Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
'released' Recordings by Portsmouth area based artistes

Johnny Lyne and his Orchestra

- Lullaby Of Birdland -
- Night And Day -
Parlophone F 2532 Johnny Lyne (clarinet, altosax, trumpet, arranger.);
Ken Bishop, Cyril Breese,
Freddie Wyllie (tenor, clarinet); Freddie Hutchins (barisax altosax);
Doug Wheeler (trombone); Bill Cole (Piano) Lawrence English (bass);
Arthur Ward (drums) Eddie Miles (bongoes). 1953. London.

- Yesterdays -
- Why Do I Love You? -
Parlophone F2528 Johnny Lyne (clarinet, altosax, trumpet, arranger.);
Ken Bishop, Cyril Breese,
Freddie Wyllie (tenor, clarinet); Freddie Hutchins (barisax, altosax);
Doug Wheeler (trombone) ; Bill Cole (piano); Lawrence English (bass);
Arthur Ward (drums); Eddie Miles (bongos). 1953. London.

Simon Dupree

I See the Light / It Is Finished (1966 Parlophone R 5542)
Reservations / You Need A Man (1967 Parlophone R 5574)
Day Time, Night Time / I've Seen It All Before (1967 Parlophone R 5594)
Kites / Like The Sun Like The Fire (1967 Parlophone R 5646) - UK #9
For Whom the Bells Toll / Sleep (1968 Parlophone R 5670) - UK #43
Part Of My Past / This Story Never Ends (1968 Parlophone R 5697)
Thinking About My Life / Velvet and Lace (1968 Parlophone R 5727)
Broken Hearted Pirates / She Gave Me The Sun (1969 Parlophone R 5757)
The Eagle Flies Tonight / Give It All Back (1969 Parlophone R 5816)
- I See the Light -
- Kites -
- Thinking about my life -

Album Without Reservation, on Parlophone Records (1967),

The Moles

- We Are The Moles -

Cherry Smash

- Cherry Smash - fade away Maureen - - Green plant -
- Cherry Smash - Sing Songs of Love - Movie Star
- Goodtime Sunshine - Little old country homne town -

Sing songs of love/Movie star, Track 604017 - Goodtime sunshine/Little old country home town, Decca F 12838 - Fade away Maureen, Decca F2884
csmash1 csmash2 csmash3


Frank Kelly & Hunters

Send me the pillow/Cept me Fontana H267242 1962 (A side Hank Locklin song - B side written by Dave Loney, Tony Hutchins and Tony Porter)
I saw Linda yesterday/Good and true Fontana H267261 1963 (A side cover of an Ameican hit - B side written by Dave Allaway)
What do you wanna do/She loves me so Fontana H267277 1963 (A side written by Mitch Murray - B side wrtitten by Dave Loney)
Why baby why/Some other time Fointana H 454 1964 (B side written by Dave Loney)

- Send me the pillow -
- Cept me -
Fontana H267242 1962
(A side Hank Locklin song -
B side written by Dave Loney, Tony Hutchins and Tony Porter)
- I saw Linda yesterday -
- Good and true -
Fontana H267261 1963
(A side cover of an Ameican hit - B side written by Dave Allaway)
- What do you wanna do -
- She loves me so -
Fontana H267277 1963
(A side written by Mitch Murray - B side wrtitten by Dave Loney)
- Why baby why -
- Some other time -
Fointana H 454 1964
(B side written by Dave Loney)

faithful kind leavin town

Eddie Curtis and the Hellions

Leavin Town/Faithful Kind, Oriole 45-CB 1852 (1963)
The Hellions were Dave Allaway, rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Hart, lead guitar, Brian Marshall, bass & Joe Farnell, drums.
This was in fact The Nightriders, and we recorded various titles written by Dave Allaway and Tony Porter, and Tony plugged them round the record companies under different names.
The Hellions record was I think the only one released, and consisted of "I'm Leaving Town" on the A side, and "The Faithful Kind" on the B.
We had a session piano player on the B side who's name I forget, possibly Norman something.
Both songs written by Tony Porter and Dave Allaway.
- Leavin town -
- Faithful kind -

Los Cincos Ricardos

La Yenka/Too bg for her boots Philips BF 1461
Most exclusive residence for sale/It's all over now Philips BF 1525
One big kiss/Something Philips BF 1436

Jon Isherwood

Old Time Movies/Apple Pie Parlephone R5733 1969
- Jon Isherwood - Apple pie -

Jon Isherwood & Pat Nelson- Alec Rose Special Souvenir (RGJ632A)- Oak (1968)
A Man and his Lively Lady
The Ballad of Alec Rose

Jon Isherwood- A Lauging Cry (SKL 505) - Decca (1970)
My Old Guitar
It Don't Seem to Matter Anymore
Nasty Mr.Migliocantati
Take Me to the Sky
Okay Yoko
The Cucumber Song
My Health Dear
Talking Musician Blues
I'm Feeling Grand
And I didn't Care

Jon Isherwood- A Bellyful of Isherwood (SFA 010) - Sweet Folk All (1974)
A lesson too late for the learning
Salami (joke)
My Heath Dear
Womans Lib (joke)
If you could read my mind
O'Sullivans John
The Crocodile Dog (joke)
Wild Rover
Cucumber song (Spanish Version)
Bunch of Chrysanthemums (joke)
Wild Mountain Tyme
This Land is Your Land
Clunk Clip every trip (joke)
Private Smith (joke)
Holy Ground (joke)
Kilgarry Mountain

Jon Isherwood-Live from the folk Club Portsmouth (1967)
The Thrashing Machine
John Hardy
Peggy Oh!
The Nightingale
Talking Musican Blues
Whistling Rufus
Wild Mountain Thyme
And I didn't Care
Streets of Larado
STD Blues
Where is the girl
Railroad Bill
Verdant Braes of Skreen
My Old Guitar

Shep Woolley

- Shep Woolley - Pompey Rock -

Shep is a confirmed and adopted Pompey Supporter and wrote Pompey Rock.


more about the Sailmakers

- The Sailmakers - Bye Bye Fraulein -
- The Sailmakers - For as long as I have you -
sightofp s-of-p

Harlem Speakeasy

Aretha/Sight of Pegasus, Polydor BM56270 (1968)
- Aretha -
- Sight of Pegasus -


- The Dynamos - You make me go oooo -

You make me go ooo
This track was on the Ready Steady Win album, released after the TV talent contest of the same name.

The Four Jacks

Hey Baby/ Prayer of love, Decca (1958)
- Hey baby -
- Prayer of love -
Recordings made at the time were released on two CD's in the 2010/11.
- It's a lie -
- Rainbow Road -
- A Million Tears -

Bobby Collins

The Whistling Guy/ Wolf on the prowl, Melodisc 1295 (1955)
- The Whistling Guy -
- Wolf on the prowl -
accompanied by Johnnie Gray and his Band.
collinsaside collinsbside

mark andrews

Mark Andrews and the City Gents

Mark Andrews - Brave
Mark Andrews & the Gents - Laid on a plate
Mark Andrews & The Gents - West One
Mark Andrews and The Gents - Born To Be Wild
Mark Andrews & The Gents - Does it Get to You Like it Gets to Me?
Mark Andrews & the Gents - Say it's all right
Mark Andrews & The Gents - Born To Be Wild

Joe Jackson

The Paulsgrove lad got to number five in 1980 with It's Different for Girls and had three other Top 40 hits.
Look Sharp! (1979, A&M) No. 20 US, No. 40 UK
I'm the Man (1979, A&M) No. 22 US, No. 12 UK
Beat Crazy (1980, A&M) No. 41 US, No. 42 UK
Jumpin' Jive (1981, A&M) No. 42 US, No. 14 UK
Night and Day (1982, A&M) No. 4 US, No. 3 UK
Mike's Murder Movie Soundtrack (1983, A&M) No. 64 US
Body and Soul (1984, A&M) No. 20 US, No. 14 UK
Big World (1986, A&M) No. 34 US, No. 41 UK
Will Power (1987, A&M) No. 131 US
Tucker Original Soundtrack (1988, A&M)
Blaze of Glory (1989, A&M) No. 61 US, No. 36 UK
Laughter & Lust (1991, Virgin) No. 116 US, No. 41 UK
Night Music (1994, Virgin)
Heaven & Hell (1997, Sony)
Symphony No. 1 (1999, Sony)
Night and Day II (2000, Sony)
Volume 4 (2003, Rykodisc)
Rain (2008, Rykodisc)
The Duke (2012, Razor & Tie)


People People/The nun, 1968, COLUMBIA DB 8499 (1968)
The Portsnmouth group???

I'm A Gambler Go away, 1969, PAGE ONE POF 135, (1969)
Lloyd Courtenay - drums; Pete Dello - vocals; Toni Douglas - guitar; John Lawson - bass; Tony Sinclair - guitar.
Not the Portsmouth group
My love is deep/2 versions

Aubrey Small

The Loser/Oh! what a day it's been Polydor 2058204 (1972)
- The Loser -
- Oh! what a day it's been -

Album;- Aubrey Small Polydor 2383048 (1971)
1 Country Road
2 Gardenia
3 Trying to Find My Way
4 For My Lady
5 It's Morning
6 Why?
7 Love on
8 Born to Be
9 If I Were You
10 Oh! What a Day It's Been
11 Smoker Will Blow
12 Wonderful
Rod Taylor - electric piano; Pete Pickney - guitar, vocals; Allan Christmas - guitar, vocals; Dave Young(Yearley) - flute, vocals; Graham Hunt - drums.

