Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Portsmouth and Area LIVE MUSIC Venues

400 Club, Osborne Road
Admiral Drake, at Rudmore

more about the Admiral Drake

Africano Club Fratton Road was above Conservative Offices on the corner of Hampshire Street and Fratton Road. It also had other names, Las Vegas, Downtown, amongst them.
Air Balloon, at Rudmore
Albany Hall, Edinburgh Road

more about the Albany Hall

Alma Arms, Highland Road.

more about the Alma Arms

Ambassador Ballroom, above the Ambassador Cinema, which later became the Odeon in Cosham High Street.

more about the Ambassador Ballroom

Angerstein Hall - St Mark's Institute.

more about the Angerstein Hall

The Apsley, Southsea
Assembly Hall Fareham.
Auckland Arms, Southsea
Barley Mow, Southsea
'Basins' Club
Basins at the Tricorn.

more about 'Basins' Club

Bastion Road House

more about The Bastion Road House

Beach Club, Hayling Island
Beat Cruises on the old Isle of Wight Ferries.

more about the Beat Cruises

Belle View Hotel Lee on the Solent.

more about the Belle View Hotel

Birdcage in 1965, was at Kimbells in Osborne Road but then in Eastney Road and later known as The Brave New World and The Pack.
The building was origianlly as the Court Ballroom opened in 1953.
It was demolished and an apartment building now stands there.


more about the Birdcage

Black Cat Caf Kingston Cross
Black Dog, Havant
Bottle in Wall, Hampshire Terrace, Southsea also known as, Portsmouth Club, Indigo Vat, Hole in the wall

more about the Vat, Bottle in Wall Club

Boar's Head Pondarosa, Boarhunt
Brave New World: Eastney Road, from December 1968, formerly Birdcage Club
Brewery Tap, London Road, North End
Brook Club, St Paul s Road Southsea also known as the In Place
Caddy's, Cue Ball Club, Goldsmith Ave(Now the City Gym)
Caesars Club North End then Soul Parlour, Parlour, Oasis, Gatsby's, London Road North End
Calross Club, Clarendon Road
The Cambridge, Portland Road
Cellars, Eastney
Centre Hotel Southsea for folk and Jazz in the 70s.
City Bar, near Guildhall
Clarence Gardens North End

Clarence Pier Pavilion Southsea Beach in the 1960's, rebuilt after war damage and opened 1961 below.


more about Clarence Pier Pavilion
more about Clarence Pier Esplansde Assembly Rooms and Hotel

The Cobden Arms, Arundel Street, now demolished


Coliseum/ Empire Theatre???? Edinburgh Road Closed September 1958
Common at Southsea

more about the Common

Connaught Hall Fareham.
Conservative Club Albert Road
Conservative Club, Fratton Road, location of various clubs Downtown Club, Crescent City, Africano
Contented Pig, Frog & Frigate, The Landmark, Fratton Road

more about The Contented Pig

The Star, Lake Road
Co-op Hall, Albert Road Southsea in later years, the Wedgewood Rooms, Dukes, The Wedge
Co-operative Hall, Leigh Park.
Co-op Club, Kingston Road, Buckland, closed in 2011.

more about the Co-op Club

more about the Co-op Hall - Wedgewood Rooms

Co-op Hall, Garnier Street, Fratton ---- is this the Co-op workers social club?

more about the Cromat Club

Cosham Trades Hall, Waite Street, now the Trades club. It was in Souithampton Road but this was later renamed Wayte Street.
Cosham British Legion, Sixth Avenuie.

