 1820Robert Robinsonmarried manage 70
ROBINSON12 Mar 1829Rachel RobinsonwidowItchen FerrySt.Mary Extraage75
ROBINSON8 Jan 1728Mary Robinsona travelling woman
ROSEBLADE10 Aug 1690Georgeson of George Roseblade
ROYALL22 May 1831Elizabethwife of Charles Royalllate WiltshireSouthampton died at Botleyage 48
RYEBREAD21 May 1749Ann Ryebread
RYEBREAD28 Sep 1709Sarah Ryebread
RYEBREAD5 Jun 1723Edward Ryebread at Hitches?
RYEBREAD7 Jun 1745The widow Ryebread
SAINTHILL16 Nov 1762The Revd. Mr Peter Sainthill of Southampton
SAMPSON7 Sep 1687Onias Sampson
SAVOY13 Aug 1751Robert Savoyinfant
SAVOY2 Jan 1803Elizabeth Savoyaged 89
SAVOY27 Jan 1782John Savoyof Droxfordaged 63
SAVOY6 Jul 1773Sepradaughter of John Savoy
SAVOY7 Sep 1776Williamson of John Savoy
SAWYER14 Dec 1834Anna Sawyerwidowage 81
SEARGENT1 Mar 1810Jane daughter of Henry & Sarah Seargeant aged 18 months of Portsmouth
SEARGENT18 Apr 1808Joseph son of Henry & Sarah Seargent of Portsmouth aged 1-???
SEARL11 Dec 1737Martha Searl
SEARL13 Feb 1742Samuel Searlinfant
SEARL19 Jul 1740Thomasson of Thomas & Mary Searl
SEARL21 Apr 1735Thomasson of Thomas Searl
SEARLE12 Nov 1783Mary Searle aged 80
SEARLE23 Jan 1807Lydia Searlewidow aged 71
SEARLE28 Jun 1804Thomas Searle a married man aged 72
SELLWOOD7 Feb 1779Elizabethdaughter of William & Ann Sellwood of Wellow
SERGEANT14 Mar 1804Johninfant son & Henry & Sarah Sergeant
SERLE11 Nov 1714Marydaughter of Richard & Martha Serle
SERLE15 Jan 1725Georgeson of Thomas Serle an infant
SERLE16 Oct 1778Marydaughter of the widow Serle
SERLE21 Nov 1732Marydaughter of Thomas & Mary Serle
SERLE27 Nov 1759Edward Serle of Droxfordwho died at the Catharine Wheel
SERLE30 Oct 1756Thomas Serle
SERLE4 Nov 1724Janewife of Thomas Serle at Bourly Green
SHARP22 Mar 1782Estherdaughter of William & Esther Sharpinfant
SHORELAND10 Aug 1790Mary Shoreland
SHORELAND27 Oct 1790Elizabeth Shoreland
SHORLAND14 Dec 1794Marthadaughter of John & Mary Shorland
SHRIMPTON19 Dec 1836Marywife of John Shrimptonage 27
SILVESTER23 Feb 1767William Silvesterinfant
SILVESTER26 Nov 1790Mary Silvestera pauper
SILVESTER6 Feb 1777Johnson of William Silvesterinfant
SIMMONDS27 Oct 1829Elizabeth Simmondswidowage 81
SIMPSON18 May 1833John Simpsonwidowerage 35
SINGLETON26 Nov 1743James Singleton
SKELTON19 Aug 1809Othan Skeltonwidower aged 80
SLEET11 Nov 1779James Sleetkill'd by a Waggon going over him in Fareham
SLEET19 Apr 1818Eleanor Sleetspinsterpauperage 18
SLEET31 Jan 1806John Sleeta married managed 60
SLEET8 Nov 1799Annwife of John Sleet
SMART23 Mar 1713Massey Smart
SMITH1 Jul 1771Samuel Smith
SMITH1 Sep 1783William Smithaged 22 run over by a waggon near Swanick
SMITH1 Sep 1794Georgeson of Abrahm & Mary Smith
