Botley, Hampshire parish registers
BURIAL registers 1679 to 1837 (Surnames T to Z)

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surname date who died alsoalsoalsoalso
TALBOT1 Oct 1765Marywife of John Talbotapothecary in Botley Street
TALBOT16 Jun 1766Mary Arnold daughter of Hannah Talbot
TALBOTT2 May 1794Marydaughter of Mary Talbott
TALBOTT31 Jul 1772John Talbott
TALBOTT7 Feb 1772James Julian Talbottinfant
TALBOTT7 Feb 1792Hannah Talbott
TAYLOR13 May 1837George son of Henry & Caroline Taylorage 7
TAYLOR28 May 1826Mariannewife of Henry Taylor of South Stonehamage 25
TAYLOR31 Mar 1835Helendaughter of Henry & Caroline Taylorage 2 months
TAYLOR5 May 1831Maria Vine daughter of Henry & Caroline Taylorage 9 days
TERRIE15 Dec 1700Ann Terrie
TERRIE2 Jun 1695Annedaughter of John Terrie
TERRIE3 Jan 1711Margaret Terrie
TERRIE5 Jan 1715Alicewife of John Terrie senior at Hedge End
TERRY1 Jan 1802Jacob Terryaged 73
TERRY11 Jun 1818Michael son of Edward & Jane Terryage 3 months
TERRY14 Feb 1793Rose Terrywidow aged 86 pauper
TERRY18 Jul 1833Peter Bromfield illegitimate son of the late Peter Terry & Maria BromfieldwidowLymingtonage 16
TERRY18 Sep 1824John Terrymarried manage 52
TERRY19 Jan 1836Henryson of John & Lydia Terryage 2
TERRY20 Apr 1770Johnson of Jacob & Mary Terry
TERRY20 Nov 1806Elizabeth Terryawidowaged 69
TERRY23 May 1827Anne Terrywidowage 52
TERRY26 Jul 1760Marywidow of John Terry
TERRY26 Jun 1824Peterson of widow Terryage 16
TERRY27 Apr 1768Jacob Terry of Hedge End
TERRY28 Jan 1836Peterson of John & Lydia Terry
TERRY28 Sep 1826John Terrymarried manage 64
TERRY29 Jun 1736Rosedaughter of Jacob & Roseamund Terry
TERRY29 Jun 1737Sarah Terryinfant
TERRY3 Apr 1721Stephen Terry
TERRY3 Nov 1816Mary TerrywidowHedge EndBotleyage 80
TERRY30 Oct 1773John Terry
TERRY30 Oct 1826Peter Terrybachelorage 5
TERY14 Sep 1725John TeryseniorHedge end
TERY26 Mar 1723Mary daughter of John & Mary Tery at Bourly green
TERY7 Dec 1729Sarahwife of Jacob Tery at Hedge end
THOMAS13 Dec 1714Ellinor wife of Richard Thomas
THOMAS14 May 1726Richard Thomas said to be near an hundred years of age.
THOMAS18 Feb 1818William Thomasage 62
THOMAS23 Sep 1730Mary Thomasan Apprentice to William Molten
THOMAS24 Feb 1762Sarah Thomas
THOMAS30 Apr 1745Johntwin son of Sir John & Sarah Thomas
THOMAS30 Apr 1745Williamtwin son of Sir John & Sarah Thomas
THOMAS5 Oct 1824Frederic John Hollis Thomasbachelorage 25A young surgeona new resident who died in consequence of a violent cold caught by sitting in his wet clothes the night of his arrival.