Jack Hawkins and his Orchestra

Windmill records 1974
Jack Hawkins His Orchestra & Singers - Your Favourite TV Themes (LP)
Windmill Records (UK) Cat#: WMD 226
A1 Eye Level (Theme From Van Der Velk)
A2 The Wombling Song (Theme From The Wombles)
A3 Spartacus (Theme From The Onedin Line)
A4 Colditz Theme
A5 Galloping Home (Theme From Black Beauty)
A6 Shaft Theme
B1 Match Of The Day
B2 Kung Fu Theme
B3 Bruce Forsyth And The Generation Game
B4 The Brothers Theme
B5 The Edwardians (Theme From Upstairs, Downstairs)
B6 Hawaii Five-0 Theme

Jack Hawkins and His Orchestra “Your Favourite TV Themes” LP
Issued on Windmill, a budget label that makes MFP look like Blue Note. This is one of the many early 70’s cash-ins on the popularity of tube tunes. Like the rest, the cover features an illustrated montage of stars associated with the themes - did they all use the same designer? But unlike his peers, Mr Hawkins chose to tackle some less obvious material. “Bruce Forsythe and the Generation Game”? – I’m sure you won’t find that on any Geoff Love album. I was looking forward to hearing Jack’s attempt at the mighty “Shaft”, as well as the theme from “Kung Fu”, an old favourite of mine that I’d never come across on vinyl before.

Inc A Version Of The 'GET CARTER' Classic '30-60-90'
JACK HAWKINS & HIS ORCHESTRA – EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL (UK WINDMILL 1973) 2nd issue of the rare ‘Psychedelic 70s’ LP. Willie Mitchell’s 30-60-90 (as featured in the night club scene in Get Carter). Also cover of Billy Preston’s ‘Billy’s Bag’.






- 4. MANANA -


audrey jeans 4

Audrey Jeans

- Bad Pianna Rag -
- Send a letter to jeanette, yet! -
Decca F11035 June 1958
- How lovely to be a woman -
- What did I see in him -
HMV POP 876 UK 1961

Ticky Ticky Tick(I'm gonna tell on you)/Will you, Willyum, Decca F10768 DRF22146 July 1956
It's better in the dark/The bus stop song(a paper of pins), Decca F10788 DR22415 October 1956.
Bad Pianna Rag/Send a letter to jeanette, yet!, Decca F11035 June 1958
How lovely to be a woman/ What did I se in him, HMV POP 876 UK 1961


My gal Sal/The timeless tide Parlophone R 4650 (1960)
The Exodus Song/Come live your life with me Decca Beltonia (1968)

Manfred Mann

26 July 1963 Why Should We Not?/Brother Jack - - - - - -
25 October 1963 Cock-a-Hoop/Now You're Needing Me - - - - - -
10 January 1964 5-4-3-2-1/Without You 5 - - - - -
10 April 1964 Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)/I'm Your Kingpin 11 - - - - - 10 July 1964 Do Wah Diddy Diddy/What You Gonna Do? 1 1 1 - 4 1
9 October 1964 Sha La La/John Hardy 3 12 12 - 7 6
8 January 1965 Come Tomorrow/What Did I Do Wrong 4 50 20 - - -
9 April 1965 Oh No, Not My Baby/What Am I Doing Wrong 11 124 - - - -
10 September 1965 If You Gotta Go, Go Now/Stay Around 2 - - - - 7
15 April 1966 Pretty Flamingo/You’re Standing By 1 29 2 1 3 6
1 July 1966 You Gave Me Somebody to Love(Released by HMV Records when the group changed labels)/Poison Ivy 36 - - - - -
29 July 1966 Just Like a Woman/I Wanna Be Rich 10 101 - 3 - 1
21 October 1966 Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James/Morning After the Party 2 - - 3 - 11
23 March 1967 Ha! Ha! Said the Clown/Feeling So Good 4 - - 2 2 5
5 May 1967 Sweet Pea/One Way 36 - - - - -
25 August 1967 So Long, Dad/Funniest Gig 52 - - 8 - -
12 January 1968 Mighty Quinn/By Request – Edwin Garvey 1 10 3 1 2 1
23 February 1968 Theme from Up the Junction/Sleepy Hollow - - - - - -
7 June 1968 My Name is Jack/There is a Man 8 104 27 10 - -
29 November 1968 Fox on the Run/Too Many People 5 97 - 1 6 10
18 April 1969 Ragamuffin Man/A ‘B’ Side 8 - - 5 - -

1 May 1964 Manfred Mann’s Cock-A-Hoop 5-4-3-2-1 /Cock-a-Hoop /Without You /Why Should We Not? HMV 7EG 8848
6 November 1964 Groovin’ With Manfred Mann Groovin' /Do Wah Diddy Diddy /Can't Believe It /Did You Have to Do That? HMV 7EG 8876
18 June 1965 The One in the Middle The One in the Middle /Watermelon Man /What am I to Do? /With God on Our Side HMV 7EG 8908
17 December 1965 No Living Without Loving There's No Living Without Your Loving /Let’s Go Get Stoned /Tired of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared of Dying /I Put a Spell on You HMV 7EG 8922
29 April 1966 Machines Machines /She Needs Company /Tennessee Waltz /When Will I Be Loved? HMV 7EG 8942
17 June 1966 Instrumental Asylum Still I'm Sad /My Generation /I Can't Get No Satisfaction /I Got You Babe HMV 7EG 8949
21 October 1966 As Was I Can't Believe What You Say /That’s All I Ever Want From You Babe /Driva Man /It’s Getting Late HMV 7EG 8962
2 December 1966 Instrumental Assassination Sunny /Wild Thing /Getaway /With a Girl Like You Fontana TE 17483

UK Albums
11 September 1964 The Five Faces of Manfred Mann HMV CLP 1731 15 October 1965 Mann Made HMV CLP 1911/CSD 1628 9 September 1966 Mann Made Hits HMV CLP 3559 21 October 1966 As Is Fontana TL/STL 5377 13 January 1967 Soul of Mann HMV CLP/CSD 3594 23 February 1968 Up The Junction (Original Soundtrack Recording) - Fontana TL/STL 546023/2/68 16 March 1968 What a Mann - Fontana SFL 13003 28 June 1968 Mighty Garvey! - Fontana TL/STL 5470

US Albums
Release date Title U.S. Albums Chart Catalogue No. 17 September 1964 The Manfred Mann Album Ascot ALM 13015/ALS 16015
8 February 1965 The Five Faces of Manfred Mann Ascot ALM 13018/ALS 16018
13 September 1965 My Little Red Book Of Winners! - Ascot ALM 13021/ALS 15021
5 November 1965 Mann Made - Ascot ALM 13024/ALS 16024
19 July 1966 Pretty Flamingo - United Artists UAL 3549/UAS 6549
13 October 1966 Manfred Mann’s Greatest Hits - United Artists UAL 3551/UAS 6551
11 March 1968 Up The Junction(Original Soundtrack Recording) - Mercury SR 61159
6 May 1968 The Mighty Quinn - Mercury SR 61168


Wired Up/Ain't Got Time DJM, DJS289, (Nov.'73).
Bye Bye Bad Days/ Lady DJM DJS 303, (1974)
Demolishon/Planet Aldrumace

- Wired Up -
- Ain't Got Time -
DJM, DJS289, (Nov.'73).
- Bye Bye Bad Days -
- Lady -
DJM DJS 303, (1974)
- Demolishon -
- Planet Aldrumace -

thresh1 thresh2
smiling hard smiling hard

Smiling Hard

Don't call us we'll call you/Fire to the Galleon Survival SURV5 (1975)
did they released a single entitled "Sooner Or Later" in 1973

- Don't call us we'll call you -
- Fire to the Galleon -
Survival SURV5 (1975)


- Friday on my mind -
- Tomorrow's sorrow -
Soldoon SDR11 (1976)


- 1. That Extra Mile -
- 2. Summer Almanac -
- 3. Specuilation -
- 4. I can lead you to war -


Jazz funk band that included Ginger Austin from Portsmouth and got to number nine in 1982 with Night Birds and 1984 with Down on the Street. Also had four other Top 40 hits.


American band featuring Portsmouth's Mick Jones who hit number one in 1984 with I Want to Know What Love Is and had four more Top 40 hits.


