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The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Tricorn Club

Positioned in the Tricorn Centre on the first floor, opened in the 1960's, the whole centre was later domished

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The Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth was designed in 1963 and opened in 1966. The architect of the Tricorn Centre was Rodney Gordon.
New years eve 1967 The newly-opened Tricorn had cabaret with Dickie Valentine, while Fred & Winnie Noakes were still offering Old Time Dancing.


The resident band was Mood Indigo. The original line up. From left to right, Roger Mahoney drums, Tony Stevens bass/vocals, “Dondi” Evans guitar/vocals, Tony Day piano/vocals/arranger and were resident for over a year in 1968

15 May, 1968 Image and DJ Pete Cross (Tricorn Club).
Kippington Lodge (including Nick Lowe & Brinsley Schwarz) played there with DJ Pete Cross
November 1968 opened with Paper and Lace at the Tricorn Club
December 1968 The Tricorn Club ran record sessions including lunchtimes with DJ Pete Cross, while the resident group Mood Indigo entertained those who preferred cabaret.

1969 Feb 1st, Joan Regan
8 Feb 1969 Colin Crompton
15 Feb 1969 Lena Martell
22 Feb 1969 Dave Swan
24 Feb 1969 Coconut Mushroom
4 Mar 1969 New resident band Mel Douglas Set
8 Mar 1969 Sid and Eddie(Little and Large)
15 Mar 1969 Los Zafiros
18/22 March 1969 Peter Kaye(vocalist)
25/29 March 1969 Toni Lamond (Aussie vocalist)
1/5 April 1969 Davy Clinton
8/12 April 1969 Sosnio Hernandez
15/19 April 1969 Maureen and Michael
22/26 April 1969 Paul Andrews
3/5 May 1969 Leonard Weir
6/10 May 1969 Val and the V's
10 May 1969 Jean Jaques Jordane
17 May 1969 Don Crockett
31 May 1969 Dev Shawn
7 June 1969 Val and the V's
14 June 1969 Steve Martin (comedian)
21 June 1969 Weavers Green (trio)
28 June 1969 Johnny Franks
July 13 1969 Killing floor
July August September MISSING
Oct 18 1969 Tony Dalli
Oct 25 1969 Joan Rhodes (strong woman)
Nov 1 1969 Don Crockett (comedian)
Nov 8 1969 NIL
Nov 15 1969 Heath Hampstead (vocalist)
Nov 22 1969 Steve Montgomery (comedian)
Nove 27 1969 Paul Andrews (vocalist/comedian)
Dec 6 1969 Billy Crochet (comedian) plus Mood Indigo
Dec 13 1969 Dennis Lotis
(more to follow)

February 18th Radio One Club
March 9 1970 Paladin, Viv Stanshall
June 29th 1970 Radio One Club
August 21st 1970 Alan Bown
September 11th 1970 Root 'n' Jenny Jackson
November 10th 1970 Radio One Club
December 10 1970 Tricorn club, Portsmouth Slade
December 17th 1970 Egypt
December 18th 1970 Delroy Williams Show
December 21st 1970 Sky
December 24th 1970 Image
December 28th 1970 Dada plus Gilby Twist

Jan 1st 1971 Aubrey Small
Jan 7th 1971 Ben
Jan 19th 1971Argent
Jan 23rd 1971 Idle Race
Jan 26th 1971 Pete Brown & Piblokto
Jan 28th 1971 Alan Bown
Jan 29th 1971 Nite People
Jan 30th 1971 Nashville Teens
Feb 2nd 1971 Skin Alley
Feb 5th 1971 Slade
Feb 6th 1971 Thunderclap Newman
Feb 13th 1971 Trapeze (9th), Jigsaw
Feb 16th 1971 Aubrey Small
Feb 19th 1971 Dream Police
Feb 20th 1971 Danta
Feb 22nd 1971 Montanas
Feb 23th 1971 Stackridge
Feb 26th 1971 Roy Young Band
Feb 27th 1971 Orange Bicycle
March 5th 1971 Mushroom
March 6th 1971 Fortunes
March 8th 1971 Madrigal
March 9th 1971 Viv Stanshall, Paladin
March 11th 1971 Dada
March 12th 1971 Cupid’s Inspiration
March 16th 1971 If
March 20th 1971 Onyx
March 23rd 1971 Argent
March 26th 1971 Dog That Bit People
March 30th 1971 Audience
March 31st 1971 Dog That Bit People
April 6th 1971 Barclay James Harvest
April 16th 1971 The Sweet
May 8th Image
May 18th 1971 Paladin
June 1st 1971 Uriah Heep.
July 6th 1971 Heaven
September 7th 1971 Thin Lizzy
October 12th Thumper
October 25th 1971 Slade
Tuesday October 26 1971 Fusion Orchestra at Tricorn Club
December 14th 1971 Spontaneous Combustion

