in alphabetical order About each actor/actress


ANDY ANDERSON(Jim Sullivan) as Tony Lott in The Great Bookie Robbery 1986. As Bill Taylor in Raiders of the South Seas on C4 on 12/11/93. In Prisoner Cell Block H, Juanuary 1996. AsShaun in Country Practice 16/10/96.

VINCENT BALL(Admiral Spencer)(1923- ?) New South Wales actor who went to Britian in the 1940's, and acted in countless TV and Film parts there. Returned to Australia periodically and eventually for good. Films include A Town like Alice-56UK, Robbery under arms-57, Summer of the seventeenth doll-59, Arena-76TV, Deathcheaters-76, Report from Gallipoli-77TV, Going home-77TV, The Irishman-78. Alison's Birthday-80, Breaker Morant-80, Deadline-81TV, The dissmissal-83TV, Phar Lap-83, TV's include Rush as Kendall, Ben Hall as Sgt Garland, and The Sullivans. Young Doctors 31/1/90. As Ted Campbell in Country Practice 10/1/92, and again on 13/10/92.

LORRAINE BAYLY(Grace Sullivan)(1936- ?) daughter of a policeman, subsquently appeared in a series, called Carson's Law, as a lawyer in 1988. Had 5 years experience as hostess of the childremn's TV show 'Playschool'. Also played the wife of Alan Bond in the mini series about the Americas Cup. Films include Heaven help us- a 1967 short, Ride a wild pony 1975, Fatty Finn-1980, Man from Snowy River-1982. In Neighbours as Faye Hudson 21/12/92.In A Country Practice 27/4/93 as Jean Richmond.

FRANCIS BELL(Billy Brinkley) appearded previously in 'Neighbours' as Max Ramsey?????

ERNIE BOURNE(?? - ??) Played a lecturer at John Sullivan's medical college, and later as a farmer when Dave Sulliavan broke his leg while out riding. He also appeared as Gail's father and the one time garage owner in Neighbours.

AILEEN BRITTON(???) Sydney actress with a long career in Fils and on stage. Films include Tall Timbers-37, 100,000 Cobbers-42short, The Tichborne Affair-75TV, Born to Run-76, She'll be sweet-77TV, Death Train-78TV, My Brilliant Career-79, Now and forever-82, Fluteman-82, Mystery at Castle House-82, Platypus Cove-83. TV's include Seven Little Australians-73, Solo One-76, The Sullivans as Mrs Skinner.

ANNIE BYRON(Lou Sullivan, Harry's second wife) in Flying Doctors 5/1/91 and as Julie McDonald on 1/9/92. Home and Away 24/3/91. As Rose Flanagan in Shadows of the heart 12/7/92. As Mitchell in Country Practice 8/6/95

MICHAEL CATON(Harry Sullivan) Actor from Queensland, films include Stockade-1971, Private Collection-1972, Jog's trot-1976, Last of the knucklemen-1979, Hoodwink-1980, Fluteman-1982, Monkey grip-1982, Weekly's war-1982, and Five Mile Creek-1984 on TV, as Noel Farley in the Flying Doctors 10/2/90. As Frank Barrett in Shadows of the heart 12/7/92. Film The Castle. Host of "Hot Auctions" property selling programme.

ANNE CHARLESTON(Neighbours Madge Ramsay) has appeared as a dancing teacher.

DAVID CLENCIE(Steve Sullivan) has appeared in 'Neighbours' as Danny, one of the sons of Max Ramsey.

CHANTEL CONTOURI(Melina)(1949- ?) Greek born actress raised in Adelaide, spent 1967-73 on Europe. Much TV and stage, she is also a writer. TV's include Kommotion, Number 96, The Sullivans, Black Boomarang-82Germany, All the rivers run-83, Films include Barry McKenzie hold's his own-74, Alvin rides again-74, Is there anybody there-76Tv, Hignh Rolling-77, Snapshot-79, Thirst-79, Touch and go-80.

