Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Shulman Family

The Shulmans were three brothers, Derek Shulman, born 1947 (vocals), Phil Shulman, born 1937 (vocals, saxophone, trumpet), and Ray Shulman, born 1949 (guitar, violin, trumpet, vocals).
Making up the rest of the group were Peter O'Flaherty (bass guitar) (born 8.5.1944, in Gosport, Hampshire), Eric Hine (keyboards) (born Eric Raymond Lewis Hines, 4.9.1944, in Portsmouth, Hampshire), and Tony Ransley (drums) (born Anthony John Ransley, 17.5.1944, in Portsmouth, Hampshire).
They started as The Howling Wolves, and then became The Road Runners, playing R&B around the Portsmouth area.
Their father Jock Shulman played trumpet in the Benny Freedman Band at the Savoy Ballroom.

Simon Dupree & the BS

Simon Dupree & the Big Sound

gentle Giant 2

Gentle Giant

Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, John Weathers, Gary Green and Kerry Minnear

gg 28-3-1974

Gentle Giant at the Guildhall

Cal and Damian the sons of one of the Shulman brothers formed a punk band called Chaos who made the front cover of the NME,
gigged widely in Portsmouth and a couple of times in London before breaking up.
Their amps and PA were all covered with the Gentle Giant logo which somewhat dented their punk identity.
83, Eastney Road was the family home.

gentle Giant 2

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