Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

So the ‘sixties’ had ended.
The local newspaper recently featured many photographs and reminiscences about the Savoy buildings opposite South Parade Pier, which had just disappeared in a pile of rubble.
The Birdcage went long ago, the Oddfellows is locked and forbidding and Kimbells is just a casino now.
The Tricorn and the Locarno had not been planned when Tony Crombie came rocking into Pompey in 1956 but both came and went.
On the other hand, the Theatre Royal where this story began still survives and is anticipating significant investment and a new partnership with the University, the Guildhall still holds concerts and the Co-op Hall has been Portsmouth’s great success story of recent decades as the Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road.
Along that road, the King’s Theatre has been featuring the Searchers, Chris Barber and a screening of Tommy in recent weeks.
At the end of Portsmouth’s 1960s a number of local bands had seemed on the verge of record releases and professional careers.
Within 12 months, most had disappeared, although albums came from Gentle Giant (Simon Dupree & the Big Sound), Aubrey Small – once the Sons of Man – and Heaven (mark two).
Live gigs were also a cause for concern.
Two ambitious local events at the Greyhound Stadium in Tipner in the summer of 1970 failed horribly.
The first, a “Progressive Extravaganza” featured Keef Hartley Band, Uriah Heep, the Strawbs, Hookfoot, East of Eden, Heaven, Rosemary, DJ Mike Raven and the first local gig by Gentle Giant.
It ran on a Saturday from Mid-day-11pm, with tickets £1 in advance, 25/- on the door.
Melody Maker reported “a turn-out of about 300 people in a stadium capable of holding 10,000 and a house PA system that was unbelievably bad”.
Nonetheless, Jon Isherwood followed this with a misguided attempt to integrate rock and acoustic/folk music entitled “Polk” (pop/folk) and featuring the Settlers, Diz Disley, Jasper Carrott, Jon Isherwood, Rosemary, Harvey Andrews, and Dando Shaft.
It was a financial disaster, and the final appearance of Rosemary.
In that same summer the Beat Cruises were “cancelled” and the Oasis stopped presenting bands, which Spinner suggested left “only two live music venues in Portsmouth” - the Tricorn Club and the Skating Rink.
The Savoy was becoming a disco named Nero’s and the Marina (Ricky’s) was largely devoted to dancing and records.
Spinner asked, “Have fans only themselves to blame?” He reported difficulties with violence in Portsmouth area clubs, general “apathy” and “falling” standards in “modern pop”.
In August 1970, Rikki Farr presented the third Isle of Wight Festival at Freshwater with Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Doors, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Taste, Chicago, Ten Years After, Donovan and others.
It was a huge but stormy event.
Shortly after, Rikki disappeared from the south coast and ended up in the USA.
However, in the same month, farmer Michael Eavis launched what was effectively the first Glastonbury Festival and everything started up again.
Neither was it the end of popular music on the Portsmouth scene although it was perhaps the end of a certain innocence and innovation which had changed so many aspects of popular music and popular culture for a generation.
Live music survived of course and soon there was a new generation of interesting local bands and venues.
During the following decades many local musicians from the 1960s kept playing.
In July 2009, the Portsmouth News reported the death of Tony Hutchins, who had played with Frank Kelly around fifty years earlier in the Crestas and the Hunters, before moving to Canada.
This was sad news but Tony’s sister Gill is still playing in the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra and her husband Mick Glover is still gigging.
John Summerfield and his brother Keith formed the Parkas in the mid-1960s and are still playing together in Limited S.
Grenville Mayes kept the name of the Rivals alive for decades and since the death of drummer Graham Hunt has continued to appear in his solo 60s show.
Jazzman Terry Flynn still plays in his 70s.
In midsummer, I attended a charity event organised by John Clark (Morgan’s Camel Train, Coconut Mushroom) and his wife Pat.
During the evening I sang a couple of numbers with the band, which included Alan Christmas (Sons of Man, Aubrey Small), Mark Tuddenham (Renegades, Academy, Cherry Smash), Mick McGuigan (St Louis Checks, Coconut Mushroom), Rod Watts (Rivals, Academy) and Graham Barnes (Klimaks, Coconut Mushroom).
There will be more examples.
As Humphrey Lyttleton once observed about jazz - it never goes away, it just waits for a gap in the traffic.
Around Pompey, lots of us are still ‘on the road’.
Dave Allen (October 2009)