PAUL CRONIN(Dave Sullivan) (8 July 1938 13 September 2019) born 8/7/38 Jamestown Australia. A former athelete, Attended drama school in Adelaide has 20 years experience in the TV industry and has won 5 Logie awards for most popular lead actor for his work in the Sullivans. Other TV's include, Matlock Police-1971/75, as Gary Hogan , and the spin-off, Solo One, as a countryside motorcycle cop in 1976. Matthew & Son, A place to call home and on 18/2/94 as Jock Weatherhead in The Fying Doctors. Later he became manager of a Melbourne engineering firm.
Married to Helen,daughters Jane, Katherine, Susanne and Julianna.
address:- 197 Cotham Road, Kew, 3103 Victoria Aus.
Aussie birth sign Cancer.
Ex Chairman of Australian Football team Brisbane Bears.
Pets. Dog.

MYRA DE GROOT(Mrs Watkins) (4 July 1937 Westminster, London Died 4 April 1988 (aged 50) Melbourne) a British atage actress from 1944 to 1957 who started in London at the age of 14. Then went to the USA 1957-72, New Zealand in 1972-80 and in Australia since 1980, also appeared in Neighboughs, the actress died of cancer in the autumn of 1988. Films include Norman loves Rosie. 1982. Oct 1995 in Country Practice.

MAGGIE DENCE(Rose Sullivan)( - ) As Helen Manning in the Flying Doctors 10/3/90, As Mrs O'Connor in A town like Alice 4/8/90. As Dorothy Burke in Neighbours 8/7/91. Appearance on Noel Edmunds House Party 30/1/93. As Victoria Fleming(opera singer) in Country Practice 18/6/93.

PENNY DOWNIE(Patty Sullivan)(1954- ?) actress graduated from NIDA in 1974, Tv appearences, played Kelly Jamison in Bellbird, as Ronnie Hatherton in The Box, Learned Friends-1983, played in a 1988 British series about advertising/politics title unknown, and in 1989 is currently in Prisoner Cell Block H. Films include, a short called 39th Paralelle-1975, Round the Bend-1981, Crosstalk-1982. At present she is resident in the UK an actress with the Royal Shakepere Co. Appeared on British TV in 'Campaign'. In 'Stanley and the Women' as Susan Duke 28/11/91.

GERRY DUGGAN(Patrick Sullivan) born 10 July 1910 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland Died 27 March 1992 (aged 81) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Irish character actor in USA from 1927/37, Aussie films include On the beach-1959, Siege of Pinchgut-1959, The Sundowners 1960, Ned Kelly-1970, a short called The Claim-1976, Mad dg Morgan-1976, Devil's Playground-1976, a short called The singer and the dancer-1977, Picture Show Man-1977, Mango Tree-1977, Newsfront-1978, Last of the Knucklemen-1978, My Brilliant Career-1979, a short called Plain Sailing-1980, a short called The Kite-1980. TV's include The Godfathers-1972, Thirteen Clocks-1979, Slippery Slide 1980, Silent Reach-1982.

WALLIS EATON (Arthur Pike)(18 February 1917 3 November 1995) British actor, Films include Deathecheaters-1976, Mad Dog Morgan-1976, a documenary called To shoot a mad dog-1976, Last Wave-1977, Save the lady-1981, Goodbye Paradise-1982, Undercover-1983. Annie's coming out, on BBc2 18/1/92. TV's include Deadline-1981, as 'Shenton Thomas' in Tanamera. as Roland Perry in Young Doctors 29/1/90. Flying Doctors 15/6/91.

REG EVANS(Mr. Patterson-Lil's father) (1925 - )Male actor of stage TV and film, long in the UK where he trained 1948/50. Many films include Hue & Cry-49UK,Adam's woman-70, By-pass-70short,Squeeze a flower-70, Wake in fright-71, Stone-74, Essington-76TV, Deathcheaters-76, Mad dog Morgan-76, Raw deal-77, Manganinnine-79, Mad Max-79, Family problems-79short, The Island-80US, Gallipolie-81, Kitty and the bagman-82, Plains of heaven-82, A shifting dreaming-82doc, Eureka Stockade-84TV, Strikebound-84, TVseries I can jump puddles.

