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The Portsmouth Music Scene
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Tito Burns in 1954

tito burns

Tenor: Johnny Gray; Baritone: Jimmy Staples; Tenor: Stan Massey;Trumpet: Terry Lewis. Piano: George McCullum. Bass: Bill Batt. Drums: John Woods, trombone: Bob Johnson. Vocals: Kerri Sims.

Accordion: Tito Burns. Alto: Don Savage. Tenor: Derek Butterworth. Trumpet: Arny Tweed. Piano: Bobby Heath. Bass/Vocals: Coleridge Goode. Drums: Duggie Cooper. Vocals: Irene Miller, Paul Vaughan.
Tito Burns had been involved in the bebop scene from its earliest days and had recorded from the beginning but this, a more commercial offering, was his last recording date until 1954...

Tito Burns and his Sextet - January 9th, 1952 (Melodisc)
Leon Calvert (tp), Jimmy Chester (as,bs), Rex Morris (ts), Tito Burns (acc), Ronnie Price (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Derek Price (d), Terry Devon (vocal).
Adios/Just One Of Those Things/Over A Bottle Of Wine/Undecided.

Saxes: Geoff Cole, Des Lumsden, Jimmy Walker, Tubby Hayes, Brian Wilson.
Trumpets: Charlie Rowlands, Pete Pitterson, Jimmy Watson.
Trombones: Charlie Messenger, Johnny Keating Piano: Ken Moule. Bass: Arthur Watts. Drums: Alan Ganley. Vocals: Annette Scott, Derek Francis, Wally Carr, Carmel Quinn.

Leader/Trumpet: Freddy Randall. Clarinet: Archie Semple. Trombone: Roy Crimmins. Drums: Lennie Hastings. Piano: Dave Fraser. Bass: Ken Englefield. Staff Arranger: Freddy Randall.

FRANCISCO CAVEZ AND HIS BAND (Resident Copocabana, London, W.) May 27. 1953).
Piano: Gordon Franks. Guitar: Chic Lovell. Bass: Bob Howard. Vocals/Maraccas: Ronnie Harris.

Jack Parnell

jack parnell

Saxes: Bob Burns, Joe Temperley, Don Honeywill, Ronnie Keene.
Trumpets: Ron Simmonds, Hank Shaw, Jo Hunter. Trombones: Mac Minshull, Laddie Busby. Bass: Sammy Stokes. Piano: Max Harris. Drums: Phil Seamen. Vocals: Marion Davis, Dennis Hale. Staff Arranger: Jimmy Watson.

Jack Parnell and his Band
These were the first records made by the Jack Parnell orchestra, and although it was not a full size big band it produced a 'big band' sound. A small group from the band had recorded earlier in the year with pianist Arnold Ross...
Jack Parnell and his Band - October 28th, 1952 (Parlophone PMD1053)
Jimmy Deuchar, Albert Hall, Jo Hunter (tp), Mac Minshull, Ken Wray (tb), Derek Humble (as), Ronnie Scott (ts), Pete King (ts, bs-cl), Harry Klein (bs), Max Harris (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Jack Parnell, Phil Seamen (d).
Catherine Wheel#/The Champ*/Summertime.
(*Giant Steps Records CD - Great Scott)
(#EMI Gold CD - Jack Parnell Big Band Swing)
(*Proper Records 4CD Box set - Ronnie Scott "Boppin' With Scott")

DAVE SHAND'S BAND (Copacabana, London, W. May 27, 1953).
Leader/alto: Dave Shand. Saxes: Wally Glen, Joe Riley. Trumpet: Billy Smith. Piano: Jack Dove. Bass: Ken O'Donnell.
Drums: Roy Sheppard. Vocals: Ray Burns.
Staff Arranger: Sid Lawrence.

Saxes: Ronnie Scott, Derek Humble, Pete King, Benny Green. Trumpet: Jimmy Deuchar. Trombone: Ken Wray, Drums: Tony Crombie. Bass: Lennie Bush. Piano: Norman Stenfalt. Vocals: Johnny Grant, Arrangers: Jimmy Deuchar, Harry South, Norman Stenfalt.

Billy Ternent

billy ternent

Saxes: Dennis Walton, Ivan Dawson, Bill Humphrey. Brian Wicks, Bob Humphries. Trumpets: Harold Luff. Eric Todd, Stan Howard. Trombones: Jack Davies, Hughie Akehurst. Piano: Reg Guest. Drums: Tommy Callaghan. Bass: Les Pearce. Guitar: Terry Walsh. Vocals: Eva Beynon. Johnny Webb, Terry Walsh.