Odds and Ends from the 1970 and later

Assorted other photographs and information about any local music act from 1970 and later

the-reds reds 2

The Reds. The Reds were Steve Browning (centre, bass guitar) with Dave Allen on the left (vocals) followed by Steve Cole on guitar. On keyboards right is the much lamented Brian Kemp and back on drums the shy retiring L Tench esq. The other guitarist was Jim Zimmer. The occasion is the launch of the famous Basins Club run by Chris Abbott and Jim Lawrence. This was at Some Place Else Club (SPECs) and this band, the Reds, opened the night supporting London R&B band Wolfie Witcher’s Brew.

kiev live 1974
kievpete downton kiev tom horscroft
Pete Downton -------------------------Tom Horscroft
kiev john bever kiev lynton brown
John Bever ---------------------------- Lynton Brown
kiev tony hawnt
Tony Hawnt

Kiev, playing live at the Blue Lagoon, Hilsea Lido in 1974

Jaqui Symes, Don Golding and also Marc Tuddenham, this group were "Love Potion" in 1983.

love potion 1983


an early shot of Harvest, Alan, Ian and Paul




Ian Harner (drums), Paul Ellis (bass guitar and vocals), Alan Slack (guitar and vocals).


l to r, Paul holding down Ian, Alan resting on Neil Plunkett,


Kansas Kountry

Top Row: Trevor Fry and Paul Ellis. Bottom Row: Ian Harner, Alan Slack.
Trevor started just with guitar, later played guitar and steel guitar.
Kansas Kountry was formed by bandleader Trevor in 1972.
This particular 4-piece line-up picture was taken in 1984 and lasted until 2000. The band still exists and plays the occasional gig.

The pic was taken at Olan Mills in Fareham.


Left to right, John King (drums) , Jeff Mort (lead gtr) , Paul Martinelli (lead vox & gtr) , Don Gallacher (bass).

From Don Gallacher,
I started writing songs at 11, formed a band at school. Turned pro in 1971, toured Germany, France, UK. Signed two record deals. "Britania" regularly played at Neros in the early 1970's. When the band broke up, I went on to be a recording engineer then on to record producing and music publishing. Then on to business affairs (legal stuff). Managed PJ Harvey for two years, then Irene Cara, then went full time into film business as a music supervisor. I am now producing my first film.
I have owned three musicals, and despite Edinburgh Fringe success, never got one away. They are the hardest!
All the best, Don



Left to right, Brian Picton rhythm guitar vox, Nigel Collins lead guitar vox, Steve Gould lead vox, Pete Collins bass guitar vox and Paul Emery on drums, colectively known as The Steve Gould Band, but formally known as Free Fall
This picture was taken at the Radical Club in 1977 we used to play in there a lot...The band is The Steve Gould Band...playing drums in platform boots and massive flared trousers with 3 button high waists...the bass drum beater used to find its way up my trouser leg until I started rolling the hem up.
Think we made maybe 35 pounds a night in there.

and then,...
The Steve Gould Band lineup changed in the late 70's, The Bassist, Peter Collins left to join The Paul K Jones Band and Paul Emery left to join a rock n roll band. Brian Picton, originally playing Rhythm guitar switch to Bass, Michael Collins joined the band as Rhythm/lead Guitar and Grahame Jackson joined on Drums. The band went on to perform all along the south coast, and notably at Cardiff University, South Parade Pier and also a summer season at the Royal Lodge directly opposite South Parade Pier.
The Steve Gould Band disbanded late 1979 and formed a Punk Band known as FIIK. The orginal line up of this band featured in the Portsmouth Evening News , left to right, top to bottom was: Grahame Jackson, Brian Picton (Bass), Michael Collins(Rhythm/lead), Neil Dixon (Vocals), Nigel Collins (Rhythm/lead), Later Nigel Collins left the band to join the Bath based Snake in the Grass and was replaced by Andy Thomas on Sax.


The Band with no name, but individually they are,
left to right, John Hammond, Paula Robinson, Eddie Robinson, John Gordon
and Bill Cole, at the Joiners Arms, Southampton in 1985.