SMITH1 Sep 1794Charlesson & Abraham & Mary Smith
SMITH10 Jan 1800Sarah Smithwidow
SMITH10 Sep 1763Rebecca Smithinfant
SMITH11 Dec 1776Sarahdaughter of Peter & Jane Smith of Draxford
SMITH11 May 1798Marydaughter of Edward & Ann Smith
SMITH13 Jan 1740Richard Smith
SMITH13 Mar 1792Sarah Smithan infant
SMITH14 May 1780Jane Smitha young woman at the Farm near Botley Church Droxford
SMITH17 Jan 1723Honourdaughter of Honour & Henry Smith
SMITH17 Jan 1768Janewife of Samuel Smith
SMITH18 Nov 1806Jane Smithwidow of South Stoneham aged 80
SMITH18 Oct 1757Argentine Smithan ancient woman of Shitfield in Droxford
SMITH18 Sep 1833Edward Smithmarried manage 79
SMITH21 Jan 17211721Thomasson of Henry & Honour Smith
SMITH22 Aug 1766Marydaughter of Peter & Jane Smith
SMITH22 Jun 1767Thomas Smitha stranger
SMITH22 Sep 1774Marydaughter of Henry & Nanny Smith
SMITH24 Apr 1793Annwife of Henry Smith
SMITH25 Feb 1755Peter Smith of Shitfield(Shidfield?)
SMITH25 Jan 1785Mary Smithinfant
SMITH26 Apr 1744Richard Smith
SMITH26 Sep 1806Henry Smithwidoweraged 70
SMITH27 Feb 1743Henry Smith who was killed as was supposed by the fall from a Horse at Chillen farm in the parish of Titchfield
SMITH27 Jan 1741Richard Smithinfant
SMITH27 May 1829Richard Smithmarried man age 73 a Brother of St. Cross HospitalWintonan old inhabitant of Botley
SMITH27 Oct 1773Peter son of Peter & Jane Smith of Droxfordaged 24
SMITH28 Aug 1836John SmithwidowerBishopstokeage 85
SMITH28 Dec 1710Thomas Smith
SMITH3 Feb 1747Mary Smith of Droxford
SMITH4 Mar 1792John Smithan infant
SMITH5 Apr 1805Marywiie of John Smith of Bishopstoke aged 57
SMITH6 Dec 1820James Smithmarried manBishopstokeage 39
SMITH6 Jun 1797Thomasson of Henry & Elizabeth Smith
SMITH7 Jan 1792Ann Smith
SMITH7 Jun 1796Peter Smithaged 79
SMITH7 Nov 1804Henry Smith of Droxforda married managed 32 died suddenly
SMITH8 Oct 1706Francis Smith
SMITH9 Mar 1762William son of John Smith of ShitfieldDroxford
SMYTH10 Jan 1781John Smyth of Shidfieldaged 71
SMYTH19 Jan 1690Catherinewife of Francis Smyth
SOSENS28 Apr 1732Johnson of John William Sosensbutcher
SPARKMAN1 Oct 1794Marywife of Thomas Sparkman
SPARKMAN10 Dec 1696Stephen Sparkma
SPARKMAN11 Jan 1722Joane Sparkmana very old widowinthe Common
SPARKMAN12 Oct 1778George Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN12 Sep 1781Richardson of Stephen & Mary Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN14 Apr 1785William Sparkmanpauperinfant
SPARKMAN15 Apr 1775Old Widow Sparkman
SPARKMAN15 Sep 1822Stephen SparkmanwidowerSouth Stonehamage 87
SPARKMAN16 Feb 1806Thomas Sparkmanwidoweraged 67
SPARKMAN17 Jul 1743Mary Sparkman
SPARKMAN18 Jan 1680Joanedaughter of Stephen Sparkman
SPARKMAN19 Mar 1720Anne Sparkmana very old widowat Church Style
