The Spin-off show



I know very little about this TV programme at this time, but it seems quite likely that it was an off shoot of the Sullivans TV series, possibly John's adventures in the 2nd world war in the middle east.

Actors and production staff involved are:-
ANDREW MCFARLANE(John Sullivan) born 1950 a NIDA Graduate in 1973. Films include Born to Run-1975, Break of day-1976, a short called By Night-1980, Doctors and Nurses-1981. TV's include The John Sullivan Story-1980, Division 4-1973/74, as Lt. Keating in Patrol Boat. was the original lead in The Flying Doctors.

VERA PLEVNIK(????)(1955-1982) Melbourne actress of Yugoslav parents, graduated from the Voctorian College of Arts in 178, Moved to Sydney, did stage and Tv, Young Ramsay, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, won 1980 Logie as most outstanding new talent of the year and died in a car crash in Bateman's Bay, NSW. Films include The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Before the flood-81short, Going down-82, Monkey Grip-82.

OLIVIA HAMNETT(????)(?-?) British actress in Australia since 1970, Films include Spy with the cold nose-66UK, Sally go round the moon-77TV, The last wave-77, Plunge into darkness-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TV, The Earthling-80, Return to Eden-83TV, TV's include Rush, Bellbird, Bobby Dazzler, The Sullivans, Prisoner.

JONATHON HARDY(???)(1941- ?) New Zealand born actor, singer, writer. Films include Adventures of Barry McKenzie-72, Moving on-74short, Devil's Playground-76, Mango tree-77, Mad Max-79, Breaker Morant-80co-writer, The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Undermining Australia-81short, Scarecrow-81NZ, Wipe out the jargon-82short, Lonely hearts-82.

Ross Berryman, Adelaide born cinematograher, trained at Crawfords from 1972, becoming a lighting cameramanin 1975, in Sydney since 1981. Films include The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Double Deal-82, Breakfast in Paris-82, Slice of life-82, Bush Christmas-83, Fire in the stone-83TV, Son of Alvin-84. TV's include Matlock Police-75, Solo One-76, The Sullivans-76/80, Young Ramsay-80, Taurus rising-82.

Tony Morphett(1938- ?) Sydney novalist who has written for film anmd TV. Films include Linehaul-73TV, Last Wave-77cowriter, The Alternative-77TV, Roses Bloom Twice-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TVcowriter, Robbery under arms-84cowriter, TV's include Delta, Dynasty, Boney, Certain Women, The Oracle, Catwalk, Luke's Kingdom, Ben Hall, Against the wind, The Sullivans, Patrol Boat, Under Capricorn,Robbery under arms.

David Stevens(1940- ?) British director born in Palestine of Dutch parents. Educated in England and Jordan, trained at RADA in London, was an actor then stage manager in England then wnet to New Zealand. First a stage director then a radio actor, then director. He next went into TV directing, in Australia with the Crawfords in the early 1970's. TV's include Solo One-76, The Sullivans-80 also writer, Films include Roses bloom twice-78TV, The John Sullivan Story-80TV, Breaker Morant-80co-writer, A Town like Alice-81TV, The Clinic-82, Undercover-83.

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