THOMAS6 Dec 1761Sir John Thomas N.B. Christened Sir John
THORP6 Jul 1787Esther Thorpaged 31
TILBURY26 Feb 1835Johnson of James & Anne Tilburyage 3 months
TINSLEY19 Apr 1724Catherinewife of Thomas Tinsley at Curdrige
TINSLEY20 Oct 1727Thomas Tinsley of CurdrigeBishops Waltham
TINSLEY28 Apr 1703Thomas son of Thomas & Catherine Tinsley at Fairthorn
TINSLEY28 May 1697Johnson of Thomas Tinsley at Fairethorn
TINSLEY6 Apr 1729Mary Tinsleywidow of CurdrigeBishops Waltham payment received of Robert Fielder
TOMLIN11 Apr 1806Sarahdaughter of Edward & Sarah Tomlin aged 12
TOMLIN11 Apr 1823Sophia daughter of Edward & Elizabeth TomlinSouth Stonehamage 11 months
TOMLIN16 Nov 1828Edward Tomlinmarried manage 67
TOWNSEND13 Jun 1780Mary Townsenda young Woman aged 35
TOWNSEND19 sun 1774Lydia Townsend
TOWNSEND30 Oct 1817William Townsendclerk of the Parishage 75
TOWNSEND4 Oct 1781Sarah Townsenda widowaged 69
TOWNSEND8 Aug 1754Elizabeth Townsend
TOWNSEND9 Jan 1759John Townsend
TOWTEN17 Dec 1786Mary Towtenaged 51
TOWTON11 Jan 1773Ambrose Towton
TOWTON3 Feb 1764Susannawife of Ambrose Towton
TRASH3 Apr 1729Nash Trash a Loader at Botly Mill
TRIDD5 Mar 1824John Triddsingle manpauperage 35
TRODDE13 Jun 1680Richard son of John Trodde killed by the overturning of a cart
TURNER11 Sep 1743Henryson of Henry & ESther Turner
TURNER24 May 1748Henry Turner
TURNER27 Oct 1748Esther Turner (mother of Anne baptised the same day)
TURNER5 Oct 1781Thomas Turnerof Botley Farmaged 41
TURNER6 Nov 1749Anne Turnerinfant
TWYNEHAM17 Jun 1783Stephen Twyneham aged 60
TWYNEHAM29 May 1808Jane Twynehamwidow of Bishops Waltham
URRY10 Jan 1836Mary Anned of John & Mary Urryage 1
VARE31 Dec 1815John Varebachelorage 65
VERE16 Aug 1687Elizabeth Vere
VERE16 Nov 1682Johnson of William Vere
VERE24 Mar 1689Francis Ver
VERE28 Oct 1707Mary Vere alias Edwards of South Stoneham
VINE5 May 1831Maria Vine daughter of Henry & Caroline Taylorage 9 days
VOISEY19 Apr 1829Georgeillegitimate son of Mary VoiseyBishops Walthamage 9
WALLACE5 Feb 1803The Revd. Joseph WallaceRector of this Parish He retired to bed in good health and was found a corpse in the morning
WALLER12 Mar 1782Elizabeth Waller of Bursledonaged 23
WALTON11 Jun 1733The Revd. Mr.Joseph WaltonRector o.t.p.