CHARLENE FENN, Nikki, who was a neice of the Robinson's in Neighbours, was one of Ida Jessop's many lodgers.

BELINDA GIBLIN(nursing Sister Sue Marriott)(1950- ? ) Stage actress, Films include Sacrifice-71short, Petersen-74, The Box-75, End Play-76, Say you want me-77short, Demolition-78TV, Alison's Birthday-80, TV's include The Box, Skyways, The Sullivans. as Alison Carr in Sons & Daughters on TVS 5/1/90. As Cynthia in Home and Away 31/10/91.

REG GORMAN(Jack Fletcher) (2 August 1932 5 August 2021) Comic actor, born 2/8/37 in Sydney Australia. Theatre performances include New Faces, How to Succeed, The Odd Couple, Sweet Charity, Summer of the 17th Doll, Films:- Horizons Underground-1960, The Sundowners-1960, They're a weird mob-1966, a short call Operation Picul Stick-1967, Dusty, Drifting Avenger-1968, Ned Kelly-1970, Between Wars-1974, Alvin rides again-1974, Plugg-1975, Inn of the Damned-1975, Caddie-1976, a short called Profile of a Clown and a Mindreader-1978, Full Cycle-1978. As the computor repossesion man in A Marriage of convenience-1987. Has appeared as a producer in a TV film called 'The Bit Part' about TV/Film extras in November 1988. Other TV's include The Bluestone Boys, I can jump puddles, All the rivers run, Henderson Kids, Carson's Law, Coming ready or not-1983. Also as the first owner of the coffee shop in Neighbours, and 6 years as Jack in the Sullivans. He married actress Judith Roberts, daughters Kate, an actress who has appeared in Nieghbours as Sue Parker, and Charmaine who has appeared in Neighbours as Vicky Gibbons, the daughter of Dr.Graham(Urger), he also has a son called Karl.
Address:- c/o Binksin Productions, 11th Floor, 65, York Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia. birthsign Leo.
hobbies, Reading, movies, archery, Pets dog. Most Cherished Possession, "My books-they helped me complete my educationafyer I left scooh at 14". Favourite Memory "Getting a standing ovation (my only one) in my first revue with my own sketch"

VIVEAN GRAY (20 July 1924 29 July 2016), British born actress Flims include A City's Child-1972, Libido-1973(the 'Priest' episode, Picnic at Hanging Rock-1975, The fourth wish-1976, The last wave-1977. Has also appeared in 'Neighbours' as Mrs Mangle, and Carson's Law, Prisoner Cell Block H, and Anzacs.

OLIVIA HAMNETT(Meg Fulton)(?-?) British actress in Australia since 1970, Films include Spy with the cold nose-66UK, Sally go round the moon-77TV, The last wave-77, Plunge into darkness-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TV, The Earthling-80, Return to Eden-83TV, TV's include Rush, Bellbird, Bobby Dazzler, The Sullivans, Prisoner. As Carl in Boys from the Bush.

GRAHAM HARVEY(Robbie McGovern) in The Young Doctors 18/3/93.

PETER HARVEY WRIGHT(Ernie O'Keefe) appeared as Graham, a Doctor and Clive Gibbon's brother in Neighbours. As Kevin Wright in The Flying Doctors 24/2/90. Played as Mr. Fleet in Pugwall's Summer, 31/7/94.

CHRIS HAYWOOD(???)(1942- ?) British born actor, laterly a record producer. In Australia since 1970. Films here include Cars that ate Paris-74, The Great McCarthy-75, The Removalist-75, Trespassers-76, Essington-76TV, Deathcheaters-76, Kazzam International-76,short, Out of it-77short, A Good thing going-77TV, Newsfront-78, The making of Anna-78documentary, In search of Anna-79, Kostas-79, For a child called Michael-79short, The first ninety days-80short, The Uninvited-80short, Attack force Z-80, Maybe this time-80, Breaker Morant-80, Killing floor-80short, No going back-81short, The Report-81short, Wrong side of the road-82, Return of Captain Invincible-82, Freedom-82, Heawave-82, Running on empty-82, The man from snowy river-82, The Clinic-82, Lonely Hearts-82, With Prejudice-82TV, Return to Eden-83TV, Man of Flowers-83, Strikebound-84, The Great Gold Swindle-84TV, Razorback-84. TV's include The Sullivans, Alvin Purple, Waterfront.