Court School of Dancing: Eastney Road, became Birdcage Club became Birdcage Club August 1965
Conservative Club, Downtown Club, Las Vegas Club, Fratton Road.
Craigstone Inn, Denmead
Crown Bingo Kingston Road
Crytal Palace Pub, Fratton Bridge.
Crytal Rooms Besant Road
Cumberland Tavern, Charlie Hurdles, Eastney Road

more about the Cumberland Tavern

more about Charlie Hurdles

The Curlew, Havant
Dockyard (Victorious)
Dockyard Club, Bullfrog Blues Club, Onslow Road, Southsea.
Drayton Methodist Hall, Havant Road Drayton
Drivers Restaurant on the Hard

more about Drivers Restaurant

Ellie Jays, Guildhall Walk
Embassy Ballroom corner of Bramble Road and Fawcett Road.

more about the Embassy

Empire/Coloseum, Edinburgh Road Closed September 1958
Emptifish Bar, Turret Hotel, Southsea.
Empress Ballroom, Stubbington Ave North End.

more about the Empress

Esatablishment Club, Malcolm's

The Fat Fox, Albert Road, Southsea
Fawcett Inn, Southsea
Festival Bar/Honky Tonk Bar, South Parade

more about Festival Bar, Honky Tonk Bar

The Flying Angel Hall Mission for Seamen, changed names in the 1950's to The Assembly Hall, and was where the new Library now stands.

fareham map
angel hall
Fishers, Marmon Road

more about Fleetlands R N A Y

Florence Arms, Southsea
The Foresters Hall - Hampshire Ex-Servicemen's Club, Fratton Road.

more about the Foresters Hall

Fratton British Legion, Fratton Road
Fratton Trades Club, Fratton Road
Froddingto Arms, Fratton Road.
George at Finchdean,
Golden Eagle, Southsea
Golden Fleece, Commercial Road
Goodwins Youth Club, Salisbury Road, Cosham
The Granada

more about the Granada

Green Dragon, Cowplain
Green Posts, London Road, North End
The Grotto, Hayling Island
Grove Club, Paulsgrove Community Centre.
Guildhall Concert Hall, city centre rebuilt after bomb damage and opened June 1959

more about the first Guildhall 1890 to 1941
more about today's Guildhall 1959 to date

Hampshire Ex Service Mans Club in Fratton Road
The Harbour Lights Paulsgrove

more about the Harbour Lights

more about the Hants Ex Service Club

more about the Hilsea Lido, Blue Lagoon

Harvest Home, Copnor Road
Heroes, Waterlooville
Hillside Youth Club, Paulsgrove
Hilsea Community Centre
Hilsea Lido Blue Lagoon
Hoddy's, Granada Road
Honky Tonk Bar, Friscos, Lush, Bliss, Peggy Sues, Zoom, Festival Bar (PLEASURAMA) South Parade
Images, below Neros,(PLEASURAMA) South Parade

more about Pleasurama

Horseshoe, Doc's, Kings Road/Hampshire Terrace
Incredible Black Cat Club London Road, North End 1968
India Arms, Elm Grove
Indigo Vat, Hampshire Terrace, Southsea also known as Bottle in Wall, Portsmouth Club, Tina's, Cellar Club, Scandalls

more about the Indigo Vat

Inn Lodge, Burfields Road
In Place, St Paul s Road Southsea, also known as the Brook Club
Irish Club, Kings Road

more about The Irish Club

Jimmy's, (originally The Black Prince) Winston Churchill Ave in the mid 1990's

more about 'Jimmyz Venue' Club

Jolly Sailor, Southsea
John Pounds Scholl, Portsea
Kimbells Corner House opposite Theatre Royal, Commercial Road
Kimbells, Osborne Road. Also the location for the Birdcage 1965. Blue Lagoon 1967.

more about Kimbells

King's Theatre Albert Road, Southsea
Kingsley's, Osborne Road Southsea, run by local legend and DJ Steve Kingsley sadly came to an end in 2022 when the club, originally a pub called the Osborne Arms, was handed over to new owners.
Kon-Tiki Hayling Island.
LDB Cafeteria, Arundel Street
La Cage, Havant
Landport Liberal Club

more about Landport Liberal Club

The Lanyard, London Road, North End
Lawrence Arms, Southsea
Lee Tower Ballroom, Lee on the Solent.

