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this page is dedicated to the entire cast, and crew for making such a great programme, and Mr. Crawford for making if posible.



First Australian series to be sold in over 30 worldwide markets. First Australian series to run continually for over 7 years overseas.
First with the awards and number one with the critics. Longest running and most successful overseas daytime serial in the U.K.


The Sullivans is the story of a typical family from 1939 just before the outbreak of war, up to 1945 when human re-adjustment was not easy.
Its about quiet courage. It's about ordinary people trying to get on with life in the shadow of a world war.
Made by Crawford Productions (International)
The program was made between 1976 and 1982, and amounted to 558 hours of television in 1114 episodes.
Originally, scheduled for a thirteen week run, it was extended. The theme music titled 'Reflections' was written by Geoff Harvey.

The Cast
Dave Sullivan..Paul Cronin
Grace Sullivan..Lorraine Bayly
Doctor Donovan(Grace's father)..Keith Eden
Harry J Sullivan..Michael Caton
Rose, Harry's wife(1)..Maggie Dence
Lou, Harry's wife(2)..Annie Byron
Tom Sullivan..Steven Tandy
Angelique ... Tracy Mann
Patty Sullivan(nee Spencer)..Penny Downie
Terry Sullivan..Richard Morgan
Terry's wife.(actress 1)..Toni Vernon
Caroline Sullivan(actress2)..Genevieve Picot
Kitty Sullivan..Susan Hannaford
Robbie McGovern..Graham Harvey
Gracie Sullivan..Lisa Dewhurst
John Sullivan..Andrew McFarlane
Anna Kauffmann, John's wife(1)..Ingrid Mason
Nadia, John's wife(2)..Vera Plevnik
Geoffery Sulllivan (Johnson).Jamie Higgins
Mary Sullivan..Dinah Shearing
Jim Sullivan..Andy Anderson
Alice Sullivan(nee Morgan)..Megan Williams
Maureen Sullivan..Fiona Paul
Steve Sullivan..David Clencie
Mr.Arthur Pike (husband 2)..Wallas Eaton
Mrs Ida Pike (Mrs Jessop)..Vivean Gray
Archie (husband 1)..never appeared
Ernest 'erger' O'Keefe..Peter Harvey Wright
Horace 'Orible' Brown..Nick Waters
Leslie 'Magpie' Maddern..Gary Sweet
'Gorgeous' Williams..Bruce Kilpatrick
Mr. Hardwick..Denzil Howson
Russell Hardwick .. David Cameron
Ruby Hardwick .. Gwyneth Hughes
Alan Cochrane .. Geremy L Kewley
Mr. Patterson .. Reg Evans
Mrs. Patterson .. Lois Ramsey
Mary Downer .. Judith Roberts
Rev. Roland .. Paul Karo
Mr. Peterson .. Campbell Copelin

Dr. Harris .. Brian Harrison
Sam Kendall .. Sean Scully
John Albert .. Pip Wincer
Mr. Logan ... Terry McDermot
Buffy Turnbull..Sigrid Thornton
Mrs Turnbull..Gerda Nicholson
Norm Baker..Norman Yemm
Melina, Norm's wife(1) ... Chantel Contouri
Maggie Hayward, Norm's wife(2)..Vikki Hammond
Paul Hayward ... Alister Smart
Julianna Sleven..Saski Post
Jack Fletcher..Reg Gorman
Beryl Fletcher..Patsy King
Patrick Sullivan..Gerry Duggan
Grandpa Sullivan..Charles Norman
Grandma Sullivan..Joan Leitch
Det.Sgt.Shearer..Noel Trevarthen
Bert Duggan..Peter Hehir
Michael Watkins..John Walton
Mrs Watkins..Myra De Groot
Ray Kirk..Alistair Browning
Kate Meredith..Ilona Rodgers
Sally Meredith..Lisa Crittenden
Chris Merchant..John Waters
Billy Brinkley..Francis Bell
Mr.Jarvis..Fred Parslow
Lil Duggan, nee Patterson .. Noni Hazlehurst
Frank Errol..Damon Herriman
Flynn Errol..Peter Ford
Father Mulcahy..John Orcsik
Barrington..Roger Oakley
Squizzy...David Robson
Peter Robinson(Kitty's boyfriend)..Nick Holland
Phil Chambers ... Paul Young
Helmut Bruchner .. Burt Cooper
George .. Gus Mercurio
The actor playing a lecturer at John's medical college and
in a later episode as a farmer is Gail's father,
the one time garage owner in Neighbours. Ernie Bourne
any others?????

A couple of celebrities who did appear in their early days were Mel Gibson! and also Kylie Minogue!

PAUL CRONIN IS DAVE SULLlVAN, A good father and husband. He's solid, easy going and dependable.
LORRAINE BAYLY IS GRACE SULLIVAN, Sensible, sensitive wife. Her gentleness has a settling effect on the family.
STEVEN TANDY IS TOM SULLlVAN, The restless l8-year-old son. He's a rebel without a cause
ANDREW McFARLANE IS JOHN SULLlVAN, Their 20year-old student son. His quiet manner belies an inner strength.
INGRID MASON IS ANNA KAUFFMANN, his pretty German-born fiance, who later becomes his wife.
NORMAN YEMM IS NORM BAKER, Dave's best friend. Together they survived the first world war until the outbreak of the 2nd war.
RICHARD MORGAN IS TERRY SULLIVAN the youngest son of the family, and SUSAN HANNAFORD IS KITTY SULLIVAN their only daughter.

dave & grace john tom

Dave and Grace Sullivan, - Anna and Andrew Sullivan, - Tom Sullivan.
norm cp

Norm Baker

This wonderful programme has been a pet love mine for many years. I met Dave Sullivan (actor Paul Cronin) on a recent visit to Australia,
and have a number of the shows on video. I'd be pleased to hear from any other 'Sullivans' enthusiasts, or am I the only one?
I'd love to know where these actors are now!???

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