Leader/Trumpet: Gracie Cole. Saxes: Maureen Mortimer, Brenda Duke, Lena Kidd, Nina Dellamure. Trumpets: Dorothy Burgess, June Robinson. Trombone: Ruth Harrison.
Piano: Greta Marshall. Drums: Sheelagh Pearson. Bass: Miriam Wood. Vocals: June Robinson.

EDMUNDO ROS AND HIS BAND (Resident New Coconut Grove, November,3rd, 1952).
Saxes; Bob Butcher, Ken Dryden, Ray Gibson, Len Royle, Bill Wolwood.
Trumpets: Buzz Trueman, Jack Bassett, Wilf Kear. Piano: Eric Spencer. Bass: Jack Davies. Guitar: Len Argent. L/A Rhythms: Dudley Misso, Ginger Johnson, Bert Meredith. Drums: Ron Lord. Vocals: Edmundo Ros. Staff Arrangers: Ronnie Hamner, Eric Spencer.

Saxes: Bill Povey, Harry Hunter, Manny Winters, Billy Amstell. Jock Faulds.
Trumpets: Frank Thornton. George White, Bert Bullimorc.
Trombones: Jack Irving, Frank Dixon. Nick Nicholls, Drums: Derek Price.
Bass: Frank Clarke. Piano: Ken Jones. Vocals: Monty Norman, Diana Coupland, Martin Moreno.

Joe Loss

joe loss

BBC SHOW BAND (Broadcasts and Appearances).
MD: Cyril Stapleton. Saxes: Teddy Thorne, Jack Goddard, Dave Stephenson. Bill Griffiths, Tommy Whittle. Trumpets: Tommy McQuater, Stan Roderick. Bill Metcalfe, Bert Ezzard. Trombones; Harry Roche, Jackic Armstrong. George Chisholm, Ken Goldie.
Piano: Bill McGuffie. Guitar: Ike Isaacs. Bass: Tim Bell. Drums: Jock Cummings.
Hammond Organ: Harold Smart. Vocals: Julie Dawn, Stargazers, Show Band Singers.

JOE LOSS ORCHESTRA (Resident Villa Marina, Isle of Man June 20th)
Saxes: Manny Prince. Danny Miller, Alan Beever, Bill Unsworth. Tony Beck.
Trumpets Joey Ward. Reg. Arnold, Sid Pollitt. Trombones: George Wilder, Don Clarke, Harry Simons. Piano: Syd Lucas. Bass: Joe Quinlan. Drums: Ray Cooper. Vocals: Howard Jones, Elizabeth Batey replaced by Rose Brennan, Larry Gretton, and Leslie Vinall arranger and parts copyist.

Drums: Norman Burns. Piano; Harry Smith. Vibes: Johnny Scott. Guitar: Lennie Williams. Bass: Dave Willis. Vocals: Ann Harding, Johnny Green.

Saxes: Lew Smith, Wilf Railston, Alec Hamilton, Lenny Wood, Conrad Knowles.
Trumpets: Frenchy Sartell. Douglas Arthur, Ian Cameron. Trombones: Clarry Baines, Bobby Lamb, Danny Ellwood. Piano: Ron Pipe. Bass: Alan "Weed" MacDonald. Drums: Alec Elliott. Vocals: Annette Klooger, Brian Clarke.

Saxes: Ron Annati, Garry Chevins. Trombone: Geoff Sowden. Trumpet: Cyril Dackombe. Piano: Stan Butcher. Bass: Dave Wood. Drums: Trevor Glenroy. Vocals: Honey Browne. Arrangers: Stan Butcher, Geoff Sowden.

Saxes: Ronnie Chamberlain, Vic Ash, Johnny Evans, Dennis Sykes, Jimmy Simmons. Trumpets: Bobby Benstead, Al Spooner, Dave Loban. Trombones: Brian Perrin, Laurie Monk. Piano: Don Riddell. Bass: Martin Gilboy. Drums: Pete Bray. Vocals: Jeri Carson, Roy Garnett, Dean Raymond. Arrangers: Ken Thorne, Dave Lindup, Pete Moore, Johnny Evans.

Alto/clt/vocals: Reggie Goff. Acc/Vibes: Maurice Reisman. Drums: Pete Harris.
Bass: Ronnie Fallen. Piano: Stan Tracy. Tenor: George Harrington.

Leader—Cornet: Mick Mulligan; Trombone: Dave Keir. Clarinet: James Livesey. Baritone Sax: Paul Simpson. Piano: Ian Pearce. Guitar: Jimmy Curry. Bass: Pat Malloy. Drums: Stan Bellwood. Vocals: George Melly, Jo Lennard, Michael Lawrence. Staff Arrangers: Jimmy Curry, Mick Mulligan.