Mike Hug

Blue suede shoes again/Fool no more Polydor 2058265(1972)
Wichita/No love in the city Polydor 2058805 (1976)

Mike Hugg's Freeway

Same old fantasy/Fool no more (1976) Polydor 2058691

- Mike Hugg - Blue suede shoes again -
- Mike Hugg - Fool no more -
Polydor 2058265(1972)
- Mike Hugg's Freeway - Same old fantasy -
- Mike Hugg's Freeway - Those days -
(1976) Polydor 2058691


Weavers Green

(Mike Hug's sister Jane Hug?) Butterfly/Mister Pseudo fabulous Pheonix SNIX115
A Little More Love In My Life/Sing My Song Phoenix SNIX132 (1972)

Brian Howe

Their hit single although Brian Howe did not sing on it.
- Bad Company - Can't get enough -

Brian Anthony Howe (born 22 July 1953, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England) is a British rock singer and songwriter, best known for replacing Paul Rodgers as the lead vocalist of rock group Bad Company. Howe's career was jump-started in 1983, when Ted Nugent recruited him to handle lead vocals for his Penetrator album, and front its subsequent world tour.
called The Firm, so the remaining two members hired Howe as the new lead singer, Greg Dechert on keyboards and Steve Price on bass. Howe’s vocal style brought more of a pop-rock sound to the band, as opposed to Rodgers’ more bluesy sound. The band hired Foreigner producer Keith Olsen to produce the new lineup’s initial album, 1986’s Fame and Fortune. The band also switched labels to Atco Records.
The next Howe-era album, 1988’s Dangerous Age was produced by Terry Thomas, who returned the band to a guitar-driven sound. This album fared better than its predecessor, spawning three songs that made the top 10 on Billboard's rock chart: "No Smoke Without A Fire," (#4), "One Night" (#9), and "Shake It Up" (#9). The last two were written by Howe and Thomas.
The band's next album, 1990’s Holy Water, also produced by Thomas, was a major commercial success, attaining platinum status in the U.S. by selling more than one million copies. It produced five singles that went top-15 on Billboard's rock chart, including the #1 hit "Holy Water" which was followed by "Boys Cry Tough" (#3), "If You Needed Somebody" (#2) and "Walk Through Fire" (#15). Ralphs sat out for most of the Holy Water tour, although he did perform on the album.
The final studio album of the Howe era, 1992’s Here Comes Trouble featured the Billboard #1 rock hit "How About That." Before touring in support of the album, the band expanded to a quintet, adding ex-Foreigner bassist Rick Wills and rhythm guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell, a protégé of Ralphs. During the tour, the band recorded a live album, What You Hear Is What You Get: The Best of Bad Company which featured hit songs from both the Rodgers and Howe eras of the band. Howe was ultimately fired from Bad Company after the release of the live album according to Simon Kirke for professional and personal reasons.
Solo Howe released his first solo album, Tangled in Blue, in 1997 on Touchwood Records. It was re-released with one additional song under the name Touch in 2003 on MTM Music and Publishing. Howe toured as "Bad Company former lead singer Brian Howe." His relationship with ex-bandmates Kirke and Ralphs has remained acrimonious.
In 1998, Howe was involved in a unsuccessful take-over bid for Portsmouth Football Club, and convinced Alan Ball to accept charge of the club, with the thought of Howe coming in to be the chairman.
In 2010 Howe plans on releasing a new solo album called " The Circus Bar" . The line-up of his current band is:
Brian Howe - Lead vocals
Dean Aicher - Guitar / Backing vocals
Miguel Gonzalez (bassist) - Bass / Backing vocals
Matt Brown (drummer) - Drums
Year Album
1986 "That Girl"
1987 "Fame and Fortune"
1988 "Shake It Up"
1989 "No Smoke Without a Fire"
1990 "Holy Water"
1990 "If You Needed Somebody"
1991 "Walk Through Fire"
1992 "How About that"
1992 "This Could Be The One"
1999 "Hey Hey"
1999 "Hammer of Love"

Studio albums
Year Album
1986 Fame and Fortune
1988 Dangerous Age
1990 Holy Water
1992 Here Comes Trouble
1995 Company of Strangers
1996 Stories Told & Untold

Live albums
Year Album
1993 What You Hear Is What You Get: The Best of Bad Company — —
2002 Merchants of Cool
2006 Live in Albuquerque

Compilation albums
Year Album
1985 10 from 6
1999 The Original Bad Company Anthology
shy - Turnaround shy - be by my side


VERY RARE single from 1980, by the Portsmouth group Shy. A great song, even though it didn't chart. Band members on this single are:
Brian Howe, Bob Snelling, Andy Fretwell, Chris Fretwell, Graham Jessup.

- Shy - Be by my side -

Level 42

Led by Isle of Wight bassist Mark King, the band got as high as number three with Lessons In Love in 1986. They had 19 other singles in the Top 40.

Julia Fordham

Hayling Island singer-songwriter who reached number 27 in 1988 with Happy Ever After. She went on to have one other Top 40 hit.


Portsmouth band who got to number 29 in 1993 with Jewel.

Rob Searle

Portsmouth DJ remixed The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and hit the Top 10 in 2000.

very best nat gonella

Nat Gonella

(7 March 1908–6 August 1998) was an English jazz trumpeter, bandleader, vocalist and mellophonist born in London, perhaps most notable for his work with the big band he founded, The Georgians. Nat Gonella died at his home in Gosport on August 6, 1998, aged 90. Recording too many to mention, but here are four songs from the 'Very Best' CD

- Nat Gonella - Booglie Wooglie Piggy -
- Nat Gonella - Georgia on my mind -
- Nat Gonella - Wacky Dust -
- Nat Gonella - Pennies from heaven -


Formed by Caleb Quaye (guitars, piano and vocals) and three fellow DJM house musicians, Ian Duck (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Roger Pope (drums) and David Glover (bass), the band were also backing musicians for Elton John, appearing together on most of his early recordings for DJM. Fred Gandy (bass) replaced David Glover who had left after the release of the second album.
Other occasional members of the band were:
Bob Kulick (guitar, vocals), v Mick Grabham (bass)
Peter Ross (harmonica, vocals).
Way of the musician / Hookfoot (single 1969, non LP tracks)
Hookfoot (LP 1971)
Good Times a-Comin' (LP 1972)
Sweet sweet funky music / The opener (non LP track) (single 1972)
Freedom / Heart to heart talking / Red man (single 1972, non LP tracks) Communication (LP 1973)
So you wanna be a rock ´n` roll star / Mr. Money (single 1973, non LP tracks)
Roarin' (LP 1974)
Headlines (2LP 1975, compilation incl. 'So you wanna be a rock ´n` roll star' and 4 unreleased tracks)
Hookfoot Live In Memphis (rec. 1972, rel. 1990)

Stephanie Lawrence

Stephanie Lawrence
(16 December 1949 – 4 November 2000) was a British musical theatre actress. Stephanie Lawrence was born in Hayling Island, Hampshire, the daughter of a singer and classically trained dancer.

You Saved My Life
Bubbling Brown Sugar (OLC)
Only He Has the Power to Move Me (single)
- Stephanie Lawrence - Only He Has the Power to Move Me -

Starlight Express (OLC)
U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. (from Starlight Express)
Light At The End of The Tunnel (from Starlight Express, with Carl Wayne, Fiona Hendley, Jess Conrad and Paul Jones)
Next Time You Fall in Love (from Starlight Express)
Am I Asking Too Much (single)
Blood Brothers, London Revival Cast
- Stephanie Lawrence - Tell me it's not true - (from Blood Brothers)

Marilyn the Legend
Footlights - debut solo album
In The Red
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Songbook
- Stephanie Lawrence - Think of me - (from Phantom of the opera)

Special Kind of Hero (World Cup 1986 theme)
The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, with Paul Nicholas


- 1. Things I Should Have Been -
- 2. This Time Tomorrow -
- 3. Never Say Die -
- 04 Come Back -
- 5. Song For Chaos -
- 6. Morning Coffee (A Theme From A Film) -
- 7. Number One (Last Request) -
- 8. Number Two (Down At The Mission) -
- 9. Dawning -
- 10. Got To Get Away -
- Hangin' on - single release -
- Funny Lines - single release -

Lead singer Terry Scott was born in Southampton England in 1949, Lead guitar Eddie Harnett, Ray King sax, Malcoln 'Nobby'; Glover drums.

Of courser we couldn't forget;-

The Portsmouth Sinfonia

“Hallelujah!” - The Portsmouth Sinfonia at the Royal Albert Hall (1974)
Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Popular Classics (1974)
20 Classic Rock Classics (1980)
Classical Muddly / Hallelujah Chorus (single, Springtime Records 1981)
Dead Parrot Society (compilation album, 1993)

The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an orchestra founded by a group of students at the Portsmouth School of Art in Portsmouth, England, in 1970. The Sinfonia had an unusual entrance requirement, in that players had to either be non-musicians, or if a musician, play an instrument that was entirely new to them. Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. They last performed publicly in 1979.
Bryars was interested more in experimenting with the nature of music than forming a traditional orchestra. Instead of picking the most competent musicians he could find, he encouraged anyone to join, regardless of talent, ability and experience. The only rules were that everyone had to come for rehearsals and that people should try their best to get it right and not intentionally try to play badly. The first recording made by the Sinfonia was a floppy 45rpm disc of Rossini's William Tell Overture, which was sent out as the invitation for the degree show that year.
The early repertoire of the Sinfonia was drawn from standard classical repertoire (such as "The Blue Danube" waltz and "Also sprach Zarathustra"), so that most orchestra members had a rough idea of what the piece, or at least famous parts of it, should sound like; even if they could not play their chosen instrument accurately, they would at least have an idea that they should be going higher at one part then lower at another, and so on. The end result was the musical ensemble producing not only the correct note but several notes nearby, 'clouds of sound' that gave an average impression of the piece.
Many modern composers and musicians found this to be interesting and even profound; the comedic aspects of the music were merely a bonus, though it was used extensively for marketing purposes. Brian Eno was interested enough to join the orchestra, playing clarinet, and subsequently producing their first two albums.
The orchestra was invited by the composer Michael Parsons to play the Purcell Room at London's Royal Festival Hall. Their album, Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Popular Classics was released in 1974. On May 28, 1974, as their fame increased, they played a concert at the Royal Albert Hall with conductor John Farley, which sold thousands of tickets. The orchestra's take on the late 1970s / early 1980s vogue for pop classical medleys, "Classical Muddly" — produced by their manager Martin Lewis and released by Springtime!/Island Records in 1981 — is particularly characteristic of their unique sound; it was specifically inspired by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's "Hooked on Classics". The single was a Top 40 hit in the UK Singles Chart.
Although the group never formally disbanded, it ceased performing in 1979.