WALTON22 Aug 1733Mrs Abigail Walton
WARD3 May 1834Frances Elizabeth Ward widow (sister of John Fawcett Esqr.)Curdridge Cottage Bishops Walthamage 3
WARE23 Jun 1785Mary Warewidow pauperaged 85
WARNE26 Jun 1682Edward Warnea traveller
WARNER10 Aug 1834Charles son of the late Charles & Mary WarnerBursledonage 24
WARNER12 Dec 1755Mary Warner
WARNER12 May 1763Margaret Warner
WARNER13 May 1811Abraham Warnera widower of Bursledon
WARNER14 Nov 1744Isaacson of the widow Warnerinfant
WARNER16 Jun 1816Abraham Warnermarried manSouth Stonehamage 56
WARNER16 Nov 1801Dinahdaughter & Abraham & Elizabeth Warner
WARNER16 Sep 1806Anninfant daughter of James & Ann Warner
WARNER17 Dec 1835Mary WarnerwidowBursledonage 6
WARNER17 Nov 1810Sarahwife of James Warner aged 26
WARNER19 Feb 1751Marywife of Stephen Warner
WARNER2 Aug 1743Isaacson of Stephen & Jane Warner
WARNER2 Mar 1744Stephen Warner
WARNER2 Nov 1746Ambrosebase born son of Widow Warner
WARNER21 Jul 1752Stephen Warneran old man
WARNER26 Apr 1753Janedaughter of Jane Warner
WARNER28 Sep 1758Jane Warner
WARNER28 Sep 1828Janewife of James Warner seniorMerchantage 71
WARNER29 Mar 1811Annwife of Abraham Warner aged 74 of Bursledon
WARNER6 Feb 1784Diana Warneraged 7
WARNER6 Sep 1831Henry son of James & Eleanor WarnerSteeple Court Droxfordage 14
WARNER7 Aug 1831Charles WarnerfarmerBursledonage 62
WARNER8 Apr 1800Henryson of Abraham & Ann Warner
WARNER8 Jun 1808Annwife of James Warner the younger aged 29
WARNER9 Aug 1810Johnson of James & Sarah Warneraged 3 months
WARNER9 Jul 1743Edwardson of Stephen & Jane Warner
WASSEL14 Apr 1717Nathaaielson of Nathaniel & Anne Wassel
WASSEL17 May 1717Marywife of Hugh Wassel at Hedge end
WASSEL19 Jun 1683Janedaughter of Themae Wassel
WASSEL26 Nov 1737Annwife of Nathaniel Wassel
WASSEL27 Mar 1726Martha Wassela very old widowthat lived at Dock till towards her letter end.
WASSEL27 May 1682Joane Wasselwidow
WASSEL27 Oct 1733Stephen Wassel
WASSEL7 Oct 1722Johnson of Nathaniel & Anne Wasselan infant
WASSELL1 Jan 1680Stephen Wassell
WASSELL11 Jun 1696Robert Wassell
WASSELL17 Jul 1722Marywife of Ralph WassellParish Clark
WASSELL18 Dec 1728Ralph WassellParish Clar
WASSELL2 Dec 1679Jane Wassell
WASSELL20 Jun 1711Thomas Wassellsenior of fledge end
WASSELL21 Apr 1725Marywife of Stephen Wassell at Hedge end
WASSELL23 Apr 1688John Wassell
WASSELL24 Aug 1686Hughson a Hugh & Mary Wassell
WASSELL25 Dec 1721Hugh Wassell of Hedge end
WASSELL27 Jun 1722Thomas Wassell at Hedge end
WASSELL29 Jun 1688James Wassell
WASSELL6 Jan 1721Mary Wassell of Hedge end
WASSELL8 Mar 1692Sybillawife of Hugh Wassell
WATERMAN10 Dec 1837Joseph Watermanmarried man d.Dec 7age 58
WATERMAN12 Mar 1809Mary Ann daughter of Joseph & Martha Waterman aged 7 months