more about Lee Tower Ballroom

Liberal Club, Duncan Road
Liberal Club, Lake Road, this later becamne the RNOC Club.
Magpie Pub, Fratton Road
Manor Court Youth Club, Drayton

more about Manor Court Youth Club

Marie La Bonne Hall

more about Marie La Bonne Hall

mathas attic

Martha's Attic gig from 1994

Marina Club or Sound Barrier in Goldsmith Avenue plus, Ricky's
Martines, Guidhall Walk
Matha's Attic, Commercial Road
Mecca Locarno Ballroom, Arundel Street known sometimes as 'the Mecca' (the owning company)

more about the Mecca Locarno

The Mermaid, New Road, Portsmouth
Mikado Cafe, Palmerston Road, Southsea.

more about the Mikado Cafe's

Milton Arms Barn, Priory Crescent.
Milton Community Centre.

more about Milton Community Centre

Neros, 5th Avenue, (PLEASURAMA) South Parade

more about Neros

Oasis North End,London Road, had various names Top Cat, Ceasars, Gatsby's, Parlour, Soul Parlour (above Snooker Hall)

more about the Oasis

Oddfellows Hall, Kingston Road, The Hornpipe Art Centre (casino)(Blue Water)

more about the Oddfellows

O Donnell s, Hampshire Terrace formerly The Wig & Pen
Old house at home, Paulsgrove
The old stables near the Guildhall T. Rex and Alexis Korner played there.
Parade Pub, Clarence Parade
Paradise Found Club, Foresters Hall, Fratton Road 1968
Paulsgrove Secd Mod
Pelham Arms, North End
Pheonix, Torrington Road, North End
Playboy Club

more about the Playboy Club

Pleasuarma, (Neros, Joannas, Honky Tonk)

more about Pleasurama

Pomme D'or, Southsea

more about the Pomme Dor


Tom and Betty Butler who ran The Ponderosa at Boarhunt

The Pondarosa, Boarhunt.

more about the Pondarosa - Bull's Head

The Portland Hall, Southsea

more about the Portland Hall

The Portsbridge, Hilsea
Portsea Parish Institute

more about the Portsea Parish Institute

Portsmouth Art College
Portsmouth Polytechnic

more about the Portsmouth Polytechnic

The Pure Drop pub.
The Pyramids, Frogh on the Front, Southsea

more about the Pyramids

more about the Queens Hotel

The Railway Hotel, Claremont Road near to Fratton Station was the best known venue for Folk and Jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, now demolished

RMA Tavern, Eastney
Radical Club, Fratton Road

more about the Radical Club

Railway Hotel, Walmer Road Fratton

more about the Railway Hotel

Rathgar Hall run by Joan and Adrian Taylor in London Road between North End and Hilsea, opposite the end of Ophir Road. During the 1940's and 1950's it was the Rathgar School of Dancing, but now appears to be an oiffice building.

rathgar old dance

3rd October 1950

Rechabite Hall

more about Rechabite Hall

Rendezvous Jazz Club 1960-65, Ashburton Rd, then the Oddfellow's Hall, Kingstone Road

more about Rendezvous Jazz Club

Red Door Club at St Cuthbert s Church Hayling Ave.
Ricky's Club in Goldsmith Avenue, opposite Fratton Station footbridge, subsequently Sound Barrier, Club Romantica, The Marina and the Pied Piper,
and previously called the Fratton Hall Ballroom!

more about Ricky's


Rifle Club. Goldsmith Ave
The Rock Gardens Pavilion Southsea scene of the famous Emptifish riot

more about The Rock Gardens

Roller Skating Rink Southsea which ran live band nights as a Roller Disco type evening
Royal Beach Hotel, Royal Lodge, Timber Tavern, South Parade.
Rose in June, Hayling Island

The Salutation, New Road.

more about the - Salutation


Savoy Ballroom, Neros Southsea.