January 1st 1972 Hackensack
January 3rd 1972 Slade
January 22nd 1972 Armada
March 28th 1972 Hackensack
April 23rd 1972 Slade
Tuesday May 9 1972 Fusion Orchestra
Tuesday May 16 1972 Vinegar Joe
June 6th 1972 Hackensack
June 27th 1972 Spreadeagle
July 11th 1972 Fusion Orchestra
July 25 1972 Principal Edwards
July 15 1972 Hackensack
July 24 1972 Roxy Music (24th)
Tuesday September 26 1972 Fusion Orchestra
October 2 1972,The Sweet
October 31 1972 Stackridge
December 12th 1972 Holy Mackerel
December 15th 1972 Jigsaw

January 16th 1973 Raw Material
January 30th 1973 Sharks
March 20 1973 Jonesey
March 27 1973 Camel
April 17 1973 Allan Clarke
May 29 1973 Third World War
June 19th 1973 Nektar
August 9 1973 Judas Priest
Oct 10 1973 East of Eden
Nov 6th 1973 Grimms
Nov 21st 1973 Amazing Blondel

September 7th 1975 Hobson's Choice
September 23rd 1983 Top Punk Band Chelsea
August 5th 1983 King Kurt
December 16th 1983 Top Punk Band Chelsea
January 13th 1984 Specimen
March 2nd 1984 Conflict

BBC Radio at the Tricorn

Wednesday 18 February 1970 Radio 1 Club from the Tricorn Club, Portsmouth, with today's DJ David Symonds at 12.15:
Tuesday 10 November 1970 12.00 Radio 1 Club Dave Cash from the Tricorn Club, Portsmouth
Monday 29 June 1970 12.00 Radio 1 Club Rosko from Tricorn Club, Portsmouth Executive producer DEREK CHINNERY
Tuesday 16 March 1971 12.00 Radio 1 Club Noel Edmonds from the Tricorn


tricorn card 72 166987
tricorndiscor hobson

imagetricorn 188873.jpg

Image on stage at the Tricorn Club

tricorn28-12-1970 pete5x

The bottom right picture for Edwin Bear is Joe Jackson

sladead pete 2 tricorn-1968-caberet
tricorn4 my-sticker original-sticker

Date unknown but around around 1974/75 as that`s when Rising Damp started, says Pete

pete11x pete9x

Pete Mitchell and Tony Power in action

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For a short while the club was called Gabriellas, but was then changed to ;-

tricorn centre
tricorn club

The Tricorn shopping Centre housed the Tricorn Club


Pleasurama, who already ran Neros, Honky Tonk Bar and Joannas,
took over at the Tricorn from around the mid 1970's and renamed it Granny's.

Thanks to Viv Gregson for the use of these photographs.

viv grannysviv Karen

Bronco and Viv on the door at Granny's 1978 ------- Viv and Karen at Granny's in 1978

d lloyd blair viv

Dave Lloyd was the Manager, Viv Gregson was the Head Doorman were celebrating Granny's 1st birthday 1979 with an appearance of Lionel Blair.

the good old grannys logo with gill hughes alexis gill

Two snaps at Grannys of Gill, plus Alexis in the white top.


DJ Dean Stewart in action

the tree

The tree in the middle of the dancefloor!

billy caister showband on stage at grannys with noel honey

The Billy Caister Showband on stage, with Noel Honey on keyboards

cloakroom girl sharon

Sharon Daniels in the cloakroom

bill with viv
blind granny22-7-82

gran1 gran2
gran5 gran4
gran3 gran6

2nd March 1984 Conflict
23rd February 1985 The Toy Dolls appeared


The whole site was demolished in 2004.

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