WATERMAN18 Aug 1829Annedaughter of Joseph & Martha Watermanage 3 days
WATERMAN19 Apr 1829Jane daughter of Joseph & Martha Watermanage 15
WATERMAN19 Oct 1821Henry one twin son of Joseph & Martha Watermanage 3 weeks
WATERMAN30 Sep 1821William one twin son of Joseph & Martha Watermanage 1O days
WATERMAN5 Jun 1823Thomas son of Joseph & Martha Watermanage 3 weeks
WATKINS1 Nov 1727William Watkins at Bourly Green
WATKINS15 Nov 1746Widow Watkinsa very ancient woman
WATKINS18 Sep 1686Dorethywife of Jeremiah Watkins
WATKINS21 Aug 1692William Watkins
WATKINS23 Aug 1716Williamson of William & Joan Watkins
WATKINS25 Feb 1680Janewife at Jeremiah Watkins
WATKINS7 Oct 1707Jeremiah Watkins a very old man
WATTS17 Dec 1833Argentine daughter of William & Elizabeth Wattsage 3 weeks
WEBB10 Sep 1794Elizabethdaughter of George & Mary Webb
WEBB18 Nov 1764Josephson of Elizabeth Webba bastard
WELLS5 Nov 1823Jamesson of William & Ann Wellsage 1
WELLS9 Nov 1820Mary Ann daughter of William & Ann Wellsage 5
WELLSTEAD13 Dec 1827Sarahwife of Thomas Wellsteadage 45
WELLSTED22 Feb 1780Anndaughter of William & Mary Wellsted
WELSTEAD10 Aug 1828Marywife of William Welsteadseniorage 75
WELSTEAD14 Jan 1822George son of John & Elizabeth Welsteadage 3 weeks
WELSTEAD16 Aug 1836Henry son of John & Elizabeth Welsteadage 9
WELSTEAD2 Jul 1829John Welsteadmarried manage 74
WELSTEAD21 Oct 1831Elizabethwife of John Welsteadage 36
WELSTEAD25 Feb 1822Williamson of William Welsteadthe youngerage 21
WELSTEAD25 Mar 1832Elizabeth Welsteadwidowage 74
WELSTEAD27 Mar 1745William Welstead of Crawley
WELSTEAD3 Mar 1820Marywife of William Welsteadage 46
WELSTEAD4 Dec 1828Thomas son of Thomas Welsteadage 19
WELSTEAD5 Apr 1835William Welstead seniorwidowerage 82
WELSTED2 Feb 1767Marywife of Charles Welsted of Kerdridge CommonBishops Waltham
WELSTED9 Jul 1783Charles Welstedkill'd by falling off a waggonaged 49
WEST25 Jun 1701Jane daughter of William & Mary West of the parish of Bishops Waltham
WEST27 Dec 1690William West of Pangfield
WESTCOMB28 May 1692John Westcomb
WHALE17 Jan 1696Catherine Whalemuch in drink was found dead in Curdridge Lane
WHEELER17 Apr 1836Johnillegitimate son of Ann Wheeler South Stoneham age 9 months
WHEELER7 Mar 1802William Wheeler
WHITE10 Mar 1704Elizabeth daughter of Thomas White senior
WHITE11 Dec 1718Joane Whitewidow of Botly Farmea very old woman
WHITE12 Oct 1823Marthawife of George WhiteSouth Stonehamage 54
WHITE22 Jul 1705Thomae White senior an old man of Botly Farm
WHITE26 Oct 1714Bridget White of Swanwick
WHITE29 Mar 1689Annedaughter of Thomas White
WHITLOCK10 Nov 1836William Whitlockmarried manage 80
WHITLOCK16 Aug 1801Hannahdaughter of William & Mary Whitlock
WHITLOCK20 Nov 1836Mary Whitlockwidowshe was out in the Streetcame in sat down in her chair and expiredage 74.