SYD DEAN'S BAND (Resident Regent, Brighton)
Saxes: Les Williams, Rufe Bernstein, Harry Strain, Johnny Nicholls, Dennis Beard.
Trumpets: Johnny Woollaston, Ronnie Simms, Harry Bolton. Trombones: Billy Richards, Dennis Thorne. Piano: Frank Harlow. Bass: Freddie Craig. Drums: Dennis Delaney.
Vocals: Vickie Anderson. Harry Bolton, Billy Richards. Staff Arrangers: Les Williams, Frank Harlow, Johnny Woollaston.

Trumpet: Humphrey Lyttelton. Clarinet: Wally Fawkes. Alto: Bruce Turner. Piano: Johnny Parker. Bass: Micky Ashamn. Guitar: Freddy LeGon. Drums: George Hopkinson. Arrangers: Humphrey Lyttelton, Johnny Parker.

Ted Heath

ted heath

Saxes: Les Gilbert, Roy Willox, Henry McKenzie, Danny Moss, George Hunter.
Trumpets: Bobby Pratt, Duncan Campbell, Stan Reynolds, Ronnie Hughes.
Trombones: Wally Smith, Jimmy Coombes, Don Lusher, Rick Kennedy.
Piano: Frank Horrox, Drums: Ronnie Verrell. Bass: Johnny Hawksworth.
Vocalists: Lita Roza, Dickie Valentine, Dennis Lotis.

HERMANOS DENIZ CUBAN RHYTHM BAND (Don Juan Room, London, W, May 27, 1953)
Leader/Electric Guitar: Frank Deniz. Spanish Guitar: Joe Deniz. Piano: Jules Rubin.
Bass: Lawrence Cann. Maraccas/Vocals: Alfonse Noel. Bongoes/Panderette: Sid Rich.

JOE DANIELS' BAND (Resident Butlins, Ayr, May 22, 1953)
Saxes: Bernie Stanton, Alan Jordan. Ron Plummer. Trumpets: Johnny Oldfield, Alan Wickham. Trombone: Bob Pratt. Piano: Austin Payne. Bass: Johnny Oxley. Drums: Bill Dean. Vocals: Barbara Young, Mike Stephens.

KEN MACKINTOSH'S ORCHESTRA (Resident Wimbledon Palais, September 4, 1950)
Trumpets: Alec McGregor, Bert Courtley, Bill Sowerby. Trombones: Gordon Langhorn, Clive Sharrock; Saxes: Rex Morris, Terry Fay, Pete Warner, Gerry Gerke. Piano: Pete Moore. Bass: Jack Seymour. Drums: Bobby Kevin. Vocals: Patti Forbes, Kenny Bardell.

ERIC WINSTONE'S ORCHESTRA (Resident Butlins. Clacton, May 9, 1953)
Saxes: Harry Bence, Alan Boorman, Bobby Decks, Alan Nesbitt, Jimmy Brown.
Trumpets: Alan Moorhouse, Ronnie Heasman, Bill Limb. Trombones: Bram Fisher, Stan Smith. Drums: Martin Aston. Piano: Ralph Dollimore. Bass/Vocals: Colin Prince. Vibes: Roy Marsh. Vocals: Michael Holliday, Elizabeth Batey, June Marlow.
Arrangers: Alan Moorhouse, Ralph Dollimore.

OSCAR RABIN'S ORCHESTRA (Resident Lyceum, London, November 5, 1951)
Directed by David Ede. Saxes: Oscar Rabin, Cecil Pressling. Johnny Hughes, Don Pashley, Roy Bull, Vince Bovill. Trumpets: Ted Lowe, Murray Campbell, Harry Smart.
Trombones: Tony Russell, Frank Jones, Bill Geldard. Piano: Arthur Greenslade.
Bass: Peter Huggett. Drums: Kenny Clare. Vocals: Marion Williams, Marjorie Daw, Mel Gaynor.

Tenor/Bass Sax: Harry Gold. Trumpet: Bruts Gonella. Trombone: Norman Cave. Clarinet: Alan Doniger. Bass : Bennie Woods (Dep). Drums: Danny Craig. Piano: Jimmy McKnight. Vocals: Jon Clarke, Maxine Russell. Arranger: Harry Gold.