In researching from 1944 to 1969, we collected all manner of information and photographs.
We decided not to waste them, and to have a gallery of items dated before 1944 or after 1969, and others we just couldn't leave out. We include them here.
Generation-1970-71 Thumper-1971-73

Generation 1970 to 1971: Steve Farrow (LG), Phil Briggs (D), Roger Tice (B), Dave Mussell (K)
Thumper 1971 to 1973: Dave Mussell (K), Phil Briggs (D), Alan Medland (B), Roy Slyfield (LG)

lee scott
st louis checks

Lee Scott Sound, played the 1971 summer season on the South Parade Pier.


Formed in 1973 "Kiev" were
Lynton Brown, vocals guitar keyboards,
Tony Hawnt, drums,
Tom Horscroft, guitar vocals
Pete Downton, vocals

Then from 1974 they were called "Sahara"
Pete Downton vocals
Tom Horscroft guitar vocals
John Bever, bass vocals
Tony Hawnt, vocals drums
another guitar player..phil bankhead now lives in france replaced Tom for a short period in 1974 before Sahara split.

then later "Oasis" (would you believe!) and then changed to "Mickey"

Pictured above was the final formation, "Ryder" who existed from approx 1974 to 1977 and consisted of left to right...
Mick Waldock, guitar vocals now deceased sadly....see photo below
Lynton Brown, vocals guitar keyboards...
John Bever, vocals bass...
Tony Hawnt, vocals drums.
Note also a Walkerprint with a Stage One address at the late lamented by some, Tricorn.


In Later years Mick Waldock sold ice creams on Southsea sea front.

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

parkas 2011

Limited S in 2011, in the 1960's they used to be called The Parkas.


Vinyl Tap, left to right, Nobby Glover drums, Mike Creamer guitar, Alan Christmas 12 string, Nigel Baker bass.


Hat Trick in 2012 at 20/20 studio, left to right Chris Hughes drums, Ron Hughes guitar(no relation,) and Nigel Baker bass,
all add vocals. Note that Nigel plays in two groups!


Nigel Trick, Christopher Trick and Ronald Trick,
really they are names as above!




SPRYNTER, left to right, Mick Bradley (R Guitar). Cheryl Turner (Bass), Deano Triche (Vox), Adrian Dalley (Drums),
Kelley Crocker (Vox), Keith Elshaw (Keys) Tim Wallace (L Guitar).
Mobile: 07581099672 ---- Email: info@sprynter.net
The band web site is: www.sprynter.net where there are some sound files in the media/audio page.


together1 together

included Steve Smith with the mustache, Les Pope wearing the hat,
came from "Horizon" and formed this band with two unknown others.


previously known as The Typhoons, included Barry Worley vocals and bass, John Bodle drums,
and Neil Worley Guitar/keyboards in 1989.


included Barry Worley vocals and bass, John Bodle drums,
and Neil Worley Guitar/keyboards, with the addition of singer Rachel Hawnt in 1990.


Kevin Dawson keyboards, Dave Knight bass, Karen Knight vocals, John Bodle drums, about 1982

solitaire 1982

Solitaire in 1982 including Barry Sutton and Nobby Glover.

chris1 chris3


The unknown singer may bge JJ Williams and probably the first backing job they did in 1972. The publicity handout below is also from 1972. These were both taken at Ron Forrest & Associates photographic studio in Albert Rd Southsea in '72. The band was as follows - Chris Lowe - Lead/Rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Martin - Bass guitar and vocals, Roger Grigg - Drums and vocals. Shaftesbury were formed in the dying embers of 1971. In actual fact it was at a gig in Osborne Rd Southsea, at a new years party above a restaurant, that the band was born. At the time they didn't even have a name. The important fact here is that a partygoer gave them their name. When she asked " What's the name of your band", they said that they hadn't got one. "Yes you have, Its on the front of your Drums", and there it was 'Shaftesbury' on the bass drum front skin, the Japanese musical instrument company, but also a village in Dorset. They hardly ever used the name in the time Chris Lowe was with them, because they were always being used as a backing band. Their first backing job was at the London Palladium backing a young Nicky Nolan, later to become one of the Eurovision winners 'Bucks Fizz'. At the time Nicky,(Mike), was only 16, eight years away from stardom. The following years were spent touring Europe and British Isles, playing one nighters (one off gigs) and weeks or months in different parts of the country and Channel Islands. I suppose their best year had to be 1974 when they were chosen to work for Phil Spector, the world famous record producer, now unfortunately incarcerated in the U.S. The whole of that year was taken up touring as a backing band for the 'Crystals and the 'Ronnettes. Chris left after the tour in '74, and the band carried on with more backing jobs, recruiting a new guitarist.

gandc gandc

Gutbucket and Camelfoot. A publicity shot from the 'good old days' and a photo from 2012

ah 604119

dav n chave

Daz and Chave.