“Hallelujah!” - The Portsmouth Sinfonia at the Royal Albert Hall (1974)
Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Popular Classics (1974)
20 Classic Rock Classics (1980)
"Classical Muddly" / "Hallelujah Chorus" (single, Springtime Records 1981)
Dead Parrot Society (compilation album, 1993)

Extract from "Twenty Missed Beats" by Anthony Rollinson,
Discography, Recordings from Portsmouth 1978-1995(and John Peel/Radio Sessions)

LP (album, all formats)/Tape (cassette only)/CD (album on CD only)/7"/12"/EP RADIO = Radio session recording.


Again Again
Beached/Scarred For Life/Here We Go/Self Employed.. RADIO (John Peel Session)
Produced by Tony Wilson, Engineered by Mike Robinson on 12/12/78 at Maida Vale 4. Originally broadcast on 20/12/78.


Yes I Want To/We're At War (7"). Brain Booster Music. BB0001/ATT1 Recorded at Telecomms, Portsmouth, Spring 1979.

The Media
No Darling I Love The Media EP (7"). Tearaway Records. TA001
T. V. Kids/Don't Sit Back/Getting High/Rose And Crown
Recorded at Telecomms, Portsmouth.

The Frames
False Accusations/69 (7"). Brain Booster Music. BBC2 Recorded at Theatre Projects London.


All Plans Exist EP (7") Brain Booster Music. BB003.
Present Is Only Slight/When Ever Is It/She Cried/Don't Touch Me
Recorded at Telecomms, Portsmouth.

The Media
South Coast City Rockers/Back On The Beach. (7"). Brain Boosters Music. BB004
Recorded at Telecomms, Portsmouth. Produced by John Cooper & The Media.

SouthSpecific.jpg SouthSpec-backcov.jpg South Specific - Brain Boosters Reveal Music From Portsmouth (LP) Brain Booster Music. Lobotomy 01.
Recorded: 1980, Telecomms, Portsmouth. Produced by the artists.
Side One: Attic: This Child Is Dead/Strange Numbers-Base Seven. Renaldo And The Loaf: A Medical Man/Bali Whine/Scottish Shuffle. Toxicomane: This Nice World. The Nice Boys: Maybe That's Lovel(Remember) This Room.
Side Two: Dance Attack (X): Not Instrumental (It's a Dance Attack)/Last OfThe Teenage Heartaches/Keep Moving. The Chimes: I Can't Smile/Through To You/Why Do I Believe? Anna Blum: Mourning In Yellow. The Frames: Lost In Space/Reduced Watches.

Mike Malignant And The Parasites/The Pink Flamingoes
These Things Are Sent To Try Us (7"). Para-mingo Records. 00 1/002. The Pink Flamingoes: Oh Isn't It Wild/Save It Till Later

Mike Malignant And The Parasites: Terminal Fracture/O.D. Babies/Is Death Best Recorded at Eastbourne by Mr Costello.

The Axxe/Art 5946 Foreign/The Ability To Speak/Whenever Is It?. RADIO (John Peel Session).
Produced by Bob Sargent, Engineered by Nick Gomm on 3/12/80 at Langham 1. Originally broadcast on 10/12/80.


Git Dayn! - A Collection of Portsmouth (Tape LP) Hamster Tapes. HR 001
Plastic Turtles: The Sad Song/A Wish. Astral Bodies: Concept/Rememberance Day. Body Count: Cosa Nostra/Sgt. Bilko. Private Eye: Private Eye/Temporary Fault. T. Bone: Caught In A Flash/Stop. Right Profile: Fate/Brain Drain. Vivienne Encore: Obsessed With You, Eastbourne/Lonely In A Crowd. Sister Romance: Slip To The Beat/Roundabout.
Edited and sequenced by Dave Hardcastle and Dave Jordan at Toucan Recording Studios, Hayling Island. Artwork by Louis Crandell.

The Frames
The Shock Of The New/Play It By Fear/La Chason Ironique/Stingray. RADIO (John Peel Session).
Produced by Dale Griffin, Engineered by Mike Robinson on 2/3/81 at Langham 1. Originally broadcast on 24/2/81.

Look Back In Anger
Caprice/Mannequin (7"). LBIA01. Recorded at Airship Studios, Bognor Regis.

Short And Sweet/How Many Times? (7"). Airship. AP 138

High Risk
Must Be Crazy/l Go To Pieces/Rich Kid. (7"). Airship. AP 164


Polemic Attack
Bullshit Detector Two (Compilation LP). Crass Records. 221984/3
Polemic contribute: Manipulated Youth. Other bands: Chumbawamba, Waiting For Bardot, Omega Tribe, Suspects, Your Funeral, Krondstadt Uprising, Deformed, No Label, Rejected, A. Gardener, Boffo, XS, Toxic, 1984, Anon, Toxic Ephex, Sic, Molitov Cocktail, Naked, Capital Punishment, Anthrax, ?, Psuedo Sadists, Total Chaos, Dougie, St. Vitus Dancers, Stegz, Metro Youth, Normality Complex, Youth In Asia, Riot Squad, Destructors, Pits, Bored, Toby Kettle, Passion Killers, Amerikan Arsenal.

Knights' Fall
After Armageddon/In A Dream/Dorian Gray/Badon Hill/The RoselRed Eyes/Years/ Knights'Fall. Recorded at Chestnut Studios, except After Armageddon and Knights' Fall at Toucan Studios, Hayling Island.

Brainstormer EP (7). Flicknife Records. FLS212
Thatcher/Crazy World/Don't VotelDaddy, Daddy
Recorded at Mekon Studios, Brixton by Frenchy Gloder and Rob Doran.

Burnt Offerings - A South Of England Compilation (Tape LP) Winchester Wax.
The Time: Roughies And Toughies/Stephanie And Peter/This Fever.
With Thieves Like Us, Four People I have Known and The Headless Horsemen.


Azure. (LP). Crystal Records. (PMC 001)
Recorded: 1983, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth. Produced by Steve Hoff. Side One: Sound System: Hyper Space Skank. Control Q: Don't Give A Damn. Steve Austin: Pillar. Machette: Our Lady.
Side Two: Radical Dance: Move It Up. The Press: Presstell. Rendevous Of Friends: Juxta Position. Vivienne Encore: Presence Of Mind. Verbal Assault: Slaughter House. Cyclons: Power Of Stone.

Spit `N' Finish (TOU 002). (LP)
Recorded: 1983, at Toucan Recording Studio, Finchwood Farm, Hayling Island, Hampshire. Produced by the bands. Engineered by Dave Hardcastle. Side One: Benchiz: Rise And Fall. The 15th: Now I Dream. A Short Term Effect: Empty Shell. Dark Harvest: All Systems Go. Relative Ease: Run From My Mind. State Of Mind: Pictures.
Side Two: Perfect People: Good Time Girl. Ulterior Motives: Heart Won't Let You Go. Friends: Pyramid Blue. Secrets in Whispers: Soul Searching. Red Flag: Davey. The Dodgers: I've Got News For You.


Acid Attack/4 Minute Warning
On The Street: 18 Punk Tracks from British Punk Bands (Compilation LP) Sane Records. Sane 003. Acid Attack Suburbia's Dream (recorded & produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Rooms)/4 Minute Warning I Don't Care
(recorded & produced by Dave Hardcastle at Toucan Studios).

The Idol Rich
You Know It Too/Strip It Bare (7"). Performance Records. PFC 001.
Recorded at Toucan Studios, Hayling Island. Produced by Paul Windsor. Engineered by Dave Hardcastle.

Look Back In Anger
Flowers/Inamorata/Torment. (12"). Criminal Damage. CR112.107.
Recorded in London.

Control Q
(7" and LP). Lost in the passage of time. Crystal Records. CR03
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Renaldo & The Loaf
Renaldo & The Loaf Play Struve and Sneff (tape). A Rotcod Production. RD 1. 10 Tracks.
* At least four LP's which I need details of:
Arabic Yodelling (Ralph Records, USA) Songs For Singing Larvie (Ralph Records, USA) Title In Limbo (A shared LP with The Residents) Hamboo Hodo/Hamburger & Hotdogs (Some Bizzare)
No track listings, dates, catalogue numbers available at time of going to press - criminal!


