Portsmouth music scene

The Mecca Locarno, in Arundel Street


Opening night 7th May 1964

jh band

The Jack Hawkins Band,

Trumpets: Terry Porter Tony Lindford. Trombone Harold Price Sax’s: Ray Nabarro Alto/Violin, Colin Campbell, Steve Kennal, Tenors and Tommy Hawkins(brother of Jack), Baritone sax. Piano Joe McMillan, Bass t.b.a. Drums Kenny Duff Vocals: Elaine Hope and Barry St. Clair. M.D Jack Hawkins

mel douglas set

The Mel Douglas Set



John Peters Progression 1969/70, L to R Danny Barbour drums, Kirsty, Jon Peters, Marc Tuddenham Guitar,
2nd girl, George from Poland keyboard


The Mod Squad at The Mecca around 69/70s. Some of these people still live in Portsmouth
From Left to Right Pete Humphries, and Elaine?. Sheila Nugent (nee Bruce), Jimmy Nugent,
Marty and Lorrane. Bloke ? and Sally, Bloke ? and Bev



The Mike Allen Collection with Ricky Dean 1972 to 1973

mecca band oct 1973

The Mecca band from 1973 called the Terry Warren Fraternity,

In the white trousers. Terry Porter who took the name Terry Warren. Playing bass is Dave Knight, Behind him is lead guitarist Paul Newman. On drums is Mike 'Mutton' Hutton. Others are unknown.


The Terry Warren Fraternity on the revolving stage. Terry Porter (Trumpet), Ian Buchanan (Tenor Sax), Chris Waters (Trombone), Mike Hutton (Drums), Paul Newman (Guitar), Dave Knight (Bass Guitar), Pete (Vocalist), Chas Lamb (Piano, Hammond Organ + Leslie Speaker) A ten-piece Band - luxury!!

1975 June 243th Rufus Thomas.

glasgowherald15-2-1978 koffee'n'kreme my world koffee'n'kremesunshine
koffeebw koffeedisc

also there were Lance Ellington with the late Bet Hannah as singing duo Koffee'n'Kreme. In 1977,
they recorded the Sedaka/Greenfield song "My World Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday/Sunsine and flowers."
In the spring of 1977 Joe Jackson becomes musical director for popular cabaret act Koffee'n'Kreme,
Lance Ellington sang with the late Bet Hannah as a singing duo and had been winners on the TV talent show "New Faces" 20th Novemeber 1977.

TV shows
'Get It Together' EPISODE 4 - 27th April 1977 with
T Rex - The Soul Of My Suit, Koffee'n'Kreme - The World Keeps Getting Smaller, Blue - Gonna Capture Your Heart.
STAR TREATMENT 6x25mins (1979) Six young talented individuals or groups, not yet stars, are each given the "star treatment"
in their own half-hour show. Grace Kennedy, Koffee ‘n Kreme, Sweet Substitute & Cannon & Ball are amongst the artists.

ASPECTS OF ELLINGTON - Lance Ellington - son of Ray Ellington and featured singer on Strictly Come Dancing. Upbeat Recordings URCD239D
Lance Ellington, also played trombone with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.
lance lance2
In 1975 it was Eddie Gray & his Shades of Gray.


From the NEWS Supplement "Portsmouth in the 60's"
In Arundel Street, The Mecca was the largest venue in the City and it hosted the more popular commercial groups.
The Jack Hawkins Band played at the Mecca Locarno Ballroom in Arundel Street from 1964 to 1969. the Arundel Street Locarno Ballroom opened on Monday 4 May 1964 with a “Gala Night” dance.

Opening night 7th May 1964

Noteable visiting musicians to the Portsmouth Mecca Locarno
1967 August 17th Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band Jack & the Jacobites

21st March 1968 The Symbols
8th August 1968 Grapefruit
14th November 1968 Greatest Show On Earth

2nd January 1969 Thursday The Iveys, Badfinger
21st January 1969, The Pretty Things and the Alan Bown Set
6th May 1969 Badfinger with The Rainbow People
June 5, 1969 Thursday, Badfinger with The Rainbow People

14th April 1970 The new Heaven, now managed by Rikki Farr, at The Lord Mayor's Pop Bonanza
26th August 1970 Howard Show Band, Danny Street, Laura Lee, Tony Steves