SPARKMAN2 Apr 1800John Sparkman
SPARKMAN2 May 1737Annwife of Richard Sparkman
SPARKMAN2 Oct 1787James Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN20 Aug 1786Isaac Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN20 Oct 1814Marywife of Stephen Sparkmanage 70
SPARKMAN21 Apr 1742Richard Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN21 Aug 1752John Sparkman
SPARKMAN21 Mar 1778Ann Sparkman
SPARKMAN24 Dec 1721John Sparkmansenior
SPARKMAN25 Feb 1703John Sparkmanon the Hill in Waltham Parish
SPARKMAN25 Jul 1788Ann Sparkmaninfant
SPARKMAN28 Oct 1794Anndaughter of Thomas & Mary Sparkman
SPARKMAN29 Jun 1773Marydaughter of Stephen Sparkman
SPARKMAN3 Aug 1724Jone daughter of Iohn & Mary Sparkman in the Common infant
SPARKMAN3 May 1680George Sparkmanshipwright
SPARKMAN3 Nov 1719Joane Sparkmanwidow of Bishops Waltham her son John Sparkman paid for the burial
SPARKMAN30 Dec 1779Georgeson of Stephen & Mary Sparkman infant
SPARKMAN30 Jan 1704Elizabeth Sparkman a very old widow
SPARKMAN4 Jun 1704Mary daughter of Richard & Ann Sparkman
SPARKMAN5 Mar 1740Richard Sparkmansenior
SPARKMAN6 Dec 1768Thomas Sparkmaniniant
SPARKMAN6 May 1694Joane Sparkman
SPARKMAN7 Aug 1814Charles son of Henry & Ann SparkmanBursledon Toll houseTitchfieldage 8 months
SPARKMAN7 May 1746John Sparkman
SPARKMAN8 Apr 1832Edward Sparkmanage 51
SPARKMAN8 Feb 1772Richard Sparkmaninfant
SPARSHOT- Sep 1734Sarahdaughter & Thomas Sparshot
SPARSHOT25 Oct 1748Sarah Sparshot
SPARSHOT8 Mar 1735Richard Sparshot
SPENCER14 Mar 1723Charles Spencera travellour
SPENCER28 Nov 1730Johnson of Jacob & Elizabeth Spencer
SPENCER31 Jul 1734Jacob Spencer
SPERRY16 Dec 1759Michael Sperrya soldierwho died at the Catharine Wheel
SPERSHOT19 Jul 1691Thomas Spershot of Swannick
SPERSHOT3 Dec 1741Mary Spershotinfant
SPERSHOT9 Mar 1696William Spereshot
SPICER27 Jan 1833Priscillawiie of James Spicerage 43
SPICER9 Apr 1826Johnson of James & Priscilla Spicerage 10
STIBBS5 May 1833William Stibbsmarried manage 77
STOCKBRIDGE8 Dec 1795James Stockbridge of the Montgomery Militia
STOKES18 May 1772Marywife of James Stokes
STOKES7 May 1773Mary Stokesinfant
STONE18 Dec 1754Joseph Stone
STONE18 Sep 1804Mary Anneinfant daughter of William & Mary Stone at Bishopstoke
STONE19 Mar 1751Janewife of Joseph Stone the elder
STONE2 Nov 1794Johnson of John & Mary Stone
STONE2 Nov 1810John Stonea married man of Bishops Waltham aged 75
STONE20 Mar 1744Henry Stoneinfant
STONE22 Sep 1761Jane Stone
STONE23 Oct 1714Thomasson of Joseph & Jane Stone
STONE29 May 1821Sarah Stonewidowage 94
STONE5 Nov 1755Thomasson of Edward & Elizabeth Stone
STONE9 Jun 1711Jane daughter of Joseph & Jane Stone
STRAKER14 Jan 1801Franceswife of John Straker Esq.