The Branksmere Sessions (7"). Crystal Records CR06.
Surf Side: Surfboard/Manta Ray Beat Side: Ain 't Homel315
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Red Letter Day
Wherever You May Run/Suzie's Bombed Out Tonite (7"). Last Generation Records. LGR003.
Engineered and Produced by Chris Broderick at Matinee Music, Reading.

Treble X
What To look For/I Think I'm A Falling (7"). Rock Sharp Records. RSR005
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Treble X
So Happy Now/Under The Burning Sun (7"). Crystal Records. CR07
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Picture Book
Laughing In My Hand/Reflex Action. (7"). Crystal Records. CR07.
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

For Madmen Only
Burnt/Full Circle (7"). Crystal Records. CR08.
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Itchy Feeling
Hold Me Closer/Whisper Of Love (7"). Crystal Records. CR09.
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Sweat It Out/Red Necks, White Socks/Things Fall Apart. (12"). Uptight Records and Music. UPT11
Engineered and Produced by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios.

With No Encores
Fifteen Minutes In November (Tape). Recorded at The Crystal Studios + live.
Not In Love/Fall On My Face/This Place Called Home/Abortive Child/Where Its All Happening/Kickin'Around (Carnage)/She's Gone/The Passenger(Iggy Pop).


Against The Tide: Portsmouth: A Compilation. (Bite Back! 003). (Tape) Compiled in 1985 by Claire Davies and Ian Binnington. Tapes remastered 1985 by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios. Released: January 1986.
Side One: Cool Dizzys Playhouse: All That Jazz (Meets Jumping Jive). Rebel Truce: Best Years. Emptifish: Ain't Home. The Bridesmaids: Raining. The Gladhouse: Firefly. A Motion Industry: Ignorance Is Bliss. Twelve 88 Cartel: Blue Sun. The Script: Life At The North Pole. All We Desire: Wheel Of Fortune. Cranes: Vegetate. Sound System: System Breakdown. House Of Cards: Vacuum Years. Paul Groovy And The Pop Art Experience: Tune In, Turn On, Trip Out. E-Coli: Maybe It's Your Eyes.
Side Two: The Kingbeats: Boppin'And Blowin'. Renaldo & the Loaf: Green Candle. Radical Dance: Working Is The Bribery Way. The 15th: The Marble Shire. Flag For Sunrise: Flag For Sunrise. Secret Corners: Goodbye Smoketown. Treble X: So Happy. The Psylons: Separate Ways. Red Letter Day: Tomorrow Today. Ad-Nauseam: Squealer. Leigen: Parties. Picture Book: Scarlet Everywhere. Uncle Ian: Cinema Fly. Dark Ravens of Dance: Entranced.

The Psylons
Run To The Stranger/Tumbling Clown (7"). Crystal Records. CRO10
Recorded and produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.
Run To The Stranger appeared on the 1986 The Indie Scene compilation with: Pulp, The Weather Prophets, Easterhouse, The Blue Aeroplanes, Billy Bragg, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Primitives, The Close Lobsters, Pop Will Eat Itself, All About Eve, The Go Betweens, That Petrol Emotion, Rose Of Avalanche, The Mekons, Goodbye Mr McKenzie, His Latest Flame, Mighty Mighty, Very Things, Flatmates, The Chesterfields and Erasure.

I Want That Girl/Shake Out/395BBK. (7"). Crystal Records. CRO11.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Red Letter Day
The Released Emotions EP (12"). Quiet Records QSTO15.
Killing Ground/So Far Away/Spark Of Love/Tomorrow Today
Engineered and Produced by Chris Broderick at Matinee Music, Reading.

Twelve 88 Cartel
We Encourage Resistance. (Tape). Bite Back!. BB!004.
Turn It On/The Nation's Great CrusadelLast Day/Kickback/High Rise/Flags On A Hill/ Short Wave Warefare/Fall!/Deadlock/Blue Sun /Against The Wall/ BarrierslTurning
Round And Out.
Recorded in Portsmouth and Gosport.

Uncle Ian
Going Ape In The Optics Factory. (Tape). Bite Back! BB!007.
Urban Picnic pt1 /Blancmange/Nightwalker/Sanctuary pt1-pt3/Spring/Paradise/Fly/ Spontaneity/Cinema Fly.
Recorded in Portsmouth.

The Psylons
Mockery of Decline/Clearer Sky (7"). EType Records. EType 1.
Recorded and produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Fuse. (Tape). Bite Back! BB008.
Pillow Panther/Fuse/ValentinelGas-ring/Things That I like/Wrench/Fracture.
Recorded at Fame Evil, Portsmouth.

Radical Dance
Rhino Skin/Survive The Day. (7"). Bite Back! BB!009.
Recorded in Portsmouth.

Paul Groovy And The Pop Art Experience
Let's Crash The Blue Bus! (Tape). Bite Back! BB!O10
Andy Watch Out!/Hypnotised/Sceptical Slide/Alice In Wonderland/Something's Happening Today/Secret Diary */Tune In Turn On Trip Out/Take Away The Pain
Recorded at The Crystal Studios by Steve Hoff, except * in taped in Master Groovy's kitchen, Fratton.

The Fifteenth
Andelain/Time Stood Still/Now I Dream/The Fallen God. (12"). Fifteenth. FTO1.
Recorded in London.

Red Letter Day
Spark Of Love/Coming Home/Killing Ground/Pictures. RADIO (John Peel) Produced by Dale Griffin, Engineered by Mike Engels on 13/4/86 at Maida Vale 5. Originally broadcast on 21/4/86 and then repeated in June.

The Psylons
Rememberance/Clearer Skies/Mockery Of Decline/Landmark. RADIO (John Peel) Produced by Dale Griffin, Engineered by Mike Shilling and Mike Engels on 1/6/86 at Maida Vale 5. Originally broadcast on 9/6/86.

Red Letter Day
Coming Home (demo version) appeared on Bludgeoned, a Mute Sampler LP.
Other bands featured: Blue Aeroplanes, Close Lobsters, Pop Parker, Interference, Shrubs, Brilliant Corners, Jenny & the Cat Club, Elephant Men, Blyth Power, The Dentists, Chrochazade, Gus Bus, Billy Jerkins with The Voice of God Collective.

The Psylons
Separate WayslAll The Things We Need/She Said/Keyhole .Ioe. RADIO (Nic Kershaw). Produced by Des Tong, Engineered by Steve Robertshaw and Mike Engels on 13/11/ 86 at Maida Vale 5. Originally broadcast on 9/6/86.


The Kingbeats
Presenting The Kingbeats (LP). Rockstar Records. RSRLP1013
I Can Cee It In Your Eyes/How Can You Be Mean To MelThat Morning Train/ Boppin'n'Blowin'/As Fast As I Can/Teenage Partner/Where The Rio Derosa Flows/ Keep Lookin '/You Ain 't That Smart/Oh Babel/ Got The Bug/Crawdada Holel When The Sun Goes Down/Hey Good Lookin'lHoney Don't/Treat Me Right
Recorded at The Cave, Portsmouth.

The Caravans
On The Rocks (EP). Raucos Records.
More Whiskey/Her Love Was Cold As Ice.
The band appear on numerous compilations: The James Deans Of The Dole Queue (ID/Northwood)/Zorch Factor ll/III (Nervous)/Stompin'At The Klubfoot Vol 3/4 (ABC/ Jettisound)/Gypsy Girl (Fury)/Big Rumble III/IV (Fury)/Thee Psycho Sampler (Fury)/ Stars On Psycho (Vinyl Japan)/Neo Rockabilly Y/IV (Rockhouse) /Outrage (Rage)/ British Neo Rockabilly Best (Jick)/Best Of The Klubfoot (Link/Dojo/Jettisound)/Easy Money Live At The Hummingird (Jettisound)/Night Of The Long Knives (Jettisound)/ Live Over Germany (P1N)/Live At The Wedgewood Rooms (Bootleg)lBarney Burchams Daydream (Bootleg)/Alive In The Warehouse (Bootleg). The Caravans own 11 track debut LP Easy Money (Nervous) appeared in 1987.

Nigel Beech
This Is No Time For A Carnival/No Breath To Shout/Your Perfect Dream. (7") Crystal
Records. Crystal 15.
Recorded & Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios.

Ramblo and The Legendary Eddy Stone Band
Monday Morning Blues/Who Wanna Party. (7). Crystal Records. Crystal 16.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Red Herring
Albert Road/Harbour Lights. (7"). Crystal Records. CR017.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

The Greatest Show On Earth. (LP). Crystal Records. Crystal 19.
Intro/The Greatest Show On Earth/Pain In The Arse/Judas/Destructor/Praying For An End/AD-Captandum Vulgus/Pandemonium/Last Rites (To Be Continued)?
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Twelve 88 Cartel
Sweating Furore (7" EP). Bite Back! BB!O11
Dying For Money/The Method/Barriers. Recorded in Portsmouth.

Red Letter Day
Take Me In Your Arms/Moving On + The Day I Joined The Human Race flexi (7").
Quiet Records. QS018 and QF003.
Produced by Chris Broderick at Matinee Music.

Paul Groovy And The Pop Art Experience
Andy Watch Out!/Take Away The Pain. (7"). Bite Back! BB!012
Recorded by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios.