NONI HAZLEHURST(Lill Duggan)(1953- ?) Accomplished Melbourne Logie award winning actress, born of entertainer parents. Graduated Adelaide University in 1973, once married to director Kevin Dobson. She was hostess of the children's game show Playschool from 1976/82. Other TV's include The Box, Weekly's war-1982, The Waterfront-1984, Films include Getting of wisdom-1977, Fatty Finn-1980, a short called A Creative Partnership-The actor and the director-1982, Monkey Grip-1982, The power of stories-1983, For love or Money-1983. The Australian Dream-1986 also as Nancy Wake in 'Nancy Wake'. Now lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, with actor John Jarratt, their son born 1987. Naked under Capricorn on 7/9/90. Film "Waiting" 1990 on 12/5/94.

PETER HEHIR(Bert Duggan)(1949- ?) Sydney actor Films invlude Trigger films series 1973, Alternatives-1974, Last of the Knucklemen-1979, The Earthling-1980, Heatwave-1982, The last outlaw-1980.
TV's include The Huanting of Dewie Dowker-1976, Fast Talking-1984.

DAMON HERRIMAN(Frank Errol) appeared as The Blinker in the three part series For the term of his natural life-1988.

JAMIE HIGGINS(Geoff Sullivan) appeared in a TV film about an outback town in 1988.

NICK HOLLAND(Peter Robinson) As Matt Blake in The Young Doctors 18/11/92. In Country Practice as Mr. Brian Mortimer on 29/3/94.

LEON LISSEK (Mr Kauffman)(19 January 1939 c. 2022) as Deeley in Where'S Jack-68UK, as Count Festetics in Shadow of the noose BBC2 19/4/89. As ? Zec in BBC1's Screen One, Running Late.

INGRID MASON(Anna Kaufmann)(1952- ?) Actress born in New Guinea. Well known as Anna Kauffmann in the Sullivans. Films include Picnic at Hanging Rock-75, Break of Day-76, Eliza Fraser-76, Shimmering Light-77TV.

ANDREW MCFARLANE(John Sullivan) born 1950 a NIDA Graduate in 1973. Films include Born to Run-1975, Break of day-1976, a short called By Night-1980, Doctors and Nurses-1981. TV's include The John Sullivan Story-1980, Division 4-1973/74, as Lt. Keating in Patrol Boat. was the original lead in The Flying Doctors. Born to run shown 30/12/94.

KYLIE MINOGUE(Charlene Robinson in Neighbours) appeared as Carla the 12 year old Dutch Jewish child befriended by Tom and Norm in Holland.

RICHARD MORGAN(Terry Sullivan) (12 August 1958 23 December 2006)born Hobart Tasmania, trained at the Herbert Berghoff Studios in New York. Theatre productions include Zombie Barbecue, The heiress from Punchbowl, all with Not Another Theatre Co.
Films include The Devil's Playground, Christmas Day, Break of day, Phar Lap, Yoyeur, Silver City, also appeared in a TV film about an outback town in 1988.
TV's include Homicide, Solo One, Sullivans, Boy in the Bush, City West, The Last Warhorse, Great Expectations, Four Corners, Prince of the Court of Yarraluma, also appeared in 'Sons & Daughters'15/12/88 on British TV.
Address:- Robyn Gardiner Mange, 126A, Hampden Road, Artarmon, NSW, Ausrralia 2064. birthsign Leo. hobbies Reading, watching sport. Most cherished possession," My leather jacket - it keeps me warm".
Favourite memory, "Getting my first professional job because that meant that I could leave school". Played the newspaper reporter 'Donohue' in Home and Away 24/1/90. Sadly, Richard died on 23rd December 2006 age 48 from the dreaded Motor Neurone disease.