STRONG28 Dec 1701Melancthon Strong
STRONG29 Feb 1692Nichlas Strong aged (as reported) 104
STRONG6 Apr 1701Mary Strongwidow
STUBBINGTON14 Jul 1783William Stubbingtonaged 77
STUBBINGTON25 Dec 1735Elizabethdaughter of Richard & Hannah Stubbington of Droxford
STUBBINTON11 Mar 1779Frances Stubbinton
STUBBINTON31 Oct 1779Marywife of William Stubbinton
STUBBS- - 1783Thomas Stubbs of Upham parish aged 76
STUBBS10 Dec 1798James Stubbsaged 85
STUBBS11 Aug 1771Elizabeth Stubbs
STUBBS14 Dec 1745Thomas Stubbsinfant
STUBBS19 Jul 1770Charles Stubbs
STUBBS21 Oct 1783William Stubbskill'd by falling from a horse near the Millaged 35
STUBBS24 Apr 1792Sarahwife of James Stubb
STUBBS24 Feb 1746Elizabethwife of Charles Stubbs
STUBBS28 Apr 1749Charles Stubbsinfant
STUBBS5 Sep 1795Robertson of Robert & Charlotte Stubbs
STUBBS6 Aug 1770Elizabethwife of the above Charles Stubbs
STUBBS6 May 1799Robertson of Robert & Charlotte Stubbs
STUBINTON11 Nov 1738 - ????wife of Richard Stubinton of Shidvill
SUCCOT1 Jan 1726Annedaughter of Reuben & Elizabeth Succot
SUCKETT24 Sep 1802Elizabeth Sucketta widowaged 69
SUCTOR23 Apr 1736Marydaughter of Thomas & Mary Suctorinfant
SUETT15 Mar 1791Elizabeth Suett
SUTHKETT16 Feb 1763James Suthkett
SUTHKETT19 Mar 1763Annewidow of James Suthkett
SUTHKETT19 Mar 1763Robert Suthkett (daughter Elizabeth baptised the same day)
SUTHKETT23 Aug 1750Ann Suthkettinfant
SUTHKETT25 May 1763Thomas Suthkett
SUTHKETT30 Nov 1756Elizabeth Suthkettinfant
SUTHKETT30 Oct 1767Reuben Suthkett
SUTHKETT6 Dec 1755Elizabethwife of Reuben Suthkett
SUTHKETT6 Feb 1837Reuben Suthkettbachelorage 77
SUTHKETT7 Mar 1763Thomas Suthkettan infant
SYLVESTER11 Dec 1774Williamson of William & Sarah Sylvester
SYLVESTER15 Aug 1826Edward Henryillegitimate son of Caroline Sylvesterage 3
SYLVESTER15 Mar 1781Williamson of William & Sarah Sylvesterinfant
SYLVESTER16 Feb 1814Edmund SylvesterSouth Stonehamage 72
SYLVESTER17 Nov 1803Mary Ann infant daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Sylvester (To Waltham)
SYLVESTER19 Jan 1800Georgeson of Edward & Elizabeth Sylvester
SYLVESTER23 Apr 1793Williamson of Edmund & Jane Sylvester pauper
SYLVESTER23 Sep 1835Anndaughter of Thomas & Ann Sylvesterage 16
SYLVESTER24 Jan 1821Henry son of Thomas & Anne SylvesterSouth Stonehamage 5weeks
SYLVESTER29 Jan 1808Marthadaughter of John & Sarah Sylvester aged 13
SYLVESTER3 Jul 1831John Sylvestermarried manage 59
SYLVESTER31 Mar 1796William Sylvester
SYLVESTER9 Feb 1796Anndaughter of Edmund & Jane Sylvester
SYLVESTER9 Jul 1815Sarah SylvesterwidowSouth Stonehamage 70
SYMMONDS7 Oct 1792Daniel Symmonds

all registers transcribed by B. Chinchen June 1976