Steve Austin
Music From The Withered Orange Tree. (Tape). Bite Back! BB013
Recorded by Steve Hoff at The Crystal Studios.

The Psylons
All The Things We Need/Turning Worm/The Midnight Sun? (12"). Iron Lung Records.
Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Make Ready For Revelation. Bite Back! Sampler. (Bite Back! BB014).
Tape Mastering 1987 Steve Hoff of The Crystal Studios.
Side One: Paul Groovy and the Pop Art Experince: Something's Happening Today Radical Dance: Putting Up With The Don't Care Blues. Cranes: Nothing At The Middle Nothing At The End. The Bushbabies: Julia Side Two: Twelve 88 Cartel: Kickback. Strange Men With Guns: Restaurant. Steve Austin: It's A Hot World. Uncle Ian: Hydrofoil

Three Little Piggies
Frivolous Frollics (12" EP). Mrs Slocombe Discs.
Press Eject/ What Happened To Eric/Borgia Girtz/The Strangest Of Men/Ain 't He Happy.
Recorded in the studio and live in Portsmouth.

The Street Rods
You Gotta Have Rock `n' Roll EP (7" EP). Confederate Records. CFE001
You Gotta Have Rock `n' Roll/Give Me A Kiss Tonight/Love Bug Crawl/The Great Pretender.
Recorded in Portsmouth.


Three Little Piggies
Clark's Commandoes/Ain'tHe Happy/Uncle Chris. (7"). Mrs Slocombe Discs. MSD2.
Recorded at The Crystal Rooms by Steve Hoff.

Twelve 88 Cartel
Maxim. (Mini-LP). Bite Back! BB!015 Ego Trip/Hook/RomelMaxim/Hallelujah
Recorded in Portsmouth.

The Psylons
Psylons Is Golden. (Tape). Bite Back! BB!016
What Do They Care?/Push Him Away/Stephen Drowning/No Time Like Now/The Cut/ Waiting Nation.
Recorded by Steve Hoff at the Crystal Rooms.

Red Letter Day
Soft Lights And Loud Guitars. Released Emotions Records. REM One.
Side One/Dayside: It's Cold Outside/American Dream/The War Starts At Midnight/ Fade Away/Fall Apart
Recorded at DAX Studios, Cosham, Portsmouth. Produced and Engineered by Chris Sutton.
* A shared LP with Birmingham's The Sect who occupy Side Two/Sectside.

Raider/Devil's Bridge (Promo 7"). Union Square Label.
Recorded in the bottomless pits of hell.

Rock Therapy
You Don't Move Me No More/C'mon Honey. Therapy. TH001

Red Letter Day
Underground Rockers. (Compilation LP) Link Records. LINK LP 053
23:23 and Great Wall Of Leicester recorded by Red Letter Day in Millwall, London. Other bands featured include: Mega City Four; The Sect; Guitar Gangsters; The Crack; The Magnificent; The Instigators; The Four Guns.


Self Non Self. (Mini-LP). Bite Back! BB!019
One From The Slum/Joy Lies Within/Heaven Or Bliss/Beach Mover/Focus Breathe/ Fuse.
Recorded and Produced by Jim Shaw, Fame Evil, Portsmouth.
Re-released November 1992 on Dedicated. CDDEDCD 006
One From The Slum/Joy Lies Within/Heaven Or Bliss/Beach Mover/Focus Breathel Fuse/Reach (live)lNothing In The Middle, Nothing At The End/Vegetate

The Caravans
No Show No Go (Ded' To Basins). EP (7"). MPR Muik No Show No Go/Baby I Don't Care/RockAll Night.
Recorded at ATM, Germany.

Decimator, Carnage City, State Mosh Patrol. (LP). Neat Records. 1047
Mosh Two: Raider/Mutoids F.K/Blood Island/Decimator, Carnage City, State Mosh Patrol. Zing Two: Devil's Bridge/Rogue Decimator/Dust Bowl/Stealer Of Souls Parts 1 & 2.
Recorded at Carnage City.

Red Letter Day
Last Night/Street Heat (7"). Released Emotions TCS001.
Recorded at Dax, Cosham, Portsmouth.
* Last Night appears on the Punk - past, present and future (1988-1993). REM 020 CD. With: Vibrators, Sect, Lurkers, Chelsea, Maniacs, Sham 69, UK Subs, Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts, Angelic Upstarts, Red London, Resistance 77, Oi Polloi, Attila The Stockbroker, Anhrefn, Last Rough Cause, Crucial Youth, Exit Condition, Price, Leatherface, Blaggers ITA, Indestructible Beat.

The Mild Mannered Janitors
Dirty Jean/Mr GoodtimelDog. (7"). White Room Records. SRT 9KS.
Recorded by Scott Rushbury, Van's Studio, Islington, London.

Focus BreathelE G Shining/Starblood/Till Tomorrow. RADIO (John Peel)
Produced by Dale Griffin, Engineered by Mike Engels on 9/7/89 at Maida Vale 5. Originally broadcast on 19/7/89.
Watch You Drown/All This & More
(7" flexidisc). 4th Dimension. 4DEP1

Watch You Drown: Dreams/Ambition. All This & More: (Those) Everything Blues.
Recorded in Portsmouth.

Who's In The Kitchen?
Structure Rupture. (Mini-LP). Bite Back! BB!018

Dr Brown
Land Of Red And Gold (LP). Beard Records. Beard001.
Great Britain/We Dance In Circles/The Log + G/Black Cherry/Torpedo Town/The Old FarmhouselSummerday Blues
Recorded at Watershed Studios by Mark Gay.

The Working Stiffs
Spring Garden Lane/Another Life/Rain In Story Weather. (12"). Perspective Records.
Recorded in Portsmouth.

The Caravans
No Excuses. (LP and CD). Chuckeedee/Raucous Records. RAUCD009.
Sixteen Chicks/Cross My Heart/Nothing Compares 2 U/I've Been Driving/Ain't Got No Excuses/Cool Off Baby/She Wants You/Baby Drive Me Back/Is This Fear?/That's The Way It Is/Nerves Of Steel/Money Man.
Recorded in Germany.

Watch You Drown
Paint A PicturelHead On The Line/Touch/It's My World. (7"). Wired/Southern.
Recorded in Portsmouth.


Action Painting!
These Things Happen/Boy Meets World (7"). Sarah Records. Sarah 28
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Inescapable EP (12"). Dedicated. Crane OO1T.
Inescapable/Give/Dada 331 /Inescapable II.
Recorded and Engineered by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth. Produced by The Cranes and Steve Hoff.

The Paint Horses
Elizabeth/Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. (7"). Horse 1.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Give/Da Da 331 /Inescapable. RADIO (John Peel)
Produced by Dale Griffin, Engineered by Mike Robinson on 13/3/90 at Maida Vale 3. Originally broadcast on 11/4/90.

The Lovelies
Potatoes For Pleasure (Cassette EP). Ephemeral Records.
Money Grabbing Fools/I Don't Want To Be/Stop Being Silly/Friends.
Recorded at Watershed Studios by James Perrett.

The Psylons
No ChoicelSurf Song (7"). Unsigned. UN001.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Expresso (12"). Dedicated. 12" Crane 002T
I Hope/EG Shining/Ch Cha Esquita.
Recorded in London.

Watch You Drown
Living On The Edge (Compilation LP). Coalition/Plastic Head. World's Goodbye and Set Myself On Fire. Recorded in Portsmouth.

Twelve 88 Cartel
Evidence. (6 track video). BiteBack! BB!019
Sidestep/Blue Sun 90/Maxim/Pilot's Terminated Contract/Rome/Know No Better
Recorded in Portsmouth.

The Mild Mannered Janitors
Shake Yourself Alive. (Tape). White Room Records.
I Want It All/Apart Of View/Never Thought/Innocence/Doin'Fine/Cold Shoulder/ Take A Grip/Talk Of Love.
Recorded at Watershed Studios by James Perrett.

WatchYou Drown
Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing (Are You Happy Now?). (LP). Wired/Plastic Head. World's Goodbye/8 Miles/This Time (for sure)/Wicked Ways/WYD/Boy Who Cried Wolf/Set Myself On Fire/Rehabilitation/Say Nothing/Are You Happy Now?
Recorded in Portsmouth.

Seven Miles Up/Some Kind'a Vibe. (7") Ambition Records. AMB008.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

The Organisation
Spin/Paris/Dry Your Eyes. (7") Electric Chair Records. ECRO1
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.


Without You/Chickens/Without You (Beat Junkie Mix) (12"). Vinyl Japan. TASK2.
Produced by John Waddell, London.

Adoration (12"). Dedicated. Crane 003T Adoration/Brighter With free poster.
Recorded in London.

The Lovelies
Happy Wednesday. (Cassette EP). Ephereal Records.
Happy Wednesday/Trippy Hippy/Tell Me If I'm Going To Slow/Don't Listen.
Recorded at Watershed Studios Portsmouth by James Perret.

Tomorrow's Tears. (12"). Dedicated. Crane 004T
Tomorrows Tears/Cas Blanca/Sixth Of May/Dreamless.
With poster and postcard.
Recorded in London.

Who's In The Kitchen?
Last Dance. (Video single). Bite Back! BB! 020
Recorded in Portsmouth.