SAM NEILL(Ben Dawson)(1948- ?)New Zealand born actor who came to Australia in 1977, after being a director at the Nation Film Unit in New Zealand for five years. He had also starred in a local film hit Sleeping Dogs-77. While in Australia he had regular roles in the TV series The Sullivans, and Lucinda Brayford and leading roles in the feature films Just out of reach-79, The Journalist-79, My brlliant career-79, Attack force Z-80, The Good Wife 1986. His talent however is International and he left for Europe. Other films include Ashes-74NZshort, Landfall-75NZshort, On the road with red mole-77NZdocumentary he directed, The final conflict-81 in the UK, Enigma-81 in the UK, Possession-81France/Germany, From a far Country-81Poland, Ivanhoe-82 US TV, The Blood of others-83France/US, TV series Reilly-83 UK title role. 1989 film A cry in the dark. As John Irving in Dead Calm 21/12/92.

ROGER OAKLEY(Barrington) as Tom in Home and Away -/2/90 JOHN ORCSIK(Father Mulcahy)(1945- ) Australian born actor of Hungarian Parent. Also a writer. Played Flash Johnny in the TV series Ben Hall 74/5, and recently became a household name in his role of Georgiou in the series Cop Shop 77/83.Films include , A man's life is his own affair '70 short, I need more staff '73 short, Petersen 74, Number 96 74, Man from Hong Kong 75, The Trespassers 76, Murcheson Creek 76TV, Do I have to kill my child? 76TV, Harvest of hate 78. As Blake's father Les Bagley in Home & Away 20th April 1993. Film Jurasic Park 1994.

FRED PARSLOW(Mr. Jarvis) has also appeared in Against the wind. Dadah is death 28/1/90. As Clary McLachlan in Neighbours 31/7/91.

DARIUS PERKINS, The first Scott Robinson from Neighbours appeared as a schoolfriend of Geoff Sullivan.

GENEVIEVE PICOT(the second Caroline Sullivan) Tasmanian actress graduated from NIDA in 1979, Her first film as Mrs Makenzie was Undercover-1983, Descant for Gossips-1983. Proof in 1991.

VERA PLEVNIK(????)(1955-1982) Melbourne actress of Yugoslav parents, graduated from the Voctorian College of Arts in 178, Moved to Sydney, did stage and TV, Young Ramsay, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, won 1980 Logie as most outstanding new talent of the year and died in a car crash in Bateman's Bay, NSW. Films include The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Before the flood-81short, Going down-82, Monkey Grip-82.

SHANE PORTEOUS(an Isreali freedom fighter) actor born 17/8/42 Coleraine Victoria Australia. Studied arts at the Queensland University, and worked as a book designer, illustrator and animator. Joined the Old Tote Theatre Co. in Sydney in 1968. Played in Rozencrantz and Gildenstern are dead, Hamlet, Major Barbara, Death of a salesman, ?? Love's labours lost. Films include In an Onion-1976, a short called Stobie Malone-1975, a short called The CLaim-1976, a short called Apples-1978, Little Convict-1979, a short called Round the bend--1981, Seventh Match/Sarah-1982, Dangerous Summer-1982, Burning man. TV's include, Taming of the shrew, Chopper squad, Puzzle-1977, Report from Gallipoli-1977, Certain Women, Sullivans, as Dr. Elliott in A Country practice.
married Jennifer, daughter Fiona and Polly, son Benjamin.
Address:- c/o June Cann Management, Sydney Australia.
birhtsign Leo.
Hobbies, Tennis, cricket, @ainting, bush walking. pets Cat. Favourite memory "Playing in the same cricket team as Frak Tyson and getting a wicket"
SASKIA POST(Julianna Baker)(1960- ?) Dutch born Sydney actress, has appearded in Return to Eden, Sons and Daughters and A Country Practise. Films include One night stand-1984. As Anna in Dogs in Space. As Pam Allen in Country Practice 21/7/92.

DAVID ROBSON(Squizzy) in Sons and Daughters

ILONA RODGERS(Kate Meredith) appears ad Maxine Redfern in Gloss on ITV 24/4/89. In The new Adventures of Black Beauty TVS 22/9/90&20/12/92

JOANNE SAMUEL(Cynthia Cavanaugh)(1957- ?) played Mel Gibson's wife in Mad Max-79, Alison's Birthday-80, Early Frost-82, Other TV's include Kelly Young in Skyways, and Jill Gordon in the Young Doctors, Class of 74, Certain Women, Ratbags.