more about the - Savoy/Neros


The Service and Ex Serviceman s Club, Copnor Rd
Spring Arts Centre, Havant
Solent Club, Hayling Island
Solent Hotel, Southsea
Some Place Else Club, Palmerston Road

more about The Some Place Else Club


South Parde Pier Southsea, Gairty Bar, Albert Tavern, re-built in 1904 after a fire, then burnt down in 1974 and re-built, again.

more about the South Parade Pier


'Spanish Galleon' 'Chandelier Club' 'Downtown Night Club' 10a South Street Gosport 1970's
The Stag, New Road, Portsmouth
The Star, Lake Road below, with the House of Wax next door


more about the Star Inn

The Star Ballroom was on the floor above Burtons the Tailors, on the corner of Meadow Street and Commercial.

more about the Star Ballroom

The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth

more about the Square Tower

Stage Door Club, Granada Road
St James hurch Hall Milton
St Josephs Church Hall Copnor
St Margarets Church Hall, Eastney
St Marks Hall, Angerstein Hall in Angerstein Road North End. Now demolished and replced with a row of house on Stamshaw Road corner.
St Mary s Arms, St Mary's Road had Rockabilly
St Nicks Church, Copnor.
Students Union House Black Sabbath gigged.

The Sunshine Inn, Farlington

more about the Sunshine Inn

The Talbot Inn, Goldsmith Avenue, where Paul Simon played


Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
Thorngate Hall, Gosport

more about Thorngate Hall, Gosport

Tony's, around the corner from Nero's
Tramway Club, North End at North End Junction. Probably on the southern corner of London Road and Strubbingto Ave. just behind where Whites used to stand.

more about The Tramway Club

The Tricorn Club, in the 1960's follopwed by Granny's.
Somewhere in amongst the concrete of the Tricorn Centre, was the club, also Granny's, Cromat, Basins

more about the Tricorn Club


more about Victorious

more about the Labour Club/Unity Hall, Arundel Street

more about the Wedgewood Rooms - Co-op Hall, Albert Road

The Waterloo Hall, Waterlooville. The "Heroes of Waterloo" Public House was originally on
the Hambledon Road and London Road (North) corner of the cross roads in the centre of the town.
Alongside it, on the right of this photograph, is the single storie building known as the "Waterloo Hall".
Here and at St Georges Church Hall is where most of the dances were run.
The Hall was built on the 'Heroes' Tea Garden and next to Wadhams motor showroom, just out of picture. This photo was taken in 1937.

waterloo hall

Weslet Central Hall, Fratton Road.

more about the Wesley Central Hall

Wimbledon Park Social Club.
The Winchester, Portsmouth
The Wine Vaults, Albert Road
The Woodman, Purbrook

Pubs and other small venues offering Live Muisc in 2016

Admiral Drake, North End
Al Burrito Albert Road
Art Lodge Victoria Park
Artillery Arms Milton
Auckland Arms Southsea
Barley Mow Gosport
Barley Mow Southsea
Bird In Hand, Fareham
Bun Penny Gosport
Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport
Centuion Crookhorn
Churchillian Portsdown Hill
Coal Exchange Emsworth
Coastguard Studio Southsea
Community Association (The Commy), Lee-on-the-Solent
Cosham Conservative Club
Cosham Social Club
Cowplain Social Club
Curlew, Havant
Delme Fareham
Dockyard Club.
Doplhin in Old Portsmouth
Drift Bar Palmerston Road
Duke of Buckingham Portsmouth
Eastfield Hotel Southsea
Edge Of The Wedge, Southsea
Eldon Arms Southsea
Fareham, Fareham

Fat Fox Albert Road
Fawcett Inn Southsea
Ferry Boat Inn Hayling
Festing Southsea
Fifth Hants Southsea
Fort Cumberland Arms, Eastney
Fountain Sports Bar, North End
Fratton Trades Club
Froddington Arms Fratton
George Inn Fichdean
George Portsdown Hill
Golden Eagle, Southsea
Golden Lion Southwick
Good Intent, Fareham
Graham Arms George St Portsmouth
Grapes North End
Hampshire Rose Widley
Harvest Home Copnor Harvest Home Denmead
Hayling Billy Hayling
Heroes Waterlooville
Hoeford Inn Fareham
Honest Politician Southsea
Invincible Portsmouth Irish Club Southsea
Ironmaster, Fareham
Jolly Miller Fareham