Sid Phillips


SID PHILLIPS’ BAND (Resident Astor Club, London, September 15, 1952)
Clarinet: Sid Phillips. Saxes: George Bayton, Cyril Glover. Trumpet: Cyril Ellls. Trombone: Bob Lloyd. Piano; Harry Kahn. Bass: Ralph Phillips, Drums: Michael Nicholson. Vocals: Denny Dennis. Arranger: Sid Phillips

The Rabin band, like most big bands at the time, had an ever-changing personnel. The band of 1951 contained: Bobby Benstead, Bernie Sharpe, Murray Campbell, trumpets; Tommy Cook, Charlie Messenger, Bill Geldard, Bernard Ebbinghouse, trombones; Cecil Pressling, Johnny Hughes, Pete Warner, Vince Bovill, Roy Bull, saxes; Kenny Clare, drums; Frank O'Donnell, bass; Arthur Greenslade, piano; Dennis Hale, Marion Williams, Marjorie Daw, later on Pattie Forbes, vocals; David Ede, leader. Rabin.
Peter Warner has also recalled the line-up of the 1951-'52 band:
"Front Man" and Sax, Clt: David Ede
1st Tpt: Bobby Benstead
2nd Tpt: Bernie Sharp
3rd Tpt: Murray Campbell
1st Trom: Bill Geldard
2nd Trom: Charlie Messenger
3rd Trom: Tommy Cook
1st alto: Cecil Pressling
2nd alto: Johnny Hughes
1st Ten: Pete Warner
2nd Ten: Vince Bovill
bari: Roy Bull
Drums: Kenny Clare
Bass: Ken O''Donne
Pno Arranger: Arthur Greenslade
Vocals: Marion Williams Marjorie Daw Dennis Hale

When the the Rabin band was resident in London's Lyceum, November 5, 1951), the personnel included:
Musical Director: David Ede
Saxes: Oscar Rabin, Roy Bull, Cecil Pressling, Johnny Hughes, Don Pashley, Vince Bovill
Trumpets: Ted Lowe, Murray Campbell, Harry Smart
Trombones: Tony Russell, Frank Jones, Bill Geldard
Piano: Arthur Greenslade.

Ambrose led a band throughout the World War II years and into the mid 1950's. The big band era was ending, and in 1956, he turned his attention to artist management (managing vocalist Kathy Kirby).
Circa the mid-1950s, his band included such sidemen as:
Saxes: Tubby Hayes, Geoff Cole, Jimmy Walker, Des Lumsden, and Brian Wilson
Trumpets: Charlie Rowlands, Pete Pitterson, Jimmy Watson
Trombones: Johnny Keating, Charlie Messenger
Piano: Ken Moule
Bass: Arthur Watts/home/nfo
Drums: Alan Ganley
Vocals: Carmel Quinn, Derek Francis, Annette Scott, and Wally Carr.

The Squadronaires


The Squadronaires
Many of the members formerly played as side men in Bert Ambrose’s band, and during the war, the members consisted of:
Leader: Jimmy Miller
Manager: Arthur Maden
Trumpet: Tommy McQuater, Archie Craig, Clinton French
Trombone: George Chisholm, Eric Breeze
Saxophones: Tommy Bradbury, Harry Lewis, Jimmy Durrant, Andy McDevitt, Cliff Townshend
Piano: Ronnie Aldrich
Guitar: Sid Colin
Bass: Arthur Maden
Drums: Jock Cummings
Vocals: Jimmy Miller, Joan Regan, Suzy Miller, Jackie Lee, Joan Baxter, Peter Morton, Ken Kirkham.
After the war, Jimmy Watson replaced Clinton "Froggy" French on trumpet, and Monty Levy replaced Harry Lewis (husband of Vera Lynn) on alto sax.


The Kirchin Band - September, 1954 (Parlophone R3958)
Murray Campbell, Frank Donlan, Dougie Arthur, Norman Baron (tp), Bryan Hayden (as), Johnny Marshall, John Xerri, (ts), George Robinson (bs), Johnny Patrick (p), Ronnie Seabrook (b), Basil Kirchin (d), Ivor Kirchin (dir).
Tangerine*/Mambo Macoco*. (*Vocalion CD - The Kirchin Band - Gotta Be This Or That)
"Mambo Nothing" was written for the Claude Thornhill Orchestra by one of that bands tenor players Ralph Aldridge. The Kirchin arrangement is identical except taken at a slightly faster tempo...

The Kirchin Band - December 8th, 1954 (Decca DFE6237)
Murray Campbell, Frank Donlan, Stan Palmer, Norman Baron, Bobby Pratt* (tp), Brian Hayden (as), Norman Hunt, John Xerri, (ts), George Robinson (bs), Johnny Patrick (p), Ronnie Seabrook (b), Basil Kirchin (d), Johnny Grant (vcl), Ivor Kirchin (dir).
Mambo Nothing/Minor Mambo*/Lover Come Back To Me (vcl JG)/Mother Goose Jumps (vcl JG).