SEAN SCULLY(Sam Kendall)(1947- ) Sydney actor son of Margaret Christensen. Has done work in all the media in Australia & Europe. Films include South Seas Adventure-57short, Smiley gets a gun-58, Lend me your clogs-60Netherlands, Prince & the pauper-61UK, Scarecrow of Romney Marsh-61UK, Almost angels-62US/Austria, Third secretary-67doc/nar, City's child-72, Sunday too far away-75, Eliza Fraser-76, High Rolling-77, Welding-78short, Deadline-81. TV:- The permanent booking-82short, TV series:- Bellbird, Sara Dane.

DINAH SHEARING(Mary Sullivan) appears as Minika Schnell in A Country Practise.

PENELOPE STEWART(Edith) has also appeared in 'for the term of his natural life?' and Prisoner Cell Block H.

CHARLIE STRACHAN, who was one of the writer of The Sullivans, was in the series once as an American serviceman.

GARY SWEET(Leslie Maddern)(1957- ?) Adelaide schoolteacher and a keen golfer, appeared as Don Bradman in 'Bodyline' a programme about the England cricket tour of Australia in the 1930's and is also in The Lighthorsemen. Films include Nightmares-1981, The Lighthorsemen, Indecent Obsession, The Dreaming-1987. Other TV's include Coming ready or not-1983. Bodyline, as Chicka White in The Great Bookie Robbery 1986, as 'Tony' in Tanamera, Flying Doctors 27/4/91. Boy Soldiers 10/6/91. Police Rescue. Played as the boss of the undercover group in Stingers. Married to Jill, a Melbourne solicitor, in 1987 in the Melbourne Zoological Gardens. One son born 7/3/87 called Frank Phillip Sweet.

STEVEN TANDY(Tom Sullivan) actor born 23/10/52. in Sydney Ausralia. Graduate of the Institute of Dramatic Art. Theatre include Juno and the paycock, The national Health, Love for love, Love's labours lost, Translations, Three sisters, The winter's tale. Films include Jog's trot, Gone tomorrow. TV's include The Sullivans's, Spyforce, Over there, All rivers run, Possession, Sons and daughters7/4/92 as Pilot Bill Samders. Address c/o ICS, 147A, King Street, Sydney, Australia.
birthsign Libra/Scorpio.
hobies, music, golf, movies, reading, horse racing, tennis.
Most cherished possession:-""A personal letter from Lawrence Olivier, received during my first visit to London in 1978. Favourite memory,"Meeting Ingrid Bergmann backstage at the Haymarket theatre and feeling the warmth of her smile"

SIGRID THORNTON(????)(1959- ?) Queensland actress based in Melbourne. TV's include Father dear Father down under, Homicide, Prisoner, The Sullivans. Films include Getting of Wisdom-77, F J Holden-77, Snapshot-79, King of the two day wonder-79, Outbreak of love-81TV, Duet for four-82, Man from Snowy river-82, Street hero-84, Last outlaw-80, 1915-81, All the rivers run-83, The Lighthorsemen.

CHARLES TINGWELL(Dr. Hammond)(3 January 1923 15 May 2009) (At Anna's death) Actor, a star from the beginning of his career, who went to England in the late 1950's and remained there in shows like Emegency Ward 10. Did many films there, and since returning to Australia has been best remembered on TV as Det Isp Lawson in the series Homicide. Known as 'Bud' Tingwell, his many films in Australia include Smithy-46, Always another dawn-47, Into the straight-49, Bitter springs-50, Glenrowan Affair-50 naration, I found Joe Barton-52 US TV, Kangaroo-52, Captain Thunderbolt-53, Stealthy-53 documentary narartion, Kingof the Coral Sea-54, Jungle Warfare training-55documentary naration, Smiley-56, The Snowy Mountain Scheme showing the Guthega Project-56 documentary naration, The Shiralee-57also naration,The Unitisers-68documentary naraion, The Australian Flight-1919-69documentary co-naration, Petersen-74, End Play-75, Eloza Fraser-76, Gone to ground-77TV, Summerfield-77, Money Movers-78, The Jounalist-79, Breaker Morant-80, Gold Mines of Australia-81 documentary naration, Degrees of change-81TV directed, Freedom-82, Wilde's domain-82TV directed. Other TV's include All thr rivers run-83.As Uncles Charles in All the rivers run II 1990/1, Malcolm 86, Directed The Sullivans.