The Mild Mannered Janitors
I Want It All/Take A Grip. (7"). Screaming Apple Records.
Recorded at Watershed Studios Portsmouth, by James Perret.

Red Letter Day
More Songs About Love And War. (LP). Released Emotions. REM 011.
More Songs About Love And War/Chance Meeting/Another DaylDaze Of Indifference/ Stranger/Unreality/Last Night/Sad And Happy Years/Wherever You May Run/Brasilia/ Presence Of The Night
Recorded 1991 at Wilbury Studios, Hove, Sussex. Produced by Chris Priestly and Red Letter Day (except Last Night. Recorded at Dax, Cosham, Portsmouth, 1989).

Wings Of Joy. (LP). Dedicated. DEDCD 003
Watersong/Thursday/Living Breathing/Leaves Of Summer/Starblood/Sixth Of May/ Wish/Tomorrows Tears/Beautiful Sadness/Hopes Are High/Adoration.
In London.

Twelve 88 Cartel
Tension Crush. (12"). Bite Back! BB!021.
Blue Sun 90/Bell Song/Tolerate/Obsessed.
Recorded in Portsmouth.

Dr Brown
In The World Of Dreams. (LP). Beard Records. Beard004.
Insecurity/Magic Cat/The Oak/Ought To Tell Her/Live To DielBig Red Ford Capri/ FacelesslUnchained/Celebrate The World Of Dreams.
Recorded at Watershed Studios.

The Psylons
Sandman/Driver/Sandman Mix. (7"). Unsigned. UN001.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Dr Brown
A Psychedelic Psauna. (Double LP). Delerium Records. De1005D. Dr Brown contribute Freakbeat.
Recorded at Watershed, Portsmouth.
Red Letter Day
Moving On 84-87. (Tape). Last Generation Records. LGR04.
New Future/Name Of Progression/This Thought's For You/Suzie's Bombed Out Tonitel Killing Ground/So Far Away/Spark Of Love/Tomorrow Today/Take Me In Your Armsl The Day I Joined The Human Race/Moving On.
Recordings re-mastered at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth by James Perrett.

The Mild Mannered Janitors
Innocence. (LP). Screaming Apple Records. SCALP 101.
Car/When I Feel Better/Innocence/Drugs/Clockwork Train/Breakdown/Don't Let Gol Sad World/Talk Of Love/The Answer/Sorry/Ethereal/Never Thought/Drive/Apart Of View/ All You Need.
Recorded at Watershed Studios by James Perret.

Red Letter Day
The Clash Tribute: The Never Ending Story (Part 1). (Compilation LP). Released Emotions Records. REM 014 CD.
Straight To Hell (Strummer/Jones) recorded by Red Letter Day at Sound On Sound, Southampton. With: Levellers 5; The Blaggers ITA; Bleach; Serious Drinking; The Price; Attila The Stockbroker; Anhrefn and One Style MDV; The Indestructible Beat; Kage Engineering; Pop Am Good; Terry Edwards; Walls Have Ears; Mass; The Moonflowers; Bad News; PKRK; Les Cadavres.

Passing Clouds
Protect Your Baby Ears. (12"). Bite Back! BB!022.
Recorded in Southampton.


Dr Brown
Live In The Minds Eye. (LP). Beard Records. Beard005.
Great Britain/Gloria/Land Of Red And Gold (incorporating Freakbeat)/Baby Please Don't Go/Magic Cat/Live To Die/We Dance In Circles/Big Red Ford Capri/Summerday Blues/Freakbeat.
Recorded in concert in Holland by The Watershed Mobile.

Dirty, Hot & Hungry. (LP). Neat Records. 1052
Dirty, Hot & Hungry/Sixteen Six/Flight 19/Mutant Lieutenant/Carnage City Rocks/ Stealer Of Souls Part III (The Renegade)/T.R.LP.IMegazine.
Recorded at Carnage City.

Vital Signs
Wrapped In Silver/I Bleed. (7").
Recorded at Watershed Studios Portsmouth by James Perret.

Kandy Love Satellite
The group released a 7". No details at the time of going to press.

John Grindey
Doggie Bag (The Leftovers). JG002.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Sister Morphine
Groucho Philosophy Man (12"). Morp 003.
Not Enough Love/Groucho Philosophy Man/Cozmic Zoo/Golden Haze.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

John Sharp and Tim Walker
The First Walker (7"). HS Music. HS 001 She Went Down/Si Bheag Si Mhor
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

Full Metal Racket/Cut Green
Demos 1991-1992. (Tape).
Bag Man/Proper Place/Acid Haze/Bright White Light/Scud MissileFl-11l Apathy People/Picnic In The Park/Waiting In Time/Easy Way Out.
Recorded at Watershed Studios Portsmouth by James Perrett.

Dr Brown
The Gin & Tonic Bathyscape EP (7").
Across The Border
(recorded at Watershed Studios) given away free with Vol 3. No. 2 of Ptolemaic Terrascope.


Audio Postcards From The Concrete Nipple
(Mass Produced MASP CD 1). Compiled by Jezz in association with Terrahouse Studios and Insomnia.

The Janason: This Town. Gunk: With One Motion of Her Hand
Savage Henry: Just. Pyslons: Emperor of Songs (ice cream remix by Jim Shaw). Flouda: Magic Carpet. Speakeasy: Who's to Blame. Waterfall: 1000x Closer Hooch: Gem. Annie Hates Cordial: Take It Easy (Live at `Insomnia One ). The Blind: Northern Echo. Los Hombres Ingles: I'll Be On My Way. Third Sun: Just Hang On. Amazing Windmills: Deepth. The Great Imperial Yo Yo's: Great Imperial Yo Yo. Painthorse: Super CC. Outshined: Push. Nuns On Napalm: Urban Warfare. RM 20-20: Tetsuo. Dinga: Drunken Mummy

Watershed 93 (CD). Watershed. WSCDOI.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth.
Compiled by Tim Didymus & James Perrett.
Drums and Wires: Don't Look So Down.. Kolors: Equal.. Stinkfish: She Said. Prophecy: More Than Real. Secondhand Daylight: Sinners. Bananafish: Justice. The Carpet Dancers: Why? Future Primitive: Memories OfA Lifetime. Kolors: LivingA Lie. Drums and Wires: Tell Me. Mystic Revelation: Still Waters. Spinner Dolphins: Can I Dig It? Rough Mix: Maybe. Dr Brown: Minds Eye.

Adrift. (12"). Dedicated. CRANE 005T Adrift/Everywhere/ Underwater

Forever. (LP). Dedicated. DEDCD009
Everywhere/Cloudless/Jewel/Far Away/Adrift/Clear/Sun And Sky/And Ever/Golden/ Rainbows. Extra CD version: The Puppet/Shine Like Stars. Extra 12" - At Sea/Slide/ Wings Of Joy/Trumpet Song. Produced by Cranes at First Protocol.

Annie Hates Cordial
Pamela Anderson/Safety In Numbers. (Cassette single). Recorded at Watershed.
Red Letter Day
Stop The World/Limo Life*. (7"). Incognito Records, Germany INC.036.
A sampler for the Up + Down International Punk Rock Compilation 1978-1993 on which it appears with: Zakonas; Rhythm Collision; Void Section; Madels No Madfels; Broken Toys; Bullocks; Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors; Swoons; Sect; Bratbeaters; Disgrace; Harries; Wat Tyler; Funeral Dress; Dirty Scums; Zona A; Marionettes; Peter P. * Limo Life written by Charlie Harper.

Jewel. (12" - in various formats). Dedicated. CRANE 007T
Jewel (remix & LP version)/Clear (Scalpicin Mix & Ultra Slim Fast Mix & Pepto Bismol Mix)/Cloudless (Thais Mix)lLeave Her To Heaven (II) Recorded at First Protocol, Produced by Cranes.

Los Hombres Ingles
Sun EP (CD) HOM 1002
Los Hombres Express/Dig Deep/Real World/My House/All Good People Recorded at Crystal Studios by Steve Hoff, Tim Daniels and Los Hombres.

Round Inside. (7").
Recorded at The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth by Steve Hoff.

Dr Brown
Another Realm. (CD). Beard Records. Beard 006.
Social Disease/Minds Eye/PalidromelSouthsea/Daydreaming/Lucky Jack/Girl She Never Knew/Boy SuicidelAcross The Border/Another Realm.
Recorded at Watershed Studios. Produced by Tim Didymus, Dr Brown & Bevis
Frond. Eng by Mark Gay.

Action Painting!
Classical Music/Sensation 5 (7"). Sarah Records.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, Crystal Studio, Portsmouth.

Spinner Dolphins
Ocean Ride/Limbo Dancer. (7"). Tubby Smollet Records. SD - 1.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth by James Perrett.

Action Painting!
Shaggin' On The Streets EP (7").
Action Painting contribute Mustard Gas.
Other bands featured: S*M*A*S*H and These Animal Men.

The Lovelies
Nothing La-Di-Da EP (7"). Elefant Records. ER-104. Bright New Day/Spanish Girls On T. V./Forever/Bow Down.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth by James Perrett.