The Kirchin Band - December 14th, 1954 (Parlophone R3968)
Murray Campbell, Frank Donlan, Stan Palmer, Norman Baron (tp), Brian Hayden (as), Norman Hunt, John Xerri, (ts), George Robinson (bs), Johnny Patrick (p), Ronnie Seabrook (b), Basil Kirchin (d), Ginger Johnson (bongos), Danny Johnson (conga), Ivor Kirchin (dir).
Tango Mambo*/Panambo*. (*Vocalion CD - The Kirchin Band - Gotta Be This Or That)

The Kirchin Band - January 18th, 1955 (Parlophone R3985)
Murray Campbell, Frank Donlan, Stan Palmer, Norman Baron, Bobby Pratt (tp), Brian Hayden (as), Norman Hunt, John Xerri, (ts), George Robinson (bs), Johnny Patrick (p), Ronnie Seabrook (b), Basil Kirchin (d), Ivor Kirchin (dir).
Lester Leaps The Mambo*/Lanigiro*. (*Vocalion CD - The Kirchin Band - Gotta Be This Or That)

SIX-FIVE SPECIAL: with Frankie Vaughan, Freddie Mills, Don Lang and his Frantic Five, Vipers Skiffle Group, Murray Campbell and his Trumpet, Ronnie Keene and his Orchestra, Roger Bannister, Chris Brasker (1957)

‘Balmoral Melody’ (by Philip Green) Murray Campbell (a trumpet piece, clearly modelled on the then popular Eddie Calvert) (presumably Eddie Calvert did not appear because he recorded for EMI, rather than Decca);

Carl Barriteau


Alto: Lew Warburton. Tenor: Geoff Alderson. Baritone: Al Cornish. Trumpet: Chick Mayes. Bass: Bill Stark. Piano: Bert Annable. Drums: Les Dawson. Vocals: Mae Cooper.

Johnny Dankworth Seven
March 4th, 1952 (Esquire)
Johnny Dankworth (as), Don Rendell (ts), Eddie Blair (tp), Eddie Harvey (tb), Bill Le Sage (p), Eric Dawson (b), Tony Kinsey (d). I've Got You Under My Skin (vcl FH)^/The Very Thought Of You (vcl CL)^/Bopscotch*/Our Delight*.
(*Charly/Esquire 4 CD box set - bebop IN BRITAIN - issued in 1991 currently only available second hand...)
(^Salvo 4CD Box set - I Hear Music - A Celebration of the Life and Work of Cleo Laine & John Dankworth)

Vic Lewis
was never involved with the bebop scene although he was leading various bands throughout the period. He was much more involved with the 'progressive' music of Stan Kenton and Gerry Mulligan and led a number of fine big bands through the 1950s. The titles recorded below are outstanding modern, bebop tinged arrangements, surprising because they were not his usual type of music. It is possible to hear the influence of Shorty Rogers Giants and the Miles Davis nine piece band. The recordings came in a period when, for economic reasons, Lewis had disbanded his big band. Shortly after these recordings were made he reformed his big band and this group did not record again...
Vic Lewis and his New Music - March 26th, 1952 (Esquire)
Bert Courtley (tp), Tommy Smith (frh), Ronnie Chamberlain (as,sops), Kathy Stobart (ts), Jimmy Simmonds (bs), Clive Chaplin (p), Martin Gilboys (b), Peter Coleman (d), Vic Lewis (dir).
Why Do I Love You*/JD to VL*/Street Scene*/Heru*.
(*Charly/Esquire 4 CD box set - bebop IN BRITAIN - issued in 1991 currently only available second hand...)

Ralph Sharon Sextet
Polite 'dinner jazz' type music with a nod to the very successful George Shearing Quintet sound. Sharon recorded on two more occasions (details) in 1952 before leaving the British jazz scene and emigrating to the USA where he became long time musical director to the singer Tony Bennett...
Ralph Sharon Sextet - June 6th, 1952 (Melodisc)
Jimmy Skidmore (ts), Alan Graham (vib), Ralph Sharon (p), Roy Plummer (g), Joe Muddel (b), Harvey Bond (d).
These Foolish Things*/Sometimes I'm Happy*/Bill/I't Don't Mean A Thing. (*unissued)

Ronnie Hancox

ronnie hancox

Alfrredo Campoli




Nat Gonella

Nat Gonella

Phil Tate

phil tate

Carroll Gibbons


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