NOEL TREVARTHEN(Det Sgt ??) (1938 - 1999) New Zealand born actor, former TV announcer, was featured in several Italian muscleman epics, spent time in the UK. TV's include The Rovers-1969/71, Young Doctors, The restless Years. Report from Gallipoli-1977 as Gen. Haig in Anzacs, and Neighbours. In A Country Practice as Douglas Briggs on 8/7/93. Films include deadline-1981, Dusty-1982. Sept 1995 in Country Practice.

JOHN WALTON(Michael Watkins) (1952- ?) A NIDA graduate in 1972. Played as Fred Burley and Terry's second wife Genevieve Picot and Wallas Eaton(Arthur Pike) have appeared in a television film about Berlei underwear called 'Undercover'(5/12/88) & (19/11/91). He was also in Bodyline and The Lighthorsemen, plus a British 'professionals' type programme in late 1988. Other TV's include Cop Shop as Terry Lindford Jones, Young Doctors as Dr. Craig Rothwell, As Jack Calcott in Kangaroo(21/1/91).

JOHN WATERS(Chris Merchant)(1945- ?) Real name John Russell Waters, English born actor, son of an actor, in Sydney since 1968, Former folk singer, he is also a recording artist. Films include And millions will die-73, End play-76, Eliza Fraser-76, The Haunting of Hewie Dowker-76TV, Getting of Wisdom-77, Summerfield-7, The trail of Ned Kelly-TV title role, Weekend of shadows-78, Cass-78TV, Sound of love-79TV, Breaker Morant-80, Attack force Z-80, Whisky Fateh-81TV naration, High Country-84TV, TV's include Rush -76 as Sgt McKellar, Slippery Slide-80, All the rivers run-83. As Brenton Edwards in All the rivers run II 1990/1. As Maurice in Greavous Bodily Harm.

NICK WATERS(Horace 'orible' Brown) actor born 4/9/51. in Melborne Australia. Studied drama and mine at the Claremont Theatre Melbourne in 1970. other theatre work includes The Playbox Theatre.. La Marna, St Martins, The Alexander Theatre. Films include The Great McCarthy, Strkebound, The Humpty Dumpty Man, The Lighthorsemen, Snowy River. TV's Rush, Against the wind, The Last Outlaw, The Sullivans, Anzacs. married Joanne, sons Sean and Oliver, address c/o The Actors Agency, Melbourne Australia. birthsign Virgo. hobbies, cricket, horse training, music, fishing, and crosswords. pets 2 dogs 2 horses, Most cherished possession "A very early American Washurn guitar because they don't make tem anymore". Favourite memory "The image of my wife when I met her for the first time". has also appeared in 'Neighbours' as Madge Mitchell's husband Fred. As Inspector Faulkner in Blue Heelers 29/1/96. and 3/2/97.

MEGAN WILLIAMS(Alice Sullivan) (11 September 1956 17 April 2000) has appearded in the TV mini series call 'Return to Eden' as Cassie Jones in 1987. and in Anzacs. Also has appeared as barmaid Nancy in BBC TV's Eastenders on 12/2/89. She died age 44 in April 2000 of breast cancer.

NORM YEMM(Norm Baker) (23 March 1933 3 February 2015) A popular night club and caberet artistes, as well as a world class professional athlete. Former singer and stage musical star. Leading roles in films include Night of Fear-1972, Plugg01975, Raw Deal-1977, TV's include Homicde as Jim Patterson, Number 96 as Harry Collins, has also appeared in 'Neighbours' as Ray Murphy, Madge Mitchell's boyfriend at the Watering Hole in 1988 and in Prisoner as Ed. In Prisoner Cell Block H, Juanuary 1996.