The Caravans
Straightside (LP). Rockout. NIT LP 4.
Sure Miss You/Rockin' Tonight/Hobo Baby/Baby Blue Eyes/Sunset Blues/Feet On The Ground/That's Where You're Wrong/Break Out/Lost Love Blues/Do Without You/That's What?/Freight Train.
Recorded at Terrahouse Studios, Portsmouth.

Spinner Dolphins
Spinner EP (12"). Tubby Smollet Records. SD - 2.
Leave It All Behind/Make My DaylHappy Daze/Sleeper/Sky.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth by James Perrett.

The Blind
On Every Corner/Northern Bloo/Love In A Dream/Babble On. (Tape).
Recorded at Terrahouse/Watershed.

Watch You Drown
Now She Don't Care. (Track on 7" compilation). PANX Label, France.


The Psylons
Gimp. (CD). Thunderbird Records. CSA 102.
Bug/Emperor Of Songs/Leech/Blind/Runner/Old Times/Scrap Brain/Late Night/ Shakedown/Inspite/Come Around
Recorded in Portsmouth at Seaside Studios, Thinktank Studios and Watershed Studios. Produced by Jim Shaw except Bug, Leech and Late Night by Jack Packer.

Shining Road. (7" - various formats). Dedicated. CRANE 008
Shining Road (& Brauer Mix)/Lilies (& Flood Mix)/September/Green Song 7 (inst)/ Don't Close Your EyeslOrgan Song (inst)

Selected Genius. (Tape).
Choke CherrylThat's Your Opinion (And It Sucks)lWith One Motion Of Her Hand/ Laughing Again/Capt. Testosterone/Smear.
Recorded at Terrahouse and Watershed.

Summertime/PressurelJustice. (12"). Dangerous Banana Records. DB001.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth.

Action Painting!
Laying The Lodger. (7"). Damaged Goods.
Recorded in London.

The Green Hornets
4 Vox Sake (Free7" EP with fanzine). Young Man Afraid Of His Horses. Y.A.A.H. 002. Re-issued on Vendetta (Vendetta 006) January 1996. The Green Hornets contribute Geraldine (recorded on Steve's portable cassette player, in a room behind Circle K in Elm Grove, Portsmouth). Other bands: Thee Cybermen She's So Good/Perverts Down & Out/Percolators Be A Caveman.

The Lovelies
Grown Up And Gone: 'Shed Sessions 1991-93 (Cassette Mini-LP). Ephemeral Records. EPH10.
Bright New Day/Victoria Park/Stupid Habit/Forever/Them And Us/The Right People Are Hard To Find/November/Bow Down.
Recorded at Watershed Studios by James Perrett.

Dr Brown
Dreamscapel Unrelenting Sky/Dreamscape (sonic arcana mix). (CD). Garageland. GRCD013.
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth.

The Green Hornets
Rendezvous (7" EP). Vendetta. Vend.001.
Baby Don't Do It/Rendezvous/Don't Want Your Love.
Recorded at Toe Rag. Produced by Liam Watson.

Temple Ball. (CD). Mystic Stones. Rune 14.
Temple Ball/Dr Temples Abduction/Zarg/Talking To God (Part IV)lThis Is .../Jazz Message From The Mothership/Inside The Crystal Circle/Null Gravity Generator/ Rainbow Warrior.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Hoff, The Crystal Studios, Portsmouth.

The Lovelies
Somer-Runner EP (7"). Ephemeral Records. MEL08.
Somer-Runner/Troublehead/Floor 17/Tack Magnet.
Recorded at Watershed by James Perrett.

Loved. (LP). Dedicated. DEDCD016
Shining Road/Pale Blue Sky/Reverie/Lilies/Are You Gone?/Loved/Beautiful Friend) Bewildered/Come This Far/Paris And Rome/In The Night.
Recorded in London.


Red Letter Day
Nothing At This Moment In Time. (CD). ANK Records ANK 01-007-2331.
Never Hate Me Alive/Hey! Anastasia/Pure/World In Action/Whatever Happened/ Stop The World/Rain/No Victims/Dealt/New Heart/Outta My Head/NothingAt This Moment In Time (Parts I and 2).
Recorded at Exop Studio A.R.S. Decin, Czech Republic. Produced by George, Milan & The Day.

The Queen Hornets
Never Mind The Green Hornets It's The Queen Hornets. (7" EP). Vendetta Records.
VEND 004. Peepin'Tom/Friday's Child/It Ain't Easy.
Recorded at Toe Rag Studios, London. Produced by Liam Watson.

The Ricardos Don't Mean Maybe BabylHypnotised/Burnin' The Wind/Fire On The Road. (7").
Raucous Records. Recorded in Riverside Studios, Blackpool. The band also appear on the compilation LPs: Riverside Rockabillies Vol. 1 (Raucous Records)/Haunted Highway (Fury Records). The group's Vietnam Blues with Mark Pennington of The Caravans is to appear on an as yet untitled Fury Records compilation.

Fat B.A.B.E.
Get A Life. (CD).
Shreds/Not Much Of A Man/Out Of Control/Sold/No ConsolationlThreel You Said/ Violence ChocolatelLeech/Two.
Recorded at Terrahouse.

Outshined Pitchfork. (CD).
Bad Man/Guilt Tattoo/Domino Effect/Painted FaceslGrip/Push/LifelesslHeal
Recorded at Terrahouse.

Thee Passion Killers
Thee Passion Killers. (Tape). Ultimate Cheese Recordings. CHPK001/MC
Dangerous/Pop Song/.lane Liked The Roses/Allison/'Til Tomorrow/Untouchable/Penny Arcade/+?/Disappear/Mrs. Green/Flowers In Their Guns/She Keeps Me From Drowning/Blind Rabbit/Stupid Girl/(I'm Not Looking For) A Girl Like You/+!!.

The Caravans
Glamourous Heart (Hotel Blues). (LP and CD) Fury Records. F3042
When I'm With You/Vietnam Blues/Midnite Train/Stay So Long/l'm Comm 'Back/ Lonely Blues/Can't Let It Go/Gimme A Ride/What Am I Gonna DolNever Gonna Love Ya
Recorded at Watershed Studios, Portsmouth by James Perrett. * Forthcoming 7" Dirty Little Town on Pin Up (1996).

The Lovelies
Love-Lack/Troublehead (Part Two)lThe Tuff Of The Tracks (7"). Cher Doll Records,
Recorded at Watershed by James Perrett. Produced by The Lovelies.


The Green Hornets
The Stinging Sounds Of The Green Hornets. (7" EP). Alopecia Records. WIG003. Green Side: Samantha/AnytimeAtAll. Queen Side: Stolen Car/Have Love Will Travel.
Recorded at Toe Rag Studios. Produced by Liam Watson.

The Green Hornets
What's Buzzin' (LP). Alopecia Records. WIG007
Treat Me Bad/Pushover/Stolen Car/Geraldine/Samantha/StrychninelTcxi/My Little Girl/ Coupe De Pille/Venus Woman/Don't Want YouLIe Veux UnRendezvous/Ain'tNoFriend Of MinelThat Is That.
Recorded at Toe Rag.
Produced by Liam Watson.

The Ricardos
Tell Me Baby/The Wild One/Fahrenheit And Centigrade/Eight Wheel Driver. (7"). On The Hill Records, Japan.
Recorded at Riverside Studios, Blackpool.

The Firework Party
Black Sheep Collision/Disaster Chain/Compulsory Truth Drug. (CD). Touch Paper.
Recorded at Terrahouse, Portsmouth.

The Lovelies
Pen-Pushing Pricks and Cack-Handed Idiots (LP). Elefant Records, Spain. UK distribution Pinnacle. The Tuff Of The Tracks/Happy ValleylThe Karaoke Hustler/LoveLack/C!-H!-G!!/Sad-Luck Thomson And His Lucky Big Band/999 - Art Police/ Troublehead part two/The Six-Fifteen/Head For The Hills/l Can't Go Anywhere And They Start At It/The Icarus Of Lautertal/Seventeen/Tea And Cake.
Recorded at Watershed. Eng by James Perrett. Produced by The Lovelies.

The Ricardos
The Riverside Sessions. (10" LP). Raucous Records. RAUC LP 16.
Diamond Ring/Whiplash/Little Diamond/South Bound Line/Sweet Swinging Daisy/ Red Lips, Cold KisseslTell Me Baby/Martian Man/Evil Woman/Los Angles Nen Mi Cor Azon/The Girl Can't Help It.

Red Letter Day
Rain/Insomnia. (7"). Mouthy Records. Mouthy 003
Recorded at Wilbury Studios, Hove. Produced by Chris Priestly and The Day.

Fourteen Missed Beats. (LP). Vendetta Records. Vend 009/Mouthy 002
Attic: She Cried. Emptifish: Surfboard. Paul Groovy And The Pop Art Experience: Andy Watch Out. The Psylons: Run To The Stranger. The Mild Mannered Janitors: Dirty Jean. The Firework Party: Falling In Lust With You.
The Priscillas: 70's Style Collector Red Letter Day: More Songs About Love And War. The Green Hornets: Geraldine. Action Painting! : Laying The Lodger. The Paint Horses: Elizabeth. SKAW: Without You. Cranes: Jewel. Thee Passion Killers: Allison. Compiled Winter 1995 by Shaun Mason and Tony Rollinson.
Remastered, Produced and Engineered at Watershed Studios by James Perrett.

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