WHITLOCK22 Oct 1797Hannahwife of Mark Whitlock
WHITLOCK28 May 1798Hannahdaughter of Mark & Hannah Whitlock
WHITLOCK4 Nov 1831Eliza daughter of James & Mary WhitlockSouth Stonehamage 2
WIGG11 Oct 1745John Wigga stranger
WILD29 Oct 1823Marywife of Andrew Wildshe was found dead in her bedage 58
WILKINS24 Apr 1832Elizabethwife of John Wilkinsage 72
WILKINS27 Aug 1754Thomas Wilkinsinfant
WILKINSON13 Aug 1682Sarahdaughter of Sampson & Mary Wilkinson
WILKINSON30 Sep 1687Sampson Wilkinson
WILLIAMS12 Apr 1735Mrs Anne Williamswife of the Reverend Mr.Thomas Williamsvicar of Launching in Sussexand curate of this parishaged 49
WILLIAMS13 Aug 1810Peterson of William Williams a widower aged 13
WILLIAMS14 Feb 1687Moses Williams
WILLIAMS14 Jul 1790James Williams
WILLIAMS2 Dec 1703Alice Williamswidow of this parish
WILLIAMS24 May 1804Marywife of William Williams aged 44
WILLIAMS27 Aug 1797Stephenson of William & Mary Williams
WILLIAMS27 Dec 1742Revd. Mr.Thomas Williamscurate
WILLIAMS4 May 1823Annedaughter of William & Mary WilliamsSouth Stonehamage 5 months
WILSHEARE14 Feb 1794Marywife of John Wilsheare
WILSHEARE14 Sep 1778Elizabethdaughter of John & Mary Wilsheare
WILSHER15 May 1725Mary Wilsheran old widow
WILSHER23 Feb 1710Georgeson of John & Elizabeth Wilsher
WILSHER29 Jul 1721Elizabethdaughter of George & Elizabeth Wilsher
WILSHIRE19 Dec 1719John Wilshire
WILTSHARE26 Jun 1782Elizabeth Wiltshareaged 84
WILTSHEARE7 Feb 1796Johnson of John & Sarah Wiltsheare
WILTSHEARE8 Sep 1771Georgeson of John & Mary Wiltsheare
WILTSHIRE11 Jan 1819John son of George & Mary Wiltshireage 5 months
WILTSHIRE25 Jan 1773Nanny Wiltshireinfant
WILTSHIRE26 Aug 1832Sarahwife of John Wiltshireage 75
WILTSHIRE27 Feb 1834John Wiltshirewidowerage 77
WILTSHIRE29 Oct 1804John Wiltshirea widower aged 8
WILTSHIRE6 May 1753George Wiltshire
WINGROVE16 Mar 1802John Wingroveaged 62
WINGROVE21 Oct 1800Janedaughter of Mr.John Wingrove
WINTER2 Jun 1687Henryson of William Winter of Droxford
WINTER22 Nov 1745Janewife of John Winter of Titchfieid
WINTER27 Mar 1785Henry Winterinfant
WINTER6 Feb 1785Rebecca Winteraged 31
WISE11 Feb 1721James Wisetaylor
WISE11 Jun 1686Joseph Wise going into the water over against Steeple-Court was ere accidentally drown'd.
WISE16 Sep 1702Johnson of James & Sarah Wise
WISE17 Apr 1723Jamesson of Benjamin & Sarah Wise
WISE18 Jan 1720James Wisebutcher
WISE22 Mar 1690Sybella Wisewidow
WISE23 Dec 1689John Wise
WISE25 Oct 1724Sarahwife of Benjamin Wise butcher
WISE31 May 1699Johnson at James & Rachel Wise
WISE5 May 1690Joane Wisewidow
WIT4 May 1747Mary Witan infant
WITHERS12 Apr 1793Williamson of George & Mary Withers
WITHERS15 Oct 1794Johnson of George & Mary Withers
WITHERS23 Mar 1795Marywife of George Withers
WITHERS5 Dec 1800Elizabethdaughter of George & Elizabeth Withers
WITHERS6 May 1800Elizabethwife of George Withers
WITON11 Jun 1716Joseph son of Mr Joseph WitonRector died 8 Jun. Aged 11yr 6m.
WITT13 Feb 1751Henry Witt
WITT27 Jul 1750Marthawife of Henry Witt
WOOD21 Hun 1833Marianne Catharine daughter of Frederick & Emily Wood of Curbridge Cottage Titchfieldage 8 months
WOODS24 Nov 1775Hannahtwin daughter of Aaron Woods
WOODS24 Nov 1775Elizabeth twin daughter of Aaron Woods
ZACHERLY8 Nov 1682Johnson of Samson Zacherly

all registers transcribed by B. Chinchen June 1976