PAUL YOUNG(played one of John's commie friends), as Harold McHugh in the Flying Doctors 10/2/90.
The lecturer at John's medical college, in an early episode, is Gail's father, the garage owner in Nieghbours.


Ross Berryman, Adelaide born cinematograher, trained at Crawfords from 1972, becoming a lighting cameramanin 1975, in Sydney since 1981. Films include The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Double Deal-82, Breakfast in Paris-82, Slice of life-82, Bush Christmas-83, Fire in the stone-83TV, Son of Alvin-84. TV's include Matlock Police-75, Solo One-76, The Sullivans-76/80, Young Ramsay-80, Taurus rising-82.

Henry Crawford, TV producer from Victoria. Former actor, casting director and script editor who has produced over 240 hours of TV drama including Homicide and Matlock Police for Crawfords(Hector Crawford is a third cousin). Creator/Porducer of TV series Solo One-76, produced first 13 episodes of Young Ramsay, and the initial producer of the Sullivans. Recently produced some classic mini series, Against the wind-78, A town like Alice-81, Eureka Stockade-84, Five Mile Creek-84.

Rod Hardy(1949- ?) Melbourne TV director for Crawfords, Films include Thirst-79, Sara Dane-82TV, Eureka Stockade-84TV. TV series Homicide, Division 4, Matlock Police, Solo One, Chopper Squad, The Sullivans, Young Ramsay, Prisoner.

Cliff Hayes(1951- ?) Melbourne editor. Films include, Mad Max-79co-editor, Dead man's Float-81TV, We of the never never-82, High Country-84TV, TV's include Cash and Company-75, The Sullivans-78, Young Ramsay-80.

Bill Hughes(1944 ?) Melbourne born director, in Sydney since 1970, Films include Crisis-72TV, The Spoiler-72TV, Lost Islands-75, Paradise-76TV, Quietly Shouting-79documentary also produce it, Hign Counrty-84TV, TV's include The Sullivans-76, Glenview High-77, Skyways-79, Cop Shop-80/81 directed,produced and written, Glimpses of a new age-82, Country Practice-82also produced it, Kings-83.

Tony Morphett(1938- ?) Sydney novalist who has written for film anmd TV. Films include Linehaul-73TV, Last Wave-77cowriter, The Alternative-77TV, Roses Bloom Twice-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TVcowriter, Robbery under arms-84cowriter, TV's include Delta, Dynasty, Boney, Certain Women, The Oracle, Catwalk, Luke's Kingdom, Ben Hall, Against the wind, The Sullivans, Patrol Boat, Under Capricorn,Robbery under arms.

Julian Pringle(? - ?) Sydney director, Films include The Pudding Theives-67, Essington-67TV, Newman Shame-78, Bedfellows-79TV, Conferenceville-82, TV's include Certain women, Bluey, The outsiders, The Oracle, The Sullivans, Prisoner-produced only, Punishment.

David Stevens(1940- ?) British director born in Palestine of Dutch parents. Educated in England and Jordan, trained at RADA in London, was an actor then stage manager in England then wnet to New Zealand. First a stage director then a radio actor, then director. He next went into TV directing, in Australia with the Crawfords in the early 1970's. TV's include Solo One-76, The Sullivans-80 also writer, Films include Roses bloom twice-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Breaker Morant-80co-writer, A Town like Alice-81TV, The Clinic-82, Undercover-83.

Simon Wincer(1943- ?) Sydney born director who began at the ABC and spent 1966-69 in the UK as a TV director and stage manager. Joined Crawfords in Melbourne in 1970. Since 1980 has been cheif executive in the Michael Edgely Organisation. Films include Snapshot-79director, Harlrquin-80director, Man from Snowy River-82 co exec producer/co 2nd unit director, Phar Lap trailer-83short directed, Phar Lap-83 directed, TV's directed include Division 4, Homicide, Cash and Company, Tandarra, The Sullivans, Chopper squad, Against the wind.

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Mrs. Val Thomas.(Sullivans expert)

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