Jolly Sailor, Southsea
Kassia, Clanfield
Kings Head Wickham Square
Kings pub Albert Road
Leigh Park WMC
Lifeboat Inn, South Hayling
Little Johnny Russells
Milton Arms Old Barn Milton
Monty's Wine Bar Southsea
Mother Shipton Portsmouth
Nell Gwynn Southsea
Nelsons Bar Gosport
Northcote Hotel Southsea
Old house at home Havant
Old House At Home Portsmouth
One Eyed Dog Southsea
Park Tavern Gosport
Park Tavern, Portsmouth
Pelham Arms Chichester Ropad
Pheonix Torrington Road
Plough and Barleycorn Waterlooville
Portland Arms, Portsmouth
Portsbridge Cosham
Queens Head Gosport Railway Inn Emsworth
Red Lion Cosham
Red Lion, Stubbington

Restaurant 69 Palmerston Road
Rifle Club Goldsmith Ave
RMA Tavern Eastney
Robin Hood Rowlands Castle
Roebuck Inn Wickham
Rose in June Milton Road
Rosies Vineyard Elm Grove
Royal Albert - Southsea
Royal Standard (aka Ruby's), Portsmouth
Seagull Portchester
Shearer Arms, Portsmouth
Shepherds Crook Goldsith Ave
Six Bells, Havant
Stag New Road
Tap North End
Thatchers Bar & Lounge, North End
TrafalgarEdinburgh Road
Vine Gosport
Wellington Portsmouth
Westleigh, Havant
White Hart, Gosport
Wicor Mill, Portchester
Winchester Arms Portsmouth
Windsor Castle, Gosport
Wine Vaults Albert Road
Woodman, Purbrook
WPM Club Gosport

Recent Music Venues in and around Portsmouth that are no longer functioning (or even exist).

Air Balloon, Mile End
Alma Arms
Barley Mow, Gosport
Barn Milton
Battle of Minden
BT Club Cosham Caddy's, Fratton
Clarence Pier
Clouds, Leigh Park
Colonial Bar, Horndean
Contented Pig, Fratton
Co-op Club Kinston Road Portsmouth
Co-op Hall in Gosport
Craigstone Inn, Denmead
Cricketers, Havant
Cumberland Tavern Eastney
Docs (The Horseshoe), Southsea

Dolphin Havant
Eastney Tavern
Foresters Hall Fratton
Fountain Rowlands Castle
Green Dragon, Lovedean
Hilsea Community Centre
Honky Tonk Bar
Hornpipe, North End
Indigo Vat/Hole in the wall
John Peel Gosport
Kimbells Guildhall Walk
Kimbells Osborne Road
La Cage, Havant
Labour Club Arundel St
Landport Liberal Club
Lee Tower

New Inn, Drayton
Oasis North End
Odd Fellows Hall
Pondarose Bulls Head Boarhunt
Radical Club, Fratton
Railway Hotel Cosham
Railway Hotel Fratton
Rock Gardens, Southsea
Salutation, North End
Some Place Else Club
South Parade Pier
'Spanish Galleon' 10a South Street Gosport 1970's
'Chandelier Club' 10a South Street Gosport 1970's
'Downtown Night Club' 10a South Street Gosport 1970's
Star Inn Lake Road
Sunshine Inn Drayton
Timber Tavern
The Whaley Club(HMS Exellent)
White Hart, Purbrook

Youth Clubs;- St Nicholas's, Red Door, Copnor, Hillside, Manor Court (Springfield), St Margaret's, St Edmunds

Political and Services venues

Some of the other venues

Some of the venues in 2009

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