4th Dimension.


J J Williams.




Campbell and Reid.


Gren Mayes at 17


The Rivals at Sinah Warren 1980, Gren Mayes vocals,
Tim Meek lead guitar, Phil Becket bass guitar, Russel Mahoney drums, Ted Massiah keyboards,


The Rivals at Some Place Else Club in 1983 with the late Trevor Price on lead guitar.


The Rivals and vocalist Gren Mayes.


Edward Bear. David 'Joe' Jackson, Mark Andrews, Dave Houghton and Graham Maby.


The Joe Jackson Band, Joe, Dave Houghton, Graham Maby and Gary Sandford



The Fliks with Big Brother Soul

left to Right, Simon Scott, Emma Reid, Alan Woods, Lawrence Sunley, Jolene Burns, Malcolm Burns, Gloria Miller, Dave Oakley, Sophie Naessens.


The Semi-Tones.

Lead Vocals / Harmonica: Dean Sumner, Guitar / Vocals: Mark Curtis , Piano: Duncan Baxter,
Bass / Vocals: Phil Turnbull, Drums / Vocals: Pete Light.


During the late 1970's Joe Jackson was resident here.


Big Band Theory in 2013,
(L-R) Back: Phil Briggs drums, David Hardiman bass, David Griffin guitar , John McLeod keyboards vocals;
Front: Dave Mussell keyboards vocals, "G" vocals , Neal Campbell vocals



Ron Langman drums, Keith.???? bass, Andy Scarisbrick guitar,
and standing at the back Alice Headeack keyboards/vocals.


Left to right: Andy Scarisbrick guitar, Keith..????? Bass, Alice Headeack keyboards/vocals, and Ron Langman drums.


(L-R) Back: Ron Lang drums, ---- Alice Headeack.. Vocals and Keyboard ------ Dave Boots...Lead Guitar/Vocals.
front l to r ???? ----- ????***** Keith ..? Bass.

Pipeline reviews The SHADDERS


p1030839xx p1030841xx p1030838xx

Just to prove that Old Rock'n'rollers never die!
Known as 'Tuxedo Junction' they are Marc Tuddenham, Rod Watts, Pete Jackson, Dave Browne,
and were appearing at the Square Brewery, Petersfield Square in June 2013.
There's got to be over 200 years of playing music and performing in these four!

dba dbb dbc

David Browne moved to the south back in the 1960's and was a fine singer, impressionist, stand up comedian.
And now can be seen singing and drumming in several local groups and bands.
Still a versatile and very listenable entertainer.

nickhug rob chris

Four of the guys from 'Deaf Boy Hug' and 'Something for the weekend', Nic Hug, Rob Richardson, Chris Hughes and Tony Gilson.
Something for the weekend line up was, Nick Hug vocals, gob iron, keyboards, "fingers" Dave Gilson guitar, Big Tony Gilson bass,
Chris Hughes drums, "Rainbow" Rob Richardson sax, keyboards, flute, clarinet etc.. .


Betty, Gail and Dorothy, The Three Belles

- http://thethreebelles.com/ -


DJ Linn

south pacific

Various - South Specific
Label: Brain Boosters Records ?– lobotomy 01
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Released: 1980
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Punk, Minimal
A1 Attic (5) – This Child Is Dead 3:17
A2 Attic (5) – Strange Numbers-Base Seven 3:01
A3 Renaldo And The Loaf* – A Medical Man 1:17
A4 Renaldo And The Loaf* – Bali Whine 2:26
A5 Renaldo And The Loaf* – Scottish Shuffle 3:20
A6 Toxicomane – This Nice World 4:22
A7 Nice Boys, The – Maybe That's Love 2:37
A8 Nice Boys, The – (Remember) This Room 5:45
B1 Dance Attack (X) – Not Instrumental (It's A Dance Attack) 1:03
B2 Dance Attack (X) – Last Of The Teenage Heartaches 3:01
B3 Dance Attack (X) – Keep Moving 3:33
B4 Chimes, The (5) – I Can't Smile 3:09
B5 Chimes, The (5) – Through To You 2:46
B6 Chimes, The (5) – Who Do I Believe? 2:05
B7 Anna Blüm – Mourning In Yellow 4:07
B8 Frames, The (2) – Lost In Space 2:48
B9 Frames, The (2) – Reduced Watches 2:24
"South Specific - Brain Boosters - Reveal Music From Portsmouth"
LP includes insert and a piece of sandpaper is clued to the front (in the "sand" square).