1st July 1971, Slade

16th March 1972 The Sweet
1st July 1972 Slade

6th September The Equals(did not turn up!) plus Staurt Henry
13th Blackfoot Sue
20th September 1973 Geordie
27th The Foundations plus Stuart Henry, admission 40p
2nd October 1973 Family, Duster Bennnett

13th June 1974 Mungo Jerry
20th June 1974 Blackfoot Sue
22nd October 1974 Lindisfarne, Wally
3rd December 1974 Curved Air

4th March 1975 Boxing, Wayne Evans v Dave Connell, Evans won on a TKO
1st December 1975 Captain Beefheart

19th January 1976 Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Shazam, Riot Rockers
9th February 1976 Shakin' Stevens & the Sunsets, Matchbox
2nd March 1976 Flying Suacers, Shazam, Rocking Pneumonia
6th April 1976 Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Riot Rockers, Rocking Devils
4th May 1976 Remember This, Shazam, Matchbox
1st June 1976 Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Hell Raisers, Shazam
29th June 1976 Yakety Yak, Freddie Fingers Lee, Matchbox
3rd August 1976 Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Thunderbirds, Sunstroke
9th September 1976 Flying Saucers, Rocking Devils
2nd November 1976 Shakin' Stevens & the Sunsets, Shakin' Stevens & the Sunsets, Fight 56
25th November 1976 Steve Hillage

15th February 1977 The Sensational ALEX HARVEY Band
1st March 1977 AC/DC Bon Scott, Jenny Darren
20th March 1977, Sound check: 4.30pm The Damned on stage: 7.30pm plus The Smiths, T Rex on stage: 8.45pm
April 24th Christy Lee and her Band, Koffee n Kreme, Fresh Pages
25th April 1977: Graham Parker and the Rumour,
14th June 1977 The Jam
1977 August 23rd Tribute to Elvis
1977 Augsut 24th Mood Indigo, Christie Lee Band & Singers
1977 August 25th Danny Williams, Christ Lee Band & singers, Koffy'n'Kreme, Mecca Portsmouth
21st December 1977 Ross Mitchell Band and Singers plus Mood Indigo

25th April: Graham 1978 Parker and the Rumour.
21st May 1978 The Vibrators, The Depressions.
24th September 1978 The Stranglers
16th November Siouxsie and the Banshees
17th December 1978 The Clash

damnedticket damned 1981 8th March 1979 Thursday The Pop Group
13th March 1979 Gordon Giltrap plus John Glover
24th April 1979 Stranglers Portsmouth Locarno "this gig was cancelled due to poor ticket sales".
5th July 1979: Joe Jackson
19th July 1979 Pretenders
21st July The Hollies
18th October1979 Penetration
23rd October 1979 Stranglers
13th November 1979 The Damned

29th January 1980 Pretenders
8th April 1980 Secret affair
20th May Brand X, Bruford
3rd June 1980 Iron Maiden
10th June 1980 Dexys Midnight Runners
1st July 1980 Iron Maiden
10th October 1980 Pretenders
22nd October 1980 UK Subs, Citizens, Frames

26th July 1981 Pretenders
1st September 1981 Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive / The Time,
13 October 1981 Tuesday U2
13th October 1981 Comsat Angels supporting U2
3rd December 1881 Thursday The Damned ==========================================>>>

16/03/1982 Theatre of Hate The Meteors

22nd October 1984 The Clash

28th October 1988 Halloween Horrors Fright Night

5th May 1989 The Discotgheque
30th October 1989 Laser Spoectacular with DJ's Dave Joyce and Pete Couzens

13th April 1990 Miss Easter Bunny Competition
11th August 1990 The Dream Team
25th August 1990 Ann Summers Road Show
26th October 1990 Empire The Portsmouth Party 2, 6 DJ's

Mecca Social Club 31 Arundel Street Portsmouth Hampshire PO1 1NB
Telephone: 02392 814744 Fax: 02392 371328

chrissy1 chrissylee

Christy Lee behind the drums, and her band were resident in the early 1970, the second photo is her age 77 in 2020 as seen on Britains Got Talent.
Moments later she surprised the judges woith a drum solo!.

Christy Lee and her band were replaced by the Ross Mitchell Band in the later 1970's and Mood Indigo. Also the Al Wood Band.

crazy flying csaflyer
tjpl140677 dandy ticket pete7x

The name was changed to Ritzy's


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