Kenny Law Band and from L-R they are Nick ??? on trombone, Wally Parrot on trumpet,
Roy Huggett on drums, Richard (Richie) Martin on guitar and Kenny Law on keyboards.
In 1976 played six nights a week for the full 20-week summer season at Northney Warners holiday camp in Hayling Island and on their night off took over from the resident band and played at the Sinah Warren Camp.


The Dodgers — with Papa Rick and Robin Vick.

blind dog

Blind Dog — Nick on bass, Don vocals, Tim on drums and Tom Hazel guitar.


Astral Bodies.


Riot Squad, lead singer Rob McQuoid




Spit like piant


Body Count, lead singer Rob McQuoid, bass Steve McGrath


Astral Bodies


The Right Profile


The Media, vocals Martin Jacks, guitar Pete Rossie. bass Mick Whichello, drums Bryan Lee


A Motion Industry, Circa 1985 From L-R:
Paul Morrey (guitar), Brian Pearce (Bass), Gary Smith (drums), Kev Smith (vocals / guitar).
A Motion Industry split up, and the two Smith brothers then went on to form Firework Party,
and now both play in popular local covers band Kojak’s Revenge.


The Stan Bennett Trio with Jo Baker at the Vine in Hambledon 16th Februiary 2014,
From L-R: Tony Carter sax, Stan Bennett piano, Malcolm Parrott bass, Jo Baker vocals.

steel mill

Back Row ‘Joe’ Brown (father of Pompey Supporters Chairman Ashley Brown), Mick Eveleigh (60s Pompey group the Storms and an original Red), Dave Allen and guitarist Jim Zimmer (also a Red).
Middle three: Keith ‘Mook’ Matthews, Bob Manley (also with Bob Pearce) and Steve Cole (another Red).
Steel Mill were transformed into the Reds circa 1985 and later on Mick, Steve, Jim and I were together again in the Notorious Strawboys. The Reds incidentally can claim to have played at all three Basins venues.

The Rock'n'Rollers

shazam at the centre hotel 1974

Shazam at the Centre Hotel 1974, l to r, Andy Stechman Pete (Saville) Presley, Louis Barrell,
Larry Clarke, Paul Emery, Chris Hill (guitar) Steve ? on sax.


The Firestorms


The Firestorms in 2002, Guitar Mike Bodle, Drummer Dennis Taylor, Bass Kenneth Stevens, Singer Andy Cook deceased 2012

remember this2

from the 1980's included Mike on guitar, Ken bass, Den drums, and Andy and Paula on vocals

rocktherapy 4 piece

Rock Therapy, Ian McKay joined on 2nd guitar and vocals - top shot taken sometime in 85 or 86 with Paul Haines.
As a four piece again with Paula, in the '90s Paul, Paula, Connie, Andy with Paul Haines and Connie Kym Everard.
Slightly more blues based, as a 5 piece... Jim Brisland on sax, Gary Jubber harmonica and guitar, vocals.
Jim was later replaced by Rohan Thee Man for a few gigs in Bognor Regis.
At The Landmark, Portsmouth with former Shazam guitarist Chris Hill with Paul Haines and Connie Kym Everard in Portsmouth.

rock therapyx

Rock Therapy in 1986


Streetrods, Kenny Stevens, Mick and Inge Williams in 1986

62085 62086n

Basins at the Tricorn in 1986

‘Rock – A – Toons'

rock-a-toons rock-a-toons

A lively 5 piece Portsmouth band plus a little bit more. The band consisted of Adie Bishop – lead vocals & guitar (ex Big Rumble guitarist & other bands), Big strong Wayne on bass & his dad Ken on guitar & some lead vocals, Steve on drums & the latest addition who is a great asset to the already good band – Miranda who plays sax, tambourine, maracas & wears a big smile & thoroughly enjoys what she does, they all do, but no favouritism here, Miranda shines & also sings a couple of songs.

The Ricardos

ricardos3 10253994

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